Hansiman (EUNE)
: Normally they're forced to change their name upon first offense. Should they again at some point change their name to something offensive, I believe bans are issued.
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SoShady (EUNE)
: Champion Sexualization
I wonder if he counted Zoe as sexualized female... If so, he has some fetish for Younger adults. Also most 18+ related is around Jinx and Graves... Idk why but those 2 characters always achieved to most love posts..
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It's not reaction time, it's all about predicting stuff. You imagine what Leblanc or whatever you're facing could do, how you would counter those attempts and you just keep all those mental notes in your mind during your whole game(or only at specific situations). You also keep in mind the range at which she can start executing her combo or you can base it on what range they did it in previous attempts. When an enemy gets close to those ranges you intensify your focus. People often seem to think that in video games it's all about crazy reaction time, but it's wrong, it's all just small chess matches, even in fighting games. Small note, reaction time still matters, but I feel like people often overvalue it thinking like that's all there is to it.
I already know multiple levels of predictions. It's responding to them that is the problem. I can see 1,5 seconds ahead before things happen. But that's not a problem. The problem that I need to understand the situation. Think like this, I'm playing a Tank in top against a Riven. She wasted her Q for zoning and has 6 secs CD, in the time I must go forward get the CS I am able to get and when her CDs are back up I must understand which path and where Riven is going to end up. Usually I get this about 80% of the time and survive due to calculations. But those 20% of the time, is usually a response you cannot predict too. This is what one can call "RNG tactic" tactic that the user goes over their heads and do the unpredictable thing. You often see this in pro play also known as "Madlife prediction" it's the same thing. For ex, going back to the tank play. You calculate that the Riven won't attack cause of her CD, but even if her cds are down, she still goes in and tries to kill you. Even if you has the advantage as a she will probobly still deny you minions cause she is going to fight you, unless you fight back. But Usually there's minions where the opponent is and you know even if you have abilities and she doesn't if she goes in, you need to immediately back off cause if she can delay you for just 4 seconds. She will always have the advantage, even if she's 20% lower HP than you are. And that's the risk for both cases. The RNG tactic usually triggers panic and makes reaction time even slower cause of you being much more focused. You never know when a jungler is going to show up in solo que and the RNG tactic will always just drag out a flash or a kill cause you have no idea why the enemy would go agressive. There's a way to counter this doe, If you ward properly and knowing that you have the advantage also calculate exactly the amount of time you could spend CSing. But no one is perfect so no one can do this 100% of the time. I can only do it 20% of the time. And those 20% of the time are based around reaction. Faker used to be a perfect player where he was able to see 5 seconds ahead before they happen which made him position himself just perfectly but after his loss at worlds that prediction has gone down to only 2 seconds. Making him do faults and prediction faults he was able to prevent before. Reaction is necessary. Perfect prediction only is given to talented people. And I am not talented.
: You could get your eyes checked just in case tho, ask them test your peripheral sight as well, usually they'll have u stare into a sort of isolated screen and give you a controller and you have to press it whenever you see dots of light.
Sadly I don't afford a doctor.
: Yeah, gotta visit Urgot again sometime to improve that R timing... ... To be honest I'm having a bit trouble with keeping my Hextech Chest counter at 0, since I've been running out of viable toplaners. OCD doesn't allow me play things I like, until I clear that counter. Anyway... Poking with Q is relatively easy since Yas has some casting time on Q's and E's distance gets quite predictable after a while. EDIT. Nevermind the chest thing, got Irelia and Garen today. Was pretty drunk on power... Still feeling guilty for ksing jungler with Bladesurge once. Sorry Pantheon. I had issues with patience that game, we still got triple S that game though, what a nice Janna I had during my killing spree.
Me and my play mate made a promise some weeks ago, having to get least 3 champions from each role to mastery 5, and they must be the lowest rank. It is very easy to get a chest that way while also learning champions you are probobly having problems with since you can't play them yourself. It's a really effective way of gaining experience. For ex, playing tank helps you understand the basics of CC, playing adc the basic of CSing and kiting, support the basics of giving your life for your team and increase of warding and last but not least midlane/jungle to increase your ways of roaming abilities. And ontop of that you will get flamed a lot, so getting experience from flamers to reduce your tilt meter by a large amount. This also gets you Hextech chests for all those champions since it's guarantied that you will get S atleast once. ^_^
: My first ever game against players ... went pretty much how you'd expect :l
Welcome to the game of smurf players :D Smurfs = High Experienced Veteran players who play against Beginners to feel superior by doing evil deeds.
: But they can't beat me! While they were partying, I studied the blade! ... Actually multiple ones {{champion:39}}... :P But honestly... Statistics may say otherwise, but I feek confident against Yasuos top while playing Urgot. They feel oddly pleasant to grind with R... I still have to bait windwall, but it's fine, they usually fall for it.
Urgot players never use your Ult from a distance unless they know 100% they will get a kill (I am mastery 7 on him) Usually I Q to poke until a yasuo comits in fighting instead of taking more poke than he wants. At the moment a Yasuo commits, a suicide attempt begins. Either they kill the Urgot though getting a gank or outdamaging juking him. But that's impossible with a 70% slow on them from the start of the fight. Did you know Urgot's ult Slows the target by an amount depending on the target's HP? If an Urgot use the ult the first thing the do and combo it with a E>Q>W It's a insta kill no matter who it is. Yasuo Players can't run back and through the windwall due the large amount of slows and already after the E>Q Yasuo's HP is on 30% meaning The slow from the ult has increased by double the amount it started with. After that it's just waiting for a flash or a kill from auto's. usually You never get to use the 2nd point of Urgot's ult in a Yasuo duel. But It's always guaranties a won trade. I asked a Yasuo player before how this matchup is to him, and they always either call Urgot an OP champion or they say the have beat them 100% of the time with some magical force that they refuse to explain.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: EUW forum EUW account tell me how
.... I don't understand what you mean. I am just saying soccer to make everyone understand... There are not only EUW players on this forum you know.
Sorwidir (EUW)
: [EUW] Platinum 2 / Main Jungle / Looking for a DuoQ
How about a gold 4? will it work :D Plays supportive tanks in top only. Focuses only to survive then help team as much as possible. Has 30% more tilt proof honors than average players.
: Have you ever...?
I swear the only reason why Yasuo players are having good games is cause their luck is superior to every other player. Like why would you otherwise wanna play a champion that is not good at anything but suicides?
Shukr4n (EUW)
: i feel offended by your being EUW using "soccer" term. if u cant understand my sentence GL HF then
Why offended by saying Soccer? If you say soccer everyone understands what you mean. If you say "football" there's going to be asking "do me you rugby or soccer?"
: The cool thing as a support if you are loosing a fight you can just walk in the direction of the enemy while pinging your adc to run. Trust me!!! Enemies will run after you like dogs after a bone. I play support a lot and this never fails as in solo q people just want kills. Works on any champion.
Yup Yup. exception of when Your adc think You re-engaging and follows you to fight a 2vs5 with 10% hp
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Be young Play osu Do some kind of goalkeeper training
: 1) Don't be slow. 2) Don't be slow. 3) Keep playing the game, in the end, you start to react better to things since you register them quicker. Not much else.
I played 4-7 games every day since season 2. Also horrible adivce
: I have the same problem. Maybe it's because of my bad micro, I automatically got better at macro, but I accepted my disability. That's why I like to play binary champions like Garen and Udyr and try playing the macro game. Unfortunately for me Riot is slowly making micro more important amd are turning everything into skill shots.
Yup, same thing here. I try to avoid as many skill-shot based champions as possible.
: How about sight? Do you see it coming but simply aren't able to react?
at the first death. I got when I was up against the Leblanc, It took her 2 sec for me to kill me at level 3. since she got reverted I didn't except her damage since he old but when I did notice it it was to late for me to even flash or use barrier. The last 2 games I had I also been playing against LB and those I saw them coming. Things I can't see coming is a invis rengar who 2-shot me. It's impossible to react too in middle of a teamfight
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=GamingSimon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bcE9AL6f,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-04-22T10:32:20.183+0000) > > Sadly can't do. None of the supports that exists beside Bruam is and actual Guardian. Pretty much every support except Shen, Zilean, Nunu, Ivern, Bruam are Playmakers. 3 > There exist very few champions that their job is to give up their life to keep people safe. > > {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:4}} Are all champions that give their life for their team and none of these champions are as viable in support as their are in their current role. {{champion:223}}
Tahm Kench is a warden, sure. But he isn't a guardian. A guardian is someone who stands in the front and take all damage in their face while still being useful for their team. Twisted fate and Zilean towards here cause they can leave their lane give up on a huge lead simply cause they have a ability to stun without being hurt and impact the map by a large amount. Tahm Kench Can't any of it. If he stands in the front and one of the carries get attack, he would just put them in more danger and if he stands in the back, sure he can save a life, but not more than that. Meaning he can't even roam the map without having your adc follow you. He has a lot of problems when it comes to teamplay. Doe he is very good in early lane.
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TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: If you like saving ppl, play support.
Sadly can't do. None of the supports that exists beside Bruam is and actual Guardian. Pretty much every support except Shen, Zilean, Nunu, Ivern, Bruam are Playmakers. 3 There exist very few champions that their job is to give up their life to keep people safe. {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:4}} Are all champions that give their life for their team and none of these champions are as viable in support as their are in their current role.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: it's not a bad thing to try and save teammates but you should consider if it's worth or not. let me tell you an advanced {{champion:26}} trick, that I learned from both my experience as a {{champion:26}} main and what I saw bjergsen did in an LCS game. this is what happend in that game they where team fighting in the baron river. TSM jungler {{champion:120}} charged into the enemy team and used his entire kit doing all he could and bjergsen didn't ult him and therefore he died but then TSM top laner {{champion:150}} showed up with his passive charged half way and when he was ready to turn into mega gnar they killed him as well but this time bjergsen used his ult on {{champion:150}} so he got up as mega gnar and ulted them into the wall and they won the team fight. so this is what I learned from that team fight : if you as {{champion:26}} have multiple choices to choose from for your ult, your priority should be like this : 1- ADC : this guys is too important to give up on since he is the DPS so if ADC in in danger you should always use your ult on them 2- The guys who have most of his cooldowns specially their Ultimates up - just like bjergsen let {{champion:120}} who did all his combo including his ultimate die and chose to ult the top laner who could still be useful for his ult survive and save the day. but as I said ADC is the number 1 priority since they don't need cooldowns to be useful they need to right click. oh and another {{champion:26}} trick is when you ult some one don't stun the whole enemy team since by the time they come out of the stun your ult will time out :D
Thanks for the advice. But I won't do that. I will save the first person I have the ability to save. No matter who it is.
: > Also last time I played on EUNE, it was 4-10 min que time for a match in normals around 9-12 in the morning and most people who played during this time was very immature in chat. So That's pretty huge proof that there's a whole lot of children playing on EUNE. Actually,a moderator has recently (one month ago I think) that the amount of flamers between the ages of 8-14 is equal or less than the amount of flamers who are 16+.
I never bringed up that people flamed in EUNE. I said they were immature...
: > There's only russians and children playing in EUNE Mind telling me how you know that?Mainly because I don't think I've met any russians in this server.And children aren't the only ones who are flaming.
Cause when I started playing my whole class was playing within the region that Riot recommended for us which was EUNE. I didn't play anything back then so I never got level 30 on that server. Later on I got into the game again cause of the esport scene, and so did all of my classmates. (around 16 years old) and changed to the more competitive server which was EUW. Also last time I played on EUNE, it was 4-10 min que time for a match in normals around 9-12 in the morning and most people who played during this time was very immature in chat. So That's pretty huge proof that there's a whole lot of children playing on EUNE. and those who play between 9-12 in the morning probobly are bullies who don't care about their life or others.
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Kurdistan (EUNE)
: Weird because I could hit diamond in both servers and I felt no difference between those two servers...?
Well. There's a lot of people who have trasfered over to EUNE for better connection maybe. I know some players that did such thing.
: Have you ever hit plat in EUNE? Fun fact:People used to compare EUW and EUNE to see which one is better.Now we are comparing each other to see which is one is worse
Back in season 4 I was Silver 3. I went over to EUNE to see how far I could climb. I hit plat 2 without even trying. Honstly... There's only russians and children playing in EUNE
: I'm off to EUW.
Have you ever thought that those 90% of the matches has been not cause your team is toxic, but you are? I have played in 5 diffreant regions and never had problems with toxic people. Yet people complain about toxic players in every of the matches. Starting to very think all those complainers are the toxic people who starts an argument.
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: > [{quoted}](name=GamingSimon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GfaZafNx,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2018-04-19T19:54:16.384+0000) > > That's if he get close. He can easily get kited and his q is easily dodged. The only way for a Cho to kill an assassin if the assassin try to kill themselves. > If you take a jax on the other hand, he would murder Cho before Jax even get to 90% hp. {{item:3742}} {{item:3800}} Why teh fuq you lyingggg Why you always lyingggg
So you are saying, that when you are out of position, and cho'gath and just run into you and kill you in a instant? No he can't. cho'gath is at his worst at trades. If he runs in on you he will likely only deal 70% of his HP before you are able to start moving freely again. And due to his very low movement speed you can just run back as Zed or some assassin and start throwing q's at him. As soon as his rageglory procs at melee range all you need to do take his small amount of burst then use your mobility move/flash backwards and start poking him. He has very high CD's, very low speed and his cast timers are around 1 sec long, enough for you to be able to dodge it. Even if you see his bite animation, you can cancel it but CC'ing him or flash away. And if you do run away and keep a safe distance he will probobly keep chasing cause he don't wanna give up a free stack. And then your team can corner him and he's doomed. Say whatever you like. Cho has a lot of counterplay and he is one of the weakest tanks. But if he was rolled as a juggernaut he would be the strongest juggernaut.
: {{champion:31}} {{item:3193}}
That's if he get close. He can easily get kited and his q is easily dodged. The only way for a Cho to kill an assassin if the assassin try to kill themselves. If you take a jax on the other hand, he would murder Cho before Jax even get to 90% hp.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pornstar Udyr,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GfaZafNx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-19T13:01:00.020+0000) > > No tank can 1shot an assasin if they are on the same level, same score, and the tank builds tank and the assasin dmg. No tank deals 2K burst damage on tank items. Maybe a lvl18 crit ornn can 1tap a lvl12 0/17 zed, but that doesn't mean anything. > > I'm not defending tanks, I'm just saying that your claims are far fetched. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but to make my point more..tangible, I went on youtube and quickly found a Poppy 1v3 video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGGD6Rbzle0 Imagine if that was an ADC instead of Tryndamere, and if Poppy had popped her ultimate into the combo. Look at what Poppy does to Fizz's health bar. A clean 100-0? No. But she essentially 70-0'd him while hard cc-ing him. Make no mistake, I'm not trying to say that certain people didn't misplay or outplay, but the damage here is clear. Or Maokai, who can easily kill a squishy within 5 seconds while hard CCing them for at the very least, half that time, and perma-slowing them the entire duration. If Kha Zix can blow you up in a second or two depending on how fed, but a Maokai can blow you up in 5 seconds, while preventing retaliation for 3 of those 5 seconds, is there really that much difference?
Higher level, probobly more items. Fizz used all abilities directly on a tank... who probobly built MR, and cause of poppy's level her base damage is pretty high so fizz HP just get destroyed. And That fizz probobly had 0 defensive items so all he did when going in was sucide attempt.
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Hydnoras (EUW)
: You are still in the elo where top lane is a decent role. In mid plat top lane becomes fairly irrelevant and your own skill doesn't matter much anymore. So enjoy it while you can. When it comes to your win rate, you have played way too little amount of games to call it good. Sure generally speaking 80% win rate is extremely good that is clear without saying it. However, you have played too little amount of games to talk about a win rate. Your kda and farm are low for the elo you are in so it could just be luck. Top laners do not have high kda normally but in the elo you are in, they should be higher.
Top lane is a decent role in every elo. Idk which elo your stuck in, but seeing how Dyrus get challenger with 1 week's time through only playing top. I say your super wrong in every way. Also having played low amount of games doesn't change if one has 80%-90% winrate in that role. If you one has such winrate in it, no matter how little games one played. It means that they been rolling on that role better than previous role. Same goes for champions. If you switch from ex, Cho'gath jungle into Rek'Sai jungle and and the first 10 wins already your winrate goes up by 20%. It means you have found success. It doesn't mean you have made 0 progress and will eventually be lower elo than you was from the beginning like you are saying that he would be. Very wrong sayings dude.
Foxynerdy (EUW)
: What kind of animal are you?
Gold 4 Demon lord. I'm not an animal. Animals are for Meme lord and I hate meme lords.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rraune,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=yaNEVhsb,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-16T21:03:27.026+0000) > > Yasuo q applies on-hit effects to the first target struck like for exampel Trinity Force, Hydra, Stattiks, etc etc. Jax E is supposed to block those since they are applied via autoattacks. In that case it´s not an AOE like for exampel GP Barrels or Shyvana Q in her dragon form, but a single target-AA-effects applying spell just like all the others that are blocked by Jax E. So _you_ determine in which case Yasuo's Q is an AoE and when not? Well I guess not, since it doesn't work the way you want it. Before you say something is never even addressed and link a video that is not in sync with your point of view, I'd advise you to read the [wiki](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Yasuo) about the game especially the details you are interested in. It states that Yasuo's Q can indeed not be dodged, and if it is stated as a fact on the most up to date wiki for League of Legends it is probably not a bug. This is by the way not the first time I explained that to someone on the boards.
Well. AoE effects like Yi's Q is also being dodged by Jax. So I would say this is a bug no matter what the wiki says. Yasuo's Q should be no exception, if dodge is meant to block on-hit physical damage then Yasuo's q should count in there.
: Does anyone actually watch that crap ?
A lot of people do. It's very intresting most of the times. They explain Patch notes and meta changes
: Hate us cause they aint us. NA should focus more on getting out of group stage at worlds reliably before talking shit. Dont even make me get started on struggling versus wildcard regions(vietnam flashbacks vs gigabyte marines last year). Rekkles isnt even close to the big 3 adcs(pray deft uzi). Faker hasnt been the best player in the world for a while imo.
Deft and Pray has been at average Level compared to many other regions. Uzi I can agree he is a good adc. But as a shouter he is simply none-existence
Snowbrand (EUW)
: I prefer if games don't have to end at 30 min so that chmaps like kassadin or vayne or even late game adc can feel like a useful role, as long as there is counterplay to it and that for example waveclear is balanced. Because before it felt like riot wanted longer games so that adcs would be a useful role for late game impact, but with ardent supports and shield meta it felt hard to end earlier with good early game champs. Right now though it feels like they want to make games shorter with baron and elder dragon buffs so it's hard to understand what riot wants sometimes too. But i prefer if there could be both shorter games or longer games, where both would be possible if you played good with your comp so you didn't feel like you had to pick lulu and kog maw or pantheon and katerina and so on but that both comps would be viable sort of.
I agree, but I really dislike short games. Short games basically are filled with toxic rage, 1-2 players who are unable to do anything and constant teamfights without any thought progress. Pretty much killing until enemy team surrender. Longer games usually has less Toxicity, maybe only 1 person who rages and another one just trying to tell him to calm down. While everyone else does their hardest trying to win the game. Fights are likely to be quite long and very enjoyable since no one is just usually running in 1vs5 and dies *Cough* Assassins *cough* When you win short games, it's pretty much "welp that was that, let's move on" and if you lose it "Hell NO! *punches computer* runs off screaming" While longer games are like when you win "Wooooo, Finally over. That was fun" and if you lose "Darn, if I didn't do x thing we could have won" Edit: I failed some english, sorry
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Cathartis (EUW)
: Not all the meta are distinct. For example the tank meta is actually the same thing as the adc meta, mainly because if tanks are strong then adcs are necessary to kill them with sustained damage whilst if adcs are strong then tanks are necessary to protect the adcs and provide them with a stable front line. ADCs suffer when assassins are dominant, which occurs when tanks are too weak to compete against them. To be quite honest, I quite like the current meta, in that all typesof champions - tanks, assassins, mages, fighters, enchanters and adcs are all extremely viable in solo queue and can all carry games. The only issue is that the competitive meta is still relatively stale, with champions being in clear tier lists and the high tier champions (e.g. skarner, azir) being picked or banned over and over again.
: It's all in the runes with poppy, you need to take runes depending what laner you have and then you have to tailor your playstyle slightly to get a lane advantage. Poppy is kind of hard kind of not, her combo is easy but the set up is hard especially if they avoid walls in lane. if your under tower against a melee champ tho stand in front of the tower and if they try to kill you or trade with you walk to the side of the tower near the wall and kite the attack, if they come too close forward react quick with a W to increase your armour and movement speed run forwards towards them, flash behind them and E them into the tower, they will take tower agro if they hit you so always try to do this if they are going to hit you first or while you run at them
Well. Can't really pick the right runes since I thought it was rengar top and yi jungle..
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: How is everyone today?
I wish riot had their own Soda/candy. I would so buy it for today's summer weather
Snowbrand (EUW)
: Is there never a good meta?
The Cinderhulk Meta back in season 4 was super fun for me. I was a support main back then, but with the games lasting from 40-70 min, I enjoyed the game 5x more. Assassins was non-existent, adcs was the main carry of everything (I know a lot of adc mains who had a blast too), Support mains like me had fun cause we could play whatever we wanted and didn't need to have to pick tank cause no one picked it. Assassins mid/jungle were constantly complaining on the other hand. Before the Cinderhulk meta Assassins could 1-shot everything, this was the day where Zhouyas were a super expensive item, GA was a tank item and Rengar triple q existed. Assassins were counted as "unhealthy gameplay" by riot. But the players didn't care less cause 60% of the players were assassin mains back then. So when Cinderhulk meta came up, those 60% of the community became so freaking toxic, that riot had to improve the report system and hard nerf tanks later even if the tanks were in no such need of a nerf. Simply the Cinderhulk meta made it so people had to adapt to not be able to 1-shot anymore. And hell people didn't want to do that. Every other meta was always something people complained on. But the tank meta was taken forward in such a faction where all assassins hated Riot. This meta probobly the meta that made LoL this most toxic game of all time too. Cause Assassins seriously hated Tanks and couldn't stand their very presence of them. If the assassins just adapted, that meta would have been so fun. But with every game having that one Zed who constantly cursed it became "riot's worst meta change" even if it was meant to be the "best meta change" There you also have you answer why everyone hate on tanks. They haven't done anything. But when assassins can't 1-shot they have to complain cause of their own stupidity.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Why is that? Because it's not the same people that complain. ;) Each meta-style will have players that dislike it, and they'll be the ones that voice their opinions about it.
It is doe... I have a friend that complained every time the meta switches. Assassin main. Pretty much every meta for him was extremely hard for him to play in and he constantly cursed at all players for abusing champions. The when the assassin meta roled up, he was never allowed to play his assassins, or they got banned and he started cursing at riot to nerf "This item" cause he never used it and because he wasn't able to win with it so shouldn't anyone else. For ex, when Rageblade meta came around, his main was Jax and Udyr. He had a really hard trying to get the item to work, but every time he met a Jax or Udyr who got oenta kill with it. He said "**** This item, it's broken" and switch champions to play to something else. He's a cool dude when he is not playing LoL... But... he goes a bit overboard when it comes to meta changes.
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: Missions
I fixed it by restarting my client and playing some games. You probobly don't have the time to do so. But I hope this helps
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: [RESOLVED] [EUNE/EUW] 08-02-18 - Platform Issues
I had quite the problem with my ping earlier today when I was in ranked. Is this reason reason behind that ms drop?
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