: Really good reading and that ending..... you could make up for that terrified feeling at the end with another chapter called smt like "Poro´s revange" or "Poro strikes back" ;) Congrats to your new and amazing job too! {{champion:267}}
Thanks! I do like the idea that poros would band together for revenge. Who knows what they are truly capable of?
: Welcome to Riot UK, and congratulation for you new place! there, and here. well, first thanks for sharing with us [Edit: the story you have made] (that im interested to understand) somehow! it sounds unique and special. but sadly, too hard grammer, and words, for me to understand everything on it. Can you make a so small and so easy sentences for me so i can get to understand it :3 .. Anyway thanks for your work, appreciated <3 {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Thanks - just to be clear this is a fan fiction story and not my personal story! Or is it.......?
GLurch (EUW)
: Welcome! But that story truly was scary, did he eat the poro...? Doesn't he know what happens when you eat a poro? :monkaS:
Thanks! I'll leave the reader to decide how they think poros affect the digestive systems of demons....
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