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: if you want to get high as possible maybe try something "meta" and carry valiable as champ
: You usually get placed in low silver if you perform reasonably well in your placement games (your first 10 ranked games). However, being bronze is nothing to be ashamed of. Granted we all like to mock them noob bronzies, but I'm plat (top 5% players) and objectively I'm still garbage. As are most people I encounter in my games. Rank doesn't mean everything. What rank are your friends btw?
I think they are gold
: i don't recommend hard champions for new players but if you still want to play hard champions you got yasou riven fiora aurelion sol irelia to name a few
ok thank you so much!
: what type of champion are you looking for mage assassin bruiser tank adc healer? and theres nothing wrong with getting bronze if this is your first moba thats normal ;)
Erm, I want to play something really hard so if I get good my friends will be like "OMG"
: First off, you'll need to own 20 champs before you can play ranked. Once you satisfy that requirement, I suggest the first thing you do is find a main role. A role you're prepared to learn all the intricacies of and play hundreds of games in. You can switch lanes whenever you want of course, but you'll be worse than you were before as you learn the new role. Also swapping around between roles constantly will definitely prevent you from climbing in ranks. Once you've found a role, find your main champions. 2, to 3 at most, main champs that optimally have complementary strengths (E.g. one tank one bruiser one carry champ for a top laner). You have to enjoy these champs, because like with roles, you'll be playing them a lot and swapping around between champs all the time will stop you from climbing. Once you know what champs you want to play, check out all available resources on the internet to really understand how to play those champs. Read guides on mobafire. Go on youtube and watch guides that teach you the best playstyles, combos, tips and tricks regarding those champions. Then do some more research and watch youtube videos that teach you about general game knowledge. How to cs. How to roam. How to trade. (I recommend the "Leaguecraft 101" series by phroxzon on youtube: . It teaches you everything you need to know to get to high elo and will prevent you from developing bad habits.) And once you've done that, there is one last step before going into ranked full force. Adjust your mindset. Unless you're a 1 in a million prodigy, and for some reason have insane natural talent at this game, you will not get very high in ranking in your first season. Climbing will be a slow process for most players, especially new ones. The most important thing is to not get discouraged or frustrated. Don't blame your teammates for your inability to climb. Even though some games you just can't win, most games are winnable if you yourself perform well enough. So instead of blaming your team, focus on becoming good enough to carry even the most garbage teams, and you will climb for sure. Remember, the enemy team is just as bad as your teammates. Try to always have a positive attitude and don't flame or lash out at your teammates, no matter what. Even if they're being assholes and lose on purpose. It doesn't help, it makes you angry and can lead to you losing your account by getting banned. Also don't expect much if you don't play much. If you can't play often enough, there are certain ranks you will simply never reach, because others pour more time into this game. I'm not saying you should play 24/7 im just reminding you to have realistic expectations. Now you're ready to go into ranked. One last thing i want to give you on your way though: Always remember to enjoy the game. Your rank is worth nothing if you didn't enjoy the time you spent getting it. As long as you have fun, even if your screen shows you that defeat banner, you're always winning.
Thanks mega a lot for your advice. I'll take it all into account. Is there a fast easy way to not rank bronze because I will never hear the end of it from my friends.
: if this is your first moba you will be getting bronze elo if its not and you have played over moba you might get high - low silver once you have chosen your role mid are assassins and mages top are normally tanks and bruisers adc are your attack damage carrys supports are your tanks or healers or what not and jungle can be tanks to assassins to bruisers once you pick your role pick 2 -3 champions and master them watch challenger one tricks that play the champs etc. learn what champions do!!! when i first started this game i was bronze 4 because i had no idea what any champion did learn what each champion does then you gain the knowledge to counter them and beat them it takes time your not going to learn all the champs in one day but a good start would be learning all the champions in your role objectives are the aim of the game not kills so look for towers dragons baron herald inhibs don't just chase kills and you should be good on another note this is by far the best educational channel for lol and i highly recommend it ! they cover all the roles to
This is my first moba, I normally play shooter games. Do you have any recommendations for summoner champions to pick. Thank you for the response!
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