: How to get tickets for the LEC in Berlin!
Why only in Berlin? You could do a few games in Koln, a few in Bonn, a few in Munich, Trier, Saarbrucken, etc... :) ;)
: Earn Rewards for Watching the LEC
It would be great If I wouldn't need to watch 3 games from start to end.. it would be more interesting if we would have 1 match per day, like any other sport (football, basketball, etc). Starting over and over again is a bit of a boredom... Like, if fnatic wins the first game, ok they won that round, next day another one... why do i need to watch 3 games of the same thing straight? It is not so well planned this part. :) Maybe save the 3 matches for the world championship or something... but I would still keep it 1 match a day. Sometimes, you can't watch a live game during that day, but maybe could watch the second game another day... Imagine if I had to watch 3 basketball games in a row, or 3 football matches in a row, or 3 hockey games in a row... :P u get the point ^^ just my opinion, ofc...
: First of all, whats the main purpose that this wallpapers created? its clear, for the fans. Therefore a good wallpaper is a wallpaper that fans proud of it and when they see it download it Instantly. as you see TSM Fans don't like TSM World Cup Wallpaper, and as you know TSM is most popular team ever (#tsmwin xD). all i wanna say is that they SHOULD change current wallpaper with a Wallpaper which is as good as TSM and TSM Fans, if they don't they are the one who lose not TSM Fans. btw ty Nips for spending time but as you see Fans don't like it, it will be very good that you redesign wallpaper just for Fans ;)
And WHAT IF some fans like the current wallpaper? This is his art style, it's his creation just because you dont like it, you can appreciate it. There are the other art styles to appreciate too, I love the fact that we have a different design for everyone. :)
Zulerf (EUW)
: TSM's poster is so bad.... please redo it.
Just learn to appreciate the different art styles, if you want to do one that fits your taste, just draw it yourself under your favorite design and art style. I like the fact that we have designs for every taste. It would be boring to see everything under the same art style... Diversity is great. Congrats to the artists for the excellent work! :) I really like League of Legends designs because they never feel like it is a single art style, they embrace art in all forms and that's what makes the league of legends art so nice and the game visually appealing (we have artworks that are more classic 2d and some 3d, others more animated and some more "serious and portrait alike" ... continue your excellent work.
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Giøn (EUW)
: Where do i find Eloboost in the boost´s section?
Its sad, but this is the true reality of many players out there... playing against smurfs, this new season 6 team based games matchmaking and dynamic queue pushed many players down the league...and out of frustration many people are quitting the game... Eloboosting sucks but most of people want the season reward and they struggle to have it... now with this dynamic queue it's even harder as we have everyone taking their champ and their fav lane.... Let me pick what "Ghostcraler" said... about smurfing.... and let me pick the elo booster subject: "Ghostcrawler: Sometimes players are smurfing because they are trying to accomplish something that League isn’t offering" ------------------------------------------ - Exactly, like for example if they don't want to compete and climb the ladder (MMR) to be in the challenger/diamond/master/plat league and just want to play for fun and have the sense of achieving something somehow, such as reach "GOLD" to get the "gold skin" reward and "complete" the season happily... but most players have a hard time, they struggle and then they quit,..coozz... Since it is so complicated to reach or maintain the gold league at the casual level as the more games you play the harder it gets, then it's normal such players out of frustration quit the game or create new accounts OR hire someone else to play on their account... spend lots of $ to put some diamond players to reach gold for them... its wasted money as this money could be used in the game itself.. to buy skins, etc..... I don't understand why the WIN weights the same as a LOSS... maybe this should be like this after reaching GOLD, for all the PLAT, DIAMOND, MASTERS out there... but for the casual amateur players the WIN should feel more rewarding and the loss less punishing... otherwise they will leave the game because they are never able to reach their "goal" of getting the season reward... its sad, but I have so many friends that got so frustrated, by finishing seasons in Silver 1... never getting the gold reward... and afterwards leaving the game.. now they are playing HoTS.... its sad... because League is such a nice game... I just wish it wasn't made only for the big smurfs... we shouldn't need to pay someone to get a gold skin season reward... we shouldn't have the need to create new accounts to get a stupid reward or get into gold.... the first 3 leagues should reward more the WINS, after league 3, the PLAT should then be the actual WIN LOSS rewarding system... more punishing and challenging..... 1. Bronze 2. Silver 3. Gold -----> one group 4. Plat 5. Diamond 6. Master ---> second group 7. Challenger ---> third group In the first group the win should be 3x more than a loss, in the second level 2times more, and I the 3rd level, equal. If I have a win ratio of 50%, win, lose, win, lose, I should be able to reach GOLD quickly and not get locked in a league (bronze, gold) that I don't receive the "season skin reward"... which is frustrating and boring. RIOT needs to improve this... this is the only way to clean many smurfs from league... especially the ones that are earning lots of $ by having the service of climbing to reach gold for someone else... playing at the levels of challenger or diamond... in a silver league... OR why not a real league, for example, in a real sport we dont lose points we just earn and the top teams or players pass to the next div if they reach a certain number of points vs the other players within the same league... if RIOT wants to make progression a little more fun, we should have a more fair method of playing... based in the level of the league we are in... why continue playing league with a single account, as more wins we have the harder it gets because we are matched with people that also played more or less the same number of games, so it turns at some point to a "gold" play style in a bronze or silver league... as everyone is playing more or less around the same level... and if your win is worth as much as a loss, whats the sense of league or progression in this system? It feels more frustrating, boring, demotivating and motivates people to create more accounts to start from 0.... The game should feel rewarding, the main reward is by the end of season 6 the gold skin and the ward skin... many of my friends quit the game because their main goal was to come home , go ranked, give everything they got, they had already 2000 games, and you are matched with people that has 2000 games... so you get stuck in a league forever... and they had to pay someone to get to gold for the sake of the season reward... believe me, most of the people that stop at gold only wants the season reward to have the sense of accomplishment ...if you play the game for playing, then you could just come to play once a month and that's it... when you play a story mode game you wan to see the ending, when go multiplayer, u want to have fun with your friends, but when they're not there you get tired and leave... league of legends has this season reward and all my friends dont want to reach plat or diamond or master, because they have a life, they have a job, they play other games, they play league at the casual level... but they want the season reward, its the only reward he game has to offer... it should be easier to reach in therms of points earned by each Victory... and not as punishing as it is. If you have 50% in your school exam, you pass, but if you have 50% win loss win loss win ratio in league, you are a loser stucked in that league forever... doomed to quit because in the end you are that loser that never really got any season reward.... or you pay a smurf..... to get that for you If you make it impossible to be achieved by playing the game on a daily basis because you are competing with diamonds and master league players in a bronze and silver league because they are paid by other bronze and silver players to help them reach gold for the reward then its stupid and frustrating. These are players that have plenty of time to dedicate to the game, then its not fun for the people that really enjoy the game at a casual level. Imagine that you had few months to achieve something that it's not favorable to everyone to achieve... and then you don't achieve it. How do you think the "losers" will feel? If those achievements could be achieved during no time limits like most achievements in games, then I would unlock it... but we have few months to achieve it, and it is hard, especially this season that everyone takes their best champ, picks their best lane and then sometimes you still have to deal with diamonds and masters... It's sad to hear in game, " I am a smurf, I am just leveling to gold"... but this because the game is made to think only about the ranked system for 1 type of players, for people that play at the diamond and master level... Do I need to play like a Diamond to be able to reach Gold? Coz this season 6 it's just how I feel... and many ppl out there that quit the game... and if they quit the game, they lose their interest in watching esports,following the game news, checking the new skins, spending money in game and buying merch... RIOT really needs to think that a gold skin is a gold skin and should be more a reward to everyone instead of something that its so hard to get due to high elo players or just because the win ratio is around 50% and you get stuck in a league forever... I know the >=gold players wont understand these arguments but this is how the majority of league of legends players (the players in non qualified, bronze, silver) feel by the end of season... some players are even afraid to go ranked because they dont want to feel like losers... and the ranked game as it is, is only made for the high elo players as they are the ones taking advantage of it even at the low elo... If the difficulty to reach GOLD would decrease to everyone in the low elo, I am sure we would have a decrease in SMURF's as the game itself would be more "fair" and rewarding to everyone... it would motivate the pro players to play in their league most of the time and it would be rewarding for the casual people that only play for the reward of the gold skin and be happy by the end of season to show off it... RIOT should really think about those 2 types of players, and do everything to keep the casual player because as the pro player he is also the one watching esports, the world championship, fan,etc... if they get frustrated and pushed back due to the famous "elo hell" and smurf invasion... the hate and frustration may pushed them away from the game... I wish all my friends would be playing this game... but they all gave up because they were bronze and silvers even when they tried so hard and they win ratio was between 52-56%... (does it make sense to have such win ratio and stay in the same league forever? in my opinion, it doesnt... Please riot, fix it, come with a better solution... give more opportunity of the low elo to reach gold... at least gold, for the reward...) {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
BoeBu (EUNE)
: IP should be increased,here is why...
Bring Season 1 or 2 IP gain... RIOT decreased season after season the IP gain.......
Kírito (EUW)
: Climbing Solo queue (the struggles to gold)
Now you dont need to feel so alone, you will be able to bring 1 or 2 more friends into the game :)
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: Rito told me to post it, so I post it
: > to explore many more different genres, and not only the electronic dj sona genre ;) You make it sound like Riot is only using one music genre. This couldn't be more wrong.
You're right :) I really like the warsongs, I would include more voice\lyric and maybe it would have been perfect :) But still, pretty good, cant stop listening and I also enjoyed last years prog metal, and some pop songs like the sad mummy :P I hope next year we have some more classical and instrumental, symphony style, lots of voices, or choir... or some nice chillout, to listen and chill after a LoL match :D
Rismosch (EUW)
: Awesome how many people on YouTube and stuff say, that they are bad. I like them too, but there is this **HUGE** gap in the community x'D Well, taste differs from person to person :3
I just think they should really create more diversity, again dj sona and the electronic sounds :D we just had that by the end of season 5 :) I really hope RIOT is able to put some voices and nice lyrics. Warriors was really great, dj sona was also nice, the Worlds collide too, but this electronic free album, it is also great . But I really hope they improve the diversity of music, so much to be explored, from the classical pints of view, cultural, a little more rock or even dance, techno wit more voices, or simply a good chillout sound to chill everyone after a great LoL fight... :) Coz I dont need to feel pumped up full time with electro beats. League should be about diversity and so it should be the soundtrack :D But I overall I think RIOT is doing a great job in creating some great hits. And all this effort to give us such a nice album of music! Now RIOT find some nice vocals , add some great lyrics and lets have a great dance music there using the warsongs that you made ! now that would be great to see warsongs with vocals and lyrics :) After listening this album for few times, It is really a great album :) Now, just add some lyrics\voices to this great albuim. great work! ;) Keep on
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Cypherous (EUW)
: You forgot a "none of the above option" Personally i dont think anything LoL related would really translate to other genres and they should avoid damaging the brand, an MMO wouldn't work because it would be pointless, an FPS is a pretty terrible idea as the average shooter is pretty bad and balancing it would be a pain, you could never have all 120+ champions in it and someone would be upset that their favourite champion wasn't included blah blah etc, why would you want another kart racer and who would they even market that to? if you didn't already have an interest in the characters then you wouldn't play it and you wouldn't play it over something like mario kart At the end of the day i dont think any of your suggestions would benefit the game in the long run
It works with Mario, Sonic and many other game brands, why do you think it would damage the brand? Did some bad title ever damaged the PlayStation Brand, or he Xbox brand? Did a bad Mario damaged the Mario Bros brand? Did HoTS damanged the Warcraft brand? Nep... I personally would rather play a fighting game with the characters and lore of League of Legends than play SF or MK all over again... if I personally like their design, the characters, the story and so on... more than many of the titles out there. We already had FPS, Adventure, Racing, etc etc STAR WARS games,... and as you see, the brand is now stronger than never. As long they are able to deliver something good, it wont damage, it will positively bring them more focus and more fans. I play a Mario Kart game because there is no F-Zero or Wipeout out there... I like other games as well and sometimes you are not in the mood to play this moba that will take you 40 min,... sometimes you just want something short, something linked to League of Legends... and there's nothing. People that play Mario Kart, they play Mario Bros, Mario Galaxy, Mario RPG too, coz they love the Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, ... brands and they love the design, the simple save the princes concept, the toads, and so on... I like League of Legends Lore, I like their designs, their characters, the time I have invested in the game, their skins and so on... why wouldn't I want to play something that would be linked together? :) In fact, If I would have a LoL fighting game, with the same characters, the same skins, same F2P model... I would be playing right now with my friends (and I would want to unlock even more skins to see also how they would look in the fighting game) I wish League would be so big as Star Wars or even Warcraft... and we would be able to see every type of content related to League linked together (I would like to play League of Legends MOBA, and after switch the genre and play the fighting game, both allowing me to wear the skins I use on both game genres, and the same kind of content.... being both at the same time a "different product" :) 1 Single store and many LoL game generes under the same universe. I wish. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Their mobile game was a huge success... sadly there was nothing linking to the main League of Legends... for example, use the mobile game to unlock some item or secret skin.... or something else. ;) Imagine if I would beat the boss of the LoL fighting game and you get some rewards... (like in game throphy), rare skin or icon or something else.... that would be seen in the MOBA, or in the all starts racing or in the Fighting game itself.... so many possibilities, so many ways to please your fans ;). League deserves to be as big as Star wars or Warcraft... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Maybe you might want to read this ;) http://www.riotgames.com/articles/20141012/1549/putting-s-riot-games
I have created the same post with a poll. That's great news, I really hope they use LoL to create the new games and not something really really new ;) I think there's plenty of opportunity and potential...to explore League of Legends a bi further! ;) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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2v2 (EUW)
: responses like these calm people. tbh the community isn't all that but hurt about the problems with the game.. its the deafening silence that pisses them off. honestly.. riot does have a bad history of going quiet on us and I'm glad to see some change coming along. sometime telling me what going on will make we feel 100x better. today they explain what went wrong with the talon skin i bought and i don't even care anymore. communication is key. cheers
Yes, they really need to improve on their Support and communication skills... {{summoner:13}}
Teddyoh (EUW)
: Very few are claiming that they're bad people, there is just a distinct lack of communication between Riot and the players on the EU servers. We are gamers and we are also entitled prissy bitches (Myself included) . Seeing this post, made me smile. I no longer feel like our complaints fall on deaf ears. Although this could have come sooner, I am glad they're taking it seriously.
I really don't believe RIOT will do it right... but I wont stop believing till I see the final result... You know, we are begging since... and EU W is still having this type of service... {{summoner:3}}
Riot tmx (EUW)
: Increase of drophacks - May 2015
Judging Riot's capability of banning people and closing "innocent" accounts... I believe sooner or later their number of players will significantly decrease... {{summoner:14}}
: Which Champions do you think have to be nerfed?
Yi Nerf? LOL Have you started playing Lol yesterday? He is the easiest champ to counter, just take all the aoe chmaps, give him 1 stun and he is dead... there is some reasons for such champs to never show up at LCS... Guess why... they are not op, they are weaker in so many other factors... I really miss AP Yi...


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