MusicaroN (EUW)
: Why in private ? Things like this have a huge negative impact on you, not on the player, publicly expressing apologies and offering compensation for the troubles caused is quite a decent thing to do to show community somebody cares and maybe restore some faith in you guys... but if you think this is a bad thing, suit yourself.
In general, punishments stay private. You wouldn't necessarily want everyone to know the state of your account either. If the OP wants to share whether or not he got compensated and how he got compensated, you can ask him and he can do that. In my opinion, this is a choice for the OP to make and not for Riot to make though, since this is about an individual persons ban. If this was about server issues and *everyone* got compensated for servers going down or whatever, sure, they'd need to publicly share that, but this is about someone's account, something that does not matter to any of us. The only one who this matters for is the OP, no one else has anything to do with it. Knowing whether or not he got compensated and how won't change anything for you. It'll only serve to satisfy your curiosity.
: Is the Europe West Servers down?
To answer that question, you can always look at this page to find a list of current troubles that are being resolved:
Declined (EUNE)
: Usually so do I, but not this time.
Sounds bad and I'd usually like to enquire further simply for the sake of sating my curiosity, but 1. it's getting late and I need some sleep. 2. I don't understand tech stuff anyways. 3. I most definitely won't be able to help you in any way. So, you're amazing, continue doing what you're doing, I'm sure you'll manage!
Drda (EUNE)
: Is it not gonna give me an option to change my name?
Did you ever before play on EUW with this account? If so, upon transferring back, your name will be changed to the one you used to have on EUW instead of the new name you changed to on EUNE. If either this is the case or you experienced indeed an error or something and weren't able to choose a new summoner name of your desire, no matter what, you can contact the Riot Support and they'll look into it and hopefully help you get the name you wanted (no one on the boards has the authority to help you :/ ):
Declined (EUNE)
: Testing stuff
I like tests
RalapgV (EUNE)
: Is it possible to directly talk with a Gm,or something like that?
If you believe a suspension you received to have been unjust, you can contact the Riot Support and talk to them about it: If they don't grant your appeal, there's nothing more you can do :(
Sasser (EUNE)
: I cannot. I'm too busy at the moment.
No one forced you to post now. You could've posted this another time, when you have more free time. Then, you could've taken your time to write a longer post and elaborate on it. I can assure you that like this, you aren't going to get anyone agreeing with you, since you're just getting a statement out there. You aren't going to encourage any discussion either, since you don't even elaborate on your statement and don't present any reasons. This is a forum, not a live chat. Your responses don't need to be immediate and your posts don't need to be either.
: Friends folders GONE ?
It's bugged and thus unavailable at the moment. There isn't that much more information about it :/
: i have the longest nickname in league
Upon birth, every human in existence was assigned a number to represent them when testifying in front of our lord and savior Teemo. Under normal circumstances, a human is only able to perceive this number once they are dead, so as to protect their innocent minds from the corruption such information would invoke. However, in rare cases there are humans able to perceive this number before their deaths, these humans - I shall refer to them as agents from now on - are capable of bearing a part, even if only a small part, of our lord and savior's responsibilities and thus are of the greatest importance to our cult. These agents shall be recruited and serve as high priests once the time has come for our lord and savior to descend to the mortal realms. Rejoice, for you are a chosen one. TL;DR: Since you already contacted the Support, they'll probably explain the situation and take care of it. Your account is most likely just in the middle of the transfer and thus doesn't have a name anymore. My guess on what you should do now is to either just wait or well, let the Support handle it, which also involves... waiting. So uhm... guess you'll need to wait.
FixFlix (EUW)
: > Let's say only the person with the oldest account gets to keep the name. What would happen if the "newer person" just doesn't change their username? just the same that happens later in january to all accounts not having updated when they were required to do so. perma lock-out until you change the UI i bet they would cut the ammount of players who'd need to change an ID in half with this. but why would you ever try to comfort your most loyal players?! just another slap in the face i've had that name for almost 10 years now, back from the start when league was some indie project. and now i have to change my ID because a (most likely) dormant account has the same ID in another region. thats just stupid.
Accounts won't get deleted or anything in January, the accounts will all stay, you'll just need to contact the Riot Support to change your username then and you won't be able to log in. They can't delete accounts. Imagine what would happen if they did. And as long as accounts don't get deleted, their data will stay and as such, there *will* be problems if multiple people still have the same name and one of them has access to the game.
: your account is probably gonna be locked for suspicious activity because u use vpn
Not necessarily. Riot considers a lot more factors than the IP for a possibly stolen account. I mean, tons of people use VPNs, they can't just lock all their accounts.
: Happy new year!
Happy New Year!
MayBasH (EUW)
: wrong account rp
If your other account is on the same server as the one you actually want the RP on, you can add your main account as a friend and after 24 hours, you can send yourself whatever skins or other things you want to buy as gifts. For that, you head to the store and at the top right of the store, click on the little present. All further steps should be explained by the menu that pops up. I made a picture showing where to find the gifting center in case you have trouble: You could also try contacting the Riot Support and explain the situation to them. They may be able to transfer the RP to your main account, though I can't promise anything: An answer by the Riot Support may take a few days though :/
Ranhulf (EUNE)
: My account got banned
It *may* be possible for you to get unbanned, I can't make any promises. However, no one here can help you with that, you'll need to contact the Riot Support for this: They'll likely ask you to provide some information that proves you're the original owner of the account and depending on how it goes, you may get your account back and unbanned. Or it may stay banned, no one can really promise you that. The Riot Support will likely be better at informing you about this than I am, they know more about these processes. Just as a disclaimer though, it may take some time for you to get an answer by them, I wouldn't expect one today, since it is Sunday and already quite late, and beginning of the next week could also be difficult, since it's new year's, but usually, it takes a few days at most to get an answer. Although, due to the circumstances I mentioned, it may be possible for it to take a bit longer, I can't really make promises.
: "Fik" is very close to the german word for "f-u-ck" which is "ficken" or in a conjugation "fick" as in "fick dich" => "f-u-ck you".
I know, I myself am German, but I didn't expect them to censor a word just because it's close to another word in some language. Though, to be honest, the language filter can be pretty strict when it comes to that stuff. But ok, there has to be the possibility for people to enable it in... case they want to be save, I guess. Although it's usually pretty obvious what hides behind the %% xD ######inb4 I get told to keep it in English, sorry :c Actually, while I'm at it, I may as well translate it lol
: Why is the word "fik" banned?
The language filter pretty much blocks anything that could be profane in any language out there. I'm pretty sure "fik" must mean "%%%%" in some language out there. I'd just turn it off if I was you, I don't think there are a lot of people who still have the language filter enabled anyways. To disable the language filter, go to the settings icon at the top right of the client, go to "Chat & friends" and then uncheck the "Enable Language Filter" box.
Çhip (EUW)
: > I have just started streaming Why is your facecam so big, your viewers literally can't see the League gameplay lol.
Idk, this is what the stream looked like when I opened this post Seems pretty normal to me? Maybe it's just irritating that it's kind of "in the middle" and not at the bottom where most people put it, so it kinda... stays away from the game?
: Why lose more LP than gaining from wins
That's most likely because your MMR (Matchmaking Rating) is rather low compared to your rank. MMR is a hidden number assigned to every player for every game mode. If you win a game, you gain MMR and if you lose a game, you lose MMR. Your LP is calculated based on your MMR, the MMR of everyone else in the match and your rank. Basically, if you lose matches (mostly loss streaks, so matches that are lost in a row), your enemies won't be as strong anymore for a while, but you also won't gain as much LP anymore. Consequently, you'll also lose more LP if you lose to these "easier enemies", till your rank is the same as these "easier enemies". To get stronger enemies again, you'll need to win games. If you win games (mostly in a row as well), your enemies will be stronger and the LP you will gain will also be higher. This mostly just applies for win/loss streaks because wins and losses usually balance each other out if you first win a match and then lose a match and so on. So basically, what you need to do is win more matches, preferably in a row, and you'll be gaining more LP again. You'll basically need a winrate above 50%, at least if you want to keep your current rank (or probably climb higher) and gain more LP again. It's also possible that if you're playing with a duo partner and their rank is way below yours, that that is keeping you from gaining as much LP, since the matchmaking system will have to give you weaker enemies to accommodate for your weaker teammate, so beware of that. A third possibility is that you're just looking at the LP gain over a too short amount of games. It's possible the matchmaking system didn't find adequate opponents / teammates for you in these matches and had to compensate that with LP gain and you were just unlucky. If you have continuously been gaining less LP and losing more LP, this is most definitely not the case though.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Of course, I can definitely say the same in that Riot is absolutely horrible and shitty when it comes to compensating their player-base. All games have issues, some more than others depending on their nature, and throwing more money on the developers sadly won't make them fix things faster(and having more people working on the same things will only make it messier). BUT, when these issues do happen they should and need to have an obligation to compensate the players who buy timed things such as the pass, as well as compensate those who were affected by the issues before the maintenance happened.
Which they btw also do. They compensate people. This is what they did last time there were issues: And let's be honest, if you're just farming for the pass, not being able to play ranked won't keep you from farming for it, you can also do that in normals. Then again, I feel like jumping into a tigers den simply by commenting here without complaining about Riot for not giving more free stuff on EUW while NA gets all the cool stuff and so on, so... save me xD (though I guess I'm 15 hours or so late to the party so uhm...)
: Biased emissary is biased. Its funny that the people sucking Riot off like this get nothing real in return. These are "randells", like "Randel" from the cartoon "Recess" and I bet these kind of people would be the first one to tell a teacher at school on another pupil. A lot of companies these days are protected by "shills", its so they can keep producing substandard products without criticism.
psygene (EUW)
: rito bad
: > [{quoted}](name=GLurch,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=G7BelR8Y,comment-id=000e0001,timestamp=2019-12-27T13:03:41.909+0000) > > If you're asking for my theory: > It basically has to do with... luck and maybe the time of day it was posted. > The first people to see posts are people regularly using the boards, since they tend to sort the boards by "new", while people new to the boards will sort the boards by "hot". Well, it's not like they will conciously do that, the boards are just sorted by "hot" when you first use them. For people new to the boards, this will give them a quick overview over still recent but also relevant posts - not the 1 upvote post about some dude searching for someone to play with. If the new person wants to search for teammates, they can still go to the Teams, Clubs and Tournaments subboard. > To simplify things, I'll just say that regular users of the boards often (not always) tend to be more... "pro-Riot". If a new post criticising Riot gets posted and they see it, they'll downvote it or otherwise shut it down - it'll never get shown on the "hot" tab and people new to the boards and will never see it. > In this case, due to the time of day or whatever, regular board users probably didn't really pay a lot of attention to it - or the regular users of the boards who tend to have a negative opinion of Riot saw it first. In the end, the post ended up on the "hot" tab and new users got to see it. > Now, new players could've upvoted this post for a lot of reasons, for example that they're unsatisfied with Riot, that they're just searching for somewhere to vent and so on. In any case, if this happens more often or this post gets a lot of attention, then that means Riot should probably take a look at it (even if they won't, or I doubt they will, especially since no one working on the Matchmaking System is on EUW). or maybe I'm right, you're an emissary so obviously you're biased, you can be blind and pretend there's nothing wrong with the game and that it can't be criticized but criticism makes games work, if people are unhappy about something, then probably it isn't fun? I've given reasons why this game is unfun, it's up to them to listen to the community and make changes, or don't and keep sweeping it under the rug, see where that gets them. we're not here to bash on riot, if non of us enjoyed the game then we wouldn't be playing it, we're complaining to improve it, but obviously you don't see it like that because you're bias. matchmaking isn't all of my issues, the fact that our botlanes are so bad are there's too much emphasis on the botlane right now with plates/dragon and gold, a fed botlane is way more advantageous than a fed top or midlaner so a botlane makes or breaks a game there's no reason to be playing a weak laning champ due to how everything is focused around the bottom part of the map. shunt the lane roam bot, get a kill = tower plating/gold/dragon
I never said that you're just bashing on Riot or anything, I specifically said in my last paragraph that if something like this - people criticizing Riot for any reason - happens more often, or in a very large way, that Riot should definitely take a look at it. You're right, I'm biased, just like all of us are, and I have my own opinion about things. I have my opinion when it comes to criticism, like for example that I could think the critique is undeserved, and I also have my opinion when it comes to praises, like for example that I could think whatever someone is praising Riot for is rather unnecessary and undeserved. However, I also am a Volunteer and as such, whether or not it is in my own interest, I should let the voice of the community be heard. Truth be told, that last part is kinda hard, often just impossible and a lot of times I won't get far even if I tried it - Riot obviously doesn't really care if all we can do is criticize them for doing things wrong, they'd rather know what they can do better and how they can do it better than just what they're doing wrong. This is maybe not a criteria they're telling us before they say we can criticize them or something, it's just mostly common sense. If all Riot would want to hear is insults and stuff they're doing wrong, they just need to take a quick look at any online forum about League of Legends, they'll hear all about the unbalanced matchmaking, how broken Yasuo is and that they should ban the 0/5 Teemo in some persons last match. In any case, I can say little to nothing when it comes to this topic specifically - I'm no high ranked player, I play no ranked at all actually - and I have no idea about game mechanics and all that. I play maybe one game of ARAM every few days. So even if you say that there's too much of a focus on the botlane and that this ruins the game, that won't really help me, because I can't verify if that's true or not. I'll rather leave that to the pros, the people that can verify whether or not this is true. And if it is, I'm sure Riot will listen and do their best to improve - it's obviously not in their interest to just let the game fall to ruin, and they have a lot of competent people working on their teams, even if other boards users would disagree with me on that xD
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Why does this whine-thread have so many upvotes while other threads adressing the same sort of things get absolutely crapped upon? XD I don't mind either, I'm just really curious {{sticker:sg-janna}}
If you're asking for my theory: It basically has to do with... luck and maybe the time of day it was posted. The first people to see posts are people regularly using the boards, since they tend to sort the boards by "new", while people new to the boards will sort the boards by "hot". Well, it's not like they will conciously do that, the boards are just sorted by "hot" when you first use them. For people new to the boards, this will give them a quick overview over still recent but also relevant posts - not the 1 upvote post about some dude searching for someone to play with. If the new person wants to search for teammates, they can still go to the Teams, Clubs and Tournaments subboard. To simplify things, I'll just say that regular users of the boards often (not always) tend to be more... "pro-Riot". If a new post criticising Riot gets posted and they see it, they'll downvote it or otherwise shut it down - it'll never get shown on the "hot" tab and people new to the boards and will never see it. In this case, due to the time of day or whatever, regular board users probably didn't really pay a lot of attention to it - or the regular users of the boards who tend to have a negative opinion of Riot saw it first. In the end, the post ended up on the "hot" tab and new users got to see it. Now, new players could've upvoted this post for a lot of reasons, for example that they're unsatisfied with Riot, that they're just searching for somewhere to vent and so on. In any case, if this happens more often or this post gets a lot of attention, then that means Riot should probably take a look at it (even if they won't, or I doubt they will, especially since no one working on the Matchmaking System is on EUW).
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Isn't it, if we are talking about norms? Normals already dont look at rank, why not make it at least played randoms vs randoms and prems vs prems, it definitely would improve experience.
No, even normals have an MMR (Matchmaking Rating). MMR is actually *the* main criteria for matching people. If you win games, your MMR rises and if you lose games, your MMR falls. You'll get matched with others depending on your MMR, the system will always try to get you players to play with and against who are around your MMR, so that on average, you should have a winrate of 50%. Meaning, if you want to win more than 50% of your games, you'll need to perform better than you previously did - you'll need to improve. This goes for every game mode, though the MMR of every game mode is separate, so your MMR in a normal won't affect your MMR in ranked.
Cazux (EUNE)
: Cant login to my EUW acc since i dont have a riot account
Indeed, you can log in with your old credentials... once you change your username. You can do so here: You need to do this so Riot can "upgrade" your League of Legends account to a Riot account. Basically, Riot is merging all League of Legends accounts across all regions, so you'll be able to use your EUW account to log in on EUNE and so on (though not a whole lot is known about the details regarding this yet). These new accounts that will work on all regions and all games by Riot Games are called "Riot accounts". In your case, you're required to change your username. The reason for this is that someone on another server has the same username as you. Since accounts need to stay unique, you need to change your username before Riot Games can change your account to a Riot account. Beware that this "other person" with the same username as you, just on another server, could also be your smurf. If you have two accounts, one on let's say EUNE and one on EUW, and you used the same username for both accounts, *one* of them will need to change their username (not both!). It's of course also possible that there's a third person on let's say NA with the same username, but you'll know this once you change your username on one account. If you're after that still asked to change your username on the other account, then there's a third person with the same username. Here's an article by the Riot Support for more information, it should answer most, if not all, questions: Also, since you said you don't have the E-Mail for your old account anymore, you may run into trouble at some point. If you want to change your email address, you can submit a ticket to the Riot Support, they'll need you to verify you're the owner of the account, but once you do that, they can change your email address to a new one:
psygene (EUW)
: Christmas presents.
Maybe, but most likely not, I doubt it :( I *could* list all the reasons why I think so, but somehow I want to refrain from making serious comments, criticising stuff and ruining the festive spirit some have uhm... well, I'll do it anyways. You have to keep in mind that Christmas is a religious event at its core, even if in most countries, it's more of a cultural thing by now. In any case, some may feel discriminated, excluded and so on. Riot would be asked to include more and more days to give out free stuff. We already have hextech loot and all that which gets us free stuff all over the year.
Shamose (EUW)
: Because it isn't christmas yet.
Stop ruining it q.q
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >using macros for combos is not allowed. ...Which is very easy to go around, by just adding a human-like delay between the actual actions in the macro.
You actually would *need* to insert a delay between the buttons being pressed, else, the game won't be able to recognise you pressing both buttons. It'd for example only place a ward without jumping to it. However, I can assure you Riot doesn't just go off of what your keyboard inputs or whatever to detect the programs you're using to "cheat".
Shamose (EUW)
: It's not christmas yet.
But it'll be Christmas Eve soon and at least in my country, we celebrate Christmas Eve as... "Christmas". Why did you need to ruin the OPs good intention :(
: Are macros allowed ?
Depends on what you mean by "macro". If you for example got macros on your mouse and you make one of the buttons on your mouse press 4 when you click it, that's allowed. If you use macros to execute combos, like for example making the button on your mouse press 4 and then W, that's not allowed. Using macros for single buttons is allowed, using macros for combos is not allowed. Generally, you just have to keep in mind that anything is allowed as long as it does not give you an advantage compared to others, which using macros for combos does.
FixFlix (EUW)
: Riot Account Name Change Feedback
Let's say only the person with the oldest account gets to keep the name. What would happen if the "newer person" just doesn't change their username? There'd be two people with the same username. And Riot can't just change their usernames to something random either, they'd effectively be permanently locking people out of their accounts, which would get a lot of hate as well. Arguably more than they currently get. About the ID: Well, who is keeping your from doing that? You can just change your username and make it unique again by adding a "#1337" or whatever number you feel is cool enough. They can't just "not display" the hashtag though, since they're merging accounts from all regions and there needs to be some kind of way for them to know that you want to log in to your account, not to another account. Btw, if you haven't already, you can look up a lot of the background information to these changes here:
Marissa (EUW)
: That's not a chilly snowdown themed skin or a candy rush skin.... {{sticker:sg-shisa}} Be an example and follow the rules you pleb! :P
How do you know? Also, I can't participate anyways, so why would I? I was just showing you that I can do better. :^)
Marissa (EUW)
: Prove it. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} I call it "Teemo dans le brush"
Marissa (EUW)
: [Volu] Definitely don't draw the skin you want!
Hmm nah I could do a better job on that Teemo
Hansiman (EUW)
: [volu] Definitely not a stream
Sad Hanishman isn't doing a stream this year :(
5shaked5 (EUNE)
: have you considered trying to play on EUNE, maybe you'll have a better ping there depending on where you live.
I doubt that'll do much of a difference since Frankfurt (where the EUNE servers are) isn't thaaat much closer to the Middle East than Amsterdam (where the EUW servers are). Theoretically speaking, the Turkish server would be the best option since it's the closest, but I doubt he speaks Turkish :/
: New riot accounts, we are given too little time to react
Their account won't be gone. They'll simply be asked to change it if they try to log in after January 22nd and everything will be fine. Starting early February, they'll get an error instead and will have to continue to this website to log in: Their account will still be there though, they'll just need to change their username (if they are even affected by these changes).
: I appreciate your point of view and advice but I would like to clarify a few points.. It was so stressful because I felt cheated at the end by the rewards , If I had gotten the 1350rp skin that I thought I would get , I would have slept happily . I'm used to competitive play , I have been in many tournaments before in other games , I did not start this discussion because I felt stressful toward the 2 games . And let's say for a moment that the rewards in the wiki are fake and it's my fault for trusting a 3rd party website ( which might not at all be the case ) , why didn't riot include information about the rewards you gain if you participate in the clash on their website ? I checked there first before anywhere else , when I didn't find anything, I had to rely on 3rd party websites for information . surely if had known that the reward might be a ward skin shard instead of a 1350 skin shard , I would never have gotten through the trouble . let's say I had done the above , never trusted wiki and participated in the clash without knowing what I may or may not get It would still be a problem because of course I would have thought that I would be getting a decent award for my trouble which later on I would find out that it was not the case
>why didn't riot include information about the rewards you gain if you participate in the clash on their website ? Well, they did. The Clash FAQ I linked shows the prizes, which are the trophies, victory points and capsules. You get redirected to the Clash FAQ over the Clash website - - in the bottom right corner. Well, it doesn't state what exactly is in the capsules, other than that the prizes get better depending on how far you got in the tournament and how many tickets you invested. Surely, they could announce that or something, but they didn't, and since they didn't, I wouldn't trust any 3rd party websites that claim they did, without showing where that information is taken from. Because you see, maybe they actually did announce it, but I can't find anything about it, and these 3rd party websites not stating their sources really doesn't help them prove their point.
: Did I just waste 3 hours of my life for a ward skin ? Clash orb rewards...
In general, you shouldn't rely on information on 3rd party websites, like a wiki, if they don't have any sources backing up their information. All information on Clash and the prizes can be found here: As you can see, it says nothing at all about a 1350 RP skin shard in the Support article, so it's not really Riots blunder, but the blunder of... the people who didn't remove possibly false information from the wikipedia. This has nothing to do with whether or not the prizes were adequate, but participation in Clash is voluntary. You're not required to and in the end, it's still a game. I highly advise you not to play Clash again, no matter the rewards, if it was really so stressful and such a waste of time for you. Games are supposed to be for fun (even if the fun lies in the competitivity) and if you find yourself impacted by a game in a negative way, it's better to just stop and take a break or do something else. It's possible you have a different opinion than me, since this is after all just my personal advice, but I could never force myself to do something that'll only cause me pain if I don't even get any satisfaction or achievement out of it in the end and neither do I think that's really... healthy.
BrianDJ (EUW)
: Riot Account update required
Basically, Riot is making the login details unique across all regions. This does not impact your in-game name, just the name you use to login with your account. Now, this also means that your two accounts, the one with the username briandj on NA and the one with the username briandj on EUW, conflict. If there is another person on another server with the username briandj, their username will also conflict with yours, but there is no way for you to really know that, because you can't see the usernames of other people. So, while it is possible that this Brian DJ in Brazil has the username briandj, it's also possible he doesn't. For now, you should only change the username for the one account you use the least, which would be the NA account in your case. I don't know if it'd be enough to just delete your account, because I'm unsure how quickly Riot deletes stuff from their database, so to be save, I'd just change the username of the NA account and if you really want to delete it, delete it afterwards. Here's a guide on how to delete accounts: Afterwards, you can check if the website still asks you to change your username for your EUW account. Since I don't really know how reliable that'd be - there could be a delay or something - you can also contact the Riot Support and ask them if there is anyone besides you having an account with the username "briandj" (though they won't be able to tell you on which server) and if you still need to change the username of your EUW account:
: GERMAN ONLY - Looking for Toplane/Jungler | Silber+
Wenn ihr sowieso nur nach deutschen Teammates sucht, wäre es vielleicht besser, einen Beitrag im deutschen Forum zu erstellen: Denke, da werdet ihr mehr Erfolg haben als hier ^_^
: Update on Downtime (04/12/2019)
Hey, I think there's a misunderstanding. Yatsuki is not a Rioter and she's not a technician working for Riot or something like that either. She's part of the Volunteer program, along with people like me. She's also not a Wrenchman anymore due to restructuring, but that'd be too complicated to explain so let's just say she knows her way around with tech-stuff and can sometimes help players with some issues. However, as she said, she doesn't have much more information than anyone else. We're just members of the community as well. We don't know what's going on either, we can only make educated guesses based on how Riot usually operates. Or we can tell whatever Riot is posting on Twitter or anywhere else, in case people didn't see that, since we're usually a bit more informed in that area.
1000Crazy (EUW)
: But she Work in Ireland, she must speak English
Yatsuki is a Wrenchman, she doesn't work for Riot, she's part of the Volunteer program. She doesn't work on fixing any issues or something like that, that's Riots job, which is also why she didn't really give an answer. She doesn't have much more information than anyone else here.
: I just tried the process on my business laptop where I never have been logged in with anything League related before and the outcome was the same - I got redirected to the start page after choosing the region and entering my username and password. I noticed though that for a brief moment (less than a second) on the bottom left corner there is written Account Updated before it changes back to Account Update Required. I double-checked on my computer and it briefly flashes there too. Suggesting I can have an EUW and NA account with the same name and they get merged for the Riot account or something? If I can only be on one server I'm open to rename or simply delete my NA account, that's just a level 5 or so where I played for a few days back in I believe 2015 when the EUW server was down for like 48 hours. I guess I can't have two Riot accounts with the same e-mail address anyway, can I? Both my EUW and my NA account are registered with the same e-mail. Though the system doesn't let me change anything. Should I write a support ticket now?
Well, you sadly can't merge accounts. You'll just have to choose one account on which you'll change the credentials. You can however request the deletion of an account, here are some tips and stuff on how to do that: There shouldn't be any problems in regards to your E-Mail though, since accounts are not bound to unique E-Mails, Riot endorses the creation of multiple accounts and allows you to create smurfs, even using the same E-Mail. And well, as you said, since it doesn't seem to work for you, you can submit a ticket to the Riot Support to get your credentials on the NA account changed. So, if you didn't do that yet, here's the link: As a request type, you should probably choose that you have an issue with making your name unique, since that type seems to give the best fitting choices for your problem.
: Account Update does nothing, is that correct?
This is a bug, as you might have guessed. Under normal circumstances, you're supposed to be taken to a screen where you can change your username after signing in. Try logging your account out of the boards, deleting your cache and then logging in again. It seems like this fixed the bug for some people maybe it'll help you as well. On another note, I feel like mentioning that this only concerns your username, these changes have nothing to do with your in-game name, you're only required to change the name you sign in with. However, since you have two accounts with the same username belonging to you, it's possible that you'll only need to change your username on one of the accounts. You should first change your username on the account you use the least, which is probably your NA account, and then check again if you're still required to change your username on your other account (most likely your EUW account).
: Someone using my account for the past 3 months
Since Hansiman answered the other questions (to a hopefully satisfactory amount, if not, feel free to reply to him and ask more stuff, we'll try our best to answer), I just wanted to note that you should definitely send another ticket or reply to your previous ticket to the Riot Support about someone else having used your account without your knowledge. It seems like they kinda missed that information among the questions you had about the username changes. However, I also have to warn you that this may cause you to have to go through an account recovery process to verify you are the actual owner of the account. This process may entail them asking you questions like when you created your account, what your first champion was or if you have any RP receipts still lying around. You're not required to answer all questions, a certain amount of them will be enough, and they don't all need to be answered perfectly. It's also possible you won't have to go through this process, I'm not too familiar with the way the Riot Support works, but I'd deem it to be perfectly possible. If the Riot Support stays unaware of this though, it's possible that if the person using your account has for example been using scripts, your account gets a permanent suspension. Since the activity was, as you said, already spanning 3 months, that may not be the case, but it's better to be on the save side and I'd at least want to inform you about it. Taking care of these matters before any suspension happens is way easier than doing so after a suspension - since else, people would just claim their account got stolen every time they break the rules and get their account somehow suspended.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: How many people read the board's rules?
I think these rules are more or less common sense. As long as you treat others with respect and don't annoy them on purpose, you should be fine. If you do happen to have gotten any kind of punishment you don't believe to be fair, you can also always contest it and the moderation team can look at it again, they also do mistakes sometimes.
: Well, just got back and had some good news today - car passed the MOT! Very lucky that as I don't know how I'd have reacted to the email from Riot support that I recieved when I got back if it had failed. Effectively Riot are saying that we all have to sort their mess up (and it is theirs - this situation has come about due to a complete lack of foresight or consideration on their part) and it's tough shit if we don't like it. What's this got to do with my reply? Simple; even though I was genuinely looking forward to a debate with you about this (being practically the only person agreeing with Riot whilst providing reasons other than "you're such a cry-baby"), the response has sealed my decision. I will no longer be playing LoL or TFT. I will not be playing any of their games in the future and, most relevant to this discussion, I will not be visiting these boards again. Apologies, but it'll be be an incredible waste of my time and very stressful (believe it or not, this issue has REALLY got me worked up) debating something which I will no longer have nothing to do with. Good day and farewell.
Have a good day, week, month, year, life and everything and uhm goodbye I guess (though this seems like a weird way to end a conversation).
: _Edit: This was meant to be a reply to GLurch_ I've already seen that post. A reactionary response to the fact that this was rolled out before everybody had been notified. This entirely incident has been implemented and managed atrociously. Also, wrt the login name; I also posted this in another thread: _Yes, my username is more important to me than League, TFT, any of the upcoming games they have or all the money that I've spent on League over the past 7 years._ I am one of the people who would genuinely rather sever all ties with Riot's games if it means I have to change my username to do so. That is my own mindset although I know I'm not alone in it. This isn't an idle threat as most people would assume either. I obviously have a different order of importance for things than you do. There are so many things that I want to address in your post because, personally I disagree with pretty much all of it. However, I have to go and pick my car up from it's MOT now so I'll have to respond further in depth later.
Take your time, we're not pressed on it and I believe it's good to have an exchange of opinions, even if I know it may be hard for each of us to really come to a conclusion since I think we seem to have a generally different mindset affecting our opinion on this and mindsets are usually not changed that easily x)
: Post I made in a previous thread which covers some (but by no means all) of the reasons: 1) Why do this in the first place? If every username has to be unique, just make people use their email address like practically every other company does - or allow same usernames but add an '##' ID on the end like others do. 2) Why no warning about it? Apparently emails were sent but I definitely did not get one. The first I heard about it was when I tried to log-in. I've since found a support article on it but that's useless basically as nobody ever checks support until they have a problem - we're not psychics who can see into the future and knew that this would happen. 3) Why are they taking this approach? If someone registered my username in NA 2 years ago but has never played a game I will never get to use my username again because of somebody that doesn't even use their account any more? Why is this system punishing the regular players ahead of those who don't even touch the game anymore? 4) Who seriously thought this was anything other than a disaster in the making? Because they should be fired. No, I'm not over-reacting here; whoever approved either genuinely doesn't give a toss about Riot's customers (very, very, plausible) in how this would affect them, or was too blind to see the repercussions. The fact that so many of us can't even access this game now because of such an atrocious decision is ridiculous. The lack of forethought here is astounding and I refuse to believe that any normal person would have failed to consider this cluster%%%% happening. Or was the person responsible just that obstinate that they refused to budge from their 'solution'? 5) Why is there no proper method of dealing with this from Riot other than "Fight among yourselves for the name you want."? A massive scale operation like this should have been properly organized and sensibly managed. Riot just looks even more incompetent than usual at the moment because of this. 6) Why has there been no acknowledgement from Riot regarding this fiasco? (although I'd be more surprised if they did - it took them seven sodding days to acknowledge the issues on EUW when TFT was launched - and that was a similar case in the fact that a lot of people were prevented from playing the game). 7) Why has the burden and onus been put on the players - surely such a large company should be able to arrange this themselves? 8) A general question; what the %%%% do they do with regards to quality testing / resolving potential issues ahead of time when implementing operations such as this? Because they always, ALWAYS make a complete and total pigs ear out of it - and that is putting it incredibly mildly. EDIT: 9) For those people who have the same username on multiple servers, why must they change their names due to this clash when, after their Riot account 'consolidating' their accounts, they still have to log into each region separately? What is the point of a Riot account if you have to change all of these? Why can you not just link them altogether? [I only have one account but have seen others mention this - thank you to RUiN3D who posted later in this thread and reminded me] EDIT: 10) Can we have confirmation that there are no actual bugs with this? A lot of people have been saying that they've tried to change their name to something random like hntg895rheg and been told that said username is taken, which is a tad unlikely. Also, a lot of people have reported issues with the email recovery system not working. Seeing as I'll probably never get to play this game again I thought I'd test this and decided to get my password changed. I've been waiting for this email (should arrive in "a few minutes") for over 45 minutes now (yes I've checked my spam). Still not got it. On a related note, I can still login with my password (although I can't play until I change my username) so is there an issue with their password / username recovery system also? I know there's a couple of things I'm forgetting so I may return to this post to add to it. On a general note though, the biggest issue is that what should be a simple task, Riot have turned into a stressful and irritating - not to mention mandatory if you want to play the games again - convoluted mess for all involved.
1) I personally don't believe E-Mails are a good solution, it'll lead to accounts getting completely stolen quite easily once their information is out, since a lot of people reuse passwords for different services. About the ID thing - Wouldn't it practically be the same as it is now? If you want to keep your username and just add an ID, you can add a #8365 at the end of your current username, no one is stopping you from doing it. 2), 4), 5) and 6) check this post by Riot, I think it may answer some of your concerns and even provide some answers to some of your questions: 3) As far as I'm aware, they were apparently planning on basing it on when accounts were created, so only the newer ones need to change, but I don't know what happened to it and what really is the stance now. This is just something I got told at the beginning. 7) Are you asking for Riot to change your login name to a random number without your consent? Surely, that'd create even more problems. 9) That's not the case. Riot has said you'll be able to use whichever account you want on any server from then on. They didn't say how exactly it'll work with transfers but in [this post]( they said: "you can log out in France and back in when you visit Brazil and still be able to play with all your friends back in Paris" Of course, these changes won't occur, like, right now. These changes will only be going through on the 22nd of January. It may still take some time after that for them to really finalise everything though. And though this is not really related to your concerns, I personally believe we'll be able to expect Legends of Runeterra to come back shortly after these changes are through, since these changes are directly related to their new games. 10) is most likely related to the sheer mass of people doing stuff like that. Processes most likely just take longer because there's a lot of people trying to go through them. If I didn't talk about something, that's because I'm only expressing my opinion here and sharing what I know - which is nothing more than any other player can. I don't know how their processes work, I don't know what issues they have or if they even have issues, I only know what Riot is saying. However, I personally don't really see a problem with changing the login name. It's only a login name. Just add a random number at the end of it and be done with it. Or change it to something that's somehow related to yourself, like, if you used to have a cat, the name of your best friend when you were a child was Tom, your mother's name is Angelica, your name is David and your birthday is the 15th of May, go with something like Cato15Davelica05. I wouldn't have a lot of trouble remembering that (since it's how I do most of my stuff anyways xd) and I doubt it's taken. If it is, just come up with something else, be creative. Maybe add other numbers at the end. Sure, for some people really concerned about security, this may not be secure enough - but who'd want to steal anyones account anyways, and if someone tries to, you'll probably find out soon enough. Generally, as long as your password isn't something like pizza123 and you don't share your information online, you'll be save.
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