Hillnor (EUW)
: The problem is that you had some bad games (whether your teammates fault or not) and you try to solve it yourself. There are 5 players in your team, which means that you skill only decides 20% of the games, so, unless you are really good (and by that I mean you should be doing 30-0 scores in silver), 4 out of 5 games it doesn't actually matter what you do. If you play with a premade team or manage to get randoms to play as a team, this doesn't happen, and your skill will actually be impactful in the game.
Okay let me tell you what i do every game. I get at least 4 to 5 turrets, get all drakes and all scuttles. Have over 50% kill participation, while their jungler is 5 levels behind. I kill their carries 1v3 and they still die. What more can i do? I mean im not saying i should win every game but under 50% winrate with 9 cspm and top damage in every category? ....
Hillnor (EUW)
: -Trynda is itself a weak champion, with some basic CC (even a slow) you'll die without doi9ng significant damage in a teamfight. -Your K/D/A means little to nothing, no matter how many kills you get if you can't end the game (winning obviosuly). -Stop trying to "carry" while telling your team to play safe, while you're not with them, there is a high chance the enemy can dive them anywhere, meaning the concept of playing safe does not exist at all. This is a team game, if you want to play solo, I personally recoomend you Starcraft 2, it's a really good RTS (probably the best one) and you can play 1v1 ladder and that way you won't have problems with not properly coordinating with your team, if you lose there, is because you were worse.
Yeah i get it, played adc too but adcs just doesn't impact the game at all. I had plat 3 kai'sa main account on eune (65% winrate), somehow i got worse after i stopped playing there, and i can't seem to carry like i used to. I went like 35-5 with quadras and pentas in gold elo pretty commonly, now i struggle in silver with basically every champ. I don't know what happened. Regarding teamfights, trynda is s tier with her ap build (mobile af). So noone can stop me. The problem is, my team won't group, and they won't do objectives, just chase for kills, plus they don't listen. It seems like quality of gameplay got worse, or am i just imagining things? And yeah they can't dive them in first 5 minutes, so there is no reason to be 0-4 in first 6-7 minutes of the game.
: Jungle or Top those two points still apply, know when to push a lane or join a fight, if anything i would recommend you to go and watch Dong Huap's video on Youtube about a Trydamere who is challenger. Pretty much all he says is exactly what i said, you gotta know when to do stuff. I used to play udyr jungle a lot, and all i did to win games was just split push when my team was holding off the enemy, and i was also just the jungler. I cant help you more than that since i dont know how you play, all i see is you kda and such. :/
I do basically everything, but my bot is 0-25 or so every game. They don't listen, and i can't outsplit 5 people, since they can't hold base. Weird elo. To me, it seems like it's pretty random, either i get a decent team, or double digit guys, which is uncarriable unfortunately because they get stomped midlane in like 15 mins.
: Your KDA isnt everything, especially when playing trynda, you gotta know two basic things: -Should i hard push lane, try to get innib, rotate bot and do the same or -Should I go and help my team since i can actually help them win the fight It doesnt matter what your team says, if you think its a better idea to just hard push top, do it, most likely the enemy team are going to be all together and by the time they notice you, you already took innib and are already on nexus turrets.
I'm playing jungle. And i have most objective dmg and turret dmg every game. Oh yea about that. There is no point like that in my games, They int so hard, i hardly get to the point of splitpushing or having a meaningful teamfight unfortunately.
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