: Did not receive response from server
: Did not receive response from server
: server down?
yep, same here. can not log in.
: This game gets me so bad some days,
If your team feeds, care about not dying and improving farming/mechanics. Eventually, and statistically, you'll rank up.
: New setup, stable high fps?
WIth that rig you can play max settings without any trouble.
: liwer
: No, you queued up with knowledge of maintenance. You took a risk, which backfired.
The maintenance started during the game. When i queue up, the warning wasnt there 100% sure.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I just lost a ranked game cause a player lost connection and couldnt reconnect during the game. Common sense would dictate to either: * Display a message **hours** before the maintenance. * To actually make a good maintenance, not ruining things up (like disconnecting people from an ongoing game). You just started the maintenance and displayed the little warning. Besides, if you're going to affect ongoing games, why not close the queues before maintenance? People have been kicked out of games that started before the maintenance. Just admit it's Riot's fault. Won't cause you any bad :)
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: Stop complaining about AP nerfs xD
I get their point. Their reason for this nerf is for mages not to spam abilities, but the thing is that when a non-mana-reliant champ confronts with mage, the mage has a huge disadvantage.
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