: The champion has 54% win rate in soloQ, if you can't win with him I guess it's time to change champion
Its not that im not winning with him , its that i feel like i can do much more in the game than i am doing right now.I want to get better so when i gain elo i wont have problems with better opponents.
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: i had the same mindset as well but i figured out that scores and all that stuff dosnt realy matter in the end you should just use the tactic that works and has the highest chances of wining no matter if it makes you look like you were feeding for example whenever i play a defencive support i would always focus on the carrys survival over my own thus leading to my death most of the time however because of that theres a lower chance of the enemy getting the shut down gold on my carry making it a good play after all in the long run them getting gold out of killing me is better than them getting gold out of killing my carry over all if you are to lazy to read all this just go with whatever gives a higher chance of a win instead of worrying about the score
I dont care about the score , thats why i am mainly a support main.I played support for such a long time dying and protecting my team mates , but at the end of the day the only thing i care about is lp.Now i play jungle just because i am a little bored playing supp and when i dont enjoy playing a role i better stop playing it. The problem i have is not about the k/d/a but about the gold advantage they take when they are so much ahead with farm.The only way i can equalise them is by getting so fed and basically farm kills.
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