: Champion dislike.
Never happened to me. .-.
: What's the point of playing this game if the only champions worth playing are the same champions...
: Does mouse sensitivity affect player skill? + a question
As soon as it doesn't limit your reaction time it doesn't matter. Knowledge will always be a bigger factor than mechanics regardless.
: Who's super excited abotu the new champion?!
"Burst mage" Yaaaaay "unique, never-seen-before abilities, bubbles" Nuuuuuu q.q "Toying with twilight" Not like that rly matters to me. :/
05Asmodeus0 (EUNE)
: kassa ulti on pbe is 0.93 second at max level with new runes?
Well... it is 1.1sec on live if you wanna push it, but already noone does go for such a build because anything sub 2 sec is good enough and he benefits more from other items.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Dark and Serious
If there will be a burst mage that uses butterflies in colourful bubbles... ... must resist hyping too early... It mgiht be something very Lux-like... just without the whole horrible designe and ruined voice stuff... aaah, I need to start ignoring anything not live again, else I always want it. Q-Q
: Why noone play Leona?
I play her... only midlane though. <.< Her main problem imo is that she's very linear, she can pretty much only engage, as soon as a situation where engaging will not work occurs she will have a hard time. :/
Renold (EUNE)
: Support never respected??
The only times I got 4 honours was when carrying as support. So I can't really agree. :/
: Is it appropriate to have an age system in League of Legends
I just don't really see where a differeciation between age would make sense. As far as I'm aware there are little differances (if any) between ages on both skill and behaviour. And a big part of the join froma game is to meet people of all ages on equal footing. Having 2 different age groups not get along would be similar to 2 different cultures not getting along, it's something that definitly should be overcome-able for games. ^^
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, sun is as good as a god as any other, or maybe not, it is real after all. Also they aren't really enemies with Diana
If we'd take the Sun as godlike being (which some areas of runeterra agree with) we could draw big parelles to Azir being a 'holy' champion too though. :o
Arkadium (EUW)
: I don't want to be that kind of person but soloqueue feels like throwing a 50% coin
I mean... *teachnically* you could get so good at throwing coins that you can influence the result qutie heaviely. :x
: > [{quoted}](name=DutchDiego95,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=1lymdU1T,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-10-15T20:42:43.414+0000) > > FNC, rekkless carry. If they have good advantage and he don't throw again, maybe. I really like rekkless as ad carry, but ill never forget that mistake.
When you get ahead in a tournament game and then it stalls out and your team struggles to force anything you'll understand. x3
: this is a joke, right?
Obviously OP dunz know what he's talking 'bout: https://puu.sh/xZ0qz/94dad90832.jpg
: Champs that are easy carry and fun
Well, being a fun champion is pretty subjective, so that's hard to answer. Any champ you put enoguh time into will do the carrying though. ;)
: Knockout Stage | What's your predictions?
https://puu.sh/xZ0qz/94dad90832.jpg #MSFWIN Maybe I should actually try to get nuff points for the mission after doing bad in groups... nah, poro icons be overrated anyway. x3
Rismosch (EUW)
: Your definition of trolling is bad. A more accurate definition would be: The troll amuses himself on someone elses expense. Most commonly he provoces an argument, to see you rage and argue with him. He doesn't care if he is right or not, but because you think you are right and because you get emotional about it, for him this is funny. In the context of this game, a troll still amuses himself on the cost of others. He might lose the game for you, but for him this is fun. Someone who buys 2 boots isn't trolling, unless he does it purely to make you notice so you get mad about it. But an action like this wont make people mad, that is why you don't see somthing like this often. The most common troll intentionally loses the game for his teammates, because trolls know it upsets people. Note that the troll can outrage people without damaging anything at all. Griefing is trolling and causing damage at the same time. You can troll whithout griefing, but that's quite difficult to do in this game. And since the word "troll" has a stronger presence in internet culture, it's common to call people that ruin games more often trolls than actually griefers. Also note that a griefer **IS** a troll. When it comes to feeding, it is just a tool a troll can use. And in this game it is the most effective and efficiant way to troll, that's why trolls primarely feed.
> Note that the troll can outrage people without damaging anything at all. It sadly is a fine line, but a very enjoyable one to be on. :3
khromer (EUW)
: What is your definition of "Toxic player" ?
Someone who makes me feel bad. :(
: > Still do't get what most people are on about with all the memeage about it. v.v I see two reasons offered like melons at a fruit market stall. The modern splashart probably stresses a more seraphic appearance and that means the light has to come from the background, with rays gleaming around the silhouette.
> The modern splashart probably stresses a more seraphic appearance and that means the light has to come from the background, with rays gleaming around the silhouette. So she's stealing the light from us, no cool. \*pouts*
: > I miss the old Sona splash, it looked way brighter and _**more inviting**_. :( http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110222183950/leagueoflegends/images/b/b6/Sona_OriginalSkin_Ch.jpg I see what you did there. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Still do't get what most people are on about with all the memeage about it. v.v It uses far more yellow => brighter. New Sona splash almost looks threatening to me, I dunz like to be threatened :(
Agidyne (EUW)
: Does anyone kind of miss some of the old splash arts?
I miss the old Sona splash, it looked way brighter and more inviting. :(
: The Blame against FNC?
I think the main part why FNC is getting sum hate is their 0-3 record in the first week. And the second... idk. It felt like everything just feel in place for them to get to a 2-4 tie and then get out from there. (I didn't watch the games, so not sure how convincing those were.) All in all it just didn't feel all that deserved. Then again, IMT or GAM didn't deserve it more. <.< I might just be baised though, as it always feels to me like FNC is getting a lot more hype than other EU teams, and I never feel like they deserve that.
Absolved (EUW)
: How do you feel about OTPs?
I personally wouldn't rly care. I'd just think they are a bit silly for using their champ on a role where it's very subpar rather than having an easy champ for that role or simply dodging. And I'd feel slightly annoyed if I'd have to greatly change my pick or playstyle I wanted to use around that pick, but there are meta picks who do the same. <.<
: Will we no longer be able to buy champs without RP?
IP won't exist anymore, instead we will get Blue Essence for playing games and use BE to buy anything we currently buy with IP.
: You may as well delete Janna from the entire game with this new patch
All that I see is that she got nerfs to her shield (which might take her away from being god-tier in soloQ but likely not as it doesn't matter past lvl 9), and then got some nice buffs. I haven't calculated the total, but I don't think her health nor her MS were hit hard as both of those were buffed in 7.19. (Her MS being applying her passive to herself.) So she only ended up with longer AA range, some extra damage on them, and the shield nerf. And I personally wouldn't have been able to comaplin if she only got that shield nerf and no compensation. <.<
: What is azir sopost to do now?
Midrange DPS mage. And he does a too good job at it. <.< His early is alright but he now lacks range to bully many matchups, so he mostly plays around waveclear and when possible zoning. Mid is where he seems to shine, his ult and high DPS are jsut amazing for skirmishes. Later on he mostly relies on his ult to make plays or have his team keep him safe like an ADC to hit frontline, he lacks the range to really be a hypercarry here.
: Permabans make me feel good.
Whatever you enjoy I guess... I dunz like them. :/
: How's League doin?
Sometime S2, no fav champion, pretty much any midlaner, It's better now than it was in past seasons, and looking away from the current FotM (Arden/Tanks) it's just awesome.
Voidner (EUNE)
: edited ty
I was just joking. :c While honour is technically correct it's british, honor is american and (way) more often used. If you wanna call it the systems name only honor would be correct as Riot (as american company) call it such in every official article I have seen. I just use honour cus I think british is cute and am sort of a troll. :x It's the same story as colour/color.
Eat Me (EUNE)
: Promotional games for new season. A question.
It can still vary lots. Many of my friends and I ended Dia4 last season, and we were spread from low gold to Plat 1. From what I heard, usually plat 1 is the highest anyone can get put into, so even masters will land there. (Likely with MMR above it though.)
BelArk (EUW)
: That is a really interesting thing. Creating a social standard from an international community aside the local rules. Ofc the local standards will influence it but the intersect of all could give an impression what people really dislike about offensive behaviour. But I did not expect the machine learning part in the tribunal. Pointing out that an AI might judge about good/bad behaviour in the future amuses me. :D Do you know something where riot might have listed what the tribunal punishes and what is tolerated?
The more I think about AI the more I like it. ^^ Or just self learning programs which I guess are pretty close to AI already. I sadly don't know of any such list, I feel like it would be more something someone would need to look up from different Q&As etc. Your best 'collection' is likely the link humpelstilzche posted.
: 10.300 extra upvotes for Eambo, resulting in 0,76 upvotes per post. 4.800 extra upvotes for Torpedosheep, resulting in 1,03 upvotes per post. 20.000 extra upvotes for me, resulting in 1,46 upvotes per post. 8.300 extra upvotes for Shiwah, resulting in 0,61 upvotes per post.
I'm more about spamming than quality confirmed. x3 It's some mod magic that shows you the total posts to calculate this I assume? Or I guess it could work when someone loads a full profile, but that might take a bit with those 10k posts ones. <.<
: That still nets you at 7200 extra upvotes, which means you get 0,80 upvotes from other people for every post on average. Gpet even has 9500 extra upvotes, which results in 0,65 upvotes per post. That might not sound like a lot, but it really is.
And all those numbers left me with is curiousity for yours, Eambo's, and torpedo's. x3 But good old raw science numbers always are hard to imagen in a useful context. <.<
Xailos (EUW)
: I know, right??? Some of them look better than the rest, colour wise.
I think it's mostly subjective preferance, but it isn't a good feeling when 'I don't get my fav colour because I reached a too high level.' <.<
Eat Me (EUNE)
: Optimal mid lane champion to play in higher ranks?
Well... you can alway pull through with a champion if you just put time into it. But Lux is a champ that I personally just consider weak in comparison to many other mages. Generally you can stick to meta and should always be good to go. Ryze or Cass are good for DPS against tanks (I personally consider their ults/skillset to be pretty hard to be used optimally though). Then we got Syndra, Ori, Corki, Taliyah, Lucian who are meta and work well. I personally consider Aurelion and Azir to be very well viable, although on the hard side again. And I mean... you can always play Ahri in soloQ. She may not excel at anything, but she is so versitile that you rarely can go wrong with her. (Oh, and in soloQ assassins work too, Talon, Zed, Kata 'n stuff.)
I'm not aware from any cases where permanenetly banned people got a second chance. There was once an experiment about this, and players who got banned and claimed to reform had a chance to redeem themselfs... and something like 95% failed at a rather simple task. (Leveling to 30 without punishment.) Ever since that Riot doesn't grant second chances. (People still are free to create a new accounts and play league that way.) However, in your case there might be a different problem: that account sharing is generally not allowed and can lead to permabans too. Riot got a strict policity of not allowing multiple players to play on the same account.
ìnk (EUNE)
: Trying champions and builds in normal games
I had a time where I'd spam Rakan midlane, and people reacted negatively towards it like... 2 out of 40 times? But don't worry, fasle punishments rarely happen, and in the few cases they do can usually be resolved rather easiely. ^^
Allleex123 (EUNE)
: When Patch 7.20 will be released?
It should be this wednesday. (It obviously could get delayed by technical problems, but that's usually not the case.) I don't think they'll delay patches like they did with the one we had before worlds (which took 3 weeks instead of the usual 2), and the last one only took the normal 2 weeks too. We'll see when we get patchnotes around tomorrow evening. ^^
Tyche 22 (EUW)
: Good picks support atm
I personally feel like {{champion:497}} is just overpowered due to his skillset. Else everyone is still in the Ardent-Support hype ({{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:117}} and pretty much anyone else who can use it), but in a soloQ setting I feel like playmaking supports always will do fine. For the none ardent supports the srongest likely are {{champion:12}} and {{champion:412}}. {{champion:53}} coming right after them (and always having that lategame hook of doom in soloQ). Tahm I'd only recommend when the enemy already picked an engaging support or teamcomb, but else he's not all that good currently. ------------ But with all that said... preseason starts in ~1month, and the it is very likely that all we know about meta will just be shaken up. x3
Xailos (EUW)
: I'm guessing it's just the main thumbnail from the site. I do agree, those wards are cute, especially the purple one.
I kinda wish to get acess to the ones below my honour level... I'd prever the blue one. :(
: Autofill rework?
Saying something has to change is easy, but what should Riot change? :s They already tried with not having autofill at all or having it only active at certain low queue populations. Both seemed to not be working well enough so they had to move on to active autofill like we know it now. The easiest option would be to go away from the role selection system again, but I think it is commonly agreed on it being better than what we had before. (At least everyone but me seems to think so. <.<)
: Why do my teammates suck so often? its so much less fun
But is it you teammates sucking or the enemy being rly good? :o
BelArk (EUW)
: Flame or not flame, that is the question
Generally the beuty of the whole thing is that Riot built their system so that it works of purely subjective reports. Through this you don't need to worry about anything overarching and can simply report what you feel is reportworthy and the system will do all the more complicated evaluationg stuff. ^^ > How far should people allowed to go to express their rage? At what points does it stop being constructive and when starts flaming? As I understand it: This is the main thing the system tries to figure out. It does so by simply comparing all the reports that come in and for what behaviour they were issued. So lets say a majority of people report others for wishing cancer. The system will learn that this is something the community does not want and will punsih for it. But if only a minority reports others for saying 'I %%%%ed up', the system will figure that as most people didn't report for this and thus it is behaviour that is alright. Of course those are clear examples, but the nice thing about science is that when the algorythm is done well it will eventually sort out more on the endge cases, and as the (main) input are community reports it will be able to mirror the communities opinion rather well. ^^ ######(If I just completly missed how the system works someone may call me out, but this is what I imagen it to be like from what I know.)
Mada (EUW)
: So it seems... Wait, does that mean you also don't want to get annoyed by random strangers from the internets?!
I think that part is a bit too general for this to apply in the way I thought about it. xD But see, you 2 even got the same Icon! And surely not because of some quests or anything like that. :x
Mada (EUW)
: Another upvote from me for the chosen one! It's weird how often you post something that I agree with, man!
Well, some people just tend to have very similar or even the same approach towards a given topic, as such their answers or opinions would often overlap. ^^
: 16.8k lifetime upvotes? Dont undersell yourself man.
I think Hansi simply wanted to point out that it's not all upvotes, but goes to both sides. Lifetime upvotes sadly are somewhat flawed, as they don't consider downvotes and count the automatic self upvote one gives themself every post or comment. That said, I don't think Volunteers got much a struggle of knowing how awesome they are. <3 Or maybe they do. :o Maybe we gotta throw a party for them at some point! \o/
Hansiman (EUNE)
: You get an upvote each time you make a post. Maybe I just post a lot? ;)
Voidner (EUNE)
: It's HONOUR, not honer or honner {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
din1812 (EUW)
: so the honer reward is wards skins cool but.....
Chilli Jam (EUNE)
: Why does Riot allow a few Chosen ones that have over xk's up votes, to be know it all's?
Because choosen one stories are then best stories that can be! (And they surely aren't just a lame excuse as to why we have this main protagonist and not someone simply better suited for the job.)
: I guess you are right.. but maybe bad luck indicates the elohell if you have to much of it :o
Or you just suck at making your own luck. :x
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