LA Losty (EUW)
: Its not Riots fault that you are incapable of understanding their system. Show me the evidence of Riots illegal actions please.
simple, paste a screen shot of how much you spent last year to how much i spent, you will see all mine is only IP yours will be RP this is the illegal part :) gld i can teach a young person sopmething
LA Losty (EUW)
: As i said in my other comment im no streamer but i got placed in platinum 3 myself, and im now back up in platinum 1 after about a week of playing ranked. The system compares you to other players. Its easier to go 10/0 against bronze players than it is to go 5/5 against challenger players. You keep saying im wrong, how about you show me some god damn evidence then?
like i said i will show it if required, you are mean to go against people of the same level, its not my fault of their ranking system is a piece of shit and doesnt work
LA Losty (EUW)
: You are usually placed lower in the beginning as the season, as the system compares you to other players in order to place you. Since most high ranks only are placed in platinum (since you cant be placed higher) compared to them, you should be placed lower which is why you got your current rank. At least you have a whole year to get back up there, and being placed 1 division lower than last season is not bad at all. Think about the challengers who place more than a WHOLE LEAGUE lower than last season EVEN IF THEY GO 10/0. Also there is nothing to "take public" it is already public, this is how it is for everyone. Got it?
no your wrong actually. this is not public for everyone, the people who pay riot to use their name in twitch dont get ranked lower they get ranked higher, this is ILLEGAL, i deal wioth contracts in real life and its a massive thing that was made in 2010. i can post it if you likfe, but this is highly illegal. if you go 10/0 then you should be placed in the highset rankings, it states its all fresh and reset. so it should go back to the begining.
LA Losty (EUW)
: That is the most absurd thing i have heard in a long time. You are playing against low ranks, and they are playing against high ranks. Do you think going 8/2 against bronzies > 4/6 against diamonds? When placing you, they take your mmr into account, and your placement also depends on who you play against aswell as how many you win. Also good luck in court, because after every single god damn patch, you agree to Riots ToU, where it basically says that they OWN your account. They could wipe their arse with it if they wanted to.
see this is where you are wrong, it makes no difference who you ply against, they state rankings are reset in the new placement so yeah, this is going against there EULA :D do you need me to copy and paste? or do you not read what you agrree to
Barty (EUNE)
: I was plat 5 -> went 7-3 -> got into Gold 5. Gold 1 now. Lol, you want to talk to your lawyer? Take Riot to court because you fell into bronze in their game? o.O
so i beat you in placement matches and end up in the bottom tier? yeah that seems right doesnt it? and tbh yes it is an illegal thing they are doing, its the same as business if you are paying to earn a contract that is actually illegal. i can show you if you want :)
: 8-2
well good for you, i am tired of this last 2 seasons i have been dropped down into bronze going from mid silver, if im 8-2 i have seen people do there placement that gets paid by riot akak anklespankin or imaqtiepie or scarra or solwolf or a number of others that do it that get paid that go straight into high ranks. i outplay them and have crushed them and get placed here? i spend my money with them i want it fiar. i want a mod now or a lawsuit will happen
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: chat restriction for 75 games
well thats what im saking. show me where i was reported!! i should be allowed to see that
: chat restriction for 75 games
well that is total crap as i dont get reported. i dont swear in game i just get on with it. this is highly unfair and i watt it sorted out now!! i have paid enough into this game and i dont do anything wrong how is that fair.
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