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: Kayle is too overpowered after her rework
That champ is designed to be like that. Her early game is weak af. She is very easy punishable.
: Why am i hard stuck?
Try to change your champion pool. If that doesnt help try to change your role and watch how other players are doing on the role u played before and notice what they are doing in order to win ( roaming, csing , pressuring, played champs) it helped me alot to hit challenger
FearFactor (EUNE)
: So pathetic solo q is made to prove your skills not to being carried be someone like in flex you play flex you are diamond or challenger or what ever and when you join solo Q you got no idia what to do because you get carried all games and then you troll your team for this (REALY %%%%%?)
Your answer makes 0 sense. Even after hitting Challenger im Flexq, i still have way to go, indeed. Why should i even try to prove my skills to anyone? The point in soloq is to prove your soloskills. Why should i work on that if the essence of the game is based on teamplay and communication ? I guess its the mindset of the majority to be next faker which makes them toxic. But whatever , im enjoying this game by playing it with friends.
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: Can Riot please just come forward and confirm this
I agree with you to 100%. The promotiongames feel different. This is how RIOT wants it. BUT for all people who complain that they are hardstuck or cant get higher PLAY FLEXQ. Que up as a team of 5. Then wont have any excuse of blaming your teammates, since u decided to play with them. I did it like that and i hit challenger in flexq. Im having fun AF tbh!
: Aram Tournament Grinding
Please Write something in here. I cant accept friendrequests since my FL is full :(
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Pega (EUW)
: I like the new borders.
i agree that its cool to have change. like iron - diamond is okay. But im talking about Master/Grandmaster/Challenger-borders. Its just not suiting for a rank to give the same just by recoloring it to those ranks.
Nolex (EUNE)
: Borders look like sh#t i cant even see my icon how small it is. Wish i could get my old border back, so much work has to be done about cliient (how garbage it is) and they have high priority to redesign borders + all ranks have the same model just recolored.
Thats excatly the point: all borders have the same design, just recolored.... You run this Game since,9 seasons and yet you pulled out budget borders in order to ssave money, since they look the same anyway. Dunno Rito, i like the armament realy, but whoever designed the borders .. 0/10 points my friend.
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Just Jerry (EUNE)
: I was kinda disappointed as well by the new borders design. Also there was not an actual reason to entirely change borders when it's been just a year since they had a massive redesign. They probably did that just because new rank tiers were added on game (Iron+Grandmaster). I agree that old ones seem to be better than new ones, in many ways. At least some additional adjustments on them were necessary, since it's like impossible to go back on old ones now.
I would like to make a strawpoll and send it to RITO , but i dont know if it will have an effect if the community isnt saying anything about it..
Just Jerry (EUNE)
: New Loading Screen for Season 9
To my mind the new loading screen borders arent special. It looks like a budget design. For all the time you invest to climb in soloq/flexq giving such a border as a reward is not worth it. The changes are good, there is room for improvement indeed, but please RITO if you read this DO something about the loading screen borders, they are nothing compared to the old ones. Best regards

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