: Ironically, I only feel bad when I lose with a nice team. Losing with 4 flamers on the team feels kind of satsfying lol
haha I fell you man, I rather want to win a hard game then an ez game truly. Because then you know you was the better player/team
: Sometimes there are these players....
> [{quoted}](name=SuchLucyWow,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UvhAyr9u,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-10T13:26:46.083+0000) > > ... that are more than just honorable. > > Yesterday I had a game as Vayne, I went pretty bad. I wasn't able to dodge a blitz hook and it went all south from there. Even under the tower I wasn't safe, the enemy became too strong! But my support and toplaner were really nice, instead of blaming me for feeding the enemy, they actually understood that I was trying but the opponent was just to strong for me. That was really nice for a change and I felt less bad for doing so horribly. They wished me well on my next game and even though I lost the next game as well, it wasn't going as bad as the game before. > > The thing is, getting killed over and over in such a short period of time. I couldn't stand under tower, I couldn't farm, wherever I went I died. So I told them I was frustrated by it because I was useless for the team. They told me to take a deep breath and so I did and it worked. Even though I lost the game badly, thanks to my teammates, I didn't feel bad. Bad games happen and I was glad that my teammates understood that. c: I had to login to reply to this nice post. Let me tell you this first. I have multiple acc in many elos, but my main is high dia elo. Anyway this season here I found myself way out of line when i played in low elo with friends, or just solo too "own some noobs" bad attitude i know. And i often flamed them but not personal but still wrong in the end. Anyway when i saw this post here I reminded myself I did promise that next season or even from now few days ago I will not no matter what happens be as most people refer it to be called flame/toxi. Evne i dont clal my flame "flame/toxi " I had a game in gold elo 2 days ago I think, I was support and my mate was adc. We both play in high elo and no way this bot lane enemy stod a change. And it was a vayne player too, and i was a blitz too :) Anyway you story sounds like that game I just had also. The enemy support was a rakan and he started to flame hes adc the vayne and in all chat said pls report tis lame vayne boosted bla bla you know the words.. Something just happen to me that moment, and at the same time myself and my mate without we even talked about it typed at the same time "no we will not report vayne we will report you for being toxi and for being afk towards you adc its your fault your adc is having a hard time because you just stand and do nothing. He keept saying a lot of bs this enemy rakan and i got enough of him and i said listen dude make sure this words will be your last this game because when it ends this will be your last game for some time. And he was like well bla bla.. Then i told in all chat this vayne dont stand a change let me be honest he's actually doing just fine but me and my adc a smufing and not much he can do more. Besides that "Rakan" you are tully a horrible player in all aspect your attitude your game play and you higer elo then vayne. and yet you play really really bad. Then the enemy as well started to say to there team mates vayne hey vayne just mute rakan and keep doing your best. its all good. Like this Blitz was saying they smufing. I know its a pain in the ass when you have players that smufing but trust me I have them too in my elo as well. But try think about it this way when you encounter those enemys then focus not to win the game because 90% of the time you lose it. But try focus one the game style they have those smuf try look how they play what are they doing fuc that game man you losing it anyway try learn from them while the game goes one, what are they doing when are they doing this and that ect ect.. Then I promise you that after a season when you might have 100-400 games with smuf next season if you keept those games in back of your head your next season will be much better. Thats how i got better at this game. I used to say "I got better by playing against better players! Not by playing with players at the same level as myself! How can i improve if I don't see what I need to improve! By getting owned by players with 500IQ How can i then get 1000IQ?" Really all you can do mute those idiots that flame you focus one improve try learn from those players that clearly are better then you focus one that and %%%% the rest bro. You win the next game or the next one etc.. Yes we need more games like this were people are just clam and can be nice to each one when we either have a bad game or we face smuf/bosters because they will never go away, so we need to just adapt to it and be better too just say well %%%%T it lol its a game.. I also have really bad games and people are like flaming me I know my faults and whne i am just sleepy or just chill in a game but people say no way man you dia 2 or plat 1 or what ever acc i play one you trash man you bronze you boosted.. Well when that happens i just smile and mute.. And let me say often wwhat those people dont know is that most of the times if i had a bad match its mainly because my adc or mid or jung made way too many mistakes that puts me as support in a bad sport too and people often forget that. LIike you as a main adc if your support makes too many mistakes you will die more often and that many times ends in that the team flames you for feed the enemy adc but the true was that your support was the main reason but like i said many people cant see those facts. Anyway I wish you a better season 9 and i bet it will change many things that was bad last many seaons into something better, another thing just keep play but make sure when you see you make mistakes dont do the same mistake 2 times :) like a simpel tip if you feed enemy lane 0/2 its time too jsut focus one the cs and get some exp and money farm up items tell your support to not engage wait for ganks. it works 90% of the time. unless ofc you have enemy smuf they will just tower dive you :) you know the drill dude. Another good thing i did also to improve was i found a few streamers that play my lane watch them when they was online its another way to learn if they also often explain why they do as they do. There are also some sites out there were you can add your profile and get static one your game play and see what you needs to improve.
: I can play Draven mid, Draven top, Draven jungle, Draven adc or Draven support.
: gold/silver team looking for a midlaner
Age: 33 Country: Denmark Main Role: Mid/Supp Top 3 Champions: Ahri/LB/Morgana/Leo/Karma/Talon/Irellia/Diana.. Rank: Gold4 Went from Gold 1 to 4 lacks of bad attitude players etc.. How many champions you have: 40 But as I see requirements says 50 I just buy some if need! Anything else you like to say: I am looking for people who play more then a few hours/ times a week..
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