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: Why is Prestige battle academia Lux not in the prestige shop for 100 points?
it was an event related skin, your only chance was the last event.. now you gotta be lucky and pray you'll get one out of a hextech chest haha
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: If you could have one champion reverted (if more than one state which version) which would you pick?
AP Middle (EUW)
: Silver 2 Mid zoekt gezellige Nederlander om mee te duoen
: idea's?
Ik ga stuk
: add me: GreenIsBae
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: looking for dutch peeps
yo ben ook nederlands en supergezellig
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: LF DUOQ or flex 5v5 . Fresh acc placed in s3.
: jungler looking for flex buddy or team
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carl dip (EUW)
: Looking for flex friend!
I can support you
Rendeel (EUW)
: [Client] Unable to play league for periods of time
I have the same problem, it started like 3 days ago or something > When i hover over it it says: "We aren't able to create a lobby right now. Please exit the client and re-open it to try again" > I re log and it's still grayed out. It periodically switches over to being clickable at random. > This is forcing me to wait multiple minutes or even hours before i can play > I have tried to repair the client and have searched up ways to fix it online from previous board discussions but non of them worked. > I also have no internet issues what so ever, as i have around 16 to 20 ping in-game and pages load within a second in a browser.

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