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: the question here is who is still playing coop vs ai after lvl 5? there is no point, you want to try the new champs? go practice mode, you want a challenge with a new champ? go normal, you want something random go aram there is literally no point playing coop vs ai games after lvl 5 where you can go pvp games and now about the problem: typing in chat wont make it harder to detect bots, bots are predictable as hell, and riot knows about them, but they are banned in waves, but the problem comes from this: if they catch the botters the ppl who made the bots will know that and modify the program so riot have to find a way to detect them again, and this fight will never end, as soon as you catch a bot a new one will come which is harder to detect the only way for you to combat bots is not playing coop vs ai as i said earlier, the bots are in coop vs ai games because not much ppl playing there so its somewhat safer from detection (less player reports etc)
It's much faster to level in co-op vs AI up to level 20 (Where reduced exp takes effect). Or at least it would be if I didn't have 3-4 hardfeeding levelbots on my team most games. Yeah I'll probably just do normals, but only because player bots have ruined co op vs AI. Riot could come up with a simple system like other games have (some sort of way to detect if a player is human with a simple interaction or click on a simple puzzle). e.g. A simple sum or picture puzzle.
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