: Help a brother out
> 1 - Farming, possibly one of my worst aspects and i'm trying to tackle this Practice. Divert more focus to it or practice in customs till lasthitting is second nature. Farming is the most easiely practiced 'skill' (while also requiring targeted practice) there is. ;) > 3 - I'm unable to fight agaisn't characters that output large amounts of burst too quickly like Zed. Those are generally champions you aren't supposed to fight. Most of the time the answer to them is to just avoid them. And when you end up having to deal with them just be very concious of what tools you have to beat em. (CC mostly) Not sure what I should say for 2-, as I consider the whole concept of carrying to be flawed. If you play snowball champions just try to never slow down, while not overcommiting and dying. If you have a champ that can carry lategame fights just chill, take what you get with low risk, and do your thang lategame.
Kire27 (EUW)
: how to get good teams?
You convince yourself that your teammates are good. That seems like the easiest way at least. Else you can gather 4 premades you consider good.
: Trash talk vs Toxity (Esport vs Solo que)
> "everyone sucks cause I think they suck" I haven't ever seen any bans for 'flame' this tame. <.< You can 'trahs talk' a lot more in soloQ than you seem to think. I just wouldn't know what you'll achieve with it. In the end in a tournament enviroment most players know each other, so trash talk actually matters, opposing to soloQ where barely anyone knows each other.
: Why are stomps so frequent?
Because oh so often people don't adjust to playing from behind, so the winning team just keeps winning more. :(
: This forum is a mirror
Or how flaming happens more frequently, Or how trolls don't feel the need to complain about their punishments.
: well you must commit to this game if you wanna get good, so i don't really care. Just sign this virtual papers where your full computer belongs to us while you play. Including the kid/girl who is behind the screen or in front of the screen. If they are both in front or behind ... kill 1 and do not try to call the police, because you will be PUNISHED SO HARD, you gonna feel the pain until you age at 60 years old.
I won't sign any contract that could harm my dear computy, go away you potential computy harmer! :c T.T
: you would make a very good 'Get married fast priest' I DO I DOOOOO YES I DOOOOOOOOO
I'm afraid I have to disappoint, I'm not into religion thingies or marryage... marrieage... marriage. I do think love is best in early states, but that's likely for reasons other than how love works. x3
: wait, do i commit to this game ... did i just get married with League of Legends ? I think the feeder in mid is very happy about that. So, the age of players ... and the veterans .... who plays this game for like 100 years till now .... they have no skills at all. That makes perfect sense.
I told you that time spent is no valid metric for skill. Don't use it the other way now. You also commit time for these discussions. If that is something you don't want you shouldn't do that. :c
: so, if i am level 120 then i perform very good in the game ? because i'v seen some 100 level players in bronze, i think they are very sad.
Commitment holds a certain weight, but time spent is no valid metric to determine skill.
: well what if your house is burning and you are in a 30 minute long game, just started. Do i let my house burn down ?
What if your grandma has a heart attack but you almost got that sick guitar-riff down... Please try to not intentionally misunderstand others. Communication works in a way where things that seem common knowledge don't need to be mentioned. Or you are new to game communities and seem to think very specific of us. In that case I can ensure you that most here treat is as any other hobby.
: League skills, what are they ?
Anything hardware or usability related just needs to be 'good enough' Apart from a few standouts, anyone who can operate a PC has the necessary usability skills. Skills to perform at a certain level are a whole other topic.
: i asked a question why players do rank matches and they told me " to improve myself " ... what the heck. Is this game all about improvement, is it broken ?
It's a competitive game. One tries to improve to do their best to compete in the ladder. Noone thinks of real life when they decide whether they play ranked or normals. <.<
: Why do players think playing this game makes your better in real life
Do they? :o I view league like most other hobbies. Pretty much any of them can teach you qualities you can use in real life, but the justification of doing them never is 'it betters my rl'. I guess for league those qualities could include: teamability, knowing how to improve, strategic abilities, generally some social aspects (if one were to try understanding them) and I suppose reactions. But I feel like you mistunderstand wanting to get better in the game with wanting to improve their rl. :/
: you are improving the game experience ... i see, well then. Good luck with that. What happens if 'matchmaking' gives you a feeder ?
Not the game experience, just my own play. <.< Thus it doesn't matter what my teammates do most of the time, as I'm just looking at my own play. (Even though I do enjoy being able to improve in different situations, like getting snowballed by my jungler or sponging pressure 1v2, etc. But all of those situations happen eventually and I'llg et to practice them. ^^) When I want particullary good teamcoordination I play pre5s. But I haven't felt the need for those for a year now. (Then again, I haven't been playing all that much ranked either.)
: " improve myself " .... well what actually are you improving, besides getting into stressful depressions. after a lose ?
I'm not a fan of mechanics, so mostly just positioning, macro play, wavecontrol, champion mastery. There's little point to get stressed over self improvment, but it can be frustrating when struggling to make progress. But with just the slightest bit of self disciplin one can analyze and fix that. > after a lose ? The result doesn't change any of my play or plan, if I did mistakes I'm unable to fix I won't be satisfied with wins either.
: Why do you play ranked ?
Competitiveness, higher game quality when I want to improve myself, apperantly you need less justification for arguments when you're higher rank. (While it sounds and is stupid, I'm not one to turn down a free advantage in an argument. \*shrug*) But mostly just the higher game quality. Macro is just a whole different thing in ranked compared to normals. v.v
Guilty87 (EUNE)
: What do you mean by: "current lore structure doesn't seem suited for character classes at all" ??
Ya know, in MMORPGs you always have classes like 'Mage, Paladin, Warrior'. For a MOBA it's rather important to make every character feel very distinct, so while Darius and Garen both might be considered Warrior (or Juggernaut), they still feel way different. <.< Of course you usually have different skilltrees for each class, which could create those differences, but I feel like you couldn't suit our champion roster into such a concept. (Be it gameplay or lore wise. Lorewise the example of Garen and Darius might be a lot more similar.) When looking at WoW (which I haven't played much, so please forgive me if I use bad examples) you can clearly see Jaina being a mage, or Uther being a Paladin. When you play a mage or Paladin you feel like you have (to some extend) the same abilities. Obviously such a strict class system isn't necessary and can be made more loose, but it is something that comes to mind when thinking of MMORPGs. ^^
Meowgin (EUW)
: Is there a bug with Boards?
Boards tend to be a bit sloppy with updating. For your level it should update once you post anythign (like it did now), but apperantly after swapping a summoner icon it might even take days to correctly adjust. :c
: Can someone explain me how the Ranked system works?
There is no way to accurately know your MMR, the value and formula Riot uses is not known to anyone outside it. op.gg and other sites use their own estimations, which can be used to get a rough idea, but generally shouldn't be trusted for details.
: why are Ad assasins getting buff and AP assasins not its unfair
Dunno, AP assassins seem to have a way easier time of avoiding enemy skills. :/ And aren't some people talking about Lethaltiy or Duskblade nerfs? In that case AD assassins are getting nerfed an AP not, so I guess you can call it even then. \*shrug*
Shukr4n (EUW)
: what about TOS and CoC?
The Instant feedback system is just a system that carries out punishments. It does so for chat behaviour and rather fast (hence instant). While both chat behaviour and names have rules specified, there is no such system for inappropriate names, as such reports of that category likely take a longer review progress and might take a bit to have action taken upon. That's my guess at least. ^^
: Not sure what those abbrevations are... And what about them?
Terms of Service and Code of Conduct, I'd guess. :thinking:
Guilty87 (EUNE)
: League of Legends as an MMO?
While I don't disagree with using a game to present us the league lore, I always come to wonder why it is wrong to have it in writing, comic or cinematic (and a bit of gameplay feel, vocielines, ingame animations) like we do currently. I'm not educated in game types etc, but I feel like for lore-purposes an MMORPG would be a rather poor choice, while a lot of Lore could be included, any decent MMORPG lets you ignore it. (There can be an argument made for whether LoL lore is about the universe or characters. And I personally feel like ti's still more centered on specific characters, this one being even harder to interestingly tell in an MMORPG.) Not to mention that the current lore structure doesn't seem suited for character classes at all. x3
: Discussion point: Immediate punishments for reportable behaviour
Isn't that what the instant feedback system does? 10 or 25 games chat restriction being a punishment that is handed out as soon as someone is considered to be punished, while also being a tiny punishment as warning and potential annoyance, showing the system's disagreement without being any serious limitation. The problem I'd imagen is still just 'what is punishable'. As a one time DC or minor flame isn't really regarded as something to be punished. (At least that's what I feel like most people would think.)
: I know the outcome of every game since minute 1
If you know this much abotu people just by meeting them online for 1 minute you should stop using it for games, with that skill you could makes tons of money with barely any effort. <.< Even if you're not interested in money, the no effort for making a living sounds good enough alread. \*shrug* (Not to mention that you sorta ruin your own fun and the porpuse of games, but that's another discussion to be had.)
: can't do that when I want to play more but are too tilted.
dunno to calm down I'd either close my client or more likely just completely ignore it (which has a similar effect). <.<
: Anyway for me to block being invited?
Close the client or be in queue \*shrug*
Cardinal (EUNE)
: One Trick Pony
There is no reason to not one trick a champ in SoloQ, given you are into them enough to stick with them. ;)
: So Corki is a hypercarry now?
Pretty sure any Crit building champion always has been strong late. <.< While I don't think he is noticable amogst other Crit ADCs (except having a good midgame spike with Tri), he surely can keep up with other lategame DPS Mages (Cass/Azir). I'm not sure if MR itemzation has something to do with it, but I don't see anything wrong with his damage being like any other ADC. (And all crit ADCs I can think of will kill a nodefenses Lux with 2-3 AAs. x3) Apart from his Tri Force spike I never saw him be considered to be strong early though... at least not since his rework.
Shmoeggle (EUW)
: Time and Time Again.
Is it? :o I feel like the animation is rly big already. <.< Then again, apperantly I never seem to think of visuals tha same as most. :/
: So you consider Lux, a champion with 4 skillshots easy? Also Ziggs easy?{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Skillshots don't make a champion mechanically hard. Lux, Ziggs, Xerath are perfect examples for that. <.<
: i wanna ask something bout a hack in league of legends that i encountered not long ago >.<
There was a bug where DCing and reconnecting would show you all players' items. I recall it being in the game for quite some time, but can't tell when or if it got fixed. (Nor do I know the exact details, but it's something you'd stumble across occasionally even without intenting to.) I don't feel like that has all that much of a game impact though, so I imagen that's why it was a bug with low priority.
: Seeing SKT miss Spring Playoffs would feel like second Christmas :3
> They don't deserve to be in the Playoffs If they don't deserve it they won't make it, were they to make it they in turn would deserve it. :^) But I'm not particullary interested in LCK rankings, so for me either way doesn't matter. x3
Just Wolf (EUW)
: GG 117% more "gg" honors then average player
Dunno, if they are total numbers the 'average player' could have pretty low scores, as there are a lot of people who just don't play that much. It might also be that it only takes a rather short interval into consideration. I haven't look into it yet, but many of those messeges always have pretty low total numbers, making me think that they might just consider the time period for when the last key frag dropped. In that case percentages could be very skewed. \*shrug* Percentages are just really hard to use without knowing preciesly what compares to what. I'd assume Riot might even have picked a statistically rather pointless percentage just to have players feel good for them usually being high. x3
: When do i stop bying champs
To play in terms of ranked? 1-2, and then enough in cases where you don't get those. (other roles, banned/picked) To own? However many you want.
PhenømX (EUNE)
: Is League Of Legends a difficult game ?
Well, first off skill is not limited to mechanics. Most of the skill in LoL is not even limited to what champion one plays. I don't keep up with the resolve runes as I barely use them, but from all I noticed at some point was changed in a way that was a big buff for Riven using it, and even if it got nerfed since them it would still suit her better than the old itteration. Spellbook I'd still imagen to be more than fine on Riven, while I can't really see Aery working on her at all. <.< I'm not familiar enough with Riven to know about her builds, but I very often see people ignore Lethality on her and prioritize something with Black Cleaver in it. So maybe Lethality item nerfs aren't even that big of a deal for her. ------------ Not to mention that likely none of those changes really was aimed at Riven. Spellbook mostly was a problem in midlane, Aftershock to n general be a viable option for squishier users. Duskblade I'm not sure about, but people like to complain about it lots as it's not particullary easy (or fun) to play around. :/ Were they directly aiming at a specific champion they would nerf the champ itself. And if other changes really effect a champion a lot they'll adjust that soon after.
: I had a situation with someone who mute pings, help!
I can only share how I never get into that problem: I'm way too busy with my own performance to even think about communication. <.< But I seem to be a complete exception in that case, for the better it feels like. :3
: What support to pick so i can carry games.(i suck at hooks)
It doesn't matter whom you play as long as you know how to play them. What type of support is better most of the time just depends on the ADC anyway. There are ones who prefer to follow up on engages and others who'd rather have an enhancer in their back. From a none botlane perspective I generally prefer a tanky supp more though, as soloQ tends to not be all too full of frontliners, while a team that has some is just way easier to execute with. (Let alone that I consider engage to be the single strongest tool in soloQ.)
Nijelous (EUW)
: What are Your Pocket Picks?
I guess people would call Quinn one of those. But I wouldn't change my champ pool after going on a losing streak or want to climb, why would I consider picking subpar champions in the first place? And if I my other picks aren't subpar, why would I swap to ones I consider worse under those conditions. :c
Foxynerdy (EUW)
: I swear adc always takes ALL the glory
Has been a while since I've played support, but I feel like I get honoured way more frequently as support than as any other position. :/ (Even the only games where I ever had a 4 honour case were support games.)
Smerk (EUW)
: One key must result in one action, making any sorts of combos this way is forbidden. Maximum you can do is add some emotes to your skills, like some Yasuo onetricks do, sticking mastery emotes to their ults
> to their ults You spelled 'E' wrong. .-.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: I'm annoyed with seeing people argue with winrates, they don't mean anything lol It's all reliant on the player base behind certain champions, Anivia has huge success because those who play her well have mastered her, is she broken? Nope but if you put her in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing you're gonna get great results lol
But winrates are by all means supposed to be the ultimate performance stat. Including, but not being determined, by all those things like mains and players new to a champ. :c They obviously cannot be used when arguing about single cases (like if a certain player should use champ X or not), but it pains me that they don't really work for the general case... Well, what pains me most is that I can't explain the reason why they don't work for general cases, even if they should. :/ I guess is something along the line of most cases asking for the 'general' strenght of a champion actually are (or more likely are percieved as) looking at their potential top performance. v.v
Rismosch (EUW)
: He got a powershift this patch. Maybe this helped him a little?
From all I noticed new Archangles is above the curve and he definitly was a big winner in that. \*shrug*
Pyrosen (EUW)
: You aren't wrong if you think reading a guide will help you improve - you are wrong if you think because you read a guide you think you've mastered Ryze. There's obviously a flux of people playing Ryze due to the popularity ban in LCS and in general hype around him, the people picking him up are going to effect the win rate negatively but it isn't a relevant statistic. It's 6% less than average. Sejuani is one of the strongest champions in league and she sits around 49% winrate. So by your logic, she's average. You also have to take in consideration that not all champions win rates are determined by the sole player playing them, it's a 5 v 5, not 1 v 1 lol
> Sejuani is one of the strongest champions in league and she sits around 49% winrate. Is she though if she has a below average winrate? :^) Winrate is such an annoying stat to argue around when we compare champions in proplay. Even high and low level play often have glaring differances, let alone players with <50 game compared to mains on any given champion. v.v
Clatuk (EUW)
: Ryze, really works????
I mean... his winrate is higher than it usually is, so it actually is a good time to play him I guess. :o
: Could someone that is not high on crack or heroin or any prefered drug...
Have people figured out what they wanna do with him yet? Last time I checked there was nothing like 1 or 2 main builds for him, let alone that many seem to play him mid while otehrs say he's only viable top. I feel like the most recent buffs were a bit much, but I dunno if his current winrate is his strenght or people not knowing how to play against him. :/ I'm just scared of him once people really figure out his W. :c
Avalegg2 (EUW)
: LCS Champions
There are some different reasons that come together to create the LCS pool. - Meta. Any given gamestate will have certain things that are just considered very strong. (Last patch it was the Baron+Banner combo, so many teams attempt to include it in their teamcomp.) - Team-compositions. Some champs work better together, and some champions simply tend to not find much synergy. (Try building a 5v5 teamcomb with Shaco. <.<) - A subpoint to compositions would be that things like map impact (Taliyah, Tahm, Shen) tend to be more valued in proplay than they are in soloQ, while other things like assassins have their place in soloQ while they are not sought after in proplay. - Some champions are just better than others while doing similar things. Nocturne Rengar are a good example pair, they do a very similar thing, one is just usually better at any given time. - Some champions rely on enemy mistakes (or can be counterplayed easiely). Lux and Annie come to mind, which both are never seen in LCS due to their rather linear and counterable playstyle. - Feast or famine champs (win a lot or lose a lot) champions usually are avoided in proplay. (occasionally one of those is picked) Those are not inherently bad in proplay, but they are very unconsistent, force you into a certain playstyle (less or no flexibility ingame) and can feel very frustrating. There also is a very small number of champions that very much seem LCS viable, but are very hard to execute. So teams are not sure if it's worth to put the training time into them. Aurelion Sol is a good example of that. (Many of the feast or famine champions overlap with this too.) Edit: pretty sure there's more reasons, but it's hard to think of generalized rules for it. Oh, and lately there was a small trend of limited counterplay. Malz and Skarner, while rather linear, are not too easy to counterplay, so if they are strong enough to keep up in some stats they are worth considering.
: Just a Katarina question (silver2)
Buy a DShield, lasthit with Q and potentially with E+passive when able to get the reset and still be safe. That's how I'd do it at least. And every Kata player I see does that... and also finds good trades what feels like whenever they can get passive procs on the enemy. But I'd assume that's something you'll learn to judge better the more you play her. But in general All-ining with assassins is just based on matchups and if your enemy wastes a CC spell (or you keep the ability to dodge it). I used to think it depends on item spikes, but lately those don't seem to be the reasons for allins working. It's really just about whether you can outplay to win trades I suppose. So in the end: farm unless you know you can outplay.
: Zac immune to cc?
During his ult he is immune to CC. For being able to ult after the E... it might be a case of buffering it. Some combos can be buffered in a way where they can be executed through CC, but I'm not sure if that works for Zac. (e.g. I know that Nida can still execute a spell after her W jump, even if she gets CCed midair.)
TTekkers (EUW)
: I actually reckon the best marker of skill is when you can consistently win without carrying via kills since that would then correlate to controlling objectives and winning the map as a whole.
Consistently winning would be enough for me, how you end up winning is rather irrelevant. That's why there are lots o different types of 'skill'. ;) More often than not they just relate to the type of champion played though and thus playstyle I suppose. \*shrug*
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