: It clearly shows from me never being banned that riot has no anti troll system. And as I said if you cant beat them join them, I gain no longer being tilted by constant trolls
But isn't a easier way to not be upset about them to simply not play the game? :o
: I'm going to become a hardcore ranked troll AMA
: What do you actually hate about Yas?
He is always banned, so I could never learn to lane against him and lose everytime I end up matched against him. <.< But I'd rather call it being annoyed than hating. :/
Gasburger (EUW)
: Why is every piece of criticism considered flaming?
> "how are you losing this bad" or say "just play passive and farm under tower" Well, the first one you can answer yourself as well as he can answer you. It's not something that will help either of you, nor would I call it critism. It's simply pointing out negative facts which is considered to not be polite (or even the opposite) in any relation I have witnessed so far. The second one I doubt would be considered negative on it's own.
: >I could think of a handfull champions that are or even need to be played a lot safer than Ezreal -cough- Ahri -cough-
No, Ahri barely needs to play safer. She just got the tools to be in risky situations without risking much.
: Ezreal's playstyle is so annoying
I could think of a handfull champions that are or even need to be played a lot safer than Ezreal, while I even see him making offensive plays quite frequently. .-.
Mada (EUW)
: I agree, the sustain in team fights is amazing. I'd love to see a compilation of relic shield saves on youtube :-D The thing that mostly frustrates me is if we're just pushing out a lane before backing. By investing like 2 seconds, the stacks could easily go back on cooldown...
But 2 secs is 1/10th of the time it takes for people to get back to lane. :/ But for pushing out I always found the relic shield supp to take a lasthit mroe easiely though. :o
Mada (EUW)
: Relic Shield stacks when it gets wavecleary
Hmmm... never noticed that when using a relic Shield support... As melee I could onehit mage creeps so I just took the occasional one when I wasn't of warding or flanking. And with Thresh I had lots of other things to do, so if I ever had the problem I just didn't notice. .-. The only time I really wanted to use it was for the sustain, and my teamamtes always let me at those times. (Or more like, I'd lasthit during teamfights because the heal on an ally will do more than my AA on an enemy. x3)
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: The most common cause of lost games- "i need to farm" ADC
I've also lost many games for the exact opposite: One memeber being weak but instead of farming they still try to aid in teamfights/skirmishes. :/
fedy99 (EUW)
: Ok sory:(
That's not particullary a bad thing. .-. I miss Off-topic threads, they gotten rare lately. :(
fedy99 (EUW)
: Why everyone know how to read it:((((
Because likely only people who frequent boards a lot bother with more off-topic threads. :/
Spearki (EUW)
: when i said delete i meant edit delete all text and post again :D (slide the secret into my dms so i can do it xD)
You can use some formating in an unintended way so nothing shows up. When you quote the comment it generally shows you what the other did. ;)
fedy99 (EUW)
: I will tell you something important in the comments
YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! Still luv you though. :3
Tryficic (EUNE)
: "Well, a double rainbow is a phenomenon of optics that displays a spectrum of light due to the sun shining on droplets of moisture in the atmosphere.'' ~{{champion:99}}
But that's a normal rainbow...
mushoaibali (EUNE)
: Lol well you can still get banned and be accused for being a hacker and scripter...Trust me I know. I still maintain my innocence...FIX YOUR SYSTEMS RIOT.
Well, you couldn't if you didn't have a PC. .-.
: > [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4A5iysxk,comment-id=00040000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2017-06-23T13:24:32.571+0000) > > Because opposing to Kassa who starts 1v2 or 3ing late, Lee gets weaker the longer the game goes. > > And then again, something being broken doesn&#x27;t necessariely make the easy to play. (Azir and Taliyah during their high time are good examples for this.) Surely everyone would have had a very clear idea of how Azir (or anyone else) was broken from day one if it had TWO dashes instead than one. But it had one (was nerfed for other reasons), like the most of the champs who never gave headaches to RioT or the community.
Yeah, champions tend to be strong when they get something extra next to their normal kit. :p But his range still covers more than many other 2 dashes together. Either way, this still does not relate to those champiosn being easy, what my main motivation for mentioning them was. .-.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Yes, but you need to hit that skillshot first. And there are a lot of other champions who are strong as well but don't have a single skillshot, like Garen. Yeah, Lux isn't hard but isn't the EASIEST champion in the game imho.
Well, Garen gets kited. Lux also can't do much other than relying on her enemies mistakes. All easy champions kinda get screwed over the better the enemy plays. anyways, back to the point. Likely it's just me not being able to pull of anything with melee champions, so I go to the easy ranged champions. x3 Whenever I try out a melee champion simply the fact of them being melee seems to make them hard for me. Enemies just laugh at you cus you aren't in range to hit them. v.v
: > [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4A5iysxk,comment-id=000400000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-23T12:07:55.302+0000) > > The time differance just is a really big deal. &lt;.&lt; > > There is a reason why the &#x27;quick&#x27; Lee play is to ult-flash, instead of using the wardjump, which is only viable if you know the enemy got all movement abilities down. Well, then a good {{champion:38}} can tower dive a target, slow it with E, get it with W + Q, use ignite if needed, kill it, use {{item:3157}}, and ult again to safety. Or pull out something even more complicated if he can manage it. Now, the fact that you may not always have the skill or the reflexes needed to do these things...somehow change the fact that you can take advantage of your ult in any other simpler situation and that ult amount to have freaking broken mobility? I'll say no, infact {{champion:38}} was butchered countless times for that, which includes it's freaking ultimate. {{champion:64}}'s mobility, however, it's still there, and it's there to stay.
Because opposing to Kassa who starts 1v2 or 3ing late, Lee gets weaker the longer the game goes. And then again, something being broken doesn't necessariely make the easy to play. (Azir and Taliyah during their high time are good examples for this.)
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Well, all 4 abilities - skillshots. Wouldn't call her very easy champion.
I personally don't think being a skillshot makes a skill hard to use. Skillshots always got a tradeoff that makes them more rewarding to hit than other spells and especially in the case of Lux give far higher range, letting you be in a position that missing doesn't even matter.
GLurch (EUW)
: No, what GPet meant was: The jump isn't instant. It's a weaker version of flash, more commonly known as a dash.
The time differance just is a really big deal. <.< There is a reason why the 'quick' Lee play is to ult-flash, instead of using the wardjump, which is only viable if you know the enemy got all movement abilities down.
: > [{quoted}](name=ImJanemba,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4A5iysxk,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-06-23T10:06:38.718+0000) > > Why is Lee Sin on the list?? O.o Because turning wards into free {{summoner:4}} tends to make things easier, not more difficult.
I never knew Lee had an insta blink on wards O.O
: "Noob" champions
Lux. She is just as one dimensional as some others, but has the range to be safe while doing that.
: When can we consider us having a main champ?
At the point where they feel like saying "I main xy."
ChaosJuda (EUW)
: Problem is, why riot is too stubborn to admit that getting rid of chat would solve all the flame problems? It's a useless tool, if you want to say something to a teammate, just use all the pings, in game chat is used only for flame, or to say "gg ez" (which I can't believe it's not worthy of instaban), so, is that useful? Hell no.
If we'd remove computers there would be no hacking either. \o/
mushoaibali (EUNE)
: I am officially bored of stalking.. Wow how do actual stalkers stalk...for ages...OMG so BoRiNg.
Stalking is not something you do because you want to stalk. It's something that just happens because you are interested in knowing ~~something~~ everything about the target.
mushoaibali (EUNE)
: I think I would like to try this out..and get this post thing to like a point where each letter of the word shows in a different line. That would be nice...Then perhaps we would have broken the forums...OMG Lets Break The MaTriX.
Nah, it doesn't go nearly that far. I rekon about 3 more replies here and we are there. It's just a pain to follow when actually wanting to discuss. q-q So in that regard I see why some like chronological view.
: I think there is a minimum size after which it just stays the same size.
It just looks like everyone would reply to the same comment at some point and gets a pain to read. v.v
: > [{quoted}](name=The Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5Y0s7jaL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-22T07:19:56.397+0000) > > That&#x27;s not how it works. There&#x27;s a thing called &quot;consitency&quot;. You can&#x27;t have two different versions of the same champion. > You need to stop watching Jeremy Curious. > > The tournament relm is a pointless argument here. > *** > First off, you don&#x27;t even know what they&#x27;ll do with Azir. All you&#x27;ve read are ideas floating around. No point in arguing something that is so early in development. > > You didn&#x27;t even understand what you read. They are thinking about two different directions. Either they nerf his range or they nerf is mobility; not both. I&#x27;d rather see his mobility nerfed, pushing him to the poke category. > > Honestly, the thing that screwed with Azir to being with was his mobility paired with his high range poke. One thing poke champions have in common is their lack of mobility and Azir broke that rule. His E+Q combo was the thing that made Azir broken, not the champion concept itself. Take that away and he&#x27;ll probably be balanced enough. > *** > > He&#x27;s not supposed to survive those champions. Those champions are assassins. Their whole job is to kill champions like Azir. > You are literally proving why Azir is in a such bad spot. > *** > > You may be an Azir main, but it doesn&#x27;t look like you know the champion&#x27;s identity. > &quot;Azir - The Emperor of the Sands&quot;. He&#x27;s an emperor. His job is to command his soldiers to do the work for him. He shouldn&#x27;t be able to dance around with his abilities. High Range Poke is a better execution of his theme than High Mobility. Quoting from a comment I saw: > > This is literally Azir&#x27;s identity. Ok, the first thing might be an thing, however, Riots consistency isn't really what is consistency, just thinking about champs like Kennen that lose their empowered Autoattack from the W if the target dies before but he doesn't gain one if the target dies before ... so much to consistency, but I can understand that the tournament realm can't have a different champion, and actually no, I didn't see this from Jeremy, I knew it before because a someone I know has access to tournament realm since he played in LCS qualifiers in season 5. Second thing: It's not just idead floating around anymore, Riot stated (I think) yesterday what they plan on doing to him and this includes the range AND the mobility nerf. I can understand that the shurima shuffle is a bit too much but just removing that and bring Azir at all back to a state where not only OTPs can play him successfull would probably make many people (including many Azir mains) happy. Third thing: A champion (any champion) is supposed to be able to survive, only survive, every lane if played well, however, Azir has a really hard time against those level 3 assassins (I'm not talking about the level 6 ones, you can do fine against them), however, even at higher levels, he has absolutely no chance at dodging some spells at all without any mobility. The problem is that they will have to replace his E with a fairly powerful utility tool again and Azir will be so OP after that that they will probably nerf him into ground again and again until he comes out of the state of being a permanent ban. Last thing: Identity is a thing of perspective. I feel like the mobility is contained in his identity as a good leader should be able to join his comrades in battle if nescessary, however, I think it's pointless to discuss this. All together, whatever rework they plan, it will create a whole new playstyle and make it probably very frustrating to current Azir mains since everything they learned and loved on Azir will be gone from one day to the other.
Do you regulary play immobile mages? Most champions in the mage category lack mobility, and need to be played pretty well to deal with assassins. (A lot of the even having shorter range than Azir) I feel like that even if he'd lose his mobilty he still is one of the safer mages. (Let alone still having a defensive spell in his ult.) But that's just how I see it. :/
Godalor (EUW)
: Who came up with putting "grounding" and an 80% slow on Cassiopeia W?
: Well in RTS games its often used for micro management of units, how you move them and also using their abilties. For me champions in LoL are like those units except that you have only one. What I don't understand is why he would throw micro and macro together and compare that to mechanics.
I always considered macro to be map movements while micro is small manipulations (like setting up waves). But I never was too fussed about getting thsoe definitions down. v.v
Valentin358 (EUNE)
: how to play good
For me improving was always a matter of trying to figure out my mistakes and aiming to prevent them in the futre by keeping them and solutions to them on my mind. So whenever any action in game doesn't go well, think about what you could have done better. Then keep this on your mind until you start doing it for similar situations. ----------- Apart form that there is always improving to do in certain areas: - Farming - Map awareness - Comboing/Animation canceling - dodging and hitting skillshots
: My thoughts on "champion roadmap 2017"
Here's to hoping eve mid will be a thing again. \*crosses fingers* I don't think there are any plans in stopping to release champions. But as of currently releases have slowed down for one due to the increased quality in design and for the other because Riot is focusing on making the ones we already have work (aka reworks). I doubt if we have a release shedule of like 4 champions a year it will be much of a problem soon, so might just be they haven't thought about it yet. (Just my guess though.)
Perilum (EUW)
: Micro is how skilled you're with your champ. Macro is how you play the map and play objectives with your team.
Wouldn't micro be more of controling the wave in lane, back timing, etc?
: Which is better? Great mechanics and decent micro/macro, or great micro/macro and decent mechanics?
micro/macro. Needing mechanics is not necessary when you can just avoid champion picks or fights that require them. And avoiding those doesn't hurt your actually winning much when you do everything else well.
: Nice to see that EU Riot really cares about the European community. Oh, just Germany?
You know, I do have a feeling the focus here is on the LCS watchers and LCS promotions much more than 'the european crowd'. And from what I read, you can benefit from it if you go watch LCS. That's the whole idea. LCS being in Germany is more of a coicidence (or rather that it's central, and Riot found a suiting location there). If experiences are well with it it might translate over to other locations, but I don't keep track of enough esports to know how many or where those are. -------- TL:DR: Not everyone is supposed to benefit, only LCS visitors.
C9 LynX (EUNE)
: such a nice human being you are :3
Reaching a set goal is just such an oddly impotant thing to humans, even if that goal has little effect on anything. Can't really take that away, can I now? (It's totally not because grumpy cat scares me and I can't have it long enough on my screen to copy the url!)
Sceizer (EUW)
: http://imgur.com/8hYS1cE
It's actually cuddle opposing to the original. :o
Sceizer (EUW)
: use this one in stead then http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/43/438593dfe358e4ac0890c4544ab90103db7a819a4dfdde2fcf4273eeb61485dd.jpg
That's the first (non-)grumpy cat that dunz scare me. :o
C9 LynX (EUNE)
: Wish me good luck! ^^
I would post a grumpy cat 'no' but I just can't. :/
: Wins and losses in the end screen?
Depends on the mode. Most queues show you the lifetime total for this gamemode (e.g.: normal draft) But iirc ranked queues only show it for the current season.
XechoX (EUNE)
: no thats diferent... there are the ones who just int permenantly XD
I never saw a teammate do bad without them ever having good games too, else I doubt I'd be matched with them. :/
: >It's not like Riot gains anything from more players playing ranked instead of normals. Nor does the normal games population, nor the ranked games population gain anything from it. Technically there is a benifit is Riot manages to keep players in one single gamemode. And its about money and maintanence. There are a lot of people playing League of Legends and that itself requieres having lots of servers for people to play. While having lots of servers are great, its keeping them in check that can make things complicated, servers cost money, and if Riot can make most of the servers just for ranked play, the maintanence of the servers reduce significantly. (They can close all the none ranked servers, and just leave the ranked servers, OR, close the normal servers and turn them into ranked, having more servers for one gamemode which would make it easier for Riot to control). ___ > And if there would be additional rewards for higher ranking, wouldn't it just further increase problems 1) and 3)? People would still be afraid of or dislike ranked, but maybe feel more inclined that they 'have to' play ranked because all those rewards directly correspond to your skill. Not necesarily because lower elos would also have decent rewards aswell, not just a silly icon. Getting an "object" (ward skin, champ skin, or even chroma) that can be used in-game is a pretty nice reward in itself. Like in the past, silver players were able to unlock ward skins in regular SoloQ, and while ward skins are as "epic" as a champion skin, its still something that people can use in game, and it honestly feels like a real reward, rather than just having a useless border. >2) is something that would partly be fixed by this idea. But I'd like to retun to my above point: Why should those people who currently got no reason to play ranked be motivated to start playing it? :s While you are 100% right here, you have to think, why would Riot even take normals from other regions? There has to be a point as to while Riot wants to force people to play ranked, and they arent telling us. Because Riot made this drastic move back in November, I think that they can at least make the transition less painful for those players that really just dont like ranked. Which is why Im giving the idea of making rewards more rewarding for all ELOS. Lets face it, for lower elos, its not fun playing ranked, everything is "hell" until you manage to make it to silver. While for some players its easy to get out of bronze, there are players who struggle, and the rewards they get for getting out of bronze (even if it isnt a huge milestone) is not even worth calling it a reward "Hey! congrats of not being super lame at league, now that you manage to get to silver, we will reward you with NOTHING! Cause borders are honestly significant nowadays!". So if Riot decides to make lower elo rewards more rewarding and in the process, revamp higher elo rewards to make higher elos actually feel legitimately rewarded, newer players can at least not feel stress about needing to reach gold. Isntead of trying to get gold in a single season, they can potentionally get to gold step by step, which is what ranked is all about, getting better at your own pace. And if %%%%%%%%%%tes ranked as "If you are not gold, you fcking suck", then for newer players, its just not even a gamemode they would want to enter. Its obvious that Riot wants to make League of Legends a ranked game only, just like CS:GO and DOTA2. But they are doing it in a way that seems harsh "We took normals away from you, the only thing left is ranked, good luck suckers!", that´s not a good way of promoting competitive play. I believe that, if Riot wants to make LoL a ranked game exclusive, they should revamp the Ranked rewards so that all elos feel rewarded, kick the rewards up a notch. The higher you are, the cooler the rewards, but make the lower elos have a better starting reward, not just an icon. Hell, give us a special Hextech chest with 70% of the most rarest skin in LoL, something that will make players play ranked. Because that´s Riots goal, close all none ranked servers and only have ranked. ___ >On a different note, you meantioned the 'tryhard' philosophy League is leaning towards, and there defenitly is something like that. But wouldn't that mean that, if anything, we should promote casual play more? :o I too feel like Riot should promote some casual play (having normals), but if Riot had to guts to close all normal queues from all regions (with the exception of EUW, NA and Brasil), its clear to say that Riot doesnt want casual League of Legends. They want every game to feel like Worlds finals, SKT vs [Place another Korean team here], action packed, filled with epic skill-shots and amazing visual gameplay (Rakan anyone?) (Why would Riot make a support that when you play it, feels like you are doing so many cool things when in reality you are just pressing two abilities? Its simple, riot is making flashy champions so that players can feel epic playing "boring roles" in ranked). Riot is doing everything based around competitive and ranked play, and the sooner they admit this, the less hate they will recieve from the community later on. Trust me, the day Riot takes away normals from EUW and NA, I can assure you that Riot will loose over 50% of their fanbase. Casual players will be forced to play a competitive mode that they might not even like, and to top it off, they get a constant reminder that casual play is "punishable" with a bronze icon that signifies "hey, you suck!". (That last part was my own interpretation, but lets be real, one day Riot will delete normals from the game, and people will leave, the sooner Riot upgrades the ranked system so that it´s less punishable for newer players, the better transition Riot and the forced ranked players will have.
> Not necesarily because lower elos would also have decent rewards aswell, not just a silly icon. Getting an "object" (ward skin, champ skin, or even chroma) that can be used in-game is a pretty nice reward in itself. Well, if I'm scared of rankeds or feel like they stress me, that object won't change that. :s Maybe that's just me, but I never played ranked for any reward. Thus at times where I'm not motivated for ranked (like currently) something like that wouldn't get me back into it. And, at least currently, there are many people who think of ranked a lot diferant than 'below gold' and 'above gold'. Every single tier matters to them, if not even divisions at times. > While you are 100% right here, you have to think, why would Riot even take normals from other regions? There has to be a point as to while Riot wants to force people to play ranked, and they arent telling us. The only thing I can remember is Normal draft pick getting reduced availability. Blind still being available like it always was. The reasoning was a too low population for all queues iirc. Which makes sense in the ever struggling fight against queuetimes. Now, the reason being the introduction of an additional ranked queue could make it seem like Riot does prefer rankeds over normals... but that doesn't mean they fully disregard normals. I honestly don't keep up with much of what Riot says about such things, so if they issued any further statements then I do not know of them. >.< -------------------- I highly doubt that Riot will go for an tryhard enviromet. It seems rather stoopid as a bussines decision with the current casual playerbase that exists. That said, LoL initially is not really designed as a casual game... so hmmmm... Well, I currently am not playing because I'm looking for something more casual, and it's not like there are no options for that. > Why would Riot make a support that when you play it, feels like you are doing so many cool things when in reality you are just pressing two abilities? Rakan? I mean... you press 3 abilities first of all (4 for the style combo), and it doesn't feel like you are doing so many cool things rather than just making a swift engage. (Same that Zac or Seju do with 1 ability, or Gragas used to do with a similar combo.) I do like it though, engages are fun and while I'm not one to use playmaking champions I would hate to have none in the game as they make the whole lategame feel alive.
l MrD l (EUW)
: To why people in high elo..
Cus she just controls the sidelane she chooses once she got 2 items. :/ You can be happy if you can win a 2v1 against her at that point, and if you do, her team takes the opposing objective. v.v (It's mainly about her being the single strongest duelist.)
: No one in league can take constructive critsism
I did take some just last game. .-. Sadly I don't have a high enough attention span to take it over into many games. :/
: Trolling from the start
> You dont wanna leave and you don't wanna loose points Well... if those are the only conditions you just play jungle and aim to win. .-.
XechoX (EUNE)
: because there is none... sure some players can do important plays and win the game singlehandenly but, the next game they might feed horribly and lose the game for their teamates doing good...
But for the same reason there are no bad ones. .-.
: >(Why am I the only person who doesn't consider Taliyah hard? o.o) You aren't :) *** Back to topic: I mostly agree with you except for the "shutting down in lane part". While it's not hard to do so, I have often see them killing our adc with 4 aa after the next 5 minutes again. Mainly because Phantom dancer is too good of an item for him. (Cheap and stupid high stats) I normally try to prevent this by pressuring the lane 24/7 (Top at least) but it doesn't work all the time.
Yeah, a lot of that gets taken away from Yasuo scaling insanely well. But it should give enough of a lead to his opponent that they can snowball it to objectives and get a grip of the game. It will play out differently every induvidual game though.
: Why is yasuo considered hard to play?
I wouldn't call his skill floor too high. His laning is decent if the opponent doesn't punish him, and lategame he can divert to a splitpush strat. However, his teamfighting is just a pain (as with any melee carry), so that takes quite a bit to pull of. Additionally to that he gets a lot harder once enemies start to punish his laning. He rarely got a way to escape ganks and the ways he got require setup and are rather obvious. Additionally to that, if his enemy manages to get ahead and Yasuo suddendly can't fight them anymore... good luck if they got some way to play agressive. Last thing that comes to mind is him being very weak in reactive roams, or roams in general. While I wouldn't call his skirmishing bad, when he joins a fight in which he is supposed to bring impact quickly (usually the cas ewhne entering an already stared fight) he can't do that. (Oh yeah, and unlike other splitpushers he doesn't have good escapes either. So he actually has to play sidelanes a lot better than others if he wants to follow this strategy.) ----- At least that's what I learnt about him so far. (Why am I the only person who doesn't consider Taliyah hard? o.o)
blissbomb (EUW)
: this made me happy
I seem to always be the only one disliking that message... welp, everyone their own. v.v
Zurkrem (EUW)
: Here's a list:
Stoopid men. v.v
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