HH Robin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Summoner name: GangcAte I would like 3 epic skins: - Soaring Sword Fiora, - Coven Camille, - Lunar Guardian Nasus. Wow this is actually the first time I see anyone do that. It must be fun, I will probably do the same if I get all the skins and have some spare RP :D
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Wex0r (EUW)
: Sound like your CPU is struggling with the minions and the onset results in high ping. If this is the case you could lower your graphics or get an upgrade. Hope this helps. {{champion:17}}
I have i3 4170 3,7 GHz, 4GB RAM DDR3, GTX 750 Ti. I guess the RAM is the problem bcuz it's always around 75-100% even if I'm not playing. Luckily, I'm going to buy additional 4GB RAM soon :D
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Vincit (EUW)
: Look at yourself, and not at your team? I'm sure you make mistakes as wel, even a fed enemy can be killed.
Of course I do, I'm still kinda new to this game (lvl's 24 and 30 EUNE, and 12 EUW). As long as it's a 1v1 it's ok, but at this level everyone groups mid and pushes like crazy. I just can't make my team realize, that going ham 1v5 will not help. Instead of doing a 5v5, 2/3 people from my team just go in alone not caring about anything and thinking a turret will save them in 1v5 when they're 0/6 and enemies are 14/2.
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