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: When server change downloading the 4gb package problem
i just wanna add that it's not about the servers... same for EUW/EUNE/NA :) hoping for a fix or explanation how to avoid the permapatching
Coxis (EUW)
: [Volu] Christmas Header Contest the teemo is the picture of riot's merch shop for the plush - the rest is some quality work of my own {{summoner:30}}
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: Can we have the option to pixelate a champ in the game to oblivion or just smthn in that direction?
i honestly feel with you... but talking like zoe is the only champion like that.... did you forget about ivern {{champion:427}} and his %%%%%%ed skin pretty much everyone uses?
: Crash client mostly all the time in logo screen waith for log in game
i got exactly the same problem since yesterday... let's see if we get any helpful answers :)
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: New Client Clubs
it's not only the clubs but the chat system over all that's annoying... the messages you write ingame aren't copied into the client chat anymore so you don't see the overall conversation anymore the message-symbol down there is glowing nonstop, so you never know whether you got new messages or not and if so: WHO DID IT SEND? (the chat history doesn't show the new messages until you clicked the chat with the person that wrote :D) but yeah back to the topic: 1) let us see the status of club members like in the old client instead of showing that X people are online without any extra knowledge who/how 2) let us invite club members again, if you have to put everyone of them on your friendlist anyway there is no use for clubs...
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Xapie (EUW)
riven mains but no toxic ppl.... like wtf {{summoner:31}}
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