: How do I play Lee Sin
If its abotu actualyl killing an enemy the Ward-W-R-Q-Q combo is far more recomendable, you can easiely get close to the enemy by wardjumping (or when flanking well not even that) and stunlocking them with R makes you always hit your Q (and additionally aplyfies it's damage). If you manage to weave AAs into the combo it ofcourse gets better. But much more than comboing Lee is about knowing how to jungle well overall. A Lee has to dominate early game through good routing and ganking, then proceed to close out the game fast because he gets really weak if the game goes on for longer. Once the game reaches later stages all you can really think about is pulling of an 'insec', which makes Lee pretty predictable and the move easy to avoid. So to become a better Lee you have to become a better jungler overall. Many people say correclty that lee is a hard champion, but many seem to only apply this to mechanics even though those are one of the easier things to learn about him.
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: Usually when you say someone to play safe, or buy certain items you are also toxic, atleast.
That's giving advice, not being toxic. .-. But it usually feels mean when it's in a commanding tone, so I guess it can be, but only depending on they way it is transmitted. ;)
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: Beign toxic isnt torlling. Its reportable but it not the same as being in 0/20 or palying disco nunu. If i say somebody who is in 0/10 that he isa feeder im not a toxic. Its like i tell a criminal that you are a criminal, is an act against the law.
Yeah, being toxic isn't necessariely trolling, but someone who trolls acts toxic, no? Not sure of exact definitions, but being a big meany to your team and the enemy at the same time sounds like it would be toxic to me. :( But even if that's a wrong traing of though, I think the summoners-code thingy does say that you shouldn't be a big meany to all the other players.
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: I dont think you can be baned by trolling i have never seen someone who got baned coz of that. In league being toxic and afk are the only reasons you cna be baned and in higher tier for trolling, maybe riot will lose a lot of players if they ban every gold, palt or silver trolls.
Isn't trolling being toxic? :o From the rulesets I know it is punishable, at least in theory. How much there are systems for punishing it and how rough they follow through is nothing I can talk about as I simply do not know. ^^
Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: Oh my god, that death animation is so cute! I haven't ever noticed that before
It got meme'd about a bit when it released, but kinda got swallowed in time. x3
: Why you're not anymore? ...but be honest pls, imma delete this thread soon so feel free to answer the truth :)
I didn't want to be anyone so I quit on my accord. Pretty random mix of reasons, the main one private. :p But a big one was also that I am a player and nothing else, as are my actions on boards. I didn't like to have anything that could feel like it was beyond that. ;)
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: Your thoughts are too simple i think.
Complicated thoughts hurt my head, so I started being simpler. :( It feels way better than most leave you to believe. ^^
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: But if you are ruining others games by feeding, trolling, being bad, you should not paly the game anymore. Iits like you palying football and you play agaisnt your team. They will beat you i can assure that or atleast if you are just patheticly bad you wont paly football anymore with them.
Well, by being bad you'd likely just be sent to more training or be put into a lower tier, league, team... whatever system football uses. If you intentionally ruin games for others you will be suspended, so in that case it's similar to league, no? :o
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: Thats not any more an argument you are completly wrong and you know it, you admited it with this only god can judge me thing. A crime is a crime a violation against lol rules is a violation against lol rules , when you dont report a crime you are committing a crime. I can say i dont like crimes so i dont report them but then i think about it so: When i see when sombody get molested i dont report and dont prevent it coz i dont like crimes. It seems a very healthy attitude.
It's not supposed to be an argument, nor do I claim that it is healthy (I know it isn't). But at least for the matter of LoL I yet have to see a rule stating that it is wrong to not report another's violation of the rules. As for that I consider myself free to do it the way I please, which is to not report.
: but all his abilities are on a massive delay - long enough for any enemy assassin to kill your adc. a lower CD on a taunt doesn't do alot - you just use it twice every fight instead of once, besides, it has a shorter range and duration. his new R is decent, but not all that good - it can't be used to peel due to the delay, so in that regard it's a worse shen ult. If you try to use it for the engage, you'd need to jump on an ally that already engaged - which isn't usefull at all. Overall, a mediocre combination of pantheon and shen ult. his flash-taunt plays are also gone, so he doesn't have any real value in a teamfight - not comparable to the old galio at least. overall he's better jgl and top/tank, and worse ap/supp.
You sure? When I played against him it looked like he could pro the taunt instantly (while only short range, for peeling this is enough), so that is just as much as he had before. During this duration you can wind up your knockup without problems and in any normal situation an enemy assassin is dead by then, if not your ADC has escaped to a reasonable distance. And dealing with assassins is not all there is to peeling, once your ADC (or team rather) starts to kite away your ult will basically deny the enemy to chase after (or just staright up lets your team kill them if they decide to go after anyway). Not to mention that it gives damage reduction on cast, which might still help to durvive the burst of an assassin. :o I haven't seen much of him, but in theory he seems very cabable of supporting to at least some level, but I'd need to give it a try to be sure.
Well, Riot's mainy focus is on balancing for summoners rift which is considered to be the 'competitive' mode. The problem with balancing for ARAM is that is has to be balanced for randomness, which isn't easy to do at all and needs quite some efford. That said though, ever since the introduction of Mark/Dash I find ARAM to be balanced quite decently for what it is (a random matchup of champions, including ones that are not supposed to be in 5v5 situations.)
: R.I.P ADCs
Isn't the ADC Memeing passed by now? :o When lethality got buffed a few were alright again, and currently is the glorious time of Lulu+Hypercarry 2v5ing (in an exaggerated way). x3
: Well you asked for it. One smite for GPet coming right up.
https://media.giphy.com/media/QqMNkaYwRc2Jy/giphy.gif You wouldn't smite a lil dragon? :c
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: Ignore a crime is a crime.
Then may god come and smite me. I don't intend to be perfect.
: He lost most of his peeling tools, meaning he's going to be a way worse supp than before. Still decent, but not as good. He might shine in the jungle though.
But he now has a Kockup, taunt on a way lower CD, and an amazing peel-ult. :o
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: It still makes nothing logical at all. So i have to be happy when is see a troll coz i can focus on losing. They usually refuse to surrend etc. so i have to waste 30-40 minutes of nothing.
You get to play Legue of Legends for 30-40 minutes. .-. If you consider that wasted time it feels liek this is not a very sufficiant hobby. :(
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I agree, but ithink when it comes finding the right mindset you're only scratching the surface
It sadly is just so much easier said then done. :(
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: "Afaik leaver buster detects the player anyway." You said that and its ignorant.
I ignore 'crimes' because I dunz like them, it's my way to deal with things. ;) Everyone may judge whether they want to report others or not for themselfs, there are more than enough reason for my way to not be the 'correct' one.
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: Your example is like a nothing. The whole argument is about a nonsense thing, i can ask my neighbour to report the same crime or similar crime. Its my interest so i dont see the logic.
The only thing that will likely change is your neighbor potentially getting annoyed, the police will likely not pay more attention than if just you reported it. ;) Yes, it is nonesensical, hence why OP is confused about it being such a common thing.
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: So if i think negatively about the game the palyers will be trolls. God, dont joke on my xd. Your logic is way too inconsistent.
Nei, but you will precieve them as trolling. It's the quetion whether you are lucky that a falling stone missed you or whether you are unlucky that a falling stone almost hit you. ;)
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: You cant improve with troll palyers, this game is about teamfight low elo palyers doesent even know the word, support build full ap or they just refuse to build ward item. Its shameful to be a league player.
Even if a player is trolling I still get parts of the game I can improve on. Worst case it's only combo-timing or trying to predict enemy movements. More likely I'll be able to improve CSing and laning every game ragardless of what my team is doing. And things only go up from there, trolls that limit me to only work on above things don't happen all that much, so usually there are more points of my game I can step up. ^^
: Why?
This is something that's sadly very opinionated. Old Galio had problems, just like Poppy, urgot or Fiora had pre-rework. Reworks are the way to fix this and pretty much the closes way there is to 'remove' a champion. It sounds bad to remove champions and for obvious reasons Riot aims to never do that, but if a champion just doesn't work for the game... what can one do? (Change them, obviously, but in some cases there isn't mucha of a way to fix it with just changes.) This is why a rework often fully revamps a champion. Riot generally tries to keep a similar feel to the champion, but this is not always possible. Fiora still feels like a quick-feeted swordfighter, and even more like a duelist now (which she was supposed to feel like in the first place.) Galio shoulds still have this heavy, tanky feeling and his ult still can have insane impact when pulled of well (additionally to still having hsi AoE tount and being a Magic focused tank.) I might have an easy time talking as, while I enjoyed playing old Aatrox and Galio, I didn't play them all that much. But if I'd have to judge I feel like post rework versions clearly have something that makes them a better fit. I really loved old Fiora, and even there I have to admit that she had problems. So while I wouldn't take the new one if I could choose, I can't really complain about the rework. (As for Aatrox, so far the new one looked really interesting to me, I enjoy playing him even more than I did the 'old'.)
: Also, if you are really good you don't need to be that focused to win. I find it hard to play SoloQ and headbang at the same time, though.
Theory says if you are really good you play against really good players, which means you aren't really more likely to win than someone not as good who also plays against not as good enemies. ;) I never liked any more extreme forms of headbanging, it's disorianting in any situation. :(
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: Mindset doesent change a thing, but league palyers always say that like its a thing. If you are lucky the enemy have bigger troll than your team and you win. In low elo ther eis too many trolls so midnset is a word without meaning.
That much for winning, but improving is a different thing. .-. That's the thing this is about, winning doesn't really matter if you are improving. ^^
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=8cZB3YvH,comment-id=00000000000100000000,timestamp=2017-03-23T10:15:19.413+0000) > > Depends on the sort of intentional feeding. What? There's no different kinds of "intentional feeding". It's either **intentional** or **unintentional**. That's the keyword. That's what makes the difference.
Yes, but I was talking about differanciating them. E.g. running into enemy turrets to die and intentionally playing bad so you'd die both are intentional feeding, yet one is easy to distinguish from being a bad player while the other one might be harder. So in the second case there might seem to be a fine line, but in the first case it's miles apart from just performing bad, don't you think? ^^
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: So i shouldnt report an afker? Your logic is dumb, like i wont have to reprot a crime coz the police will get the criminal anyway.
It's not about reporting, but talking about it in chat. The idea is that one Report flags a missbahaving player regardless, so asking others to report one is considered to be simply annoying. Let alone that by the most common definition of flame (calling someone's mistakes out without any positive affect) holds true to reportcalling. Reporting itself is something that is kinda encourage I suppose (else why would there be a report system), but it should be done in silence. (Just like you usually wouldn't urge your neighbor to report the same crime you did, no? ^^)
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: But there is a fine line between intentional feeding and just being bad at the game.
Depends on the sort of intentional feeding. But I had (rather short games) where I went beyond 10 deaths without needing to play any different than in the games where I'd rarely to never die.
: Lose-Loose
Part of it is people simply being not familiar enough with english, so they happen to just mistake them. (Similar to your - you're) Part of it might even be typos, while less likely I happen to misstype all sorta ways during a game, using the same letter twice would be no new one there. And part of it indeed might be it becoming a meme, at least here on boards it's a regulary adressed topic and I could see someone using it jokingly because of that.
: Anyone else doesn't listen to music when playing LoL?
There is pretty much no denying that music distracts to at least some extend. I guess it just depends how much one values music. I personally have music running at any point possible, it puts me at unease to not have (likely just habbit at this point). Someone who doesn't care about/isn't used to music as much and wants the clarity of ingame sounds or wants to focus better obviously won't use it in the background. (An abilities sound usually starts displaying before the cast, thus you can hear it sooner than you see the projectile/effect. Same with animations when you know what to look for.)
Ahridk (EUW)
: Should i main lux?
As someone who mains Lux... whenever I really want to wina game I play Ahri. Lux can do 1 thing and 1 thing only (Okay, and waveclear), Ahri can do the same thing slightly worse but many other things.
: She is better midlaner than supp. As supp she is a) moderately effective b) she deals too much damage so frequently she can prevent enemies from escaping only by killing them that your adc will hate you for taking kills.
I might be baised by mid-Lux, but if support Lux does anything it's not deal damage. :s
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: She has the best debuff a support can have. It makes her enemies health go 100-0 real fast, and then they are stuck in a grey screen unable to do anything.
If only Lux support could do that consistantly. :(
RocketRex (EUNE)
: Good bye lol
Good bye RocketRek, hope you find something mroe enjoyable to you! \o
: Dont oversimplificate it now. Towers deal too low dmg, shoot champions too slow. And You will never die from 2 sots. Btw - weren't You aa voulontier here? I mean green nickname.
I simply mean that I feel like turrets dealing not that much damage is just fine. .-. I don't particullary care about how much damage they really deal, as all that will change is how one plays around it. I just would prefer to not have to relearn it. v.v And I was, but that's past stuff anyways. ;)
True Sight (EUNE)
: D: (Or whatever drive it's installed on)\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game_client_en_gb\managedfiles\\DATA\Sounds\Wwise\VO\en_US\Characters\Lux\Skins\Base Go to that folder, there you will find the latest VO Then go to this folder: D:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game_client_en_gb\managedfiles\\DATA\Sounds\Wwise\VO\en_US\Characters\Lux\Skins\Base And copy Lux_Base_VO_audio.bnk and Lux_Base_VO_audio.wpk to the folder above **Overwrite the files** Before you do anything, backup these files. I wouldn't do it though, the new vo is kinda nice. (Jk it's %%%%ing annoying) **Also use this method at your own risk, I take no responsibility if you get banned, or if you corrupt any of your data. :^)**
Pretty sure medling with the game in that way isn't very in line with the ToU. :p Old voice was a normal voice, new one seems like they want to push some clichee through. <.<
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Don't forget {{champion:99}} :))
She dunz do much in terms of debuffing sadly. :( But I'd mention {{champion:37}}. Extremly versitile and has about everything, but not really in meta. :/
Rioter Comments
: The Kata changes are understandable, no matter if you consider it a nerf to her early or buff to her late game. I think the Lux buff will be fine and allows the **successful** Lux players to have **more impact**. Lux relies on her ult a lot. I am just not sure if more damage is a good solution to increase Lux's presence in a match, her ult cooldown is already low, but then again without her ult she is kinda useless and lacks damage, because igniting her passive with auto attacks is often too risky. At any rate there will be a huge wave of QQ once Lux gets picked more often because players want to try the new reset.
> I think the Lux buff will be fine and allows the successful Lux players to have more impact. Lux relies on her ult a lot. I dare say the 'sucessful' players, or more the situations that can make use of this change, will come out ahead even without it. .-. I wish they'd just give her more ways to work with her basic abilities, as those have an insanely long CD. Ehh, I shouldn't complain, but it just feels like it's one of the most random buffs, not sorting out her 'hit or miss' problem in the first place. v.v
ChaosJuda (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WpfbsMgp,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-22T01:24:52.296+0000) > > How does towers being strong or weak change the balance in this game? :o > It simply makes for it being played differently, I can&#x27;t see how it affects the balance. > > And I really don&#x27;t want to die in 2 turret shots as squishy, that seems really punishing. :c > I&#x27;d be scared to go anywhere close to towers then. &lt;.&lt; Since they give much advantage when they are destroyed, towers should be buffed, the damage they deal is too low, their fire speed is too low, it should be 2 shots per second and you shouldn't be warned when you are targeted, and by the way, you have to be scared if you're squishy and you want to take turret hits, if you fail or make a mistake you have to be punished, right now the game is way too forgiving in some aspects
I always consider that my enemies should be the ones punishing me for mistakes, not game elements. .-. But I guess that's where we just have a different point of view.
: How towers help when they deal less dmg than adc? (which is weak as hell atm) ...not mentioning other champs. If towers deal so low dmg in late than why they dealso much in early? It makes no sense. For me - i play tanks and since mid game i dont care about towers atall. I don't want faster games, i want BALANCED game. And atm state of lol is horriblu unbalanced.
How does towers being strong or weak change the balance in this game? :o It simply makes for it being played differently, I can't see how it affects the balance. And I really don't want to die in 2 turret shots as squishy, that seems really punishing. :c I'd be scared to go anywhere close to towers then. <.<
: >Why am I the only one who loves the direction they took with Aatrox? The problem with Aatrox is that he's so damn boring he makes Rammus look good. His concept art is a billion times better than the final product.
That's exactly what the update changes. Now you actually have to manage your bar and abuse the buff it gives, with great reward when done correctly. I really hope players will start picking him up soon, because I've seen players who actually toyed a round a bit with that do great things with him. And opposing to something like Rammus or Nunu you actually have the timings and the likes to both play with and around.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: This game ... is fked
Why am I the only one who loves the direction they took with Aatrox? .-. ----------- Eeh, all I can say is that I enjoy playing it, there is nothing else I look at when I decide whether to play it or not. So as long as any problems this game has don't influence me I don't see a reason to care about them.
ChaosJuda (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=avzAYiOd,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2017-03-21T22:17:15.522+0000) > > why not dodge it though? :o If the hitbox is correct ok, but it's bugged as hell
That's something I never found myself agreeing with. There is the occasionally really weird hitbox, but 99% of times no matter what the skillshot I can't find problems with them connecting or not connecting. <.<
: This gonna be good *Dies* Comes back into lane 20 seconds later > Demacia *Dies* Ends game 1/20/5
why not dodge it though? :o
ChaosJuda (EUW)
: Is that really necessary?
I'm trying to figure out how effective this will be ingame and I feel like it helps nothing at all and just feels very weird and out of line for her. If she gets kills with ult she won't need a second one, if she doesn't then this doesn't change anything. Giving her a way to reduce CDs of her basic spells would be how you can get Lux to actually be a meta relevant champion, but this would need to be compensated for with other things. As a Lux... kinda ex-Lux main I feel like this change is too weird for not really changing anything for her, it makes her be even more hit or miss than she already is which is her main problem in the first place.
: Well, I hope that Riot will one day make a skin that you´d like to use xD
Having a blast ranking with mid Karma and normals are used for tank Karma, I'm just greatful to have this champion in the first place. ^^
: But that´s the point!!! D: Its supposed to be precolombian!!
It having a point doesn't make it look any better to me.
: Why?!?! Sun Goddess looks amazing in game! Literally the Best skin model and for only 520Rp
Got it since ages, always hated it ingame. Headdress looks ugly there and I really don't like the amount of stone looking ornaments.
: It's crazy to see the improvements in the art department. Every time they manage to step it up and create something even more amazing. In my opinion, those might be the best splasharts yet. I absolutely love the style. --- Use this as a reminder of how far we've come: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/fOVYl7OSE9Y/maxresdefault.jpg
I really like the old Cait splash though... I admit that the new Rifel is awesome, but the pose keeps me nostalgic. :'(
So I actually now like tha splashes fo the skins I own. .-. Looking at ingame I'll stick with classic though. v.v
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