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: Why 14 day ban when i had just my 10 games chat restriction before?
Nope, but consider yourself lucky. Most people don't even get to see 10 chat restriction. I know a friend who got a 14 days ban as the first thing did. I am even more lucky, I gotten a total of 3 bans over the edge of 7 years. All of those were small restriction bans were cause of my doings were inferior. Last time I got banned I intentionally wrote to support to give me a 14 days ban, yet they only have me a 24 hours ban cause they didn't think the game I played I deserved anything big. Why do I type to the support to get myself punished? Cause without punishment I won't learn from my mistakes. You should think this way as well.
Ruwr (EUW)
: Yep, Comebacks are near-impossible at that stage of the game, All you can do is hurdle at the last two turrets you have Cant contest that drake Cant contest that baron all you can do is hope for a god damn miracle because guess what? They're free to pick up for them And im SURE you COULD contest dragon but your timing would have to be on a plat/diamond level And your entire team would need to have that too Also you'd need to have the synergy together And lets be F 'ing real, Thats never happening in solo/duo.
actually comebacks ain't impossible at all.. The thing is if the enemy get 4 dragons with soul in most cases that should be a 90% chance to win. But Because elder dragon exists, the enemy team can always make a comeback. Elder dragon gives your team a chance to come back from an sure to lose game. If you lose elder dragon and soul it's the same as your entire team just got stomped by some random yasuo who solo penta killed you.
: > [{quoted}](name=GamingZimon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3L8VPVeI,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2020-02-03T01:57:31.129+0000) > > Last season I started in Silver 3 and went up to Plat 4 in only 2-3 weeks on playing. My thought were just "I guess I'm just that good". > > Now I have played for the same amount of time, I started the season in Silver 4 and I only reached Silver 2 in 2 weeks. I'm even on a 7 games losing streak around 20 wins and 32 losses. All I'm thinking of right now from Last season is that I must have been extremely lucky cause I keep getting lanes who goes 0/40 before the 20 min marks 24/7. It's freaking impossible to solo que. > > Doe I have friends that Duo Que a god damn lot, and they have like 11-20 wins in row and ain't stopping any time soon. I'm starting to think Duo Que might be the only way to go. The problem is.. Not a single person I know are the same elo I previously was and not a single person on my friendlist are willing to play with a person with a 8 games losing streak. > > Sucks to be me I guess. supports win bot lane a good adc can only go even bot lane, but the support wins the lane so if you see your adc not going in with you then you better play more defensive and patient until you can create enough oportunities for even the worst adc to follow
Good supports never win bot. Good supports leave the adc to die alone bot and act as a 2nd jungler which roams to help top/mid. I learned multiple times, that even if I give my adc 7 kills, they are not good enough to carry. If they get 7 kills in row because their support is super good, they are just gonna die 7 times in row as soon as Zed has an eye on them. Supports can't defend a idiotic adc from a Zed if they are unable to position good. Therefor Support can never win bot but they can roam mid and top and Get a Garen so strong he can 1vs5 or get a Malzahar so strong the entire enemy team has to start splitting to win. Overall, ADCs are trash tier in about every elo Unless they know how to aggro in lane. If they can't aggro inlane they ain't worth helping. (Every gold+ ADC should know aggro otherwise they ain't above silver)
: As a support main myself i would suggest if you do sync with a particular adc player in a game and you do well together add and invite them to your next game. Its important to make friends with adcs as a support so you have that little extra trust in an ally you're supporting. I understand why experience would lead you to not actively befriend people in League XD but honestly it isn't as bad as you'd think XD {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
As a Support main who only plays Solo Que I would suggest DON'T PLAY SOLO QUE, useless adcs who feed 24/7 or afk farms without any kind of followup/harassment are just the god damn worst.
: How do some people climb so insanely fast ?
Last season I started in Silver 3 and went up to Plat 4 in only 2-3 weeks on playing. My thought were just "I guess I'm just that good". Now I have played for the same amount of time, I started the season in Silver 4 and I only reached Silver 2 in 2 weeks. I'm even on a 7 games losing streak around 20 wins and 32 losses. All I'm thinking of right now from Last season is that I must have been extremely lucky cause I keep getting lanes who goes 0/40 before the 20 min marks 24/7. It's freaking impossible to solo que. Doe I have friends that Duo Que a god damn lot, and they have like 11-20 wins in row and ain't stopping any time soon. I'm starting to think Duo Que might be the only way to go. The problem is.. Not a single person I know are the same elo I previously was and not a single person on my friendlist are willing to play with a person with a 8 games losing streak. Sucks to be me I guess.
x710 (EUNE)
: How to get Championship Zed
Yeah... How about no. 99% chance this is fake and false advertisement. You cannot change my mind unless Riot Highlight a message about this.
DragonH (EUW)
: Runaterra - How to counter Judgement?
Recall units you care about, deny it, face tank through it, frostbite it, stun it, Burst kill the unit, have harrowing ready in hand. There's ton of counters, you just has to think upon them. And to remember which cards the enemy can play with their current mana. Fiora deck + Jugement for example, don't play small units on boards against that.
Caustie (EUW)
: Which is possible for you because you don't aspire to get better. I'm sorry to say this, but it's about the mentality of competitiveness. When I play, i play to become better and climb, so when the game does not allow me to do that, i get frustrated.
Well the thing is. Bad losers who were bad losers before are still bad losers. That's the competition. Most players stay exactly the same without a changed mindset. Some people think they are perfect and some think they don't. People like me who grew up being clumsy can still climb to plat without feeling any anger towards others, cause I know I am always been at fault.
: I just mute them on the first sight of complaint.
It's not the mute that's the problem. It's that they actually quit playing LoL. making it 4vs5 it already happened 4 times in row.
: Because she's an incredibly good ADC. Look at her winrate.
She's 45% winrate everyone except diamond+.... Diamond+ = pro play which has nothing to do with solo que
: Cool idea, but i am affraid he is going to be a little broken. By the looks of it, he has a large selection of skills he can use which easily can be to broken for the game. I think if he is somewhat stable, then it might be the coolest idea for a champ in a long time.
"I am afraid he is a little broken" Then tell me a champion which ain't got a broken kit at release. Riot: I know an Idea! Let's make a trickster champion who's Q can 1 shot any champion from a great distance. 2 months later: Zoe arrived.
: senna is kinda hard to support. her autoattacks have a windup time, so pyke might have not been the best suggestion,. altho it does work if you get a 2 man stun on. sennas abilities all deal aoe damage and give aoe buffs. sennas q heals her and you and also damages enemy. You want to position yourself so that her q lands on everything. You also want to make sure the enemies position themselves bad enough for senna to get a double q proc and not be able to engage on her. now that's the hardest part, as most of the laners played now have some form of mobility to close the gap or long enough range to reach her. I prefer to use janna, morgana and shaco when I'm playing with senna. She is a scaler, and you want to make sure the enemy bot doesn't get near her. peelers or distruptors are awesome. If you like pyke bot, you're gonna love shaco bot. Just don't build him assasin, you need the tankyness from aftershock to survive some of the more daring ult tricks
The thing is... I'm currently is Silver 1, and down here weird picks ain't allowed since adcs will just rage quit if they appears to be dying, even if it ain't the supports fault. I used to be a Nunu support main, for whenever Pyke got banned and Nunu got me up to Plat 4 last season. But it was only cause no one flamed me for playing him in Gold 1-2. But as soon as I picked him up in silver, my adcs just turned into little children who all they know is to blame someone else for their mischief. Like there was multiple games where I had an Ezreal adc who just E'd right into a Blitzcrank Melee range and then blame went on me for unable to get him out... Maybe at best if I played Alistar or Bard I would have got him out but I'm not that support this time. All I did was getting a double kill after my Ezreal died for no reason. What is even worse is that after he came back to lane and I killed the enemy adc a 2nd time before Ezreal arrived back. Then he goes like "WHY DO A f**** NUNU TAKE MY KILLS!?". I basically dropped to play Off-meta in silver after this adc. I would play Pantheon support with Senna. But the adcs are just... yea...
Caustie (EUW)
: How can anyone play this game without losing their mind?
Title: I spent over 9 years on this game and are still the same sane that I was before I joined this game. Ornn top is honestly one of the best solo que champions out there btw. He is both OP in solo que and pro. Senna on the other hand... Let's say she ain't an adc. I overall disagree with most of your things.. But I don't want a huge argument around it.
: Senna is top 1 adc with MF right now... She is just that good... As a sup she is so-so.
She's the top adc (IN DIAMOND+ ONLY) otherwise she's average at best. Why is she doing better in diamond+`Because there the junglers and mid laners actually properly help her lane. It was the same with Kayle when she came out. In Diamond Kayle had around 55-60% winrate. 5% more winrate than any other top/mid laner, but in iron - plat she is just average at best. And Solo que is completely different from how pro play is.
: Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's not right. Don't misunderstand me, i dislike having Senna as adc when i support, but if she has to farm first and stack til late to become activated, then she can't just try to be aggressive in lane just cause you want to . If you want to compensate for her lack of early presence in the lane, play an aggressive support, such as pyke, that can do good damage and create more opportunities to kill.
I don't like it, but that doesn't mean I'm not wrong about my data. Overall Senna is not a Good Solo que champion, Jhin deals 2x more average damage than Senna do. Also I'm a Pyke otp but every time I have a Senna it's like playing a 2vs1 lane. Me hooking my opponent will always resulting in Senna's death cause she don't have an escape and takes to long to switch focus from minions to champions. Overall, Senna is a champion who works best at the support role than the adc role. She even has 5+% higher winrate on the support role than the adc role.
: Senna does insane damage. You might see some players not play her well, but if someone knows how to utilize to champ correctly, it can be really brutal. Here an example :
This has nothing to do with Senna... Senna Lost early hard, and the only reason why she got ahead as cause of a good jungler and a team that protected her. This doesn't happen in solo que, Senna is by herself, and her support expect her to be of use in lane rather than just afk farm all game.
Infernape (EUW)
: Because Senna is actually a top tier ADC? Her passive means that she never falls off. Eventually she'd get to the point where she can Q AA a squishy champion and instantly kill them. She continues to scale and doesn't even need to buy crit outside of Infinity Edge. Her Q is damage and utility in one spell, as is her W and her E gives Rengar's ult to her entire team on top of her ultimate being a global Lux/Ezreal ultimate.
then she would be better as a support. Cause only as a support she would effectively get stacks, but going the adc role reduce her stack count by 30%. I have even seen some games where a Senna adc hasn't got 20 stacks before the 20 min mark.
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You do know that MOST of the time you won't receive an ifr if someone gets punished from your report So you not getting one doesn't mean that they didn't get punished They most likely did got punished, you just weren't notified about it
Sadly not, the one who was the most racist and did death threats constantly, just played a game of Pyke. Like 20 min ago
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: Got to p1 while only playing for fun, once i started getting frustrated at Diamond 4 players, gone all the way back to p4 in preseason
I'm honestly surprised you didn't get frustrated with Plat players. I reach plat 4 last season and all my games were basically not a single bit about gameplay. Everyone knew how to play the only thing stopping them from winning games were a constant rage in all chat/team chat. The climbing was based on which team had best morale.
: Although the players you described might exist those aren't necessarily "for fun Players", nor fit players who are solely playing for fun necessarily your description. I myself only play for fun, that doesn't mean I don't try and don't do everything to win. There is a big misconception going on, being that you can't tryhard and play for fun at the same time. Those things aren't and shouldn't be mutually exclusive.
That's kinda what I was pointing at. While I am kinda against "tryhard" since the word "tryhard" means that one is filled with rage tries to win. It's basically a polar opposite of a "fun player". A fun player is a person who enjoy the games he play and avoid tilt. He still play to win and always keep the moral up. Downsides are next to 0 outside of 1 thing, usually Fun players never play what is strong, even if their champion (Like Yummi) has 20% winrate they will still play it even if it only has that 80% success in the game. While a tryhard is usually someone who "hates the game" (as in disliking the community for LoL) but still does everything to win, no matter if it tilts his teammates, the enemy or himself. The positive about these players are that they usually play the most OP that exists out there. There's other types of players like KDA players, fame players and "It's just a game" players. All players has their ups and down.
cephiro (EUW)
: its not called palying for fun, its called being a teamplayer and knowing his goddamn champ you play for the team and for the win, those yasuo and yi player play for kda. they play to feel important and want to be arrogant because they think that they then can belittle and demean others, that is their goal. they just want attention and want to show the world how good they are, but they are garbage
I have barely ever seen someone play for KDA... Everyone wants to win, while people clearly are making arguments that "their score is better than yours" is a thing, it's not really as in that they don't want to win. But I agree with it, people who have that mindset are without doubt those who are still stuck in their own elo. While without doubt I'm not tryharding as much as others, like constantly ping objectives, constantly typing flash timers in chat shoutcalling for proper things and saying "TEAMFIGHT NOW". I am more the type of player who would only focus on myself. I still follow team, I still go warding like any proper support, I still go for objectives when possible. But I'm not like overtaking the entire thing. Climbing at my own pace, learning the way to climb as I go. It's like climbing a Tree, it's easy at the bottom but gets harder the higher one goes.
: Unless someone is earning money from it, playing game should be always for fun. Winning is part of the fun, but just a part of it.
Ye, but even if you earn money from it you should do it for fun. Don't do a work cause it's boring, that's way to easy to get exhausted and it's very sad to do. Pro players enjoy LoL still even.
: I don't swear, as soon as I see 6 seasons silver 4fun player in my team I already know how the game is gonna go so no point in telling him anything if he didnt learn something in those 6 years.
But trolling has nothing to do with ranked... Stay calm, always keeping moral up, focusing on champion that you enjoy playing rather than forcing yourself to play certain champions. Also you did swear in your comment... Just that small swearing is enough to get 1 banned.
: Do you realise how much games do you ruin with your " for fun " attitude? I don't want to be mean or anything but I despise 4 fun players. Reasons? Here: 1.They join in your ranked game without giving zero %%%%s if u will win or lose making the guy that actually wants to climb get tilted and ruining his games 2.They don't listen, they walk to lane, die 5 times, u tell them wait for me to gank play deff, nope he will still try to 1v1 5/0 mordekaiser cuz 4FUN HAHA SO FUN 3.They never use chat, as you said you've became less toxic which I assume you don't use chat. Literally refusing to communicate with team and when they do its 99% of the time like " stfu idc play for fun " Like seriously dude, there are draft pick and blind pick games for a reason. If you don't plan to tryhard then don't %%%%ing play ranked and ruin it for other people.
Well, they were you are hating on those players are exactly how I used to be. Before I noticed how ineffective it is. Swearing for one won't help you win, and I'm not saying playing for fun as in trolling... trolling has nothing to do with fun, it's just a way to put your own problems on others. And as in we don't listen.. That's correct, many people like me disable chat all together, chat ain't a fun feature.
: Higher level to play ranked?
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: I just cba, when Riot finally decides to make a good champion that's balanced. I see people like you who can't dodge his W. His has the same width as Jhin's W, you just don't know how to dodge. + Being able to instakill champions : {{champion:1}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:142}} So what's your point? You're unable to dodge his W meanwhile all these champs insta kill too. gg
Pyke can't instant instakill..
: I wished the game had more players like you. So many players care a lot about their rank, and therefor they will flame when they cannot get the desired rank. What they dont understand is that flaming makes them worse players. I recently started playing for fun aswell, it's really chill and it takes 20games to climb one division, but well that's just how long it took before and here's the thing. I enjoy the game. A lot. I enjoy the game and I don't play it for rank. I play it because I genuinely want to play the game.
Ye that's exactly my thought as well. Doe I defiantly think I could probably reach higher ranks way quicker if I were to pick up Sett by now and just destroy everyone up to plat, I doubt it would have been as fun as if I played my other champions I already got in my bag. Sure I might get wins, but I could easily get up to plat, just by playing the same as I always have. Having 55% winrate is not a bad thing when it's fun.
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: i kind of should read the whole post rather than just assume from the title... :) re-reading you ask specifically about kled Q, and does it stack with grievous wounds from item, the answer is no, it doesnt stack, though as Kled's GW is 60% instead of 50%, it will 'overwrite' any other sources of the 50% from items (afaik) sorry for the confusion dude :)
Thanks. Doe The usual healing reductuion is only 40% not 50%
: as far as i'm aware it does NOT stack, however having multiple sources of GW in the team makes it more likely that it will be 'up' 100% of the time on the enemies
I see. Doe doesn't really answer my question :x
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: And Korea has something to do with Sett being OP how? You do realise that the koreans make every champion OP right? Because all I am seeing is the text of an upset child who does not want to use their own head to think! "A new champion!?! They OP cause they make first blood against me and must be perma banned till they are nerfed cause I don't want to learn how to counter them until they're so bad that they need to be reworked!" Guys like you don't give a chance to new champions, only the old broken champions are allowed to be OP cause you wasted all your time learning their OP mechanics that are never nerfed. The second there is a champion that seems interesting and fun to play, you make it sound like their kit is more over powered then your OP mains kit. And the worst part about guys like you is that you don't wanna waste your time in learning anything about the new champion, you don't bother with coming up with counter strategies, you don't bother finding weaknesses in their kits to exploit, you don't even bother doing the actual research and just rely on a bit of s video where he is shown with multiple kills and 0 deaths from a Korean E-sports team! Guess what buddy!? The way E-sports teams work is completely different compared to matches you play! Wanna know what difference between normal games and E-sports? E-sports teams train for this game!! You don't train, you just pick what ever you feel like and play. And you wanna know what the worst part about a guy like you is? You are completely biased and hypocritical. First you defend Sett and now you are saying the opposite.
No... Korea isn't even a good region anymore. They are 3rd best region in the world after EU and China. You sounds like an overprotective player who don't want his champion nerfed...
Wolferk (EUNE)
: Difference is that Riven builds glasscannon, while Sett builds about 3-4.5k HP + armor. Feel the forking difference
You are saying a Riven with a Black cleaver, Death's touch and Sterk is glass cannon?
: tbh conqueror just needs to be removed. period.
: Oh a new player ^.^
I been here for 9 years.. Im not new.
: > [{quoted}](name=GamingZimon,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=L0K9LviQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-22T00:12:38.415+0000) > > it only lasted 0.25 sec If that were true, it's a bug because tenacity can't reduce crowd control below 0.5 seconds. However, I think it's was a Rank 1 Senna W which roots for 1.25 seconds and Garen used his W which grants him 60% tenacity - thus reducing the root to exactly 0.5 seconds.
Ye. I told him to that too, doe. Seeing other cases where things like that happen to myself without me even playing Garen, I feel like the thing he said might be true.
: League of broken sett and filthy boosters.
Sett ain't as overpowered as people think. It's just like every champion who comes out and all they nerf on newly released champions is like 10 damage on their Qs and then everyone calm down? Sett has higher stats than most juggernauts which makes him strangely hard to kill (which likely will get nerfed) but will effect your time playing against him? Not really. Just learn to work around his W and Punish his failed E's. It's not that hard. As for boosters. 100% agree there's too many of them, but it been like that for 1-2 years now. Up in gold-plat there's tons of elo boosters I have to report every day. Some admit their crimes as say "It's worth the money, it's not my account anyway" and stuff like that. Never enjoy when there's an elo booster.
: Sett shield is unbalanced
This I disagree with. His W is actually pretty balanced and easy to work around for any matchup. Simply dodge the W line and kite for 1 sec. I played Sett a lot, and this is the way people kill me in lane. If anything should be nerfed it's his base stats. He is just way to tanky to be killed both early and late.
1von (EUNE)
: Play with Quinn against him :)
Playing any range honestly destroys him. I played Sett against Teemo. It was a nightmare.
: He's not even OP. Try comparing him to Darius, with that Sett seems like the hardest character to play and master. He doesn't even have any insta kill abilities.
He is op... His stats are so high even Korean pro players took him out on the scene scene 4 days after he released and is currently crushing Korean esport. If that doesn't tell the story of Sett, nothing does.
Blue Ahri (EUNE)
: So when is Sett gonna get nerfed?
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: New champions are too busted everytime. I think {{champion:246}} was the only champion that didn't seem too strong. I don't even play her. I seen Sylas, Yummi, reworked Kayle, Morde, Riot just mess the game up everytime. They do actualy know what their doing, creating news champions that are way too powerful so they can make more money. Riot's greed will destroy this game. I'm not happy with this mehod of making cash, better to be more genuine and keep the game fair.. as they say "It's not a sprint...It's a marathon"
{{champion:246}} Didn't seem strong at release cause her kit was too "boring" to play. It had to much basic stuff and on top of that she was also released at an awful timing. I don't remember what the event happening on the time was. But I know it was such big event that Qiyana basically seems like just another skin for Katarina. At the start of worlds on the other hands with the display of many pro players her playrate and winrate grew miles. Seeing how skillfully pro players played her, it turned a bad champion release into a broken champion.
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