: Riot, what the hell are you doing?!
Bit harsh but I do agree the game has gotten more unstable when Teamfight Tactics was released so I cannot fully deny that.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: TFT is NOT RNG based, it's actually worse, and i'll tell you why.
I don't believe opponents who are eliminated have their champions get shoved back into the pool otherwise I'd of seen more Draven's or Swain's on the higher end or even that 1 Tristana I need! It is a pain being so close yet unable to get the one you need. Oh and, fix the number of item drops everyone gets... when I get none but others get 3 or more... it is no fun.
jHMartins (EUW)
: hhmm could work, never seen a yordle build late game tho
If I recall, you'd need Tristana, Gnar, Poppy, Veigar, Lulu and Kennen. That gives a 50% dodge rate on all Yordles. If you are able to get a Nidalee and Elise/Swain in then you get more perks such as the Shapeshifter and Wild Perks. All in all, Kennen gains 40% damage, all Yordles get a 50% chance to dodge, the wild troops (Nidalee/Gnar) get 35% attack speed from 5 attacks and the shape shifters gain 100% bonus health which for Gnar is insanely high.
Orvvadasz1 (EUNE)
: I had 8 warwick and I didnt find the 9. for 6 matchup straight. While I rerolled the champ pool like 18 times.
That's what I mean. Almost impossible to find commons after a certain point in the game.
jHMartins (EUW)
: [TFT] Can we talk a bit about assassins?
I think someone was complaining their tanky Garen was instantly killed due to an Assassin. TO be fair, critical strikes in TFT are so inconsistent that a PD Yordle comp makes Tristana practically unkillable.
Even 2 Glacial's is powerful but a full Glacial comp is incredibly squishy and frail so if assassins get lucky, then Ashe or Anivia will be burst down before they can even strike. Of course Braum Leona can somewhat mitigate it but still.
: first of all i agree with u in this game if u dont have items u will lose 100% but ur other points are wrong like the store , rito cant gives u all champs that u need to just buy them its not fun i mean this game depends on LUCK like hearthstone plus i know in TFT u have some strong champs like DRAVEN \ vayne but just to know draven needs 4 gold to buy him wihch means draven is an EPIC champion not like garen who needs 1 gold what i'm trying 2 say is : u have legendary champs like gnar \ swain and u have epic champs like draven \ brand and u have blue champs like ashe and green champs like varus and normal champs like garen elc legendary > epic > blue > green ? normal ( white )
From my experience, by the time epics and legendaries start showing up, the commons are incredibly difficult to find. Even early game has this problem. What's funny is that, I can find multiple Kayle's to get a quick 2 star but can't find enough for the Noble Garen/Vayne/Fiora who are all commons. But as for the items? I do agree it needs to be balanced like everyone is guaranteed 3 items and the drop rate is more balanced so you don't see someone with 3 {{item:1038}} and someone with 3 Spatulas or someone with 3 {{item:1031}} . Then of course, some champions are incredibly unbalanced. Why would I use someone like Fiora when Darius is so much better as an example
Cypherous (EUW)
: (TFT Excluded)
They are concerned that the 100+ gold people make is going to break the bank (or more likely Mordekaiser the game)
: Yup, you can. I had games where I got 3, and games where I got none, so yea.
It's so unbalanced when I get no items but the enemy somehow got 4! 4! Do you realize how unfair that is? I won't get started on the bull that your rolls never give you champions you need for 2/3 stars but happily give it to the enemies so that by the time 15 minutes passes, they have 3 champions at 3 stars! Unacceptable Riot!
: Please remove the RNG in TFT from camp item drops
I completely agree that the RNG in TFT in general is unbalanced but I find the fact people getting multiple Spatulas while I get nothing is so unfair. Of course, that's not counting the Bull of people getting 3 star troops at like 2-5/6.
: 3? most you can get is 2
Wrong. You can get 3 from the first few waves so it is unfair.
: Yet another nerf because of Pro-Play
Vlad's always been a problem. Remember Rito regretting making him because of his ungodly high sustain (Yet they are fine with letting Sylas recover 100+ at level 2?). Riven needs serious nerfs or remove the effect on Spear of Shojin that takes 20% off cooldown per hit or weaken it to 5% to make it much less exploitable but no, because she has a 10% win rate in some remote bizarre server no-one heard of until now she won't be nerfed. Then we have the most infamous example of Ryze. How many times has this guy been gutted and reworked before being gutted even more? Poor guy needs to stop being negatively nerfed. Kalista and Azir are in a similar boat but haven't been reworked.
Mártir (EUW)
: So Lux gets another Skin, while there are Champs that dont for like 4 years... :-D
Lux isn't even getting 1 skin but 2... she is getting a prestige skin on top of it. Hello?! You have 15 different champions who have gone over 1000 days without a skin.
: is sylas weak?
Normal games are, for a better term, a mess. Just... never go pure normal. Draft works so much better than hoping and praying you don't end up with triple jungle. As for Sylas, I don't know... healing for 150+ HP at level 2 is stupidly strong and only gets worse as the game goes along. He does feel bad when you fall behind and even pros can't do much with him so yeah... there is that.
: What you mentioned have been engraved in my mind for years now xD There was a period where i even tried to suggest solutions to makehis it more fair. * Remove one of the passives * Change the windwall to be similar to braum without the full nullifying effect or have a healthbar similar to Yoric's circle. * Make his dash timed like Taric's q * Remove tower safety from ult * Keep the ult getting triggered by any knockup but when activated by a knockup other than his own q put the R on a longer cooldown compared to if he activated the knockup using his own q. Solid solutions that keeps the identity of yasuo but makes him more fair to play against, however due to the lack of attention from Riot and their stubborn state with not touching him i just gave up.
Oh I agree but alas, Yasuo mains are also one of the most toxic groups of people along with Riven, Vayne, Yi and Zed (Huh... all AD with multiple mobility...). Banning a Yasuo 20% winrate one trick or Moe's choice tends to result in them running it down anyway or trolling with Tahm Kench. Meanwhile, mains of champions like Singed and maybe Trundle are the most chillest people ever. Not giving a crap and playing the game as it should be, a game. Not "OMG! YOU BANNED MY 1 V 9 POTENTIAL! REPORTED! LOSING THIS GAME FOR EVERYONE" and then in game try to play the victim despite literally having ghost/cleanse Nunu.
: Last time i'm letting someone play Yasuo in my games
Yasuo is one of the most frustrating champions to go against outside of Riven (Both are stupidly OP, especially Riven who Rito admitted was OP). Yasuo should not have a shield and double crit chance (Oh but what about Rengar having 3?! True, he shouldn't have 3 either but he doesn't get double crit chance or a free 500+ shield from walking). The fact his Q used to last 10 seconds was stupid but even now it still deals absurd damage. Windwall should not block ultimates, especially if the projectile hits him but he windwalled the opposite direction and somehow negated all damage. His dash needs a longer nerf like Riven's dashes + shield. Too easy to get unnatural dashes or remove his ability to Q while dashing. Ult should only work on his tornados. No Malphite ult, no Shyvana ulting in, no Draven E. None of that should help him. That's not all, Yasuo's in your team will usually go 0/21/0 or go full AP and still end up going 1/18/2 while the enemy has full build at 15 minutes and is pretty much unkillable. TLDR: Ban Yasuo, not worth the headache.
: I don't get the ranked system
Love the league community. When there is a genuine question and not something stupid like time, it still gets downvoted and denied. Good job community! Good job! Also funny when they don't even leave their reasoning. Hypocrites. As for the topic at hand, I'd say it's a bug in the systems thinking you are still in placement games but you aren't. I would probably report it but it might be too late and could result in a perma ban.
: Interesting lvl 31 account leveled in 2017/early2018 and only played in mid 2019. Exclusively used for posting on forums over long hiatuses, farming upvotes with easy(but inoffensive) jabs at Riot Hmm 🤔
I don't really play league much anymore, maybe the odd game if I feel like it but considering I also had another account which was my main that I don't use on forums, that "hmm" seems a bit redundant.
: Banning your team's picks
I mean, you can ban whoever you want, if the ADC wants to go Yasuo and has a 20% winrate over 100 games... yeah no, that's going to be banned. No reason for inting and Nunu support is pretty atrocious, especially if you only picked it to steal your own allies buffs and stop Nasus from stacking on top of leaving the ADC alone.
: _You don't agree with me so I downvote you without trying to see if you are actually right._
I see both sides arguments. On one hand, OP is kind of right since you don't typically see 01:00 AM written down, most of the time the first 0 is ignored and with the argument of 24 hours, it kind of makes sense. On the other hand, yeah, 01:00 could be universally used for both AM and PM. Some people take a while to figure out the mistakes they made or try to wrap the problems in their head.
: If I go AP Master Yi support, is it trolling?
Pretty much trolling since his only real AP scaling is his Meditate. In the past you could get away with AP Yi but now? You would be reported for trolling. That and Yi support is very terrible, I've tried it before and like others such as Olaf or Zed Support... it won't work well.
: About the new aram
I'd say be cautious of the patch notes. I don't think they mention that damage gets reduced after 700 attack range but considering it doesn't seem to work in game, be wary.
Jivo Zdravo (EUNE)
: How exactly does "Your Shop" works?
There's a chance you might not even get a skin for either of the champions you've been using but in the case of the other spots, you will get the champion with the skin so a 50% on a 975 skin and champion is the same price as if they were separate.
: Questions about Your Shop
As soon as your shop appears, everything is pre determined. Someone got a Frozen Nocturne skin from a re-roll before checking their your shop and saw that one spot already opened up with it saying "owned" meaning it is already decided the second it appears.
: Don't they teach the clock in schools any more ? > The only other thing I assume is they mean 13:00 Yes. 1PM means 1 post meridiem - as in AFTER MIDDAY. You don't have to assume it, it's exactly like that, since they stated it.
To be fair with OP, the only two ways taught in school are either the 00:00 to 23:59 method or the simple 1:00 - 12:00 with AM/PM involved. Never really seen both methods fused together and isn't really taught in schools.
: Like "Ace Fuzionz" I don't trust you that you are a real beginner. If you are indeed you will get separated really fast from smurfs (that are way more skilled than you). But in every ELO there will be "smart" players who tell you how the game should be played while the majority of their advices are trash until high diamond and then it is just real trash-talking. Every MP nowadays is toxic, especially teambased pvp games...
Considering a lot of beginners do a lot of stupid stuff like accidentally entering tower range, not moving when being attacked and so on, someone who had a bit of experience with MMO's might be mixed into the smurf group by accident. Of course, the system sucks and the first few games could have all enemy smurfs flaming each other while the new player could only be with other new players or unfortunately bots.
The fact you can't dodge in promos is so stupid. If you get stupid picks like TF Support or Yasuo Jungle or full AD/AP comps then problems arise. You can't dodge and if someone is intentionally trolling, you are just screwed.
: Really Rito? (Bounty System)
CS should never increase bounty if it's already at 300 base. If you are worth 274 gold and cs well, fair enough, you'll go back up to 300 but for the love of god don't go further. I like the new bounty system but having CS be a factor is so stupid and makes what seems like an even lane into a dangerous game if you have a 600 gold bounty by having 5 more cs than the enemy.
Pavle2001 (EUW)
: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/7boK2eeH-is-this-punishable-pleaes-some1-answear-me Soraka jungle adc in diamond elo Riot : He might've had a bad game lol Btw another green was indirectly defending this troll :) . I guess saying meanie words to people who intentionally throw games is worse than them actually doing it
I noticed, the majority of green tags defend trolls and try to throw shade onto the user who created the post which is just downright scummy. There was also the incident where, despite clearly indicating and communicating with their team, the Singed Master was suspended for playing Smite Singed Support. I think this is there way of killing the game off.
: 14 day ban for one urf game - is riots punishment system unjust? [proof inside]
So Soraka isn't banned but you got banned for a bad game in urf where it's meant to be for fun? Wow... what about the people who troll and intentionally feed in ranked games over and over? One guy with 60 straight Nunu games and still playing or that guy with a 0% win rate on Tahm Kench over 280 games. Nope, they weren't punished but this for one game? Wow... They can't balance shit, can't sort out bugs (Morde especially) and now ban people for 1 game in what should be a fun gamemode while letting flamers play on?
PoLiteUs (EUW)
: So many bugs since 8.24? What's going on Riot?
Don't forget that lots of people are having problems with right clicking minions or towers. Rito is letting Yorick dig the game into an early Grave.
: Yeah they'll tell you where you can find EA.
Bethesda is trying to climb up there for banned someone for having too much ammo in Fallout 76 from 900 hours! I'm speechless. Imagine playing 900 hours in a game like this only to be banned for "Having too many champions"
Shamose (EUW)
: > HELLO WORST COMPANY ON THIS WORLD Sorry but activision is 3 doors down.
I mean, full price for a triple A game with a season pass with battle passes and now sneakily added lootboxes? Yeah, Activision is far worse... don't forget EA either.
: Never ending concluding game screen
Riot, fix your damn game! Just happened again after another game. Great, got to go to the support client again to report more flamers and toxic players.
: All bots have Cleanse/Smite?
Same for Intermediate difficulty as well. I have no idea why this bug hasn't been fixed. It's been over a year since the first variant of the bug. Rito doesn't care like the optimizing of the client.
Rioter Comments
Sunwise (EUNE)
: I think the Shield isn't the problem, But the fact that If you tried to Pop it using an AutoAttack he entirly engages on you without an easy Escape, That why I thought Limiting his E would be a Good thing, What do you think about that?
That's what I mean, if his passive removed the shield, he'd would have a lot weaker early game due to a lack of 100+ shield power. Alternatively, let any minion hit or tower hit destroy it instantly. I get the idea behind the charges on his dash but I think Aatrox had a problem with it and got changed due to it.
Sunwise (EUNE)
: Limited Charges on Yasuo's Sweeping Blade (E) and a Healthbar or Ticks on his Windwall (W) maybe?
I personally think he needs his shield removed from the passive and only allowed on his ult which lasts for five seconds. That way, he doesn't get a shield by doing nothing and would leave the rest of his kit untouched.
Shamose (EUW)
: It has happened with past reworks, even things like Pax sivir and Championship riven came back. There is a good chance those skins will be obtainable in some way or another.
I suppose they might just border the originals and make a duplicate with a new name. Only old skins without a border was the medieval twitch and grey warwick for whatever reason. Would be nice to get Silver Kayle but not optimistic about it.
ShyQuinn (EUW)
: Will Silver and Judgement Kayle be available for purchase?
I seriously doubt they will do that. If they would, I can imagine the outcry of rage about people who played ranked in season 1 going up in arms over the outrage (Even if they got a border, they probably wouldn't be happy) but it's a shame since the new splash art looks absolutely gorgeous, especially for Silver Kayle.
Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Do you actually get worse players in your promos?
The fact you have to play promos is a stupid design decision since, what if you get a Kog'maw Support or Azir Jungle? You'll be forced to play through it and the excuse of "It's special, you deserve people a division lower while the enemy is a division higher" is absurd.
northellion (EUNE)
: Trolling goes unpunished
Worst part? If you were in your promos, you couldn't dodge anyway... so counterproductive since trolls can effortlessly kill a promo series.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Answer me this, why don't I get any gold then but lose the proc for spellthief's if my ADC dies/ints/backs/dc's? because you dont get it either with targon, so whats the big deal here? if you play support you wont notice a thing and actually youll get a little more/be able to finish the mission faster, and they cant be abused on solo lanes
Targon is usually for tanks and after a fight, the support tends to back as well unlike with Spellthief's where, even if your ADC backed but the tower was able to be hit 3 times, you no longer get the 60 gold, which could easily complete the quest now. That's absurdly stupid. Also no reason to poke with Fiddles support either if defending the tower. Not counting the fact the ADC could be a troll and not ever go bot lane in the first place. What then?
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Champions price is based on what?
So many are still at 4800 BE which is... hellish since they don't usually get dropped down in price until 3 champions are released.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: As support main, I was like "Why it takes to much time to complete this quest for wards"....
I find it funny that people say supports deserve the nerf. Those people probably never play support. The gold increase is barely worth while and the penalty on spellthief is STILL there even without anyone nearby. Gee, thanks Rito!
ArTicMyth (EUW)
: Akali is the equivalent of a caster minion.
: Are u kiding me? first of all, these items were made for supports. Second, the range u are talking about is 1500 units, which is basically the distance between tower and the midle of the lane. Is big enough to proc every stack without problem if u are playing support, this effect is only noticable if u are in a solo lane. And the coin item now gives immense gold. And nothing stops u from protectign tower wtf, KILL THE DAMN MINIONS if you are alone, why would u let them die XD!
Okay, cool. Answer me this, why don't I get any gold then but lose the proc for spellthief's if my ADC dies/ints/backs/dc's? Why do I still get punished with 12 second penalty per minion if none of my team is nearby but they need to be if I want gold from the procs? Hello?! That's what I am saying is the problem. What if I need 40 Gold and 2 hits on the tower would get me the completion of the quest but the ADC backed off? RIP getting that quest done without having to back twice or stay very low when they return. Honestly you are right though on the Ancient Coin, it needs the same penalty as Spellthief's and let's toss it onto Relic Shield line as well except it carries on after completing the quest since, well, the realm of nerfing support items is around.
: coin and spellthief are actualy geting bufed for supports and nerfed for solos in the next patch. Go read the PBE cycle
You mean the live hotfix where you get a whooping +1/2 gold extra on Spellthief/Frostfang respectively or +3/+5 gold from Ancient Coin/Nomad's Medallion respectively? Sure it sounds like a buff but then you read the fine print. Must be within a select range for it to trigger so that means you can no longer poke in the bot lane with Spellthief as it now consumes the charge without getting gold, gives you the 12 second penalty on a minion kill AND is easily the worst of the trio now. Ancient Coin on the other hand is just as bad. Without an ally nearby, you can only get mana and not gold at all regardless of if 1 minion or 1000 die near you. That makes it pointless to try and defend solo and protect the tower if you get nothing from it. May as well kill Cannons and other minions since there is no penalty for doing so. Gee, fun(!) Do you see the problem? The "buff" is a hard nerf, especially for the ADC's who refuse to stick to the support or do int worthy things making it hell for the support to complete the quest or even get gold.
Zenith (EUNE)
: Bigger penalties for queue dodging!
If I recall, it's 15 minutes first, then 30 then 60 minutes for dodging a ranked game. Might be wrong on that but I mean, games usually don't last as long as half an hour.
Ranzbart (EUW)
: Nasus W is causing him to be an uninteractive frustrating champ to play against
Nasus does need nerfs. His passive, W and half Q CD on ult easily escalate the problems and that's not counting the recent change from +6 to +12 on large minions. Shame you can't ban more than one champion.
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