: RIP Morgan Freeman
This is getting out of hand, i doubt this actors being accused are always dangling their %%%%s in front of the women, unless the accusers give signals that favors those behaviors.
: Can we change the precision+ domination runes to give AD and AS bonus? like 6ad and 9% AS
Im gold because i stopped playing trynda i was in top 1000 tryndas my highest elo just playing him was promos to diamond 5
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: > [{quoted}](name=King Jon Dyr,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=8LTmrEoQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-12-28T18:45:27.906+0000) > > how come the stats are not the problem his early game got busted big time, losing 14% AS from the old runes (max now is 21% while it was 35% in old runes), and losing fervor of battle from masteries. He gets dumped by nearly everyone early and in late you have the tankiness and some kind of CC/shields/heals on almost every champ. Meanwhile you are sugesting to change precision + Domination runes to 6 ad and 9% atk speed resulting in losing even more atack speed.
he would get almost the common setup that was 11 ad 9% AS, that was commonly used for trynda. If you dont even main him and never reached positive winrate with him, what makes you think you know better than me whats best for him? i was once in the top 1000 tryndas in the world.
: The stats runes give him are not the problem. He doesn't have a decent keystone. Most toplaners f him in the @ss at the moment. If you fall behind early, then you should sell your soul to teemo and wish he gives you money to buy your items before the game ends. Tryndamere needs items to do someting, like any other auto attacker champion, if you can't get the desired items in time, then.... You know what i mean.
how come the stats are not the problem his early game got busted big time, losing 14% AS from the old runes (max now is 21% while it was 35% in old runes), and losing fervor of battle from masteries. He gets dumped by nearly everyone early and in late you have the tankiness and some kind of CC/shields/heals on almost every champ.
: i hate rengar's current q thank god they change it i never liked his w either bring the old one
yeah old rengar Q looked like he was killing someone, new Q its weird
: So Rengo (Q) gets reverted...
i personally liked more the animation of the old Q, it looked like he was sticking the knife on the other champ truly assassinating them. After rework it just feels weird looks like he is killing the air around him.
: Tips to get out of this hellhole that is silver 1
if you play better getting out of silver is easy stuff.
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Baki (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Solash,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Et6qeRJF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-10T17:06:01.952+0000) > > League of Legends Oh my god,didn't expect that comin...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
battlerite is fun but is more like an arena fighter and not really a moba
: What champion is the best split pusher in your opinion?
trynda is very bad this preseason and probably the whole season if nothing is done to give him back some power, runes really gutted him with a huge nerf to his early game which was the best time for him.
: Going to take a break from LoL
teams have been very bad in preseason because in almost every game a smurf is playing (usually bot or mid lane) and stomping the other players which leads to games finishing in 15-20min and everyone on the losing team mad.
: Zoe has beaten Ol' Kassadins Ban rate record
because oneshotting after someone is asleep for 2 years its not fun.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Andrey0345,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=XXuGwgmy,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2017-12-07T11:50:41.399+0000) > > brainless and weak are different things. > > I mained him and know he requires good positioning and timing but THIS much mobility is making him really off-meta right now. I dont get, what should trynda do more than what he does now? Mobility check Damage check Survavibility check Ofc everything moderate, still his kit has a reason. What about adc without mobility after lucian came out..
still i have seen lucians escape me when slowed by W and when i have at least 3 items that give movespeed, go figure.. i guess smurf too op.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: But it's easier to splitpush if 2-3 ppl isn't enough to stop you.
still you also have to deal with the fact that 3 people are going after you but your team is wandering around like mindless mofos.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Not really. Even if he might become a problem, his best time to win is early because by snowballing early he becomes a problem for everyone which means very fast wins. If you stomp lane hard, at 10 min you could be already taking his inhib. Trynd's main role is splitpushing, and in late it becomes harder, so he doesn't get much time to dominate if surviving early. > Only way it wont be true is when you have too much cc. OR too much mobility
too much mobility which is the norm nowadays. Master yi is also in a bad spot now with all the ammount of cc around, unless you time perfectly your alpha strike to escape the hard cc
: I'm having quite a good deal of fun with his AP build/tank build. For me, it's fine. I agree he has an outdated kit (a spell like W would probably not be a thing these days) but i hope RioT is not going to remove his AP identity when they rework will come (not anytime soon, but it will).
Expect the rework to make him a fa.g only ad scaling, and tanky champ.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Trishotting carries Can move through walls Nice ult to dive carelessly Needs a buff I remember when poppy was played by 2-3 players...
i played poppy before the rework. Had 65% winrate she was hidden OP. Never touched her after the rework, dont like the playstyle now.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: > Trishotting carries Can move through walls Nice ult to dive carelessly Nice, now what are the ways to counter him? CC completely stops him pretty easy to kite Everything can trishot a carry, they are squishy, even tanks sometimes do that. And trynd isn't as mobile as other champions, who have 2 mobility spells in their kit + CC.
true, the reality is that the new runes even the AS ones dont synergize well it trynda, even the rune that is supposed to be for trynda (the one that improves damage on low health) is inferior to taking coup de grace. And everyone now has escapes and can easily kite trynda.. it is really sad, and having a 45% winrate (the worst ive seen on him) says a lot
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: Sorry. But I disagree. The gapclosers do make it difficult, but apparently you are not trying everything. Glacial augment is good on him for some matchups, but every other matchup I go sorcery tree as well, with phase rush, ultimate hat, celerity and gathering storm, I also start amplifying tome and a pot to survive his rough early, but after that go on my usual build. (Be in to shyv into lifesteal into crit or tiamat+shyv+tank) Either way, I utilize my runes for survliving or keeping up rather than damage.
personally i think it is better to start with ad now and build attack speed after (but i havent tried it yet), starting with the attack speed makes you very weak because fervor of battle is gone which was the only point of going full as in the old rune system, But even in late game with all the ammount of escapes, stuns, blinks, Ms boosts nowadays, it is really hard to stay close to your enemy, you either burst them with 2 autos or you're dead, and 5 secs of invencibility its nothing, it takes only a stun for you to lose half of the time doing nothing. You can only split push but i think most people have learned by now how to counter that.
Sympton (EUW)
: Imo hes quite a toxic champ.. im not all that sad to see him unplayed.
yea i feel quite toxic when im getting hammered by nearly every tanky top lane or ranged champs with their bullshit harass of scorch and aery/comet. This in gold 5 lol. My highest mmr was diamond 5 just playing tryndamere.
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Febos (EUW)
: As a pre-alpha player, I'm happy with the new runes. {{champion:35}} > [{quoted}](name=Th3Ninj4,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=jvAe6TBR,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-28T10:01:35.794+0000) > > How is this improving the old rune system? I remember spending countless hours trying to optimize my runes for a particular champ. I need to call BS on that. If you spent "countless hours trying to optimize runes" you were doing something wrong. There were nothing to be optimized. Some runes setups were just stronger than others, across all champions. You'd optimize for 1 specific playstyle and run the same page every game for champions that fit that playstyle. > [{quoted}](name=Th3Ninj4,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=jvAe6TBR,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-28T10:01:35.794+0000) > > The game is dumbed down right now, and LOL didnt became popular because it was a dumbed down game without costumization. > Most of the success of your game, you own it to the old runes and masteries trees which simulated the talent trees of World of Warcraft and people really enjoyed that kind of costumization in WOW. Are you talking about yourself? It seems like it. Actually, League became so popular for two main reasons: 1 - It was an alternative to the gamemode DotA in W3 that stopped being developed. It was "the next new thing" and it grew in popularity as more and more players were talking about it everywhere 2 - It's a dumbed down version to the original DotA and its sucessor DotA 2, which makes it easier for new player to pick up compared to them. In case you missed it i'll repeat: the MOBA genre wasn't born in World of Warcraft; it was born in Warcraft 3. Knowning that, how can you say "League simulated the talent tree from WoW"? Yeah, it didn't.
Yea it did copy wow talent tree. Wow came out in 2004 lol in 2009. Dont talk shit. I know perfectly well the origins of lol. And you can bet it didnt became popular because it was easier than dota. It became popular because it was fun to play, had nice effects and interesting champs and you had a good progression system that wasnt obnoxious and unlocked skills with leveling which made you want to continue playing.
: Ok, you don't get it. You're saying: If you choose a mastery over the other you are forced. Yes, if you CHOOSE a path, you have to stick to the guns. But there IS a choice. Earlier 1 keystone was ideal in every circumstance or the "only viable one" for certain champs (not even good in some cases). And all the runes have interactions (to a varying degree) that you have to keep in mind. This compared to flat AD, AP, Arm etc. Where 1 setup was most ideal either for the champ, position, or matchup. I'm not as much in a honeymoon fase as you are in a modus of rigor about change. Yea, it's way more streamlined than considering for hours if you want to run 0.8 attack or .9 armor in rune color blue for 2 or 3 out of 9 (or whatever it was, I set my pages and they served me for years without need for change). But it's also allowing for more viable options.
The options are less and you will eventually realise that. I never minded all the changes they made before, but this is clearly dumbing the game down
Mada (EUW)
: Well, I do see that. I just don't see how that's a problem. The old system was complete garbage, it was mainly a way to punish new players for starting the game. In the new system you just get punished if you do something really weird but even the weird stuff can work
They could make useless runes more useful instead of just eliminating the rune system. Also doing dumb stuff is part of the learning process. I dont see why nowadays everyone needs to treat people like they are stupid and cant think for themselves
: The old players are always unhappy with the new changes. The nostalgia is real, it's actually a sickness.
Its not nostalgia i never complained about the changes in the last 6 seasons. Not even when they changed the graphica from a colorful palette to a more grayish one
Kawira (EUNE)
: As beta player I'm actually happy with new runes. They have meaning now, not some random stats. I just wish that utility runes would be bundled together in 1 tier because they lose when you gotta choose between some real power and small stuff like faster boots or free mini zhonya PS. WoW is dumbed down theme park mmorpg for casuals
But Wow used to be for hardcore mmorpg players when it came out. Then they started adding pandas and simplifying peoples choices and it became shit. See my point? The rune system dumbed down the game it combined runes and masteries together giving you less choices but trying to imply it diversifies gameplay but it doesnt.
: As a season 1 player, I think this is the best thing that happened to league since intricate and flavor rich cinematics. It feels like you can run different keystones, masteries and combination of trees in a mix and math. With most of it being very viable and useful. To cater to a certain playstyle. For instance, people tend to run klepto on Illaoi, I run glacial. Both work fine but with a different idea. Could also try grasp if I wanted more tank etc. I am however nostalgic for some of the old music and visuals and other stylistic choices. Not all but it could use a bit more of it's old flavor again.
Nah the only useful one is the support tree with its slow for champs that dont have cc to stick to opponents. If u choose grasp u are forced to have hp as your bonus which makes you start with very little ad, so you can only play tanks. The first tree makes your bonus AS so you can only play junglers and champs that benefit from AS. The assassin tree is mostly useless and gives you very little bonuses besides the keystone. The mage tree forces you to throw a cat out of your ass if you want sustained damage and if you want to play a melee you have to choose the speed mastery. People are just on the honeymoon of the new system, once they see it is really limited they will start to hate it for the lack of real choices it gives you
: As a season 1 player Im very disappointed with the new Rune System.
I fail to grasp how people cant see that this new "runes" are just the old masteries with some new skills and that runes are no more.
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: It's not working for Riot. The issue IS on your computer. If you find out what it is, you can fix it. I get that you want someone to blame, but I am literally here attempting to point where to look to stop it happening, and you're not interested. So it'll keep happening, you'll continue to do nothing, the timers will get longer and longer, eventually you'll be suspended, you'll do nothing, then a ban. Or, you'know. Fix it. Clearly, something is corrupting your league files, the fact it does a repair means it wasn't a connection issue or a driver issue. It's something directly being modified or deleted. Which could mean a virus or malware program, 3rd party league AddOn (Including custom skins), an attempt to hack, bypass or hook into the executable, or you personally trying to delete or edit things. Many of those problems could likely cause problems elsewhere on your computer.
clearly its not a problem of my computer since it happens to other people and it only started after new client, but whatever.
: Then try to find out what is causing it, so you can fix it. If you don't, then that neglect of computer maintenance does somewhat put the blame in your court.
if i wanted to work for riot i would apply for a job. I reported the bug here, its random crashes mid loading screen that cause the game to start repairing and meanwhile you get a loss and afk penalty because of game remake. I expect them to look into it or change the checking of client integrity to an earlier point in time than when the game is starting.
: after it repairs it works fine but what bothers me is not the repair itself its the crash happening mid loading and causing a low priority queue and 20 minutes wait for a game to start
if there is a problem with the client and need for repair it should happen when you log on just like the previous client
: The new client is still a work in progress. Its getting better and eventually it'll be fine, but getting there's a pain. However, the in game engine is separate from the client, so the crash occurring in load screen makes the client less likely to be at fault. It's worth finding out where the issue is to try and resolve it. Obviously, the client then trying to repair is annoying, but if it crashed out it likely needed the repair.
after it repairs it works fine but what bothers me is not the repair itself its the crash happening mid loading and causing a low priority queue and 20 minutes wait for a game to start
: Were you actually in the load screen, with the boarders and champ pictures? If so check your r3dLogs, you'll be ale to try and work out the cause of the crash. I know it feels good to yell at Riot for it, but it's more helpful to work out why it happened, and post that, so it can be fixed or worked on.
yea it was loading and it is like the 4th time it happens in a space of a month, so it is a rare crash but still enough for me to get low priority queue. Doesnt change the fact that the new client is worse than the original and slower, at least in older pcs
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: > lack that simple and raw manliness of the earlier champs {{champion:201}} What, this guy not manly enough for you?
It was the support i used before they made the new ranked queue
Rismosch (EUW)
: > We lack real warriors => {{champion:420}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: > We lack real warriors => {{champion:420}}
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Riryz (EUW)
: ........ aurelion sol is a male and isnt anyting feminine like. same goes for jhin. these 2 are the last 2 realeases..... the last 10 releases -> 2 women illaoi and kalista, 3 beast/animals kindred, tahm, rek'sai, 3 men azir, jhin, ekko (ekko more boy but still) and 2 cosmic beings bard, aurelion riot is switching everythign up. only releasing 1 type of character is boring AF. there are enough men and women in the game to make new normal looking characters be boring. about your last complaint. yeah obviously... why would you play an underpowered champion? if it doesnt fit in the meta then why play it?
have you really listen to aurelion sol voice, so gay man, jhin literally dances with every shot. Are you kidding me man? I want someone with a big sword, and some testosterone. Can even by a rival samurai of yasuo, someone like (genjuro from samurai showdown since they also copied yasuo from haohmaru). You play a champ for many reasons, maybe you like the looks of your champ or you identify yourself with it. I went from silver 3 to plat 2 playing mostly tryndamere and he is nowhere strong this season. I only dropped to plat 5 after i started to get bored and play other champs i like but im nowhere near as good like yasuo and zed.
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Rayz01 (EUW)
: I Just Played Against a Platinum Rengar
man any assassin or squishy champ is shit now, the tank meta is so bullshit that you only need 3 tanks in a team to win a game even if you somewhat lose the early game. But there is a savior in the future, madreds is back baby, i'll fucking rush it every single game, i will even take smite to lane! Prepare your tanky asses my tryndagod is coming for you!
: Heimerdonger skin idea: ASTRODINGER
: One word. Yesweneedthis
yeah i think its fitting perfectly to heimerdinger, and since we got another yordle thats also an astronaut, It would be insta-buy if it was done as i envisioned it.
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: when is riot gonna nerf Lux?
i'm not even mad at her i actually won the last game against one lux, but when you see her ult take u down from 70% hp to 0% is kinda sad. Just nerf her cd on ult or reduce base damage to 400 from 500
: when is riot gonna nerf Lux?
people downvoting because they want to acquire their free elo. Did i mention she is also considered god tier mid laner?
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