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Nudall (EUW)
: Looking for someone between 5 lvl and 15 to complete missions.
i have lvl -15 account maybe we can help each other. IGN GGEMBA contact me.
: I am also locking for someone, but i also have a account under level 15. Contact me IGN: spielerNEL7
me too! maybe we can both help out each other. IGN GGEMBA
Djdlg1 (EUNE)
: The Pupil Becomes The Master
i can help you for a price. either help me out too or gift me chest.
Yoda1285 (EUW)
: Searching for Player under Summenor Level 15 for recent Pool Party Quest
Sum 41 (EUW)
: Looking for lvl 15
me too. if you gift me chest i will help you.
: Worlds orb is like a regular hextech chest; it can contain any shard and even a gemstone if you're lucky. Worlds legacy orb is guaranteed to give you a legacy skin shard (and it can also contain a gemstone).
so worlds orb can contain a legacy if i am lucky but the worlds legacy orb cannot contain a better skin like the hextech annie because its not a legacy?
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Coxis (EUNE)
: Volunteers Star Guardian Event: Artwork, Missions and more!
Make Star Guardian Karma happen.
: Well... since you basicly NEED an organized Team.. aka premades to beat the missions... there's no real difference tbh. Setting it 5-only just makes sure there is no chaos in the SoloQ. "Make NEW-Guardians!!, NO OLDS!!!, I need Mages!!! I need NO MAGES!!!" And it's REALLY not that hard to get 5 guys together: Reddit/Ingame/Boards! Plenty of people are looking for Teams rigth now.
where can i find those people that seeks a team in redit please put link.
Venialis (EUNE)
: LFP Invasion Hard mode
: There are 2 things in league, Rank and MMR. MMR matches you with enemies While your Rank displays it visually. The Rank decays -> Plat-Challenger (they Lose LP after a certain amount of time of not playing), but it stops once you Reach Gold1 75LP. When you come Back (e.g. My smurf decaied from d5 to plat5) and you play, you still play vs your old ranks! (i was plat5 matched vs full d5 teams). Since the MMR was still good, i got 30+LP for a win and -5-12ihsh on a loss. Means i automaticly flow up to my old rank :) In your case the season reset is the thing that will throw you back, since it shoves your MMR a bit down (towards silverish). If you go 10-0 in Placements you should still make it to the Middle of Gold :)
oh..{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} so it really does decay if you leave your rank even in lower rank. how disappointing. i dont really fancy ranking system. i dont feel right when i play ranked, i just want to have fun in aram or do a off meta build in blind mode. well said good sir.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > unlikely? wut? is there no actual information? The rank you end up with after you play your placements depends on the MMR you have after those placement matches are complete. That's not something anyone can check for you, so it's not possible to give you an accurate answer. In that case, it wouldn't be unlikely that you start out in silver next season. --- > so if im diamond 1 and stop playing for 100 years(just for scale) it will send me back to bronze right? It would be able to set you to gold before decay stops, but you still become "unranked" again since you come back to a new season. Decay is only happening if you're platinum and above. Once you hit gold, you don't decay anymore.
oh. i thought from bronze to diamond you get the decay thing, MB. how does the decay system work on bronze to diamond and how does it work on platinum and above? so from diamond 1 and stop playing on the average time where youll end up being tested again, youll always get downgraded based on the rank mark rankings(the rank bling bling) like from diamond down to gold and the number where youll end up in gold is based on the score you previously did from before you stopped playing? or just go down to silver or bronze because the test i did sucked big time, like 0/10 my plan is to get to gold so that i can get some cool rewards and then stop playing rank.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Decay doesn't occur until you've hit at least Platinum. Riot has removed it for Gold and under. However, since you mention stopping to play for a full year, that means you'll come back after this season has concluded, and the new season has begun. In that case, you'll have to play the 10 placement matches that happen at the beginning of each season, and it's not unlikely you'll start out next season in silver.
unlikely? wut? is there no actual information? no offense. if it decays from bronze to diamond doesnt that mean it decays forever until you start playing rank? so if im diamond 1 and stop playing for 100 years(just for scale) it will send me back to bronze right?
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: Well i know your pain bruh. Today for example i got dc every %%%in minute and my mouse clicks stopped controling my character. It looked like im running down the lane into the enemy, but i clicked , the character just didn't listen to me. My fps and ping were fine. I don't have any virus or spyware, this was just like completely random.... I am really dissapointed, reporting every single bug Iam expierencing, helping out in what I can so Rito can improve the gameplay for everyone. I lost 2 ranked games today, cause of this....
nah man. my game runs fine on 35-45 fps. its just the client that keeps screwing me over. its so laggy that i cant accept matches or ban a champ.
Perilum (EUW)
: It's your PC. Activate Low Spec Mode. If this doesn't help, then it's time for a new machine.
for 1 game with crappy client? hell no! the game runs on 45 fps. the only problem is the client. i wish theyll bring back the old one.
Smerk (EUW)
: There is only one punishment for dodging queue: time penalty that increases every time you dodge in the same day, it resets back to first step on next day. So no matter how long this will persist you won't get any permanent punishment. But yeah, did you enable low spec mode? It fixes a lot of problems
i did. and it works fine. no more long wait time every time i go to store or loot. im noticing lag when i go in and out of the queue. every time someone dodges and sents me back to the waiting lobby the lag seems to stack and i sometimes cant press accept/enter the queue or ban a champ. also i get random disconnection. i know it wasnt my net because i pinged leagueoflegends website and to top it off my family isnt home! and everytime i get disconnected it wont refresh back in to the game, i have to alt+f4 to reconnect and it takes A LONG TIME! + lag!
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: LF a nice jungler/Top Gold/Plat for Duo Queue
id like a piece of human communication please.
Eambo (EUW)
: Mousing over the option will show you the name :-)
they are pretty dull. why are they just icons? if you gonna make people memorize that thing quick it should look something iconic with colors. at quick glance they all look circular. they almost look the same.
: Find out which champion is already looted a chest
it would be nice if theres something to identify that you already s+ dat champ in champ select.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gushismosu,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=kjAXJc5E,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-10-18T21:19:59.901+0000) > > Ya that is also what im thinking. The Icon will be for testers. I was really hoping a Skin XD > > Then again this icon could be for everyone to celebrate they are opening Alpha to everyone soon > > Where we alpha testers get this icon?
probably for everyone. probably celebrating the beta release. PROBABLY. dont feel bad dawg. it wont help you play better. its just pretty baubles.
Robskee (EUW)
: Dumb litlle thingy
i think its like? "can i show this on your face or continue with your pron for now?" please dont ban me. i cant help but talk like this XD.
: Cant log in properly
probably slow net or corrupt installation. my suggestions is to check if nets fine or reinstall alpha.
Full FpS (EUNE)
: Request to be a admin.
i guess you didnt get accepted? its really no big deal man. you are just testing a buggy client. there are no rewards or anything and it will be released soon so just wait a little bit.
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: alpha client too big
yo dawg! this guy [PaperNay] provided us with the solution. source hold ctrl press - "minus" to zoom out press + "plus" to zoom in
PaperNay (EUW)
: You can't change the size of the client in the options yet - it will be added in the next update. How ever you can change the size with **ctrl + | ctrl -** to change the size of the Client. It has 3 settings atm small normal and large. I bet you are playing on a laptop and the resolution of the client is to big for your Laptop. TL;DR : press **ctrl -** to change to a smaller size. I hope I could help you with your problem c:
ohh! what a hero! thank you.
T3h v1C3 (EUW)
: Is this windows server 2003? xD And what screen resolution do you use?
> [{quoted}](name=T3h v1CE isRIGHT,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=q3ZYTcXe,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-15T14:00:53.376+0000) > > Is this windows server 2003? xD And what screen resolution do you use? its windows 7. i use basic mode to save as much ram as possible. its a poor mans set up. --_--'' 1024 x 768
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: riot is working on another game no details about it yet and its probably gonna take a long time.
its the arcade street fighter thing. right?
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=g3mb0y,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=506yMIOy,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-07-10T12:24:45.874+0000) > > EW! it has skill trees! WTF? *VOMIT* . i just want to log in and wreck blches! simple games like cs and cod. not all them.... skill trees...euhg! i have played enough of dragon age , diablo1,2 torchlight 1,2 and all the good sht, ive eaten enough of that dish thank you. [Rakion like games](
rakion doesnt have skill trees.
Febos (EUW)
: [Blade & Soul, Combat](
EW! it has skill trees! WTF? *VOMIT* . i just want to log in and wreck blches! simple games like cs and cod. not all them.... skill trees...euhg! i have played enough of dragon age , diablo1,2 torchlight 1,2 and all the good sht, ive eaten enough of that dish thank you.
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: Well i'd go Question about league of legends > Billing and store >content refund. But tickets are moved internally so if its wrong they'll move it to the right team.
they replied to my plea! and got my ip back. i thought they would just ignore me. :D thanks for helping me dude.
: When you send a problem to support it's called a "Support ticket" AFAIK means "As far as i know"
im suppose to go to "submit a request" right? and pick "im having technical issues"? or "i have received unauthorized charges from riot games/lol" OR " i have a question about the physical merchandise" i dont want to screw this up.
: It's riot support. It's not complicated. AFAIK no one on the boards can help you with account related stuff like that.
what do you mean by "ticket"? , what does AFAIK mean? where can i get help? teach me.
Lembontsync (EUNE)
: so.. you wait untill you had 17k then you bought champs smart..
why of course! there might be some expensive new champ that i want to buy or limited offer icon!
: I am so sad... :'( didnt hit the stone! 2.theres a sweet spot for movable characters to attack not just anywhere . probably due to creepblock, if you want clarification test it on bots! no HUMANS JUST BOTS!
: Write a [support]( ticket.
what is that ticket thing? why is this so complicated? if i dont have any ticket they wont read my complaint?
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: Upcoming PBE application approvals
God! i wanted to test the ekko back when he was fresh out of the PBE! got hype as hell and actually wanting to get in the PBE to test this guy out..... but then..... the pbe changed...Q_Q. too early too late "I CRI EVRYTIEM!" but in all seriousness dawg!~ i play random lanes and random champs, i fill because 50% of the solo q will say "lane" or feed or just plainly feed for not getting the role or champ they want. EY! dont get mistaken, i dont complain about it! i like testing my skills on different scenario and new champion! how will you pick some players who doesnt main anything? i mained karma with this account for like level 8 to 30 and the champ ranking system didnt exist back then. so does it mean im a mid laner a mage main? i was good at karma too but i didnt get picked.. Q_Q !I CRI EVRYTIEM! but for real dawg!~ i came here and ACTUALLY making all these effort to join the community and say... PLEASE LET ME TEST KINDRED!! OMG HER or... i dont know.. is like vayne 2 sec cooldown on q? and can go over the wall? OMG!!!! HYPE as..."ahem" but seriously DAWG!~ ITS FREAKING AWESOME!! so plenty of PLAYS to be made! thats it doe, hes..uh ITs ult is kinda weird, like bard but units are targetable, i bet this only works in higher rank players. i played bard. his ult is a team killer. i dont know about that. please rito! sign me up....if not ill just wait in a corner waiting for interesting champs to come out. "flashes out!"{{summoner:4}} also all those reports about me being leave/afk? my net sucks back when i cant buy it because i dont have resident paper on my apartment, i guess you cant just put stuff on an apartment like that i suppose. uhh..but i suppose thats just another reasons right.... but seriously doe! i want to test this kindred so BAD!


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