dagdg (EUNE)
: fk u adm i palyer good 12 hou day u adm block acc fku adm fku games
I don't remember you being banned nor blocked nor anything else on our Discord.
: Did they took inspiration for the Bruhu culture from the Brujeria spanish word?
Idk, I'm not Spanish and my lore knowledge is close to nonexistent x)
m0zz4r3ll4 (EUNE)
: Is it still possible to do the quiz just for fun? I know that Iยดm too late to be in the contest, but I just like quizzes
Sure, I don't see any harm in giving you the questions. though I don't know about providing answers, especially since some of the questions don't have clear-cut answers and instead ask you to write a text. Some of the questions were multiple-choice though, I don't know if you want to do them multiple choice-like or give it a try without seeing the options, ~~so I'll do a spoiler tag for those~~. Ok that didn't work very well, it made the text turn messy and big and quote-y, so I just won't add those x) If you wanna know the possible multiple choice answers, I can still tell you them though. 1. Which champion is also known as "The Chain Warden"? 2. Who are members of K/DA? 3. What's Katarina's full name? 4. Name four yordle champions! 5. Which province is Syndra from? 6. Where is the Sun Disc located? 7. Which faction is shrouded in darkness by the Black Mist? 8. Who murdered Kalista while she was relying on their aid? 9. Who is Senna? 10. Senna's soul was captured by who in a spectral prison? 11. "All around me are empty husks, soulless and unafraid... but I will bring them fear." - is whose Universe quote? 12. What's the name of Pantheon's host? 13. Who are the baccai? 14. What is the island archipelago called which Bilgewater is a part of? 15. What race does Skarner belong to? 16. Which other champion was Udyr's mentor? 17. Who is Vilemaw? 18. Name the former capital of the Blessed Isles! 19. The Pillar of Sorrows is located where? 20. What are Lissandra's sisters called? 21. Which champion doomed Markus by bringing him to the Shadow Isles? 22. What enables Yorick to still be alive when everyone else on the Shadow Isles had their soul claimed by the Black Mist? 23. What happens during The Harrowing? 24. How many siblings did Karthus have? 25. Hatilly and Cazworth were killed by which champion? 26. What was Ashe's mother called? 27. Where exactly did Lux get her magical staff? 28. What's the name of Rumble's mech? 29. Who is Urias? 30. In Buhru culture, what is Nagakabourous also known as?
: Not sure what are you even doing in here than
I used to do similar things, it was just kinda fun reading through posts, seeing people rage about pointless things, be oblivious and that kinda stuff. Commenting on the other hand required... a lot of hard work ๐Ÿ˜“
: If you are reporting a player that is inting/trolling via ticket, just give up and here's why
"Give up" is the wrong term here, it's kinda misleading. Simply put, if you have the option to report someone after a game, do that and be done with it. If you somehow missed that opportunity, you can still send a ticket to the Riot Support. There's a reason why you can select "Report a player for cheating, phishing, or negative behavior" as a request type when submitting a ticket. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: Boards active people check
I don't want to neither downvote nor upvote, but I don't want to be seen as inactive either :( Then again, this doesn't really say a lot about activity because it's easy to scroll through posts and just overlook this one x)
: The question ,is then how they find the boosting players , throught cheating report function ??? , cause i never use support to report someone for boosting ,so i have now no clue and idea how to submit boosting players /services , or if i use the report system accordingly to my problems. they sayd that they suspended my rights to acces support indefinetly ... , this means forever ?? , i no even have any answer from Riot on what kind of ban i have on support assistance , neither a single information on what rules i broke to be banned for that... , i think there shoulded be a case discuss when we speak about banning someone on support , maybe someone have a bad day and turns to ban you for no reason from accesing support , every time i write tickets on support , i get random answers out of subject , and one day i got this report message after a rioter asked for my name and region to check a case.... , so i don't believe i done something wrong , but i neither believe that it been readed proper and accordingly a fair punishment .... Would love to see a ban case as that it gets an analysation from multiple agents , if i do happened to spam them for "no reason" ,they should explain me to understand why they mark me as a spammer , and where they answer me , and how what i did was completly against them rules of accesing support assistance .It shouldn't be like , i am support agent , i have right to suspend someone acces on support and no one cares who i request to be banned or get banned ... . There should be a department which check support answers problems , and which check support assistance bans requests from the agents who answer to tickets and feeled that the user ticket is break the rules of using support services. I still may have some issues , but i no remember them at all to answer my tickets on the problem , and they were claiming that they answer my problems... , and close my case , then i feel like they try to fool me ,so if i asked them again and again about that , feels like i been the one who got abused by them , got banned on support assistance for no reasons several times .
>The question ,is then how they find the boosting players , throught cheating report function ??? , cause i never use support to report someone for boosting ,so i have now no clue and idea how to submit boosting players /services , or if i use the report system accordingly to my problems. To find boosters, they probably analyse everyones playing behavior and compare it all the time, mixed with sudden MMR spikes and so on. For example, their system may detect a previous Tristana ADC main playing around silver suddenly switch to playing Zed mid on the skill level of a platinum player. Of course, I don't know if that really is how it works, because as I also previously mentioned, I have no insight on their code, no one from the community does and if we did have insight, we may have clear answers to these questions, but people with bad intentions could abuse that to avoid getting detected by Riot. If you want to report a booster to the Riot Support, you'd go to their website and submit a ticket with the "Report a player..." option, though you could also choose the "General League of Legends question" category. The category doesn't matter that much, it just serves to reach the right people quicker and also get your case handled faster, but since your ticket will get reviewed by a human either way, they can also redirect your tickets and send it to the right people, no matter which category you choose. This is where, in your case, we'll get to another problem though, since as you said at least, you're suspended from the Riot Support. And yes, if they say you're banned indefinitely, that means you're permanently banned from submitting requests. I can't help you with that either, but I can assure you that you won't just get banned from the Riot Support on the whim of a single Supporter. As you said, you asked them something and they sent you a reply, closed the case and you replied again and again. They'll send you a new Supporter when reopening cases like this and I'm very sure that you got replies by multiple different Supporters, and that multiple different Supporters closed your case(s). Also, they usually give you some kind of warnings before they suspend you and you should very well be aware of what it is that got you the suspension. Well, since I have no insight on that, you probably know more than me, but from what you told me, spamming does seem very likely to be the reason.
: so as long as i seen multiple boosting people offering services of boosting for money , writing into chat , and performing with good scores , means they can't be detected if i report them ?? , i used the report cheating , because cheating means to cheat , as you allow someone else to play on your account , you can't ask any rioter to answer this , or to give you information about that ?? . For exemple if i see someone boosting ... , and offering boosting services ,can he be banned just for offering boosting services for pricing his services ??? , i mean it can't just hang after and say it was just a joke... . I also have a problem into accesing support services on my accounts , so i had to be creative in order to acces support ... , which feels like then i am kind of restricted to report inpproper behaviour which is inside game , also 1-2 days ago i forget to report someone who was toxic , but then after i quit the lobby , i was like now how do i report that guy , as long as i have no acces to support , due to foolish reasons.
As I said, Riot doesn't need your reports to detect boosters in the first place, much like people using 3rd party programs. That's also commonly what is understood as cheating - using 3rd party programs (scripts, zoomhacks and such). Riot will eventually find these players, even without you reporting them. As far as I'm aware, they tend to ban boosters in waves, especially near the end of the season, instead of as soon as they find them. About you not being able to contact the Riot Support, well, I can't really help you about that, other than to suggest common things like clearing your cookies. I at least have no problems contacting them through the website :/
: how does Riot verify that ?? . Also i want to ask you boosting on what category should be submited???
I don't know how exactly their system works either, I didn't program the code. But it likely looks at the person you reported, then checks their name and club tag for possible "bad words". If it doesn't find any, it saves the report for later and if it finds out that players seem to report a lot of players for "Inappropriate Names" that seem to have the same word combination in common, it adds that word combination to the "bad word" list, possibly after an employee checks it. As for elo boosting, I'd send a ticket to the Riot Support about it: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new As far as I'm aware, there is no in-game report reason for it. Well, it'd most likely just get spammed with people thinking they found an elo booster when it's in reality just a good player or someone having a good match. Not to mention, even without reports, Riot finds this kind of stuff out eventually, much like people using 3rd party programs.
: I can't get my account ID nor cn I paste it into the verifaction field in League :( Pls help
I just checked, everything seems to work fine for me when I try to register. What is your name and tag on Discord? Mine would be GLurch#4550. I can also just manually verify you. Of course, you can also still try to verify in the way described above, this is a guide to finding your Discord ID, although our bot should also tell you your Discord ID if you fail to verify: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/206346498-Where-can-I-find-my-User-Server-Message-ID- Then we have this gif, which should show you where to input your Discord ID: https://i.imgur.com/AE4my63.gif Well, but I guess if this still doesn't work, it's just faster for you to tell me your Discord name and tag. x)
: Why club tags aren't reportable yet?
Club tags are reportable, they fall under the "Inappropriate Name" report category. You can add that the reason for your report was the club tag in the comment you can send along with the report, just to be sure.
: Where do I find my score?
You won't know your score yet because we need to manually evaluate all the entries first (specifically, the answers that required you to write something). I don't yet know either if we'll share everyones scores after we are done with all the evaluating and have found the winners, or if we'll just share everyones ranking, or maybe not share anyone besides the top 10 people, since we do have a few hundred entries and the list would get... quite long. If you should turn out not to be among the top 10, but still want to know your placing / score, I'll see if I can share it with you once this contest is over (the contest is still going on for another day, and we'll probably take some time to finish evaluating everything) ^_^
: i assume you have to be strike free in your recent history, no?
Exactly. As you also mentioned in your question, it's only the recent history though. If you got a Chat Restriction a year ago and clearly show that you improved from back then, that's fine as well.
Evyi (EUW)
: How i can be emissary member in the boards?
I think others described everything in a pretty good way, just want to add something additional: Us not having a post where you can apply up doesn't mean you'll necessarily have to wait. In general, we're always looking for active and sportsmanlike people that seem to be motivated to do something. If we notice someone like that, we may end up reaching out to them just like that, without creating a "recruitment post" where they have to apply. In either case, to increase your chances of joining us, it's best if you are active on the boards, help others out and well, are in general a nice person (that includes being nice in League of Legends). Of course, boards activity isn't absolutely required, if you show a lot of motivation, some knowledge and other things that may make you qualified, you can apply once we post a recruitment thread. ######Also, just as a side-note, but I sadly can't tell you when exactly or if we'll even post a recruitment thread ^_^
: That way they will just get less customers, Mr Inflation. If there is an inflation, all I'd do is lower the prices so that it's more worth to buy RP and more people will buy it. Be smart.
Something being cheap doesn't mean customers will flock to it like insects, not to the point where Riot would still make a profit out of lowering the prices under these circumstances at least. Just because you can get nasal spray for 0.1โ‚ฌ won't mean everyone buys at least a hundred nasal sprays. You don't need that many nasal sprays. Of course, this is an exaggerated example, but I hope that it still assisted with making my point clearer.
: https://imgur.com/a/l0FPTPc well, it is the email registered for this account that I log in to discord and the same account in the client and in this form. What is wrong? :( 2) https://imgur.com/a/zTqTo8D no permission to write in #EUW :( 3) verify command asks me to paste the number again and again (I have relogged to discord) - and i have pasted in the right place in the client and "saved"
So sorry this all took so long, I manually gave you the verified role on the server, so you now have access to all the channels and don't have to go through that verification process. About Discord telling you that your E-Mail is already registered, did you perhaps already create another Discord account using that same E-Mail before? You can't associate two Discord accounts to the same E-Mail, that's likely why you're getting that error. To recover your other account in case you don't remember its password anymore, you can head over to https://discordapp.com/login , type in the E-Mail you were trying to associate to your Discord account there and then click on the "forgot password". You'll get an E-Mail telling you the password to that account again. If that doesn't give you anything... then it may just be an error on Discords side, we have nothing to do with Discord. You'd need to submit a ticket to their Support: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Though it is not like you *need* to associate an E-Mail to your account. It's just beneficial.
: anyone knows when legends of runeterra goes live for everyone?
It goes "live" as in "fully released in the later part of 2020, but in 2 weeks, there will be another testing phase and early in 2020, the game will enter a closed beta. I think this roadmap should help a lot: https://images.contentstack.io/v3/assets/blta38dcaae86f2ef5c/blt6a486980f42fa6b8/5d9fa5dcf465290ff354b8df/Roadmap_Comp_v13_small.jpg You can find this and some more information on the Legends of Runeterra website by the way: https://playruneterra.com/en-us/news/lor-announce-faq
: Thanks for doing this! For an extra challenge, I have one more extremely hard question (which was first asked by Bioluminescence). I can't give out gifts, but if you can answer it, color me impressed. > In Piltover/Zaun, in approximately which cardinal direction (N,E,S,W) is the Techmaturgy tower, relative to Old Hungry?
Oh well since Marissa went for West I'm obliged to go with something else. North it is! ######Yes, we totally know the correct answer, we're not just taking random guesses Edit: Saw your reply to Marissa :( but after reading up a bit I guess I'm still going for North because I saw something about Old Hungry's shadow going past the Techmaturgy tower and Piltover/Zaun looks like the kinda place that's more on the northern half meaning shadows are cast more towards the north or something like that x)
: Custom Skins/Skin Changers
Yes, Riot can detect them, though whether or not you'll get punished upon using these programs is a difficult story. Riot does not promote the usage of these programs and it is possible that using them may lead to a suspension, however, they don't actively search for people using these programs and ban them systematically **on EU**. At the moment, they more or less just "tolerate" it (on EU). The story is yet again different for other servers, like the Turkish servers. On the Turkish servers, Riot is actively searching for people using such programs and banning them (the specific program is called "Mod Skin LoL" if I recall correctly). This is because a lot of people were using that program over there, leading to actual problems for Riot Games. However, Riot Games gave every player on the Turkish servers a heads-up before they started banning for the program. Right now, Riot has not yet said what their specific decision for EU is, just that they'll decide on it at some point (which could be in a few years for all we know). Anyways, after all of this long talk, what I basically want to say is that you may be fine using it (at the moment), but it *could potentially* lead to problems, or even Riot Games suspending your account at some point either in the near or far future. You can basically see it as a gray area. You're always on the saver side not using any 3rd party programs at all and sticking to the base game. ######Of course, there are also some legal problems with freely using skins that Riot created, but most likely, Riot won't ever sue you or anyone else for anything, so this is more about your account getting banned or not. In that way, you can compare it to using illegal downloads of games. Yes, they're a problem and yes, they're illegal in most countries, but no one will ever do anything about it.
Marissa (EUW)
: To keep the fools out! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
Now you're making us sound mean, like we're intentionally doing this only to bully people :(
: What did you get as your legendary skin?
I got Nunu bot *laughs in robot*
: >No, we aren't no YOU arent >The only actual Rioters on these boards are those with red names so you ARE. Thanks for telling everyone who is downvoting me and telling me that im wrong, that THEY are wrong. I was never talking about green or red names at all. Let that be a lesson for all the naysayers
What? Declineds name is orange by the way, not red, in case you're confusing that. Wrenchmen aren't Rioters either. But I don't know what you're talking about anymore so x) ######Just for clarification purposes, this forum is largely run by us, "the green and orange people". You can believe me if you want to or just... not, but I'm pretty confident in knowing what my and our tasks are. Yes, Rioters can potentially help us out, but they usually don't, so you can be sure that almost any moderation action being taken on this board was taken by us.
: It literally says Riot engineer in their name... Those are riot people, not community people
No, we aren't. We indeed are normal community members and not employed by Riot Games in any way. We're just part of Riot Games' Volunteer program, and as a part of our "job", we moderate the boards. We don't get paid for anything and we're doing all of this in our free time ^_^ The only actual Rioters on these boards are those with red names (and/or a Riot in front of their name). The Player Supporters also have a yellow name.
: Someone who my wife`s ID hacked threatened to kill her
As Shamose pointed out, you can reach out to the Riot Support so they can look into it: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new I'm not exactly sure what you mean by ID, but in any case, if you're concerned for the safety of your wife due to that death threat as well, you can always file a report to your local police so they'll look into it (Riot will be legally required to assist the police in any way possible). Even if you reach out to Riot Games via a ticket, they may not contact the police or anything themselves, you'll need to do that (in case you are concerned in that regard). And yes, there have been cases where the police investigated people due to death threats, even over games like League of Legends (though I don't know if that was ever the case with the police in your country).
Galex (EUW)
: What a condescending fun guy. Glad we have you as an "Emissary" lmao got here from google, guy is saying why did riot remove the OBVIOUS FEATURE THAT EVERYONE HAS IN THEIR CLIENTS and you're like "since you can't really be able to use your eyes because you're soooo smart maybe i'll add a screenshot". What a great GUY you are, awesome job, keep "HELPING" everyone! Just wow.
The post wasn't explained in a fool-proof way, I misunderstood the OPs intention, I'm a fool, so to say. There *was* a lot of confusion about how the new client works. A lot of people *were* asking for how to relog because they didn't see that upon closing the client, you either get the option to log out or to exit. It's not like the OP overseeing something is far fetched. In any case, it's all cleared up now, so I don't really get why you're insulting me now. I can't help the OP in any way, I can't develop features for the client, all I can do at this point is leave the OP be and see if Riot thinks this is something they should work on. Unless there's a whole lot of complaints, that most probably won't be the case. In any case, thanks for your wholehearted feedback.
JustTits (EUNE)
: It wa extremely unlucky, but my 1/17/6 on-hit Shaco was unable to carry. Next up on the "next cool meta" is crit Anivia. Let's see. :)
Best of luck! I mean, I have the *slight* feeling that you're doing this solely to ruin the game for others and not because you actually want to win and have fun, but oh well, that's your choice. You'll just have to keep in mind that the first is punishable, the second not. It's not your actions that either make your behavior okay or not, it's your *intentions*, your *thoughts* that do. Obviously, it's not easy for Riot Games to detect your intentions, but they're doing their best I guess.
JustTits (EUNE)
: I just can't wait to try and win with all of my unconvential offmeta builds on different champions. Obviously for maximum gameplay experience, I will 100% play those only in ranked. After all, there is nothing wrong with this :)
There really is nothing wrong with it. If your builds are that bad, you'll just lose a few games and your MMR will drop till at some point you'll play with and against people with whom your unconventional build will somehow work out, due to them being *that* bad. For all the other players, it's just one game they lose and then they will never have to see you again. Losing that *one game* won't keep them from climbing to their challenger rank or whatever, if they deserve to climb that is. Statistically seen, you're not "keeping players (in general) from climbing" anyways, not because they only lose one game due to you, but you're actually *helping players climb*, because there are 4 teammates on your side who may lose that match, but there are 5 enemies who'll win the match and climb due to it. In the end, more people win due to you than they lose due to you. All of that is of course assuming that you really are bad with your tactic, which no one can really say. Maybe it's the next cool new meta or whatever and it'll be really op, or at least decent.
: Riot pls! Your report review doesn't work as I aspected.
If you got banned before you were able to report your teammates, you can submit a ticket to report them: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Riot does not care for the amount of reports and there is no actual person reviewing reports either (it'd be impossible for any human to give you a 14 day ban within seconds or minutes of being reported, so there is no "report reviewer"). You also don't get punished because you played bad (in the super rare case that this does happen, you can reach out to the Riot Support though). As you said it was written in your reform card, you apparently got banned for flaming. However, as you also pointed out, you got a 14 day ban, not a 10 Games Chat Restriction nor a 25 Games Chat Restriction, like others usually get. The reason for this is that either you already had a 10 Games and 25 Games Chat Restriction in the past (meaning your punishment was escalated by a step due to those punishments being ineffective) or your behavior was so abusive that Riot deemed it harsh enough to issue a 14 day ban based on that alone. This is usually the case for behaviors such as racism, xenophobia, sexism, death threats or homophobia. I believe the chat logs that were sent to you along with the message that you got a 14 day ban should give you some insight into that. In case this still doesn't help you and you're still unsure what you did that gave you this 14 day ban, you can always share your chat logs here and the community can take a look at it and give you some pointers. Although you should keep in mind that no one here, neither me nor any other member of the community, can undo your ban. We can only give you tips and pointers, but if you want to discuss your punishment with someone who can actually undo it, you'll need to [submit a ticket to the Riot Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
: Less honor, and his reports eventually not been reviewed anymore. Also not reading chat at all will probaly sooner or later backfire when he will have some decent teammates that calls for SS...which he will never read.
The reports will always be reviewed. It's an automated system, all it takes for it to review these 9 reports every game is a second or so at most. It doesn't really impact the system at all. And as long as the others broke no rules, they're fine as well. ######Meaning it's pretty much only a waste of time for the guy having to click through the report buttons for every player every game.
: Get unbanned on Discord server
Neither the Boards nor Riot Games have any affiliation with... whatever EUW Discord server you're talking about. As such, while it is possible that a person responsible for that Discord randomly looks around the boards, I can't promise you that the boards are really the right place to get in contact with these people. What I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't get your hopes up. Since I have no idea what Discord you're talking about, there are quite a lot of euw community Discords, I can't really give you any advice where you'd have a better chance of reaching them either.
: > [{quoted}](name=CasaFiesta,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=6nhk846R,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-17T13:25:46.086+0000) > > Maybe im looking in the wrong place but it seems like they killed the "remember me" function.** I don't want to stay signed in**. Its kinda annoying that the new client/patcher is loosing functionality that was already there. Does anyone know if there is a way to switch back to the old launcher ? > Or maybe there is some setting that enables the new launcher to remember my username. > [{quoted}](name=GLurch,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=6nhk846R,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-17T13:29:57.070+0000) > > The new client doesn't just remember your username, it remembers all of your login information, so if you click on "Stay signed in", it'll automatically log you in upon starting the game. Since you seem to have trouble finding the button for it, I'll screenshot it: > https://i.imgur.com/Hf6wnOL.png Im sry but this is exactly my problem. I don't want to use the stay signed in option. With such options you only tend to forget your password after a while.I was hoping there was a way to make the launcher only remember my username. I will never forget my username. But i change passwords and machines sometimes. So i need to be able to remember my password on my own. Would be cool to just be able to keep using the old client. But i guess it is a compatibility thing right ?
Well yeah, Riot is kind-of forcing the client on everyone now, which probably also has to do with the other games Riot is releasing having the exact same design. So yeah, that is no longer an option. I just use a password I can somehow remember based on my personal life but that'll still be kind of hard to guess for others. Example: If you had a dog as a child, you could take the first two letters of "dog" to get "do". If your favorite hobby as a child was playing football, you could take the last three letters of that to get "all". If you have siblings and lets say your brothers name is "Darek", you take the first three letters of that. In the end, you get "doalldar". Lets say your mothers birthday is on the 16th of February, that's 16 02, so you just jumble them in somewhere there to get "do02alldar16". In this example, it's still rather short, but you can of course change that any way you like. I don't know if it's really save, I doubt it, but at least I can remember it. I also replace some of the letters for stuff like @ and $ sometimes, which are usually good to have in a password.
: "Remember me" missing in the new login client.
The new client doesn't just remember your username, it remembers all of your login information, so if you click on "Stay signed in", it'll automatically log you in upon starting the game. Since you seem to have trouble finding the button for it, I'll screenshot it: https://i.imgur.com/Hf6wnOL.png
DeejayF (EUW)
: Can you somehow "disable" having to hover over your champ to use point and click spells?
Yes, you can use "self cast", which is set on "alt" on default and then just press the button of whatever ability you want to cast on yourself (this works for *any* ability that you can cast on yourself, so you can quickly heal, shield, ult yourself and all that). You can also change the key binding for this to any other you want in the options, as shown in the picture below ^_^ https://i.imgur.com/xKY32Kn.png
: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
Wait do I really see a chance to get free RP without "snatching" it from anyone else and getting to show off my amazing drawing skills as well? Here you go: IGN: GLurch Server: EUW ######ID, idk if you need that but why not include it: 34728717 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/335782456282316800/634064984057446411/mf_thingy.png
: 10 years riot
At the moment, we don't know anything other than that there'll be a stream this Wednesday, starting at 3:00 (am) CET. There will also apparently be some stuff released on local League of Legends channels. It most likely won't be something plain like giving out a bit of RP and that's it, they're clearly making some kind of event out of it. In any case, just wait and be surprised I guess ^_^
McLarenF1LM (EUNE)
: Lec Pringles campaign.
I don't know how long this kinda stuff takes, but it's possible for it to take a few weeks. In any case, it's best if you try reaching out to the Riot Support, they usually have a firmer grasp on things and can talk to the people in question: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new (If you don't know which request type to select, just go with the one fitting the most, or if in doubt, "General League of Legends question") Although since it's the weekend, I doubt a lot of Player Supporters are working right now, so an answer will most likely take till next week :/
: ay It's cute that you added a "you" :3
Uhm... t-thanks uwu
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: Boards aren't made by riot is I'm not wrong are some volunteers who take care of board
Riot Games did make the Boards, we just moderate them and take care of most stuff. Riot Games just... doesn't take as much care of the Boards anymore, though I don't exactly know to which extent either, I'm not a Moderator at the moment and not involved in the development of the Boards in any way either. I do know that some of the NA Volunteers, Wuks, Cosmos, Ayu and maybe some others, are also working on improving the Boards. They're also only Volunteers though, so they aren't getting paid or anything, they just have the "Boards Developer" Volunteer title (and as such were the easiest people to look up for me, sorry if there's anyone else who helps out with developing the Boards xD ).
: I ticked "Remember me" on the new launcher and i can't disconnect
With the new launcher, if you want to get back to the login window, you first need to press the "x" at the top right (like you'd want to close your client). Instead of "Exit" you need to press the "Sign out" next to it though ^_^ https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/253853720842993666/631110525186605056/unknown.png ######I'd really love to make a gif of this for simplification purposes by the way, since a lot of people have been asking this, but I do not have the new client enabled yet so I guess that'll have to wait x)
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: why that page automatically opened for me as soon as i created a thread.
Yeah, that's... either a bug or you misclicked {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: short question about "updated rules"
What do you mean with "why"? Like... what why? Why the rules had their last update in 2016? Because the rules already cover pretty much everything and there wasn't any need to change them. In the ultra rare instance of there being a loophole in the rules, there's still the clause of >As a reminder based on this however, all posts are subject to moderation based on the decision of the mod team. A post doesn't explicitly have to break these rules to be moderated - our moderators will do what they feel they need to to keep the boards age appropriate and discussions civil and constructive. As always moderation is kept in constant check, however we have trust in our moderators that they will make a call based on their best judgement. Why the boards connected you to the Universal Rules? Either you misclicked or it's a bug. If you were thinking this is something the Moderators of the Boards did because you made a mistake or something, if one of your posts is to be moderated in any way, you'll get a notification at the top right. Basically, the "!" icon will brighten up and show you a "1" next to it instead of the "0". You also don't *need* to delete this post if you don't want to. I personally don't think the category is that unfitting, since Player Behavior is usually used to discuss rules, punishments or the community (in case that was your worry). If you're unsure where a post belongs, just choose the category that seems like it'd fit the most or... off-topic, since it can be used for pretty much everything (but may not highlight your post as much towards whichever group you were targeting it at).
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: Biscuit Delivery stops you from remaking
This has been a "supposed error" for a long time already, it is not. Biscuit delivery does **not** stop you from remaking a game, just like any other items you may get through in-game mechanics over the course of a game do not impact the remake. However, there are other factors that could stop a remake from going through, such as a player AFK moving or attempting to reconnect (without fully reconnecting and only getting into the loading screen). For further reference, here's a comment on Reddit about this issue by Riot Sparkle (even if it's already a year old, but as I said, this myth is quite old): https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7g9nvs/we_cant_remake_the_match_due_to_the_biscuit/dqilcj3/
omegali (EUW)
: that says that its only accecible for uk people(dont usually use amazon for online stuff)
It's redeemable for everyone playing on the EUW server, even in EUNE according to what is said on the amazon page in the question section below, so other than that your friend would have to pay the money in pounds and not in whatever currency he's used to, there should be no problem. This is also no real problem, but if he was planning on spending exactly 10โ‚ฌ or something, that won't really be possible this way, because 10ยฃ equal about 11โ‚ฌ. Upon purchasing this, he'll get sent a digital code. He'll have to give you that code and then you can redeem it in the store. If you should in some way run into trouble while redeeming it, you can always contact the Riot Support and they can look into it as well: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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: Where can you buy a Rioter pet like the one NightBlue had after the Nubrac case?
Slavery is any system in which principles of property law are applied to people, allowing individuals to own, buy and sell other individuals, as a de jure form of property. Slavery was legal in most societies at some time in the past, but is now outlawed in all recognized countries. Did you perhaps mean "report"? "Reporting" is an option any player of the popular game League of Legends can utilise to ask for the punishment of behavior they perceive as negative. It can be done through using the report system after a game in the post-game screen or by sending a report to the Riot Support. The reported case will then by looked into by Riot Games and they will take action as they see fit. Contrary to the belief of some people, Riot Games does not punish because they were told to, they have their reasons for punishing people (as can be seen for example here: [reddit link that I don't want to embed, just look at wookieecookies response to the post >.>](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/c0m449/comment/er61hxj) \).
: Using the Honorsystem as a point, me and my premades are passing this shit back and forth. Guess why anyone is Honor lv 5 because you can cheat the system and Riot doesn't care at all. "What do you mean by this? Is Riot supposed to hire actual people to judge games? If so, League of Legends has more than 100 million monthly players, meaning we can assume that, if everyone of these guys plays 10 games a month, there are 100 million games played every month. " It would be 1 billion if 100 million are playing 10 games a month. Thats why I take 450 dmg and in the death recap stands 451 dmg. Am I right? because its the same, well almost but still 2 out of 3 numbers are right. :^) Riot Logic
>It would be 1 billion if 100 million are playing 10 games a month. There are 10 players in every match, so if 100 million people queue up for a game, there will be 10 million games (10 players being in every game). If they all play 10 games, they'll have 100 million games. >Using the Honorsystem as a point, me and my premades are passing this shit back and forth. Guess why anyone is Honor lv 5 because you can cheat the system and Riot doesn't care at all. If you honor a premade, your honor isn't worth as much anymore, which is also why it takes at least 2 premades to honor you to get a flair. Riot knew there'd be people abusing it otherwise. On the other hand, it'd be unfair for people who only play with their premades to not make any progress at all, so they had to come to a compromise.
: Please, stop it. "i assure you we do our best to XYZ [put whatever] so our community feels safe/best/good [basically unicorns and rainbows]. In addition to that i am sure that..." - im sick of it from tv/radio etc. Im playing this game for like 7 years or more - nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has changed for all these years in terms of toxic behaviour, vulgarisms and sort of these. You need real human in flesh - and imean NEED because mostly kids are playing LOL. This is nowwere close for me, to show this game to my kids or suggest it to my friends. And if it comes to women abuse here - its way beyond imagination. Every girl playn LOL must struggle with sexism here. And please don't even start with this excuses like "you can mute" - RIOT is responsible for that. Noone else, its their job to make gaming enviorment healthy and safe. Btw - seen emissaries alot here. "You are wasting your time here" - and these are not my words. GL&HF, cheers :)
>Im playing this game for like 7 years or more - nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has changed for all these years in terms of toxic behaviour, vulgarisms and sort of these. Are you sure? Because I am quite sure a lot has changed. Just to name a few examples: The honor system got introduced. It also got reworked. Not going too in-depth there because that alone is way too much information. The Tribunal got introduced and once again, also got reworked and because of the chaos it was (mainly it taking weeks before a punishment for the report of a game was issued) it got replaced by the current system (it also has an even better accuracy than the Tribunal). The way reports work got changed, at the beginning, if you reported someone and the person you reported was deemed as "innocent", your reports were worth less and thus weren't checked as much anymore. This got completely removed, all reports are always worth the exact same. There also used to be a time when permanent bans and bans in general didn't exist, people only amassed chat restrictions for their toxic behavior. This obviously also got changed to the current system, in which people can actually get banned. People used to get away with a chat restriction for hate speech. So once again, *a lot* has changed, even if you may not remember it or may not have felt it as much. >You need real human in flesh - and imean NEED because mostly kids are playing LOL. What do you mean by this? Is Riot supposed to hire actual people to judge games? If so, League of Legends has more than 100 million monthly players, meaning we can assume that, if everyone of these guys plays 10 games a month, there are 100 million games played every month. We end up with an average of about 3 million games played every day. Let's just say all these games are rather short and last about 20 minutes. That's 60 million minutes of footage, or in other words 1 million hours or about 41 days of footage. How many people is Riot supposed to employ to go through this? Not to mention that they'll be expected to go through all of this as soon as the games are done with and the reports were sent. If we're talking specifically about toxicity, they'll only have to go through the chats, but that's still a horrendous amount of text they'll have to go through and in the end, they'll also just look for keywords. They'll only be able to take context into account in a limited sense. You can't expect strangers to always grasp every situation in a chat when they're completely unfamiliar to the people in there. Also, humans make mistakes. Since they're expected to go through lots of chats, it's quite possible someone will overlook something, or misread something and issue a false punishment. Of course, this is also the case with the current system, it also does mistakes, but a machine doesn't overlook things or misreads stuff. A machine just perfectly does whatever it's told. The main problem is to accurately tell it what it has to look for, for example in the case of intentional feeding. Is it supposed to look for people towerdiving and dying? What about those that don't do it to troll but the enemy just got away with 10 hp or something? Is it supposed to look for people stealing jungle camps? At which point is someone stealing a jungle camp? What if it accidentally happens or if the jungler actually allowed you to take the camp? What if it's just friends fooling around? I think you get the problem. >And please don't even start with this excuses like "you can mute" - RIOT is responsible for that. Noone else, its their job to make gaming enviorment healthy and safe. I wasn't going to. The mute button isn't a permanent solution, that's right. It's Riots responsibility to punish people, but retaliation doesn't work out for you either. The mute button is just in case you can't stand whatever is being written, so you don't have to read it anymore. The best situation would've been that you didn't need to read it to begin with, but Riot can't punish someone before they're even toxic to begin with, so that's unrealistic. >Btw - seen emissaries alot here. "You are wasting your time here" - and these are not my words. I know I am. This is a hobby of mine, I do this in my free-time, just like all the other Emissaries and Wrenchmen. I'm not getting any money, I'm not learning a whole lot that'll be useful for my job, it's basically just wasting time. However, so is playing games and we all waste time every now and then. It's humane and it's also needed, if you never wasted any time, you'd most definitely get a burnout.
: I understand toxicity to be looked into but racism shouldn't be tolerated. Anyhow i don't think it is instant ban since lots of people type all sorts of things to Polish people, towards Muslims, towards LGBT people, towards black people etc etc. Lots of examples i have heard on EUNE from players that are freely playing even now. I've seen people combine all these in 1 sentence with the classic 'ky5' and still not get banned.
I can assure you that these kinds of offenses aren't tolerated, or at least Riot is trying their best not to tolerate them. Hate speech like racism, sexism and death threats usually gets an instant 14 day ban for people and if it's a repeated offense, even a permanent ban. However, for one, this only works if the person in question really was reported. No one will get punished if they didn't get reported. Also, as someone else already pointed out in these comments, you don't always get notified when someone gets punished. Riot Games doesn't notify you within tickets whether or not someone got punished, they only do it through the report feedback you may get in the client. Those are also set to only rarely appear and even if they do, they will never mention the name of the punished person, so you won't really know who it was that got punished. Of course, you can check someones match history to see if they're still playing and guess by that if they got punished or not, but most punishments issued actually aren't bans, but chat restrictions. With the exception of hate speech and other heavy offenses, most toxicity first gets punished with a 10 Games Chat Restriction (or if it's just a single instance once in a long while, you may even get away scot-free), escalating to a 25 Games Chat Restriction on further offenses. A chat restriction basically gives you 3 messages to write within a set time period in the game, so you can't write as much as you want to and are more inclined to use your messages solely for tactical remarks, like calls. This also works for a large majority of the players, only a minority still stay toxic after this. As I pointed out at the beginning though, hate speech and the-like are supposed to get an immediate 14 day ban upon first instance (and a permanent ban upon repetition, it's also possible to jump to an instant permanent ban upon the first instance, though this is even rarer), so you should be able to tell whether or not someone got punished by looking at their match history. As with all systems though, they have flaws and it's obviously possible for people to escape its grasp. No one will be able to give you exact information on that though. What I can tell you is that while some may escape its grasp (maybe even only temporarily), if you take a look at these boards, you will scout people complaining about their punishments and telling their tales of how they got banned every now and then. While that's not really great and all either, it at least shows the system can work. It doesn't *only* fail (even if I do realize this sounds really like sweet talking it, I only want to... get away from that image of everything being a *total* mess that some are always trying to paint when it factually isn't true, even if I do have to say that there are some wrongs xD)
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