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Benshirro (EUW)
: RP Price Adjustment for Players in the UK
You guys seriously have no idea what you are doing do you? Why make the UK suffer when half the bloody players here probably aren't even old enough to have voted for this system. Your prices were borderline acceptable in the first place, but now you've just completely screwed it over. I've spent nearly £1,400 on league content, and don't regret any of it, but I can tell you for a fact I will not be purchasing anything else with Riot points again, as the value they provide is no longer worth the cost. You've lost £20 today, and probably another £1,400 over the next several years. GOOD JOB GUYS.
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: Should i wait to Solo/Duo QUE comes or play flex?
Actually everyone initially ranked up faster than they should and are now bitching because they've been put back to where they should be. In the new season as a solo player you can do 3 separate ranked queues (including soloQ for 3v3's), so I say go for them all :)
HellBlood (EUNE)
: are you kiddin me
If you think you're good enough to be in plat/diamond why are you even worried about being placed in bronze? you'd leave it in no time
: Got Ranked S6 Rewards, or not?
Read the news notice for it
: Probably the day after the 15.11.2016.
In some circles, we call this 16.11.2016 :P
: The surrender option
You'd rather 4 people who are having a bad time be forced to continue just because you don't want to? Seems pretty selfish.
: Still didnt get Season 7 rewards
That awkward moment when you want season 7 rewards before season 7 even starts
: Ranked Placements
You get placed higher if you weren't placed the season before.
read the notice they gave out, could be up to two weeks.
hi im gośu (EUNE)
: Why i didnt get Gold bord, and victorius maokai? if i am gold? Riot please.
Go read the information Riot gave out, it could still take up to like two weeks to receive all of your rewards.
duckarp (EUNE)
: I actually would advise against ignoring it. It looks like a debug log for behavioral analysis and if that's really the case, it can give us valuable data on how Riot's AI evaluates our behavior.
There's a very low chance it's to do with behavioral analysis, there are hundred if not thousands of variables that could have that name. Also behavioral debugging wouldn't be able to even write to the debug log in this game state. Also behavioral analysis wouldn't interact with an AI state.
Spirtuel (EUW)
: Summoner Icon
As far as I'm aware there wasn't one?
: Champion Mastery Prestige
Eventually they'll just release higher mastery levels which will add more stuff like this. Not quite sure what they're gonna add after the requirement of getting S rank, hopefully not S+ lol.
The Pexe (EUW)
: EUW Transfers
I'd imagine in two weeks when all of the season rewards have been distributed.
88marian88 (EUNE)
: A Question,,
The gap is 11months, the reason it was Jan last year is because it ended later than this season.
jump boy (EUW)
: before match and aftermatch chat are ruining my mood to play
tyvm (EUW)
: {{TIER}}
Congrats on reaching "{{Tier}}" this season!
KingTifa (EUNE)
: My friend is boosted
Not really your friend if your getting him reported lol.
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Diamond guy answering every questions asked
Hey, I've just made the switch from supp to mid because I found it pretty impossible to climb ranked as supp. I'm maining Annie, and so far it's going good, most of my matches I go like 20/4 (if you check my match history ignore my terrible play in ranked 3's), but find it's not always enough to carry games, and still lose many times even when this fed. My roaming is pretty decent but I was just wondering if you had any advice for carrying a match when fed early.
Min Yoongi (EUNE)
: that is spooky {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Yeah :P in the long run can't complain, we did get Captain Gangplank for free
: Lucian does not have CC, and therefor he does not have slow on his W. It's a movement speed boost for him.
Ah yeah, dunno why i thought it was a slow. FYI you got the statements in your first sentence the wrong way around, it should read "Lucian does not have slow on his W, and therefor he does not have CC". But i got the point.
Wex0r (EUW)
: erm dude you understand what volunteer is right ? you are not forced to play. So u do volunteer and you recieve payment in the form of entertainment and more than often vast quantities of Salt. (i hope you are just baiting/trolling cos if your serious you might want to stop chewing on your books at school and actually read them)
"Nothing in life is free" is a pretty common saying, you guys should chill the hell out.
: Lucian or Jhin ?
If you like Jinx you'll probably like Jihn. Lucian does have CC but it's not great, his W slows. I personally prefer Lucian, and it might be good to get him if you already have Jinx as a long range adc, it's probably good to get a balance.
Wex0r (EUW)
: ah but you volunteer your time !
not really, you can only really say you're not paying if you think your own life is worthless, which i'm sure you don't.
: PLease remove my LeaveBuster :'(
leaver buster punishment isn't triggered from just one occurrence too.
: Missing skins
think yourself lucky, a skin dissappeared from my account like a year ago and support didn't do anything about it, RIP Spooky Gangplank
Wex0r (EUW)
: erm league of legends is infact free
not overall its not. if no one paid for it there would be no league. also you're paying with your time. time is money
: "Impact Challenge" Summoner Icon
They told me it could be up to like 2 weeks, but i got mine a few hours later
: Ideas about a new name?
: feeling down. :(
Nothing in life is free
: Few questions about your ranked performance
Did you get to the tier (and division) where you wanted to be: Yeah, I haven't really played ranked before, even in this season, but I always hit Silver because I like the look of the border. What are your goals for next season: Next season I'm aiming for diamond, I know it's a pretty big jump, but I'm changing my role and I'm actually going to play ranked haha. Was it a long way to reach where you currently are, or you got there ez-pz: It was easy, got placed B3, got to Silver in one day then stopped, gives me good vibes about ranking next season. Did you perform better last year, or this year went better: I guess this year, last year I probably wouldn't have hit Silver that quickly from B3. What was your ranked experience overall this year: Not too bad, it's generally a pain in the ass climbing as support, hence why I don't play ranked, but next season I'm moving into Mid.
: MID= veigar - yasou adc= miss fortune - ashe SUPP= Thresh(preferably) - blitz TOP= Darius - Fiora JG= Master yi - jax
you could go arcade veigat, mf, blitx, then project fiora and yi, kinda like a techno based theme
: so i'm on negative 3lp
Sceizer (EUW)
: Would you rather?
1. Infinite boxes, because I only play a few champs and don't bother getting the boxes, but the keys come naturally anyway. 2. All the champions, if I only had free rotation then I would rarely be able to play what I wanted, this question is fairly redundant anyway seeing I have every champ and at least one skin for each :P But I guess kinda fits with my answer from question 1 as I only play like 3 or 4 champs.
XNackPlayzX (EUNE)
: Sorry Guys BUT I need So Much Riven
: Blackscreen after exiting a game
It's a client issue, so there's not really any need to post your PC specs. My client bugs out in a new way every patch, try running the repair tool, or reinstalling the game. Or maybe even just try Alt+F4 when the black screen appears.
shadowbig (EUNE)
: How can i change my client and in game to chinese font?
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: Found my freelo champ
I wouldn't say 7 games is enough to judge by, but I hope you're able to continue like this! It took me 2 seasons of playing support to decide that I really don't wanna climb as it. Good luck with your Nocturne adventures :)
: Building champion pool- flexibility vs hyperspecialization. which one is better?
Mastering one champion is picking smart, at least up until high plat+, in fact you need to specialize more, don't have 1-2 champs per lane, do this for one lane only. Of course if you're playing casually and you don't care about climbing then have fun on a variety and help the rest of your team out.
: Season rewards
If it's a 10 game one it's fine as long as you don't still have it when the season ends, only time based ones affect your rewards
: How much is my account worth? (not trying to sell it)
Log into and it tells you *It's a legitimate site owned by riot
: EUW PBE Signup
Been waiting about 3 years for PBE access so it's pretty hard to get any way
funship (EUW)
: I had High settings but the problem is my fps is always at 100+ even at uncapped it never goes higher than 150 and it sometimes drop. I get higher fps in csgo than in league and idk why.. i have vsync off too. also even on low settings fps is always the same for me, on my old pc which was way worse than my new pc i had 200+ fps.
lol you'd barely notice it past 150 anyway. look for updates for your graphics card.
MrSer3X (EUW)
: i wanna play on alpha
It's going into open beta soon.
funship (EUW)
: FPS drops win10 and new pc pls help me
What settings have you got on? I find turning off vsync and the tickbox below it take me from 60-400 fps
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Swag Crab YOLO,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=fcphz8nb,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-10-20T13:06:26.107+0000) > > That's not at all what i mean. I mean when someone posts saying "buying diamond+ accounts" there being an option to report for for violating terms of service, so an admin can come along, check it out and if they find it is they can remove it. If you're referring to a boards post, just any the most fitting category - it'll be looked at regardless. If you mean you want to report people on boards - this is specifically a no no. Use support for such things :-)
No it was just the posts I felt needed reporting but if you look at it for any report that works for me :)
: It doesn't exist, as it would encourage a violation of the [Universal Rules]( that state that naming and shaming is forbidden. It can only lead to a witchhunt and rarely does anything good. Secondly, the boards are not meant for sich things. Nobody here can do anything with it. There is no reason to believe a random guy who says that somebody is violating the ToS. If somebody really feels he should report a player for a violation of ToS, he can write a ticket to the support, which is the only permitted way to do that. Don't expect Riot to do something with one report by you. They have no reason to believe what you say is true.
That's not at all what i mean. I mean when someone posts saying "buying diamond+ accounts" there being an option to report for for violating terms of service, so an admin can come along, check it out and if they find it is they can remove it.
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