Undine (EUW)
: This game isn't unbalanced, this game is just full of damn boosted plats, #thankyoudynamicQ
Like holy shit. I don't know what is currently happening in this game. In two days alone i had 4 afks. One inter today. I had this amount the entire s6. i climbed pretty easily to high plat s6 and from there i was literally stuck for hundreds of games. Reached dia 4 and stopped playing because i got where i wanted to and i had my ranked team to take care of. Now i'm stuck in plat 5 for over a hundred games now. I do't know what to say. I legit feel like playing with bots. I lost 3 technically won games for no other reason than someone inting or as our rumble just straight afking. Our ryze just ragequitted out of nowhere though we still won the game. I can't carry, before i even start laning phase either someone already died twice or jungler comes level 3 when i'm level 2. It's such a shitfest currently. More than half the players i met currently shouldn't even be silver. Strangely enough i also encountered people who play as three in soloQ for two games or three. Either the population is so low that they coincidently get mixed together in the same team for two consecutive games or flex Q draws from the same pool as SoloQ, idk.
: At what level do the players understand the game?
I'm currently in the same elo. Peaked at dia 4 last season but then declinded because i stopped playing, could have gone further i think but currently i'm stuck in plat 5-4. I don#t know what is happening currently but so far i had 7 afks, 2 inters and one botter. in a bit more than a hundred games this season. Every game feels like i play with bots. Seriously. Before i even start laning everyone is 0/5.
: "saying a person has the reaction time of a rock is actually implying that they're stupid" this is utter nonsense. slow reactions and stupidity are completely different things and completely unrelated unless they have a common cause like some kind of brain damage. besides that, reaction times become gradually worse in one's early twenties (?), while "stupidity" arguably decreases.
What early twenties? How can i get to diamond atm when i was sitting around silver/gold during my teen years xD (22 right now) Actually around 26/27 you are at the zenith of your physical capacity.
: You cannot blame a mod for misunderstanding a comment like that anyway. I've been misunderstood and removed by less...and here I am. Just chill and forget this matter
If a mod "misunderstands" this quote he does it on purpose and wants to troll around a bit and deserves to be removed immediately. Saying this was a DEATH WISH n this context is just plain stupid.
: In game club tag ?
Riot removed it to hide the actual impact premades have on solo players. After changing their API rules this was the next logical step, boards were literally flooded with posts how easy it is to detect premades by club tags so they secretly removed it.
: Some people state in chat that "I bought a bronze 5 account", "this is not my account", "i boost elo for my brother/cousin/friend/<insert a title here>" and etc.
Account sharing as well as eloboosting is forbidden according to riot. But they don'tgive a damn
KuroiArt (EUW)
: I got 4 chests leftover - got 2 keys overall (6 fragments) over a lot of games. _(and that's 1 key per monthly reset)_ 14 won games in a row with no key - playing premade 2-3 {{summoner:14}} Why the heck give me chests if I can't use them and if I don't get enough keys in month I won't even be able to open them later. It's freakin annoying stupid shyt buRito is trying to sell. You can buy packs of chests/keys so buy it if you want, but make this freakin feature a free one not no-life farm like. Curve my ass :D - i got 1 key this month - now I need what 40-60 wins to get another? (that's freakin 60-100 games to be played with current MM) **They should have made it so that the longer you don't get a key then higher is the chance to get one so that: win 10 games without a key? np! Next game has 80~100% chance to get it. You got 3 keys already? won 10 games? np! Next game has 25% to get it or sth.** If you need 20-40-70-100 games for 1-2-3-4 keys (total of 230 games in a month = each games 20~45 minutes av.35 but for ease let's say 30 min) It's 115 hours of playing in a month non-stop. That's over 2 weeks of no-life playing 8 hours each day. {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:31}} If I am not to get keys for the "free" chests don't give me that shyt or let me do something with them. I just hate when they promiss something without execution. just f..{{summoner:11}}
Well, already got 3 chests and overall i had 2 keys. 6 fragments so far. That's all. I guess they want u to stack chests so u decide to buy keys in the store
Samsuddin (EUNE)
: For all dem zed mains.
I'd suggest u to look at the LoL wiki how many nerfs he already received. 2 nerfs now in two patches. The last W nerf dropped his winrate around 2%! He's at 50 now and playerbase is declining every patch so far. Tank Ekko sitting on top with a frickin 57% winrate and a 13% playrate but u keep crying about Zed. Once and for all for you to understand: Mages are NOT supposed to win lane against Zed. He is an ANTI MAGE. That's what he's designed for. And there is no need to win lane against him. In one of my recent games i played against Zed as Vel Koz. One of the hardest Vel Koz counters. He didn't kill me once, i outfarmed him during laning phase around 30 cs and took his second mid tower while mine was still up. Stop crying and git gud
: My main and only real problem with zed is his w q and e in laning. NO assassin in the league has even HALF as safe and easy poke and waveclear as zed. the closest that i can think of is Leblanc, and she will run out of mana if she's not careful (and can and will get fucked if you use a snare/stun well). Zed can just sit outside of the range of even a LUX and poke her down. that quite simply is a fucking joke.
He has ZERO waveclear during laningphase. You will never get enough AD during laning phase to effectively clear the wave. Unless your laning phase lasts until 25 minutes. No you can't sit outside the range of a lux and still harass her.... well not if she knows HER range as well. But many low tier midlaners just melee forms a Zed and keep crying. Zed used his W E Q to harass? Congratz u have 20 frickin seconds to harass him, deny him farm, gank him. Mobility=Zero during that time except flash.
Leptyx (EUW)
: Lmao so much truth in this post Perhaps ADC is be the most flaming role due to its nature being the most attractive for kids (they're called "carry", they usually have the most damage, and they're long-ranged AND can be supported which allows having the impress that you're good when you're not)
Adcs having the most dmg? Lolwut xD In nearly every game my adcs got the lowest dmg except the support (well as long as it's not annie, brand or something like that).
: Weeeell he's not wrong (support main).
I've met plenty of flaming supports. Omg whole team feeding, can't carry this shit, i'm too good for this blabla babyrage. These people exist in every elo and every role.
karolmo (EUW)
: It won't get better. Gold V, Plat V and Dia V are the worst leagues you can imagine. The players on bronze might just be bad. The players on gold/plat/dia V are carried or boosted kids
Yeah and still they flame. Like the one game i had 4 plat 5s in my team against nearly full gold team. I'm the only one who won his lane and did ANYTHING to keep us in the game: omg fucking goldies ruining my game hurr durr. Yeah you are plat and play against gold 3-1... who is the goldie?
: The reason I want to get to Platinum is not for glory, or knowing im better than anyone, or even for the prestige of being in a higher elo. Its to get away from the toxicity of the low elo players.
As if plat is any better... btw gl reaching plat. Plat has always been full of boosted players but now it's even worse...
: Why do AD assasins get all the love?
Zed gets love? Since when? If you haven't noticed Zed received two nerfs in two patches. Several nerfs before on Q and E dmg. E Slow. Ult dmg nerf before. Ult utility nerf before. Zed's winrate dropped 2% since the W nerf in 6.7.
: Solo q will be released one day. WHEN? noone knows . The sure is that will take as long as the new tribunal that lyte said where players will be able again to vote(i know its useless but ok). Soloq will have a huge impact on dynamic que because they where created with wrong way. Riot tried to fix matchmaking at dynamic que.. and failed at (very) high elo .Since the time this affect only the 1%-2% who cares.. Sadly we will have to wait a lot till we see soloq back.
They already failed at my elo. SoloQ won'T come back. Socrates already stated that over at the NA boards. Ofc he didn't speak it out but u know.
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: Well to be fair preseason is easier to climb overall. People don't really care about their rank because it doesn't affect their rewards any more, and it gets reset anyway.
It does affect. And people tryhard even more to prevent from dropping too hard. But what do i know i'm only a tier above.
Barr0ck (EUW)
: Will there be an statement by Riot about the SoloQ-DynQ?
Riot already stated that SoloQ will never happen. Socrates said so over at the NA Boards. I just made a similiar thread because again we were 5 solos vs 3+2 premades. This isn't funny anymore. I got to plat in no time during preseason and since this DynQ it's just so hard to climb. Several smurfs, eloboosters premading. Overall better communication by 3 or 4 men premades carrying the game and so on. communication>mechanics
Rioter Comments
: the w nerf sounds good, but is still think having it more like shen is where his energy costs are insanely hight but are replenished fast if you actually hit something with it. also he should need to use at least a bit of energy to jump back to his ult shadow.
If you want his R using energy for jumping back, then riot must remove the 1 second delay to jump back,
: Riot said that they'll most likely nerf Zed by reducing his early game Q damage and increasing the cooldown on his W. They said that before this patch came out, so expect Zed nerfs in the next week or maybe even this week, shipping out to the PBE.
His early Q damage is already shit. Are u kidding me. Every Ahri Q deals more dmg than Zeds Q, since 95% of the time if you are not retarded you stay behind minions and his Q deals zero dmg especially EARLY. Oh yeah 18 seconds or something on lvl 1 isn't long enough on his w? Are u kidding me?
: I would just like to jump in here: Assassins are healthy when they have counterplay. Zed can be CCd, damaged and killed, but right now, players can just press buttons and get a kill with the current meta being so anti-carry focused. I love assassins with counterplay. Zed, Rengar and Talon have very little, as one rotation is enough to kill. Champions like Kha'Zix, Nocturn and even Shaco have clear counterplay: Stick together, play smart and pink ward. Rengar? Stealth super-speed snare into oneshot crits. Zed? THAT NEW ITEM {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}}{{item:3147}} Talon? This entire meta.
DUSKBLADE IS SO SHIT ON ZED. Seriously. It's only good when the enemy team is full squishy, otherwise i would rather go for another item. Zed btw has more counterplay than talon, rengar and shaco. Stick together with shaco? Yeah same goes for zed. If zed goes in 5 people he get exhausted, stunned, snared, slowed and what not.
: i dont even like talon any more, since his ult cd nerf he has to save his ult for zed's making him lose kill pressure. zed is bullshit end of story.
: Meanwhile Redmercy (you might know him) makes a video talking about Zed's current state. He talks like 7 minutes about why he is OP, then talks two minutes how hard he is to play in the lategame which leads to the video ending with "Zed is balanced".
Well i don't know him but i would agree. As soon as the enemy team has three zhonyas and 2 QSS there is not much you can do. Zed is an early to midgame champ. His goal is to splitpush/finish the game fast
: Nerf zed... from a zed main...
Ofc normal AP midlaner are inferior to Zed. I don'T get why it's so hard for people to understand how that game works. You pick a mage for his CC, AOE dmg, zoning/control potential. U pick zed who is an ASSASSIN for 1v1 situations, to splitpush and punish the enemy MAGE in LANE. Zed HAS problems against mages who can actually abuse their range instead of going melee form against a Zed. Weakening him further will render him useless thus no reason to pick him anymore. Nerfing him so that the poor mages stand a 1v1 chance would just destroy the whole concept. And riot is aware of the fact that mages suffer from decisions and viable itemisation hence the big mage update in the coming months.
: nerf lb pls
Look for a new victim. LB has been nerfed enough.
: SoonTM Take your time, better a bug-free release than a bugged one.
Yeah well a little note in the client would've been great. I just bought him thanks to 100k IP and wanted to try him out in a custom game... press furiously the champion image and nothing happens xD
Daromiro (EUNE)
: I never saw any yi's with tytanic hydras in EuNe that much they just keep on wrecking stuff with guinsoo's devourer alone. I seriously hope you don't think something's wrong with a champion that was supposed to be an assassin/fighter to suddenly be a tank doing his previous job
How do u all think Yi is an assassin/fighter? I mean fighter.. meh maybe but actually yi should be a melee adc like yasuo or trynda. And even with crit build and full ad he could go 1v5 and win (if they had no nuker or cc) but now with those new items... dang. He can't be AS slowed, nor nuked nor cced. He abuses devourer and rageblade synergy SO hard. And i preached it and got downvoted and called retarded for it, this "nerf" will do NOTHING against tankyi. In fact the compensation buff made it even worse. He never went for THAT much AD (talking bout tankyi here) they would really need to take his true dmg away and just let his E be an AD steroid so u can actually build against him.
: Marking a Desired Champ Champ Select
If you can'T see which champion image appears at your teammates former empty image you shouldn't play LoL at all because i guess you don'T even notice what happens around your champ.
meowsuo (EUW)
: SoloQ might get scratched / not released
Well if riot really lied to our face about SoloQ this will be the time i switch to dota or stop mobas at all. It's a shame about the money and time i invested but there are things i can'T forgive. It's hard enough to still support riot when i think about the broken state of the game with certain champs and items and no effort in the last few patches to change that. 6.6 also doesn't touch the real problems at all. Like ZZ Rot nerf bullshit. as soon as there is a new strategy to use a former useless niche item it gets nerfed. Sated and rageblade abuse can stay toxic like always. Okay shyvana nerf was about time but i don't think it weakens her that much. All they care about is LCS. The last few patches were all targeted for LCS teams not the majority of players the ones responsible for riots fame and money.
George LS (EUW)
: Its called counterplay, riot believes that having one dimensional champions with little counterplay is bad for the game, they also said that if they where to turn back the time they would never release champions like tryndamere and master yi, if you think being chased to death by a fed master yi just because you did 2 steps out of your safe zone is fun and good for the game then you should stick with the starter pack champions.
Well how about riot would finally nerf the shit out of yi? Nope, better buff his base true dmg. Riot clearly favors mechanically easy champs with high reward. Such as: Kayle, Yi, Tryndamere, Jax, Lux (no her skillshots aren't hard to hit) and many others. Yi, Jax and Kayle are champs who can easily carry a game 1v5 and all you need to do is AA and sometimes press one button at the right time (Kayle R, Jax E, Yi Q or W to avoid getting nuked) and if they nerfed one of these champs they immediately got compensation. Yi gets his ratio converted into bonus AD and they better buff his base true dmg (which is a toxic mechanic in this game anyways) because it can't be that such a ridiculous champ is too weak. LeBlanc for exmaple has a high skill ceiling and got nerfed several times and again and again. Right now you need to master that champ (+125 games) to get into a positive winratio. Now there is yi, after 5-15 games he is at 52% winrate with the same playrate like leblanc for example and he goes up to a 58% winrate. So a mechanically challenging champ gets nerfed and nerfed until her winrate is utter shit but a braindead champ like yi gets compensation for a nerf.
: reset the yi nerfs
Which nerfs are u all exactly talking about? Yes his ratio gets converted into bonus ad. Does that solve ANY problem with yi? Nope. He even gets more base true dmg. Why don't they just give him 15% max health true dmg per 1/2 AA. He will still build full tank after Sated and Rageblade. He will still deal 500 true dmg 500 AD and 500 magic dmg in a few attacks. He will still be uncatchable thanks to his Q. His w will still save him from getting nuked. This whole champ is toxic af with current itemization and he is not alone with it. Sated double procc+passive double procc+ AS cap is just crazy. This whole devourer and rageblade shit is broken since release. Which has been 3 months now and still nothing done about this.
Rehab (EUW)
: If you ever want some info about the game, check NA boards, not EU. They don't care about EU players enough to inform them. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/riot-official/6WuZKauE-new-champ-select-update > That said, as we continue our work, we're concerned about the impact solo queue will have on matchmaking as a whole, and we’re assessing how to best proceed. From this you can pretty much see that the True SoloQ is on hold. On hold usually means they will cancel it eventually.
Lyte already posted some shit one or two weeks ago. They evaluated that the VAST MAJORITY of all players like dynamic q according to some poll i never heard about. Thing is, question was kinda a suggestive question which might falsify the outcome. Also there were no numbers about how many player took part in this poll. I can't remember the result exactly but something like: 54% yes i like it. 20% no i don't like it and some % had no opinion. Some NA player even mentioned that there are many player who don't know the difference between NCS and DynamicQ. Long story short: There will never be a solo q. Riot will never try to balance the game out, matchmaking will never be improved. Some chinese billionaire took Rito over, the times of company to playerbase communication are over. Just look at the useless Reds here. There's only Lyte left and he also just says what will happen without discussing with the players. I miss the times when Morello talked to us plebs.
: decent manaless assassin with waveclear that is better than it should be, hard to gank, long-ranged poke that allows very little time to react.
What? Talking about waveclear? How about Ahri, Fizz, Lux, Ziggs, Xerath. Just to mention a few and you complain about Zed who needs a full ability rotation+ some AAs to waveclear?
ZartarUK (EUW)
: wow man can you try reading what im saying? lets take fizz for example, fizz is an assassin that can snowball really easy but he doesnt have a safe laning phase, it can go either way, also farming can be hard for him at the start do you get what im saying now? please dont read someone comment and pick 1 part of it and ignore the rest and yes he is strong against ap users just like every other ad user but he plays mid lane which is 80% of the time an ap user plus can snowball really easily from that and can control the lane and dominant the other mid laner, pretty much the only mid laner to be able to do that right now also just to point out i dont mind playing against zed, i just go fizz and he has no ult but these are the reasons he is getting banned so much
Fizz can do exact the same thing. Nearly every mage is ranged, Zed isn't. You can easily push him out of lane in the first few lvls. Using your range advantage to avoid getting WEQ isn't THAT hard. Fizz can snowball out of control, Leblanc can do this, Ahri can do this, Talon can do this. Nope Zed isn'T the only midchamp right now who can do this.
: Broken? I've laned against a few of them and always picked Kassadin. Now that is broken. She can't do anything to me as she attempts to burst me. I just counter it with my own burst. I rush Abyssal to give me sustain against her and increase my burst. (I run thunderlords with the pen mastery and have AP pen rune page) By the time I have my abyssal I already have about 40 flat magic pen. I've made them rage so much saying I'm broken and that my burst is stupid even though they're playing Leblanc. I then proceed to do exactly what Leblanc's do and roam for more kills since with the amount of burst I have and pen no lane is safe as I'm practically dealing true damage at this point. Kassadin will need level 6 before his roams become great unlike Leblanc's. But at level 3 if she attempts to all in you and you get the shield from your Q off first its always been an easy trade for me.
Then u obviously played against dumb leblancs only. Many lbs i see ALWAYS max W which is pretty stupid. In a Kassa match up max your Q. Bait his shield or wait until he used his Q to farm or harass. So far i had no issues against Kassa as LB but maybe my enemies were bad kassas who knows.
Rioter Comments
: "3rd Reich" would be pretty sweet club name.
From the downvotes i assume people have no humor, sadly. How about: Adolf H. memorial club?
: EUW team, need coach
Sub Trick2G apply to subwars, free coaching.
: my guess it better itemization for things like CDR or magic pen... And they have confirmed that spell vamp is getting looked at. As for your tank issue... that's intended. The game works like rock paper scissors, certain classes are better at handling certain things than others. In this case mages rely mostly on burst damage and have few options out side of their initial burst which means they excel vs squishies as they one shot them... but tanks who survive their burst counter them as mages don't have a follow up for them (unless they are sustained damage mages like vlad which is a different matter). > it is also annoying that building AD gives you a significant advantage in last-hitting (and waveclear) over most ap champions and STILL improves your abilities if they scale with AD. But AD champions have limited utility... which means that while they are better at pushing they have much fewer come back mechanics than AP champions do (on average) meaning they are worse at being at a disadvantage.
The game right now works like rock scissor only. One champ pool is the rocks (juggernaughts,bruiser, any tanks who can deal more dmg than actual "carries") and the poor scissors which are adcs, mages and assassins.
A Plebian (EUW)
: Well he was nerfed more times before, making him almost unplayed and even low winrate among experienced zed players - then they buffed, and he's OP again - proves again, it's almost impossible to balanced assassins
Buffed?`Last patch was a nerf bc of duskblade which still is a kinda meh item. And as long as a tankakali can oneshot me as zed, when i can only take half her health+steraks shield with several AA, ignite, triple Q+triple E+botrk active and passive on every AA+10% max health AA passive zed is pretty balanced.
Prod0x (EUW)
: More than 15 mins queue..??
Dynamic Q so good, much better than the old. MEssed up mmr, premade trolls, non-premade trolls. People banning the champ u want to play from your own team. Best thing riot ever implemented.
Sffc (EUW)
: See, this is why Dynamic Queue is ridiculous (If you want Bronze-like stories, check this thread)
KNow that feel. As graves top vs fiora. Going 5/0 over 80 cs ahead. Took top inhib in 17 minutes. 25 Minutes two inhibs open and nexus turrets down. (5 solos vs 3 premades+2 solos, i was in the 5 solo team). Suddenly in minute 30 or something when we went for the last push 0/5 fiora comes out of nowhere quadra kill, baron for them. Inhibs recovered, fiora now full build. 300 armor, 3,2k health and instakills u. Second teamfight lost, gg enemy team takes tier 2/3 tower, inhib, nexus towers, nexus. WP.
: Please stop matching non pre-made teams vs 5 pre-made teams
Again a game lost. 3 solo +2 premades vs premade bot and the rest as premade. It's a joke. Ofc i lost 20 points, ruining my mmr because they were silver. It sucks so hard top, mid, jungle premade u just stand to chance as solo. I give this game until the next patch if there is still no announcement for SoloQ i have to uninstall it. Preseason i rocketjumped to platin 4 and now i'm sitting in gold 3-4. Every second game there is something with premades, either boosted people in my team or solos vs 3/4/5 premades. It's 2 months already and still no single statement to SoloQ. Next patch will be 3 months already and then i will have to switch to dota if riot decides to ignore SoloQ once more. Reds are completely useless too and only comment on jokes and "funny" threads. Don't know why they even exist if they can't provide information on what riot is up to.
candoodle (EUW)
: Hextech crafting just another middle finger to solo queue players
Again i'm going to spam the boards. It's two fucking months since NCS even more. Still not a single update on when SoloQ will be released. Nope they are busy with hextech crafting. I guess somewhere in autumn or late summer riot will state SoloQ is impossible sorry guys. The official statement to why they introduced DynamicShit was already a punch in the face: We at riot believe League of Legends should be played with friends and not solo. In other words: Thanks for years of money and spreading lol but we don't need u solo fucks anymore we want premade plebs only.
: prepare for the premade defending whiteknights of the boards downvoting your thread, thereby desperatly trying to uphold their failing illusion that dynamic queue is super-awesome even tho its universally despised. Have my upvote in advance. DynamicQueue was the biggest mistake in the history of this game.
Yup. Ofc premades fail to see this. It was already worse enough having the occasional premade bot flaming everyone for losing their lane back in good ol soloQ. Now u have boosted premades who sit a tier higher, playing against 3-4 premades as solo guy or u get into 4 premades as solo guy and it starts "let me mid omg i picked mid as primary, give me mid or we report u and troll and feed hurr durr".
kauketsu (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=franticFurball,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0QVkVaJt,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-03-16T00:09:15.989+0000) > > The usual premade-defenders. > > Even Lyte had to admit, that premades are more likely to be toxic than soloQ players :D do the math, 4 chances for being toxic, instead of 1. playing in a premade doesnt make the player toxic, it has nothin to do whether someone is in premade or not.
Oh pls. Just remember back in school, group of people bullying and talking shit about others, feeling stronk af and as soon as u catch them alone they turn into a mouse.
: * Zed is OP and toxic. * Wow Lee so immune to getting nerfed. * Quick complaint about Riven snuck in. * "ult is point and click and no skill" * One of the few assassins that isn't just a binary "I kill you/I don't do enough damage" ball of stats who has clear counterplay and outplay potential is unfair. Are you actually serious and believe what you wrote or are you just trying to get a rise? Zed is a bit on the strong side right now, sure, but he's as toxic as your post is well reasoned and articulated.
Don't know whats all the fuss about Zed. When i watch talon "Press E+R+AA" triple kill against squishies
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: They want Zed to be part of pro scene because its damn impressive to watch Zed #flashylcsplays. And since he wasn't in meta they buffed him to get him back.
Where did they buff him? He was untouched for a long time, then they buffed his ult to immediately remove it again for a mediocre item.
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