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25321 (EUW)
: Open Party bugging out... Can't Create A Game?
same here, I think everyone on euw is having this problem {{champion:32}}
Verdizko (EUW)
: Unable to start a game
same, Classic euw {{champion:32}}
Crownguard (EUNE)
: Creating Normal Games
same {{champion:32}}
Dicora (EUW)
: Silver 2 ADC looking for a support player for normals and ranked
Strìke (EUW)
: Cant start any lobbies.
same {{champion:32}}
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corne1D (EUW)
: Chat restriction and ranked restriction
I got the same.. previously I got restricted for 5 games for saying 'easy' after an ARAM... who cares on aram, come on Now I just turned on my computer and got 75... cant remember the last time I flamed {{summoner:14}} ... I often say things like F*ck yeah, and oh Sh*t ... but come on this is ridiculous... RITO PLOX {{item:3070}} {{champion:32}}
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Fújin (EUNE)
: How about No Skin, she has enough for now Shyvana? That will be a good skin, I'd pay for it.

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