: did anyone get their epic skins?
> [{quoted}](name=Peter Steele,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=IJhKauZu,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-11-08T19:27:53.706+0000) > > did anyone get their epic skins? 2 of my friends got it, and i was like what skin? Didnt get anything
ImSpray (EUNE)
: Getting to the rank I deserve
I dont know how you even got to silver with cs numbers so bad.. You are an assassin, but you still need to cs, you average about 3 cs a game and that horrible.. Only games where your cs is okay-ish, is where you play nasus.. Once you kill your laner a few times he becomes almost worthless in terms of gold, so its better to just push the wave and roam than killing him a few more times.. If no lanes are pushed you can push and go into enemy jungle, place some wards and maybe even kill enemy jungler..
: Why am I getting so many bronzies in my opponent team every match?
You are getting bronzies all the time because thats your skill level.. Max rank I saw in your history is one guy that was gold 2 i think others not even close, mostly all bronze and a few silvers, and you still lost a bunch of those games.. Any particular reason why you don play ranked? In normal games you can have players from diamond to bronze or unranked in the same game, so its not a really serious game mode, more for practicing..
Luniya (EUNE)
: ADC: If you're a hypercarry (Tristana, Twitch, Vayne), farm and play safe. If you're not a hypercarry, try to ask your support to pick an aggressive support to get the most out of your lane. Jungle: Pick according to your team. Scenario 1: You have a Zed mid, Fiora top, Blitzcrank support and Tristana ADC, you need AP, so therefore you pick an AP champion, instead of your main champion. Scenario 2: Karthus mid, Galio top, Alistar support and Vayne ADC. You've got 2 tanks, lots of AP and your Vayne won't be doing damage before 30 minutes, a good idea would be to play a fighter or an assassin to keep people steamrolling through early game. Short and easy to understand for tips I guess. Hope I helped {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I would actually want people to play their main champ over what the team needs any time.. Its a good tip if you play for a long time and really know how to play a lot of champs.. But otherwise I would suggest that you just play what you are best at, you will just get shit on if you pick something you dont play often..
: Riot come on.. fix normals!
Learn champs in flex, thats what i do.. You'll get flamed here and there for trying things out, but then again, you will get flamed regardles of what you play .
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Lots of people don't know, but **this is not how Kayn's passive works**. In order to transform, Kayn needs 140 "orb value" (lets call it this way) *of a certain type*. Getting an orb of a different type *will not contribute towards transformation, unless it exceeds the other type*. His passive bar is extremely tricky to track because: * It shows the current maximum orb value (so if you have 70 red orb value and 69 blue, it'll be at a half) * "orb value" per orb gained is increased with game time. Now to the topic at hand, if it shows you that your bar is nearly full and you know it's from red orbs and that you didn't get blue orbs at all this game, you can safely gank bot without getting transformed, unless it's so far into the game that the single gank alone would get you a full 0-100 blue bar. I do believe his passive REALLY needs some clarity improvements though D_D
I thought it worked similar to what you explained here, but since i started playing him, I'm more and more conviced that you get the form based on the last champ you traded with.. I got games where I felt like i didint even touch anyobody except range champs, and i got the other transformation at the end because my last trade was with melee champ.. Dont know if this is a bug, is it suppose to be like this, or am i just not paying any attention to what i'm doing what so ever..
U405120 (EUW)
: I got banned for int feeding but i am just learning the game
You should just stop trolling and inting every game and you wont get banned again.. Nobody goes 40 games with over 15 deaths each game and then all of a sudden gets 30 kills on graves and avarages 20 kills per game on him, he didnt find his champion as someone has said about graves, he is just a dumb troll trying to stay in bronze 5 for whatever reason..
: Lower my normal game mmr pls
Buy enough champs and start ranked, you will be placed in bronze most likely, but then you will play against people at your skill level and it should be more enjoyable
: Tips on improving?
Play ranked, dont worry about your rank.. Watch the map and always think about what you are doing and why you are doing it
: ranked
RIP English
: Permabans are pushing all the toxic players to the lower levels and not solving the problem
They should just make it that you can buy a lvl 30 with rp, when you get enough champs to play ranked there should be option to "upgrade" your acc to lvl 30 for the price of some RP.. Smurfs of all kind would do it, just buy the champs and lvl 30, dont have to level up witch is boring and dumb already, specially to lvl 10 when you dont have all summoners and cant jungle or anything properly.. Some might think this would be bad cause new players would do this and jump into ranked and destroy other peoples games, but i doubt a new player would do that, and if he does well he'll be put into bronze where he belongs and everyone will be happy
bigambrus (EUNE)
: what am I supposed to look at ?
He lost with a decent score, totally unfair..
: Suspended -_- but my friend wasn't
True friend we got here hahaha
: Bronze climb advice
Learn to farm better, and only play trynda and garen for now.. You play too many champs yasuo 7 played, 7 losses, zed 5 played 5 losses,lee sin, teemo, jhin.. you are all over the place, stick to top lane and play 2 champs you have good win rate with, farm better and you will climb to silver no problem
: Individual Coach for You
Is anyone actually doing this? I mean paying for coaches.. Everything you need to know is already online for free, youtube works wonders =)
: I am good with Ryze and winning my lanes on mid or top in 90%. Just the rest of the game is bad. I am not the kind of person telling - I play like gold and got stuck here because I am the only one playing well. No, I know my weaknesses and work on my game. Just telling I cant win or have good score if I dont go afk and all my teammates are 1/9 after 10 minutes which is most of my games.
110 games played, 40% win rate, average 3.1 kills and 8.8 deaths.. you suck at ryze Well i tried, even had some tips for you, but there is no point it seems, good luck in bronze man
: Watch what was written up. **Watch the game, not the score**. Or show me, how you win alone against 4 on your lane, or how you win with one finished item against two full build enemies :-)) "smart" guy. You know what? Make account on EUW and play with me. I will show you. Just surrendered game with my platinum smurf friend - "no more games - my nerves cant stand this" he chatted me after the game. Everybody says: you bad, you dont carry. But everyone plat-diamond tries b5 with me, we loose even they try to carry. So chit-chatted, you have gutts to try and show me you are not just joker with muscles on chat on not able to prove your opinion in praxis? And I know I am better than my silver friend, because I play with them and see it.
We don't need to SEE you dying 15 times to know that you don't know how to play.. If you die more than 10 times in a game consistently you just don't know how to play, at some point a decent player would ask himself why do i even fight this guy if he has 2 items more than me, or is there even the slightest of chance that i will be able to defend this turret 1v5.. You die because you made the wrong decision nothing else.
: I get carried in like 10-15% games. But imagine this - you are mid with Ryze and have 6/4 after being against midlaner + jungler, who is camping there all the time. Top is 1/9, supp afk, adc 1/9. You finish ROA and meet toplaner with 3 full items, jungler with 3 full items and your non-fed midlaner. Result: death under turret no matter what. And the fact I finish with bad score is that I defend and dont go afk. If I do, I finish on positive score but we loose the game fast. Got it?
Listen, I'm not trying to bash you or hurt your feelings by telling you that you need to improve, and focus on yourself.. As long as you keep telling yourself that you did great and only reason you lost is your team you will be in bronze, I guarantee it.. As i said some games are unwinable, check out my last solo ranked game.. I played good, had a lead of 60cs on zed by the 20 min mark, and it didnt mean nothing since our adc went afk before 10 min mark because he died 2 times.. These games happend, and there is nothing you can do about it.. Pick 2, max 3 champs you like to play and practise them, focus more on cs-ing and not dying.. Dont try to help your teammate if they are doing something stupid.. I got of bronze by playing only sion top, got my cs to be decent and thats it, just farm and stop dying.. You should maybe try different champs since the ones you are playing now are just not working for you(below 50% winrate on all of them)
: But I didn't lose all these games! I was always very far ahead by KDA and damage!
You asked how to increase your MMR, and i told you, win more games than you lose.. Die less and cs more
: You are wrong here bud. Not going to downvote, just explain something. As he told you (and from my personal experience, currently Bronze2 and 30 LP I think, playing since August 2016) he is going well but then he dies from fed enemies. Let me give you an example. You win your lane, you have 2/0/x and took one tower. Then you decide to help other lanes instead of pushing your own because enemy jungler and midlaner are camping mid. You go top to help your Olaf who is 0/4/x. You gank but die because enemy Gangplank is 4/0/x. You are dead with 2/1/x. You defend mid and then roam to bot. You die again from enemy Ashe who is 5/1/x. You are now 2/2/x. A teamfight begins in midlane. You die because enemies had CC and they were fed by your teammates. You are dead with a score of 2/3/x. You now go and defend your toplane but when going there their jungle kills you. Now you are 3/4/x They push until inhib tower.You get flamed for loosing your lane and feeding. After getting flamed one teammate is afk, other one is running it down mid and the other one is pushing alone and dying to 1v4 and 1v5. You are the only one who is defending nexus towers. They towerdive you and you die. You now have 2/5/x. You loose the game. You have 2/5/x. It is not your fault but when someone checks your OP.GG he will see that score and hhe will say that you fed. Wrong. Know the story behind the game. I hope you understood me
I get it, I was in bronze, and silver and now in gold.. There are some games you just can't win, some you just need to play better.. You cant really tell me that you can win your lane and then go 3-11,2-12,1-11 (scores from a guy that started this thread), thats not how it works if you know how to play at least a little bit.. Trust me you just need to focus on yourself and stop blaming everyone else for your loses, learn from your mistakes.. If you die heading top to enemy jungler, dont face check, ward or take the longer route.. If you see the enemy can 1v2 don't fight him and give him 2 more kills.. Everyone gives this examples of games that you just "can't" win, but nobody shares that game where you played like an idiot and got carried by your teammates.. Also i see twitch is your best champion, so play him when ever he is open, you got 64% winrate with him, and you should be able to climb out of bronze if you play him
You got 20 more losses than wins, in silver 5.. Honestly doubt your mmr was at s1 level.. You probably belong in bronze, if you want to improve your mmr, get you overall win rate above 50%
: Elo hell and problems with pairings
Man i don't want to be rude but i checked your match history and most of the games you feed your ass off.. You need to die a lot less, stop blaming your teammates and focus on improving.. Last season was my first ever playing this game, was placed in bronze 3, ended up in gold 5.. This season flex was placed in b4,and now i'm in s4 (i dont play that much).. So all of you need to stop blaming the "elo hell" and confess to yourself that you are just bad and need to improve (not saying that i'm much better)..
legoatoom (EUW)
: When you become lvl 30. Do not start playing ranked immediately
And I would suggest everyone to start playing ranked as soon as they hit lvl 30.. You will be placed where you belong and you will face other players that are skilled as you.. It's easier to improve playing ranked then it is playing normal. But whatever you do, dont blame others for your rank =)
skalman69 (EUNE)
: I need advice!
Stop playing lee sin, play camille or hecarim.. Gank only when you think you will 100% get something out of it, in the meantime farm your jungle.. And ward as much as you can
: I am searching for a aggressive midlaner thats is good in teamfights!
Ahri, can be safe and agressive once you reach lvl 6
mastero4 (EUNE)
: Bronze
To leave bronze you just need to learn how to cs (last hit minons), and thats it, you can play whatever you want.. You somehow managed to get 17 kills in a game where you had 2 cs/minute.. and that is just terrible, your cs i mean.. You try to get that number to 6 and you are in silver
AjBanana (EUW)
: Unranked player playing ranked games with silvers, golds
For what i understand when you first start playing ranked the game puts you in mid silver skill level or something like that, so thats why you play against silver and sometimes a gold players.. Once you finish your placements you should be playing with people at your skill level, if you got really lucky or really unlucky in your placements it may take a few more games to get were you actually belong skill wise...
More0 (EUNE)
: Ok smart one, look my match history, and this game and answer me why i was flaming in this game? http://www.leagueofgraphs.com/match/eune/1643870003 If they are noobs they not suppose to play ranked, they only ruin all games and people start flaming! If you got carryed you will cary others in your team too. If 3 idiots feed but you win your lane, you won't win in any chance! I asked to ban MF but no one give a F. and everyone was deleted by her ult in team fight, but in lobby this Akali said i will cary you don't worry i will destroy this MF in 2sec.
Calling your teammates "noobs" when you are the same rank as they are or even lower.. Its time you realize you are not good as you think you are.. People like you will never leave silver, blaming others all the time.. I know u guy who plays for like 4 seasons flames like an idiot was banned 100 of times and highest he got was silver 1, you are on the right track my friend ;-) I had a game yesterday all lanes losing but mine, top lost 2 towers before 20 min, mid lost 1.. Nobody flamed, we tried, and at the end we won, and it felt great.. It was a normal game but still.. Here you go http://www.leagueofgraphs.com/match/euw/3066676684 i was lucian ;-)
: I need tips about attitude in ranked games
Just ignore them, when they do something good say good job or nice and thats it.. Maybe it will help, thats what i do =) Play to improve and focus on yourself, don't waste your time on flamers and trolls.
: dont play ranked
To any new players i say play ranked as soon as you have full rune pages.. Last season was my first ever to play lol, i started in bronze 3, and ended up in gold 5, not too good, but not that bad.. Point is you learn quicker in ranked if you really want to learn how to play, you can play 5 seasons and still be bronze if you dont want to learn
Rismosch (EUW)
: Has anyone experience with Mid/Support?
You wont be playing mid any time soon with mid/supp as your roles.. My last 6,7 games i played as mid/adc and got mid maybe once, once i was autofilled and all other times I got adc as my role
Arrenus (EUNE)
: Because me and my friends want play rankeds together, we will tryhard flex and solo/duo will be just for training instead of normal draft.
Same to me, only reversed, solo will be seriuos and flex for fun, practice and playing with friends
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ytpMe420 (EUW)
: Bronzie Need you
I looked your match history, there are games where you feed as bad as your team in this one... Also you play too much roles and too much champs, and you are not very good at any of them.. Dont blame your teammates and look on ways how to improve your own play, learn how to cs good and pick 2 roles and 3,4 champs and only play them
Remmy San (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=President Dump,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=O1lTzaEu,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-16T10:10:21.951+0000) > > So I Started playing league of legends in July.When i got to level 30 i was pretty happy because i was able to play ranked.After winning 4 games out of 10 games.I expected getting bronze 3 or worse.But somehow i got silver 3.Since then, when i play ranked games i just get carried or lose. Why is this? Why did i get silver 3 when i get carried the whole time?At normal games i just rek people but in ranked games i can't do anything.. The first placements all always put you around sliver 4 to silver 1 as it where most of the community is then from there you'll i'ver climb fall or stay based on how you play
I was placed in b3 hahah, going 1-9 or 2-8 in placements, dont remember correctly =)
StepedeS (EUNE)
: STUCK in League
The ones that are "stuck" in a division are the ones who deserve to be there.. When you get better and when you learn not to blame your teammates, thats when you will get out
: Should i quit, should i get banned?
You should just except the fact that you are bad at the game and its not your teams fault that you are in bronze, its your fault.. You play a million champs and million roles, you wont get good at anything if you keep doing that and blaming your team... You should focus on your game and improving,and only communicate with pings or mute all and dont say a thing in chat.. Focus on learning 2 roles and 3,4 champs in that roles combined.. learn to cs and you will get out of bronze, its that simple...
Raika43 (EUW)
: Tips on carrying?
I would suggest you to stay away from nidalee and elise for a while, and that you try to pick up some easy junglers.. I myself dont play jungle that much but i would recommend jarvan,jax,olaf,yi.. they are cheap so you dont have to save up much ip, easy to play to some degree.. Dont forget to farm as a jungler, dont gank losing lanes, and dont force ganks.. Gank when someone is pushed or doesnt have summoner spells, after a kill push lane with your laner and try to take tower, but dont overstay and try helping with wards.. This is my first season and i started at bronze 3, and i think you can get out just by learning one or two champs, and cs-ing well (not talking about jungle).. So my tip for laneing would be to pick 1,2 champs in a lane, learn to cs and focus on not dying early.. Usually people in bronze suck at cs-ing so you should be able to fight and win vs anyone 1v1, maybe even 1v2 only by getting more gold by cs-ing really well.. If you are not very good on a champ or you dont really know your oponnents champ really well dont fight until you got a good cs lead and item advantage.. Oh and yeah, i would suggest playing solo lanes rather than the adc, i was adc "main" when i started and was placed in bronze 3, as soon as i switched to top i got to silver, but thats just me =) In short pratice cs-ing,play 2,3 champs and focus on not dying, you should be silver by the end of the season =)
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GI1tch,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=y2kpEazx,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2016-09-05T13:49:07.969+0000) > > For me personally its easier to play againt zed then lb, maybe because i played against him a lot more back when he was picked every game Hm, well i meant zed vs lb is one of the easiest matchups for me lol2
> [{quoted}](name=Gr8m8er,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=y2kpEazx,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2016-09-06T00:28:12.297+0000) > > Hm, well i meant zed vs lb is one of the easiest matchups for me lol2 I dont play zed or lb so i wouldnt know :-)
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GI1tch,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=y2kpEazx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-31T16:56:50.634+0000) > > Well you are already playing leblanc hahaha... Try cs-ing more and when you win lane or cant kill your opponent push wave and try roaming and helping your teammates win theirs leblanc op? play {{champion:238}}
> [{quoted}](name=Gr8m8er,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=y2kpEazx,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-09-05T02:47:57.244+0000) > > leblanc op? play {{champion:238}} For me personally its easier to play againt zed then lb, maybe because i played against him a lot more back when he was picked every game
Destruox (EUW)
: In my last three ranked games I had no platinum player in my team but I had a unranked player in two of those games. In one of them i got ganked 4 times in a row, dove by a hecarim plus malzahar that managed to kill me without punishment. In that same game my skarner leted me die for the sake of not steeling a kill from me. That guy never actually played skarner properly in ranked, went with a shity bloodrazor build and a questionable jungle strategy. Unranked midlane ahri got destroyed by gold V Leblanc that snowballed the game out of control with Hec and Malz. I had most of the jungle pressure on my lane but the other lanes lost and skarner didnt capitalize on hec being toplane all time. I can explain to you how the other games went really bad but its not worth the time doing it. Of course I make mistakes, thats something i will never deny since I am a low elo player that didnt invest the hours people from diamond and above invested but the matcmaking isnt fair and unranked players should never start with people that played a lot more and climbed their way in the ladder. There is a lot to say in the matchmaking topic belive it or not but you, like everyone of us, will not have any issue until you enter a loosing streak, thats how human mind works, we dont care mostly about problems until they hit us straight in our face.
I had my share of loosing streaks trust me, sometimes you get bronze sometimes you get unranked, sometimes you are all same division.. Sometimes your team picks an annie as adc and you can still win.. Some games you just cant win, maybe someone is premade with a friend who is unranked or something but there is nothing you can do about it, so its better to just move on and try to win your next game.. One thing i learned is dont expect anything good from teammates, so you cant get mad or dissapointed.. If they end up playing well, then great, if not who cares, you cant do anything to make them play better
I look up mine on a site op.gg , you can try as well, although its not 100% correct
realKano23 (EUNE)
: its not that easy to carry a game with leblanc though is it
It was a joke for brainded champs, i know she takes skill to play but she is super annoying at times.. Still, my point stand, you should try cs-ing more and try to help your teammates when you win your lane or when you cant kill your lane opponent.. I personally play viktor mid and can carry pretty good with him.. I think you can carry with any champ if you learn to play him really good, and try to roam when you get the chance.. Im only silver 2 but i'm telling you what has help me get out of bronze to where i am.. If you want jungler to gank dont push your lane, ward as much as you can and ask your team to ward as well.. i dont have any brainded champs to suggest that will help you out, but the ones i play are viktor and ahri, sometimes anivia.. If you farm good and dont die, you can pretty much one shot squishy champs mid to late game with viktor and deal aoe damage if you hit your abilities right.. His E takes some time to get used to,but other than that you can play him easily.. Your second role is top i guess, i got my self out of bronze by playing sion, so maybe you should consider playing someone tanky with a lot of cc, if you dont like it just practice your champs improve your cs-ing and you should be able to climb, just watch were your mistakes are and try not to repeat them
realKano23 (EUNE)
: what champions should i play in ranked??
Well you are already playing leblanc hahaha... Try cs-ing more and when you win lane or cant kill your opponent push wave and try roaming and helping your teammates win theirs
Destruox (EUW)
: Why unranked palyers have to be mached with gold and high silver??
I checked your match history, you managed to lose a game with 4 gold players and 1 platinum against 3 gold player, 1 silver and 1 unranked.. You also lost a game with 2 gold players an 3 silver, against 2 gold,2 silver and 1 unranked.. But you did manage to win a game with 4 gold player and 1 silver against 1 gold,1 silver, 1 unranked and 2 bronze players so you got that going for you witch is nice... Be glad the system works this way otherwise you would probably lose even more..
Illusoin (EUNE)
: I am a noob player ,,
Focus on improving your cs (last hitting minions), i would say its the most important thing to learn as i new player (I'm a new player too), aim for 60-70 on a 10 minute mark, it's a nice start.. Try playing safe and dont die just cs, and use wards.. I would also suggest if playing mid to play some ranged champs since other mid laners can abuse you when playing meele champs, but you should play what you enjoy playing
: Why Brozna?(How get better rank)
I'm fairly a new player my self, started playing this year, and as soon as I reached level 30 i jumped in to ranked.. I was expecting to be in silver 5 or 4 or something like that, but end up in bronze 3, my placements were really bad.. But i didn't care that much i thought when i get better at the game i will climb to a better rank.. So i look o for some tips and what i should get better at, and got to s5 in a few days (i stopped playing league for about 2 months after my placemets).. I would recommend every new player to start playing ranked as soon as possible when you have at least 2 rune pages filled, just to see where you stand and how much you need to improve.. There are toxic people in ranked same as in normals, so there is no real difference there.. You dont need a lot of champs to climb, i climbed from bronze only by playing sion top, just learn your champion strenghts and weaknesses and you are fine, pratice cs-ing and you should climb out of bronze pretty easily
Rismosch (EUW)
: My Journey from Bronze to Gold
Nice story =), I'm on the same path.. Started playing league in December last year, started playing ranked in march or april, got placed in bronze3.. At the time I was maining adc and mid, didn't do so well in ranked so i stopped playin for a while.. Started playing again 2 moths ago, first normals and then ranked, changed my main role to top, secondary mid.. In aboout 4,5 days got myself out of bronze spamming {{champion:14}} top =).. Currently I'm silver 3, changing my main role to mid, and secondary to top =), trying to reach gold by the end of summer
Eveninn (EUW)
: Last time I checked it simply was dependant on what you played most out of your last 25 games.
Well, last 25 games i have 23 solo and 2 premade, still have dynamic preference emblem
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