: no its not like that, you most likely own the champion without your notice or its free rotation because u cant get champs u dont own
Really? I will have my eyes on that {{champion:64}}
Infernape (EUW)
: 50/50 probability doesn't mean that you will get both possibilities every two attempts. Flipping a coin doesn't mean that you will get heads once then tails etc. It can also mean that you get nothing but heads or nothing but tails. Random chance is well, random.
50/50 means that every time you drop the coin, it's either head or tail. Every new attempt it's goes to 50/50. It's not like you got head, so next time you will get tail. Every time it's 50/50(1/2). But in LoL every time it's 1/138... :D so it's kind a weird
: Well random is random. Dont belive into gamblers superstition. If you flip a coin 3 times there is still good chance that you will get 3*tails. BTW Urf karthus is decided on who will ding level 6 first . Cool thing XD.
Well, when you flip coin there is a 50/50 (tail or head), so it makes no sense at this situation :D LoL champ pool is way more bigger :)
: i never see shaco :D i wish i could play shaco once in urf, its the only time shaco feels fun again. i hate all random urf, rather want normal urf, maybe with bans or something so you wont see zed 24/7
I got Shaco once, it's really fun :-) yeah, normal URF was better {{champion:64}}
: Because they are on free rotation and most people dont have a lot of champs.
In ARURF you can get any champ, even if you dont own him, can't you? Cause I get champs I don't even own, lol.
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Infernape (EUW)
: When he's in combat _with a champion_, his E duration gets reduced to 1.5 seconds.
Why I thought that he can't get in to the wall while in combat. I think I saw that in Riot youtube video. Well, anyway, if it's true (that he can he can go to the wall while in combot) it's kinda retarted. Don't you think so?
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