: Is yasuo support a off-meta pick ?
'Off meta' is what we usually refer to picks that are just not used in that role. So that would be any champion that's not known or used as support in that role. Anyone may play whatever champion they please in whatever position. This by itself is not punishable. But if it's done in a way that consistently upsets teammates there have been cases where punishments were given out. I'm not informed enough about those cases' details to really tell much about them. AFKing (or DCing) gets tracked automatically, and as such will face punishments even without reports.
BongCrazy (EUNE)
: on a super bad run
Wiggle all the bad things away! https://media.giphy.com/media/YLHVEUlOsNsuk/giphy.gif And then go out to find more good ones to fill that space. \o/
Rismosch (EUW)
: I feel like this is supposed to be a joke and I don't get it :(
In order for a hypocrite to be true to their name they gotta advise against hypocracy. Don't cha think?
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am a hypocrite
Would you then say people shouldn't be hypocrites? :^)
walle01235 (EUNE)
: Low elo is impossible to be carrieed
Have you tried a tank? I found that playing anything remotely tanky for jungle or top makes winning a lot easier. It's an esential part of a teamcomb that's usually missing in soloQ. Else the same proceedure as everywhere: improve your own play and stop caring about what allies do. You just need to win more games than you lose, knowing that enemies are the same players as allies you'll be able to frequently make a differance.
swtos2015 (EUNE)
: How do you find 2018's One For All Gamemode?
It kinda takes the SR out of SR... wrong map for it. :/ (Or unnecessary acceleration for SR.) Also, where are my rotating mode custom games!? T.T
Rioter Comments
: QoL buff for Xerath
Rip old Ahri E. :( But it sorta would make Xerath pretty much impossible to get onto. >.>
: Less flaming IF
Then again, who is to say whether someone trolls or nah. :/ And what does flaming change if they indeed are determined to troll. For the most part that's just the reaction they'd want.
: > [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=wHbeYiGf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-04T10:33:48.096+0000) > > If the date isn't specified it's because it should go live today. If not today, at worst tomorrow. a specific date by a Rioter would be great. i shouldn't have to open store everytime to check
Weeeeeell... I mean it's not like skins do that for years now. :x Colour me curious if they never were on PBE though. :o
Ryöväri (EUNE)
: To people who say Kayn competes with Rhaast
And then one could consider the teamcomp. ...nvm, Rhaast fits in almost any while Kayn dunz. :/
: Your mindset is probably the only right one if you want to play the game seriously. Forget about normals and draft (the worse s@@tholes one can possibly imagine) and stick to ranked. And don't be afraid to play champs you think you are not accustomed with already. If you are a generally good player already, you will perform way better of the usual metasheeps who still have to learn how to farm properly.
There is nothing wrong with normals... \*pouts and hugs lucy plush*
Modifi (EUW)
: Is Hardstuck a thing?
It's a thing, but one that's hard to read out of stats and commonly missused.
: People that don't ban in champ select. How can I be as cool and useful as you?
If you ever desire to be like someone else, the first step is to immitate their behaviour. I don't see why you'd consider it cool and useful though, whatever one bans seems to be a non-factor to me. :/
BaconTits (EUNE)
: I've heard from Dia+ streamers that balance team doesn't even play the game
How does it coming from Dia+ streamers make the statment any more valid (or automatically valid in the first place)? <.< Let alone that balance 'up there' is completely different from other elos.
: Issue with farming
Be more concious about it. Just keep in mind to actually focus on lasthitting for a while, at some point it will become second nature.
: Constantly ganked second overview
I personally feel like it's totaly possible to lane decently without requiring the own jungler, no matter of the enemy's actions. Then again, I'm midlaner, so my job is to support my jungler, the easiest way to do this is just not require them. \*shrug*
: I hate my life
I highly recommend to avoid things that feel depressing to you, they usually are not fun. :/
: so who is yordles? chupakabras? XDD
Yordles are a race of Runetera, they are small people that often feature some sort of pelt or animal like features. (Even though there are some with seemingly normal skin.) A few examples: {{champion:42}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:45}} Their hometown of Bandle City actually was used in a cinematic (or more accuratly music video), so there you can best see examples for them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-mT9D4fdgQ ---------------------- As for his Mount... I think it was sort of immortal being, but you best look up his Lore for that.
SuperJunk (EUW)
: -_-
Hourglass has tons of tradeoffs in itself, be it the stasis drawback, cooldown, or giving up of more damaging items. Warmogs basically just grants sustain. Tanks will eat a lot of poke in ARAM, that's a given, without it tanks would have a very small window to actually do something and it would be very easy to deal with them. They still can be killed by any ADC or decent DPS mage. (Not to mention that getting an early Warmog's is not all that effective in terms of tankyness most of the time.) Exhaust... I honestly very rarely see it being used effectively. If it's about killing high range champions you should be a lot more worried about Hourglass or Seraph's than exhaust... or utilize a dive-buddy. (Or in general dont dive solo if they have exhaust.)
: Curious of your custom hotkey set ups.
Trinket on A Normal cast on Shift + Spell And I think that's actually everything I use custom settings for. But I use so many keys that I might have missed something. <.< Oh, warded ping on V, as there is no default setting for it.
: League has changed from "good players carry games" to "bad players lose games"?
> The difference between average and good player is minimal. But instead, if you play badly, the difference to average player is multiple times bigger than difference between good and average player. It really just depends what you consider 'good' 'average' and 'bad'. v.v I personally don't feel like you said. I do feel like there something that makes people rarely adjust to a current game's situation. You won't be punished for playing as if it were even when you are ahead, but doing it while behind will often end badly. So I guess that would often lead to players falling behind looking worse. (While those getting ahead don't look nearly as good as they could.)
: let me just add to that, Ranged midlaner with massive farming, poke, burst and roam abilities. While having the safest laning phase against assassins.
Hmmm... nope, can't see it. His burst, poke, waveclear and roaming are all subpar to anyone who does any of those well. (His all-in is the only thing I see being above average.) Only thing he got going for him is that he got a bit of everything, but there are others who have a similar balance. :/
: Mid lucian was bad enough..
You may complain bout AP Lucy, but I can't see anything wrong with Midlane Lucian. :/
: But it would take all the fun of building {{item:3071}} on him. ... ######No pun intended. EDIT. And don't even tell me that guns and axes do not fit, cuz they do fit. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/mazinger/images/1/17/Mazinkaiser-SKL.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140806082356
It also takes the fun of building {{item:3135}} or {{item:3020}} on him. :( Hence adaptive, and everyone's happeh. \o/
TTekkers (EUW)
: Actually, if you changed his Q and R to deal magic damage it would be a pretty meaty early/mid-game buff to AD Luci since no one will have enough of both resists to really stand up to him, and that is arguably when he is at his strongest anyway. Yes it would fall off when you want to build a LW item, but that probably won't be until 4th item most of the time.
Exactly that's the reason why AP Lucian dunz work, cus he can't build MPen effectively. :(
TTekkers (EUW)
: I find Luci is better for him. But meh, I knew who you meant :P
But that would take so much confusion away. :c
Icepaw (EUNE)
: If your out of range, your ARE OUT OF RANGE!
> How many of you have been killed by an auto-attack or a melee skill after you blink away, because the game code ONLY checks fore range requrements before cast, and not before hit. I mean... it works just the same for range AAs. And if we would change it to check for range again when damage is dealt.... oh boy will ranged attacks feel weird. xD ----------- Also, you obviously were in range if they could attack you in the first place. <.<
: At first, I was like __Who the %%%% is Lucy? Is that a new girl champion I missed?__ And then I saw the "his" and I realised that we were talking about Lucian lol
I like to nickname people (or anything really) by ending them on something the likes of -i/-y. And no matter how you twist or turn it, Lucy is just the most natural abbreviation for Lucian. \*shrug*
: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucy_(Australopithecus) Lucy is long gone. Stop digging up topics.
\*ba-dum-tss* There are too many things (oh, and people too) named lucy though. :/
: Yeah, I played a lot of AP lucian back in my low elo days, was fun, doesn't work too well now tho :/ I see no reason why abilities with both an AP and AD ratio shouldn't be adaptative damage , exept in cases like corki who has special interactions with damage types
On midlane it's meh, but he works as niche support. The last W buff did lots for him there. \o/ (It's not like the buff helped AP Lucian specifically, but ADs barely ever use it, and 100+ dmg poke at lvl 1 is quite nice.)
C4libur (EUNE)
: Yeah, You must've seen my matches, I'm Lv70, Lost a match because my team was a total bad-players in every possible way, Even the Jungle told me "Why should I gank any lane?", After the match I checked their Levels And guess what! They all are Lv30 ~ Lv35, The Enemy team was a Lv50 ~ Lv40, Like wtf is this?
Levels are no reliable indication of playerskill. But I fail to see how it relates to my comment. :o
: Why would AP Lucian need to be viable in the first place?
Cus he's fun to play! And he's one of the few off-meta APs I've tried that are very close to being viable. :(
Rioter Comments
: You'd be surprised. Most of the people complaining on here about how the system is broken, how they only get matched with stupid people etc, are 48% winrate or lower. Usually even 45 or lower.
That's still miles away form 40% though. :c Not to mention that winrates can be taken way out of context... I was climbing with a 45% winrate last season. :x
Voidner (EUNE)
: There are always exceptions, some good people actually can't climb because of their teammates. Lets be real.. if your whole team is shit and the enemy team has great advantage from the first minutes of the game, You really can't do anything about it.
Rank is not determined by that single game though. 100% winrates don't happen, but 90% ones do.
: Don't be THAT guy please (I see this mentality in a lot of people on these boards)
40% is too much of an extreme value for 'a lot of people' to have it. :^)
Felinar (EUW)
: The problem is that I have to force my self to be positive, and if I am the way I am (just saying nothing do my job and most probably win, and get 1-2 honors per 4 games, but now I have to pretend that I'm nice in order to get at least 1 honor per game, which makes me stressed and i'm not focused on winning but focused on not flaming my team and motivate them, but it does not work. So: I can't get honors if i'm not positive and win but I cant win because I can't focus on the game while being positive and I also can't be neutral and hope for honors because If I want to win I play tanks which never get honors and are underrated.
As someone who is too busy playing to do anything chat related 99% of the time I don't feel like there is much (if any) difference for honour progress between being positive and just not being negative. Honour progress is too slow for me to ever realyl try for it anyways. I'm no sure about numbers, but 1 checkpoint per month seems to be a quite good pace already. And trying to behave like I wouldn't for the sake of a minor part of the game... maybe a day, but not months. You do you, but I'd recommend putting any of that effort into keeping a positive head rather than game apperance. If it works out well the apperance will follow. ;)
: Well, it's not about feeling positive, it's about keeping positive appearance
Ahhh... sounds useless then. \*shrug*
Felinar (EUW)
: Is the possitive attitude worth keeping?
Wouldn't you rather feel positive than negative? That alone makes it worth. I never honour unless I missclick, losses don't change that.
: A solution for toxicity - Reverse Quarantine
Would the *best of the best sportsmanlike people* like that though? ------------ While I generally dislike punishment based systems in whatever situation, there is a reason why those are used rather than something else. I haven't really found any way of justifying alternatives, which often bring a whole lot of other problems (or effort). You can alter punishment systems (like providing positive impulses rather than over the top punishment) but if there are no serious consequences to breaking rules... usually doesn't work out well.
: What would you pick against this teamcomp ?
Either a 3 tanks - 2 carries comp. Priority on {{champion:201}} support as Unbreakable will be an invaluable tool, {{champion:113}} as she can threaten Amumu earlygame and potentially even snatch some camps. Toplane any tank really, I personally prefer {{champion:31}} but I'd just ask my toplaner what tank they'd like to play most here. Midlane {{champion:268}} or {{champion:13}}, maybe {{champion:69}}. If my midlaner wants an easier laning {{champion:61}} is fine too. ADC either looking for synergy with Braum, or again anyone that scales well and my ADC wants to play. ---------------------- Or a more execution heavy splitpush comb. (The only enemy with 1v1 capabilities is Xin) But Twitch might be hard to play around. Let's see... {{champion:164}} {{champion:114}} or any potent spitpusher top. This would again come down to what my toplaner feels like he can match Xin best with. (I just don't know much abotu top x3) Either a shadowing jungler like {{champion:121}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:107}} (current meta Kha has the edge though) or a tank that can help disengage. ({{champion:113}} {{champion:57}} ) Mid it's either {{champion:13}} or {{champion:245}}. But if I ended up with a jungler that has good ganks, {{champion:7}} is a nice choice too. ADC {{champion:51}} comes to mind. {{champion:22}} or {{champion:498}} would work too. I might consider {{champion:110}} for his ult, but given that he's currently building on hit I don't know if he works as well. Support {{champion:40}} (only when tank jungler) or {{champion:201}}/{{champion:223}}. -- {{champion:12}} if I can't get those 3. Special mention to {{champion:98}}, I don't know if he can be of use when we got a shadowing jungler, but if we have a tank one Shen could be nice to turn sidelane fights.
akiseGP (EUW)
: what happend to lux R hitbox??? and where is its cooldown
Rank 3 max CDR results in 30 sec (27.5 sec with 45%) cooldown. I will not calculate Ultimate Hat as I don't think any Lux would choose it over manaflow Band. The hitbox never changed, one just has to know it. And it is one of the easiest ultimates to avoid. If you are not hit by CC or misspositioned a Lux ult should never hit you. That's how it is relatively fair compared to higher CD ults, which have many other things going for them (like being very easy to hit or not even being something enemies can dodge, or being global, having CC, etc).
: Tank meta is LITERALLY the most boring meta to watch in pro play.
You speak for yourself. I consider games with 10 squishy champs to be way less interesting than any teamcomb that actually sports different roles. :/
: How can i improve myself in solo Q?
The key to improving is to not care about winning or climbing, but about improving. Just try to be a better player than last game. Try to realize whenever you do something wrong and attempt to never repeat that mistake. (And when I say 'you' I mean 'you'. Anything that requires someone else to play differently is not an accerptable conclusion.)
Petsho (EUW)
: Questions about runes and stuff nowadays
> How do I go about picking runes for specific champions? Am I expected to change the page each time in champ select? With 20 mastery pages it was simple to make a few for specific champions and roles. I personally change my single page each game, it's a lot more convinient than having 5 very similar pages where I just change armor for MR, or have it flat compared to scaling like I used to have with old runepages. If you got no clue of what might be good on a given champion you can use pages that show the most commonly used pages. (e.g. champion.gg or even probuilds.net shows you keystones) The champions you play a lot you'll get an idea rather soon. Similar for minor runes. Just go and experiment. Most of the changes you'll have to just play to get used to regardless. ;) > what's the meta like currently? For casual play it matters as little as always. Melee supports are favoured, midlane you mostly see scaling mages, jungle used to be very tank heavy but that's always been ignored in soloQ or normals. Top and ADC are pretty much anything goes, some champs are considered stronger than others, but there are no specific groups that jump out. > Are we still hating on every Vayne, Riven and Yasuo? Many people still do. > Do we hate anyone new yet? Zoe is someone often complained about, similar to those 3 mentioned above. > Is it a tank or an assassin season? Depends on who you ask. Both work fine, but proplay doesn't use any midlane assassins currently. (Then again, proplay never translates well to anything else.) > Do average games last long or short currently? I actually don't remember what it was back then, so I can't compare. But I feel like gamelenght is in a good medium spot currently. (some go longer some go shorter, obviously.) > Can I still ignore my team flaming me as Susan for 30 minutes and then oneshot most enemies? You can, but mostly I see doggy join and stomp fights around 20 minutes. (Not oneshotting though, usually takes 2 Qs, but ult makes the CD low 'nuff.) > Do we ignore dragons, or are they worth getting? Cloud got buffed to now grant incombat MS or something... most still jsut go after Infernal and occasionally Mountain. But it really depends on what sorta players you get. Some people just vlaue dragons more and others less. They are worth getting, but as long as you get a good trade for it they can also be givena way. > What about that turret melting rift Herald that was still being tweaked last time I played? Seems to be more a 'take when it's free' objective. With 'average' setup it usually results in 1 turret takedown.
: why doesnt riot add achievements
So why not ask for more missions rather than a completely new system? :/
ChefSauce (EUW)
: Do high elo Top lane players still climb easily in lower elo?
High elo players will never struggle to climb in low elo. I'd consider that to be part of the definition of 'high elo player'. What aspects of the game they use to do it is mostly their personal preferance. \*shrug*
H3ph0 (EUW)
: big bobs thicc characters 24/7
: You know your old when!
Oh yeah, login queues actually are way less of a thing these days. :o I still miss the time before we had role select, just can't come to like it. :( Or old Fiora... but I'm in a minority with that one.
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