: {{champion:110}} dead champ with a pickrate of only 2.4% (and only 48.11% winrate) which is the second smallest pickrate before Kog'Maw who has 1.8% Pickrate (and 51.62% winrate). Varus has to be one of the worst Marksman atm, he's almost Kalista level of weak statistically speaking.
Kalista is almost in one of her best spots she's ever been in though. She's not trash tier useless and not ungodly overpowered. She's probably the most balanced ADC at the moment. She's not picked often because, for some reason, it is a general consensus she deals no damage and she has a high skill cap. She's also a situational pick like Ashe, something that you pick when the teamcomps are right for it. She's not Lucian that basically has no losing laning phase and can be picked in to any combinations. Edit: Statistically speaking it doesn't matter because you're just not going to get a reliable sample.
: Double Tear is not possible anymore, even when this article came out when the patch note were already known. how flawed are you actually?
The only difference it did was that Ezreal is not an AP/Hybrid carry now but back to more classical AD. It makes itemizing against him a little easier, i think his burst got hit a tiny bit, but overall the double tear is not what makes Ezreal threatening and generally speaking the philosophies of the champ and how to play it and performance wise is, give or take, about the same.
: first video : i just had no better footage of the first one .. but he can do the same thing with veiger ult .. or any other targeted abbility i mean changing his w to just scale with his passiv while consuming it isnt realy a huge change to be honest .. 80% of his kit would stay the same .. but to be honest i would already be very happy if they would just make his windwall a thin thin thin line so that he cant just stay in it and be unhitable like in video 2 (it doesnt happen all the time but when it does it is worse then getting camped) and also so that it punishes yasuo way way harder for bad placement of his w .. i mean dont get me wrong .. i see that the champion isnt performing well at all at the moment .. but it is so terrible to fight him or have him in your team because he can only perform realy well or be a flaming feeder achieving nothing for most of the game game .. to the point that rather then trying to change his numbers, actual mechanics need to be ripped out of his kit or other forms of counterplay need to be introduced so that he can then be buffed by numbers into 50% winrate without him having a 100% banrate in my oppinion .. (if you understood the last paragraph then you dont need to read further .. i am just gonna try to explain it again a bit better if possible: usualy if a champion has << 50% winrate he would need a buff however if a champion is toxic to fight/has a huge banrate then making him have a 50% winrate would almost always result in a ~100% banrate -> noone can play him and he has to be nerfed or reworked.. so making him less forgiving or introducing other ways of counterplay to his kit would reduce frustration when fighting him a lot .. allowing riot to then buff his number until he is at ~50% winrate without having a huge banrate .. )
Well you made a good response to be honest, i get what your problem with him is. I personally would like a thinner windwall of some sorts as well but changing his windwall won't have an effect on him in lower elos which i think is the balancing issue with him. It's like the time they wanted to buff Yi, but if they increase his damage he will go full berzerk in lower elos, so they buff his W and it had next to no effect because most people in higher elos will use it for auto-reseting anyways, and people will cancel your W. And then the alpha strike nerfed lane yi and higher elo but made him about the same in lower elos since it costs less mana. Really strange changes have been made to Yi and it's most likely because actual Yi buffs would roflstomp low elo harder than he already does. Yasuo is somewhat in the same position, but to go back to the original point i don't think his kit or design is toxic. I think anybody can pick Yasuo and they will probably have fun playing him, that's why he is so good. I think Yasuo is ok as an opponent cuz he has counterplays around tornados and minions (dash availability). I think someone like Akali is much worse, because you can't attack her when you want to, and she has a lot of sustain. She's a massive lane bully that is almost impossible to fight if you don't know the matchup well. It takes so much more to counter Akali than it takes for Akali to counter you, and this is true for Yasuo as well but i find Yasuo more acceptable because you have more options and reactions against him than Akali. Riven is only better if she's smarter than you, her entire kit favors outplaying, but she can only outplay if she is one step ahead of you. In lower elos she can outscale a couple champs after 3-4 items which means she can start to stomp and might go unpunished but i definetely don't think she is a problem or that her kit is toxic either. Even her flash-stun-oneshot combo can be countered with a quick cleanse if you get caught.
: this is what i am talking about : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWGuIzU-IhQ i also found this gem : https://gfycat.com/AdmiredRightLhasaapso dont get me wrong .. i feel like riven needs atleast as much fixing as yasuo needs .. however just because there already is a champion with toxic mechanics or bad gameplay to fight against doesnt mean it justifys an other to exist .. example (might be choosen badly but pls bear with me ^^) : just because rengar can onejump kill you doesnt justify lux to 100%kill you when she hits her root once .. they both need some work done to them ..
In the first one, the ashe arrow didn't proc its hitbox on yasuo yet. You can look closely and see the corner of his windwall before it traveled away from Yas, hit the arrow's hitbox before the arrow hit Yasuo. Not a bug, just lucky timing. This is basically Yasuo's version of the Yi meme 'I was in alpha' which isn't a bug but an intended mechanic based on how the proc rates work, which also makes something called disjointing a mechanic that wouldnt otherwise work. The hitbox is just like an arrow. <==< (Edit: Not really, see screenshots below for what happens) , the tip passed through Yasuo's back, and then the tip hits the corner and removes the whole arrow, instead of the corner of the arrow hitting Yasuo first. [Here is screenshot 1, Arrow looks like it misses Yasuo](https://i.imgur.com/CimOnn9.png), [and here is screenshot 2, the corner of the wall procs the tip of the arrow and removes it.](https://i.imgur.com/2OCoUxo.png) Hope this explains. I know it looks dumb but visual feedback is not how the game's internal hitboxes and programming works so sometimes you don't want to look at what the game is showing you, sometimes you want to know how it works internally. The second one i can't explain though, either bug or netcode issue. Can't be Yasuo's problem cuz he has 7ms so its not internet. Super fkin weird. I don't think either Riven or Yasuo is toxic. Yasuo is probably the most well-designed champ in the entirety of League, there is no champ that has ever been as popular as Yasuo, and stayed as popular ever since release. Sometimes he has been too good, and pre-conq he had no keystone and was much weaker. Overall he has been just about OK though. I'm also not saying just because Y does it so shall X. You aren't arguing for Yasuo to be nerfed, you're arguing for an entire design to be removed, and saying it's a toxic mechanic and unhealthy gameplay. I'm saying its not. I want Yasuo to be more balanced in lower elos but i dont want to directly re-design the champion or change him too much, because then he gets fk'd in higher elo and i havent seen a Yasuo in over 200 games already. It says his pickrate in diamond is 20% which is high (Well i play norms in preseason), he is also never banned, but i just don't see him played ever.
: Still not really impactful... windwall is typically used reactively to block important skills so you’d still get plenty of uses out of it. All this does is punish you if you windwall early which isn’t a big deal.
Well you're right. This would nerf high elo Yasuo rather than low elo.
: what realy isnt fair is that yasuo can block projectiles in front of him by windwalling behind him (one yasuo actualy did that to me (veigar r) just to crush my hopes of killing him since he failed his w .. but still blocked it) also .. to be realy honest his tornado isnt that hard to hit .. and dont forget that it has no cost like every other of his abbilitys other than cooldown which for his q becomes miniscule pretty fast.. i would realy like it if they made his abbilitys scale with the shield bar while consuming it (even if only w) and give him some serious downsides to his abbilitys ..
Minus the shield part which i would either need a video of to see the mechanic or if it's a bug, everything else could be said the same thing about Riven, but why is Yasuo the one that gets all the complaints? Does Yasuo even have a 50% winrate right now? I wouldn't know, nobody plays Yasuo the higher rank you get, just like most of these champs that people complain about.
: Yes! This is what I wanted. Something we should be playing aroud his passive, not just defensively, but also maybe attacking-wise. Maybe if you have 0 shield, your tornado only does damage, but not knock-up (since you don't have enough "wind" in it). His E is fine tho, maybe make him so he gets some of his "passive wind" back when used on champions.
Nah that's not fair, it would make him garbage honestly. He already has to skillshot the tornado so its not fair he needs wind for it to knock up as well. It's also the only way for him to proc ult without somebody else doing it for him, and nado has a lot of counterplay.
: Then wouldn’t you just waste for the shield to pop before you use wind wall... all this does is create a noob trap which ain’t the most useful
But what if popping the shield and using the windwall at 0 passive means the duration is lower, or maybe you dont get the maximum width that you are able to? There's things you could do around it, so you have to choose between the shield or enhanced W, which also makes proccing the shield a counterplay against the W but maybe that is also unfair cuz its not like W doesn't have counterplay right now.
ILA1Jhin (EUW)
: How to play that tr*** game?!?
Yasuo and Yi are pretty damn balanced, especially Yasuo. His counterplay is very clear: You can dodge his Q's and you can dodge his tornado. His W is a wall that can be played around, and his dashing is dependant on enemy/neutral targets. He uses conq meaning he is weak unless pre-stacked, and his early game is very bad with autos doing barely 70/hit. ADC is still the worst role in the game right now but not because Yasuo and Teemo are unbalanced. Look up xFSN Saber and learn how to play against these champs as an adc. Look at his video 'A challenger ADC's guide to teamfighting' and you will probably learn what you are looking for.
: Im going to school but its this shit christmas holiday.
Honestly, take this guys' advice for what it's worth. It doesn't sound like depression to me (It's hard to tell from just this post), but you seem lost in life.
Hansiman (EUW)
: I believe a lot of players use smurfs to play ranked on roles they don't main in, which the current ranked system doesn't really help with. Playing any role just impacts the one rank you have, so practicing on an off-role is risky since it can end up hurting what rank you're on. So by using smurfs, a top player can "safely" practice mid, without risking their rank. The new system should at least alleviate this problem a bit, since you get ranks for each role, and the impact is less severe. This makes it safer to play off-roles, since you're not hurting your main role as much. --- Smurfs aren't really healthy for matchmaking, and the enjoyment of others. For Riot to "take over" the industry of supplying smurfs is just going to make the problem stick around, but now give Riot a business model based on it. I don't see how that will help.
It helps because it removes private services, that is the point. Like i said, smurfing won't ever get removed. We don't have statistics that smurfs offrole so what you say may apply, but it may not. I can't comment on it cuz truly, it doesn't matter since we don't know in the first place. I still think the rate of smurfs is going to increase rather than decrease next season, it's just that they plow through lower ranks quicker. That's still not really going to help, especially the beginner experience is completely the same because you need to hit lvl 30 and the required champs. So, whatever you or Riot suggests, i don't see how it helps either. At least this would remove private services if anything, while also allowing people to skip the beginner experience so that more rookies play against actual rookies rather than smurfs.
Hansiman (EUW)
: That still doesn't beckon the question: What's the point? Riot doesn't condone smurfing, so why create a system that that does this? Changes they make to the design of the game has actually been in order to lessen the use of smurfs, so why suddenly change this?
The point is that you can't get rid of smurfs, but you can kill the private services that provide smurfs. Do you mean the new ranked system? It doesn't necessarily lessen the use of smurfs. In fact it could encourage even more smurfs in to the game; The idea is climb faster to reach the elo you belong in, rather than having to grind it all out. People who didn't wanna commit and take a large amount of effort to grind a smurf may now find it more suitable to do so. To lessen the use, perhaps? The lifespan of a smurf will be shorter, but i expect more of them coming in to the game. Unless you're talking about something entirely separate i'm unaware of.
Hansiman (EUW)
: It still condones smurfing, which Riot is against. Because honestly: What's the point?
Then that's never gonna solve the problem, **ever**. It's literally just gonna loop forever: Accounts get banned, accounts get botted, accounts get sold. Runescape and WoW among other MMOs got rid of this by giving gold a real-world currency value. In Runescape's case it's in the form of a bond, whereas in WoW it's a WoW token. They gave up on condoning the practice and instead embraced it and competed against them. It still didn't solve the entirety of the issue, but it killed the majority and it's typically only profitable for venezuelans and countries with an equivalent value of such economy. On top of that banning the bots solves the issue as well because now you have to count what your time is worth, and spending a whole week lvling an account to 30 for about 10 bucks isn't gonna be worth anybody's time. And i don't mean banning bots after it's already too late, but ACTUALLY doing something about it that shuts down the entire business until they evolve the bot.
: > > No but it&#x27;s disruptive behaviour which would be punishable anyways. Nonsense. This is strong language + using little swearwords which are used in the daily life anyways. I am not offending or harassing anyone with it.
Doesn't matter. Spamming that word is reportable under negative attitude if anything. I'm pretty sure just spamming is reportable by itself.
: > > Either way, can&#x27;t say i&#x27;m mad. As a Yi main our reputation is bad enough, we don&#x27;t need you making us look worse than we already are. > What is your point? like you act like i've been shouting extremely bad things to people, I didn't do that. Besides this, this is a perfect example of actually attacking someone, what you just said. > Reading the comments where you said you don&#x27;t believe that this is offensive and inflammatory, is wrong. I get that you don&#x27;t see it that way, but Riot does. Maybe if you didn&#x27;t specifically direct it towards somebody it would be _at least_ less so, but looking at the chat it&#x27;s clear you are **intentionally** degrading **someone**. Again it's not. The worst things I've said is outlining the reason why the player has to be reported. And saying that he deserved to be punished for that. And yes this is intentionally, but it is not degrading someone on his playstyle. By the fact that someone is griefing or feeding on purpose; should be punished. Not for saying that someone is having an offensive behaviour and he / she will be reported for that. > > Your words are toxic but maybe not toxic _enough_, but your mentality at the time was also toxic. Isn't it strange when someone is offending multiple players or just me, for something. You are going to defend others / yourself, won't u? I didn't attack him on his bad behaviour by saying swearwords or offending elements. The worst thing I said is: you are reported for your behaviour .... hopefully u will be punished for it, you deserve it. This is the hard truth. > If you would see my chat log for example, it would be like: > &#x27;&#x27;wp&#x27;&#x27; > &#x27;&#x27;gj&#x27;&#x27; > &#x27;&#x27;gg wp&#x27;&#x27; These things are in my chatlog aswell, so what is your point? > Maybe throw in a &#x27;&#x27;stfu&#x27;&#x27; like once every 25 games or something. Compare that chat log to your bible of toxicity and that&#x27;s kind of the problem. Also playing with duo helps because you can PM them about how bad your team is instead of saying it in public chat, then you get to rant without getting punished. This makes no sense aswell. Because saying shut the f*ck up, is offensive. So even one thing like this is reportable, that's one. The second thing, Even if I write essays, Aslong it is not offensive or harassing it is NOT bannable. So is my chatlog. And PM to my premade about how bad a team(mate) could be ideal, but wasn't needed because I've played with premades on discord. This could be the place where i've been offensive about players. BUT, I didn't say anything offensive to any unknown players in-game
I read what you said, i could answer each thing separately but everything can be summarized under: None of this refutes the fact that you were consistently toxic with the mindset of intentionally disrupting somebody else which lead to your punishment. The point about defending yourself goes like this: You get punched. You punch back. Punching is a punishable offense. You both get punished. All your other reasonings and defenses are fine, including reacting &amp; defending yourself. It's normal, but so what? It doesn't refute anything. It only explains why you did what you did. It's like explaining why you murdered someone. You're still getting punished for the murder. And as for still disagreeing whether it's toxic or not, we can disagree all we want but Riot will have the last word no matter what. It's not me you need to justify yourself to.
: > How about not spamming the %%%%ing chat and just muting everybody? Even when I spam f*cking or something. This is not used to offend Anyone. It is indeed wrong, it is swearing. But this isn't in the category: offensive behaviour which lead to my permanent ban! Muting is smart, when it is too much for you. But, In these games I wasn't offending or harassing anyone so it is not necessary :) So again. Is this chatlog ban-worthy yes or no. Because I didnt't offend or harass anyone.
> [{quoted}](name=Im Like Yisus,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I9jMfVMu,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-28T21:51:27.313+0000) > > Even when I spam f*cking or something. This is not used to offend Anyone. No but it's disruptive behaviour which would be punishable anyways.
: Perma Banned. Provoked agression / Not being offensive.
Well its only 3 games... If this is your first offense i think you should skip chat ban straight in to 2 weeks if you got MANY reports, but it definetely deserves a perma ban if you've gotten punished before or these 3 games are just examples out of like 30 games. Either way, can't say i'm mad. As a Yi main our reputation is bad enough, we don't need you making us look worse than we already are. Reading the comments where you said you don't believe that this is offensive and inflammatory, is wrong. I get that you don't see it that way, but Riot does. Maybe if you didn't specifically direct it towards somebody it would be _at least_ less so, but looking at the chat it's clear you are **intentionally** degrading **someone**. Your words are toxic but maybe not toxic _enough_, but your mentality at the time was also toxic. You put effort in to toxicity, you didn't just flame a little and then leave it, you put effort in to carrying the toxicity forward. If you would see my chat log for example, it would be like: ''leashless'' ''gj'' ''wp'' ''LOL'' ''gj'' ''gg wp'' Maybe throw in a ''stfu'' like once every 25 games or something. Compare that chat log to your bible of toxicity and that's kind of the problem. Also playing with duo helps because you can PM them about how bad your team is instead of saying it in public chat, then you get to rant without getting punished.
: Why is it not possible to buy a Ranked-ready account directly from riot games?
You could just add it to the Riot Points store instead under account settings, where you buy Rune Pages, transfer region and change username. Just add an option to buy a lvl 30-boost on your account that comes with a base set of champs or BE for an X amount of RP. Screw it, even if you overprice that people would still buy it because it's official and you have no risk of losing your account. More money in Riot's pocket, while it kills a third-party private service. There must be a good reason for them to not have done this.
: How do supports carry the game?
Supports carry much like anybody else does: By being so good you make up for your team being so bad. Right now botlane there's an issue with supports having too much agency: For the most part they are the ones who decide the lane. Along with being the carry during the laning phase, they roam and win other lanes. A lot of supports have great engages or anti-engage, while some have buffs or survival utility tools for the team. You use that to keep the team alive for as long as possible while they do their thing. Combining the two with getting your team fed and giving them utilities, even if they mechanically misplay you can be good enough to make up for it in most games. It's kind of as simple as that, really. If you are talking about how to actually do it during laning phase, when to do what, how to play against X comp, so on and so forth, you'll have to get a coach or watch youtube videos. I highly recommend just finding a high-elo youtuber, you will almost never need a personal coach to better yourself.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: you have to pay 1450 rp to get the event pass to be able to farm tokens for the skin, and playing 4-5 games a day will be enough to get the skin, looking it like that i dont see anything bad with this... selling directly would be the same price (well 100 rp less lol) but with the event pass you can get so much more, for example i dont really care about this skin, but i can buy a lot of masterwork chests with the tokens so i get a lot more skins for the same price
A chroma does not cost 1350rp though, so no- it would be about 1125RP less or something.
: I agree saying ez could tilt people, but don't expect Rito to do anything about it, they literally made it an ingame emote with Ezreal lol.
Jinx also has it, the ''Wahahaha'' one.
Gabresol (EUW)
: I disagree. Simply stating that ouy found a game to have been "easy", does not directly say anything abour your opponents. A game can be easy for multiple reasons: 1. You are playing Zed and crushed your lane, therefore you got fed and killed everything. 2. Samething but you are the jungler who had to do nothing the whole game long because of that Zed. 3. Enemy went afk. It is still unsportsmanlike, rubbing in the defeat, but it is not harsh enough to fall under "toxic" to me.
I agree with you. I'd also like to add my own opinion to extend the argument against this being considered toxic: Easy is not toxic because it's more like a tease. Besides, if we change the perspective where a losing team says ''ez'' it's just funny, not toxic. If you win the game and say easy, you deserve the playful banter. Next time your opponent wins he gets to say easy as well. The problem with deeming this word toxic is that you change its inherent status by definitions. Easy is not a negative word. It is neutral. It can only be negative when used contextually. However, something like kill, c4ncer and other words are inherently negative and that's what the system punishments instantaneously. Once we move out of the auto-system and get people who are reported a lot and get banned for chat **without** the use of those words, they are punished because of a certain rhetoric, claim, argumentation, or other that negatively impacts gameplay. Ez is usually said at the end of the game, so what does it even matter? But say even if it does occur _during_ the game, who is to say if it has a negative or positive effect? It might tilt YOU, but it might encourage ME to just slap the fed Zed even harder and try to win the game. If this word is identified as toxic then more than half the playerbase is gonna get banned.
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: Lol, well let's start with the fact that my disconnections are usually pretty short - 5-10 seconds and never made a bigger impact. And no it's not "personal issue" when everything should work fine but it's not. I never have beed disconnected in Smite, HOTS or other multiplayer game. But in LoL it's almost "normal" to got DC once per day at least. So how is that "personal issue" if the problem is only with one game? It's Riot's job to make it playable. Yeah I hate AFKers, yes they are ruining the game and I agree that they should be punished. But DC is not something unusual and lots of times it's not player's fault that it's happening.
Actually it is your responsibility. Smite, HOTS, and whatever games you speak of don't have the same server location as Riot. Now i'm not disregarding the fact that this could be an issue to Riot, but you are responsible for the internet you use by your ISP. I've never disconnected in League of Legends. The only time i have, is when the entire game goes offline or Riot specifically mentions there are issues with connections to the server at the time. 5-10 seconds, if what you say is true, really doesn't matter in accordance to your current elo and you shouldn't be reported (Even if you do, no punishment) for it. Especially if only once per day if you play like 5 games/day. It's Riot's job to make it playable, and it is. If it's the players fault or not, it usually doesn't matter. If your ISP shuts down your internet for some hour due to maintenance or something, you are responsible for disconnecting your account from League and your account gets punished, not your ISP. If the issue is with Riot then Riot will notice the pattern in their data and point out people will have issues. If your internet is bad and you get punished, it's your fault for making the decision to use bad internet. No matter what happens (Unless it's Riot), you are responsible for the disconnection which lead to ruining 4 other people. If you don't like the way this works, there is nothing you can do unfortunately. You are responsible until Riot says otherwise.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Personally i have a couple of main concerns about a voice chat that are yet to be addressed in this conversation. Sexism towards women was mentioned, so let's skip that. 1. Racism. Especially on the EU servers. People here have very distinct national accents. 2. Complete lack of moderation. To the best of my knowledge, there isn't any game where voice chat is successfully moderated. 3. Balance. You know how you are told to just mute the toxic people you get in your team? That is going to be "opt out from voice chat" or "mute the voice of toxic people" now. Anyone who have played against a full premade with voice chat as a team of 5 solo players know how much of an advantage the voice chat can be. Now if you have a toxic teammate, your chances of winning will drop even more sharply. 4. New methods of trolling. Someone screaming into your ears while you want to concentrate would be pretty damn annoying and it would require a brand new set of tools to have a chance at catching the troll. 5. Languages. The written chat can already be flooded by two or three guys talking to each other in their native language, but the effect is far worse with sound. I really enjoy the voice chat with my friends, and we have used a program for that ever since we began playing League. But without a solution to these problems, i think a general voice chat option would cause way more harm than good.
Make it so you manually have to opt in to voice chat. This way you must, by your own decision, expose yourself to these potential toxicities. Note you can also mute and lower/higher volume on people just like current voice chat.
Mr Stabby (EUW)
: I don't want it to be necessary for me to open my mic/speakers and hear stupid screaming children to gain an advantage in communication. All in all, I would really rather not hear the people who I see type in this game speak.
Not **necessary**. **Optional**.
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: what if I told you that it doesn't matter if your computer is great or old? I have new gaming laptop and it disconnects too sometimes, even when my internet connection is fine.
The problem is that this is your own personal issue and it ruins it for other people. I can't sympathise with you because i don't have these types of problems, but that one time it does happen to me, i DO expect to be reported. I don't expect anything to happen though because it happens far too rarely for me. If it happened every 10 games i would expect a punishment.
Aijo (EUW)
: As a scientist, I can't help but find these (for now anecdotal) correlates fascinating. Do you happen to remember the educational level of this particular student? I'm not insinuating there might be a correlate there (as I'm secretly hoping there isn't).
Hi, i'm sorry that this answer is so late. Sometimes i forget about the boards- I'm not the most fond of this place. Do i happen to remember the real-life educational level? No i would not know this as i didn't speak to them about anything personal. The person in question was age 22 from Spain. His rank in League was bronze 1. That said, i do have additional information you might find particularly curious. I met a woman aged 34 who had numerous mental issues (I believe, i'm unable to identify or remember them), with numerous medications for them. Depression was the most spoken about, and i take it she was narcissistic- But not something she would admit or speak about. I reckon her intelligence is in the low 80's if not lower because of her rhetorical speech and mental capacity of grasping concepts and the way she reacts, some things that i can recall at the moment are: -Very spiritually religious, referring much to the cosmos and dreams -Makes correlations that are coincidences or do not exist, to serve the spiritual belief; Example dreams speaking to you -Does not focus on anyone else, but rather puts focus on herself and the validation of herself- Very, **very** extensively seeks validation for her beliefs -Volatile mood and tension: Your next answer triggers a defense mechanism, or strengthens her facade and beliefs -The world is crazy, not her -Fallacious and contradictory -Lack of a moral compass (Goes a bit hand-in-hand with the contradictions: Only serve the statements and narratives that fit you when you want it) -Never gives you room for speaking, talks over you and switches topics before you're ever allowed to make a comment. Can continue for over 20(!) minutes -Does not (Can not?) take responsibility because everything can be excused by the higher purpose in spirituality -Lack of empathy because everything happens for a purpose under the cosmos, thus not needing to be concerned with anybody elses' state of health <- (For example) -Next to no self awareness whatsoever -Overall with the symptoms combined, make for a manic and animalistic personality I didn't know this person for more than about a day. I tried to pry as much information and identify as much as i could from her, but i asked the wrong questions using the wrong words at the wrong time and our connection was ceased. It's the most bizarre person i've ever met- Almost like something out of a scary documentary. Her rank in League was bronze 4 with ~1500 ranked matches played. Has played League since season 4-ish. There are correlations that i find in Bronze-rankings to the symptoms i've mentioned, but nothing to this extreme- Not even close. Most people fall under one or two symptoms, or other non-specified. I'm also not as likely to identify symptoms as quickly as i did here. In terms of coaching, i think the issue is that low intelligence develops an unhealthy, deluded, or destructive mentality, _or_ that the mentality is what hinders the person from exceeding their intelligence further. This then is the barrier a coach (i imagine anywhere, not just League) can face which limits the availability of moving forward and progressing. That's not to say Bronze people are mentally impaired. Most bronze players are people who start off ranked early in their League career that move on over to silver sooner or later, but the people who have over 3, 4, or 500 ranked matches who are still attempting to climb out, are to be in question (However, that same group may contain people who play ranked for entertainment rather than climbing or just don't take it seriously, or younger audiences that have yet to mature). This also does not mean people in say, silver ranking who have 500 ranked matches would be in question as well. The reason for this being that silver is the average. People in bronze are **below** average. For a normal person it almost seemingly needs effort to underperform to such a state. League is a game and games are, primarily, played for fun. That's what makes correlating intelligence to League-ranks difficult, but if somebody did the effort, i think it would be possible, if not only to a degree. There is enough anecdotal evidence to justify something here. As this concerns a social science, anecdotal evidence gathered from studies is, to my understanding, typical for research papers in the field. Hope you had a merry christmas, if you see this in the future you can comment some thoughts or additional questions you might have.
Aijo (EUW)
: Ah yes, a very commonplace ego defense, indeed. I'm just (somewhat) surprised you would see this type of behavior in a student / teacher dynamic (in which the student is even paying said tutor, which would make me assume the student would at least be receptive from the outset).
And you're not alone. It's quite shocking really to have such an attitude towards a service you paid for. That being said, this is pretty damn rare. I've never seen it from a gold or high-silver player.
Aijo (EUW)
: This is so interesting. So, you are saying a paying student deemed his plays and decisions to be impeccable?
He didn't say it was good or bad, he simply dodges it but justifying his plays and decisions by how he was thinking. It's kinda like fishing for sympathy, you don't look for the right or wrong you just make the explanation.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Does RIOT cater to Professional Play over SoloQ in terms of champion balance and the meta?
I've been getting the exact opposite impression. They wanna bring soloQ meta to professional play to make it more interesting, so they create very mechanically demanding champions but completely overtune them so that they balance out in lower elo, which then makes them a pick-or-ban in pro play.
: >eh, you get the point, no effort autowin champions are neither particularly fun to play nor to play against on ARAM There's the problem. You don't want to _have fun_, you want to _win_. Almost every of your paragraphs contains purely competitive topics like balance, effective team strategies and so on. You say you can't play competitively anymore, but that's exactly what you're trying to do. I think you should step back a little and look for new goals that you want to reach each game, apart from winning.
This. I play ranked to win, not for fun. I play norms with my silver friends and blitz for fun. We pick Lissandra and Camille jungle, we pick Yi and Soraka jungle. We pick Ahri and Morgana jungle. Full damage malphite, Guinsoo Xin, and so on. We just have fun. We know that the 2v2 event in blitz is not balanced. Sometimes they are lvl 6 and you arent. Sometimes they have ignite and you don't. Sometimes they afk and poke from range then wait for you to die by burning to death. We don't care. We can ff before the 10 minute mark if we are truly that bored. I will say this though, you kinda need the right friends for it. I don't even play League at all at the moment unless my friends are online.
Kyle001 (EUW)
: Hey, Beautifully said, dunno how relevant it is to the topic. :D Personally, I don't play to teach others, I play my own game. No matter what they do, I won't flame them for going adc soraka, I won't flame top for d/c 2-3 mins. I didn't even flame them back, I was nice and apologized multiple times for my mistakes. It was a normal game and got out of hand but I guess that's enough these days to get banned. Looking forward to the reason of my perma-ban. I already know it'll be coming and nothing I can do to avoid it. I'll probably get perma-banned for saying "ty" or "gg". > We know and understand that League of Legends can be frustrating at times, but there is never an excuse for purposely ruining the game for others. This guy already assumes I'm frustrated in that game which I clearly wasn't. That I needed an excuse which i clearly didn't. That purposely ruined the game for others. These accusations from riot only got worse in their next communications. > didn't even actively try at first to fight. Does this mean? I died without basic attacking enemy and without casting spells? You can't win from RIOT cause they unfortunately have no-one to answer to. Shame this injustice will stand. > I'm not perfect, but i at least attempt to be better. I'm not perfect, but close enough. =D Friendly Regards
Mostly relevant to the toxicity part. I just wanted to make an addition and throw my two cents in. The problem is bigger than the game itself.
Kyle001 (EUW)
: Goodbye
It's not just the in-game community in my opinion. Reddit, forums, and discords have the most dumbfounded people that have no idea what they're talking about who refuse to listen or even attempt to understand how you could have such a different opinion from them. I got paid to coach this one guy who was just constantly arguing with me, trying to justify and validate his choices and making that the main topic instead of moving on to talk about what he could have done and improve. To make some people understand the game on a higher level and have a more civil (or god forbid professional) conversation, you have to first go through psychotherapy and philosophy to re-wire their brain to make them receptive, and then you can **finally** begin to teach them the freaking game... I mean wow. People think that their own personal experience is 100% justifiable evidence. My point would be there are way too many polarizing opinions and borderline half the community just puts the blame on the opposer which never gets anywhere. You die to Yasuo as Syndra in melee range? Whoa, go figure. He must be freaking broken as ever-living hell! Zed smurfing? More like Zed broken. I haven't coached as many people as a regular coach has i believe, but i have no problems coaching people who enter with an open mind that're able to take responsibility for their gameplay, because with power comes responsibility- and vice versa. If you take responsibility for your gameplay, you have the power to change the course of said gameplay. People who just shift the blame to something like ''Yasuo broken'' will not learn. I'm not perfect, but i at least attempt to be better.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: There seems to be very little name originality with summoner names
Well with about 50 million registered accounts (probably way more tbh) and having restrictions doesn't offer too much. I wanted Gla$$ Flamingo (Swap $ with S and you understand why i couldnt use that name).
: A look at Riot's policy
I am 100% just like you. Absolutely 1000%. Only difference is i haven't played regularly enough to accumulate reports to get punished for it. But hey, thank you. Now i know i literally cannot use the chat whatsoever in any way shape or form. This gets pretty damn personal to me. It's not just about defending myself, but if you (Riot) are telling me to just sit there and watch while my friend with anxiety is getting borderline bullied, i have no idea what you want me to do. Risk my account i spent €950 on for my friend or just leave her in a terrible mood for the rest of the day? Fine, maybe League isn't for everyone. Maybe one shouldn't play League with anxiety. But hey, maybe League isn't for me either.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: I have to disagree with you on some points Firstly, there's a chance that you got to higher ranks than me by chance or by playing with someone who's much, MUCH better than you, me, or most of the playerbase. Or you are an icredible OTP, who knows his way around one character and becomes unbeatable, only being countered at banning stage, and having no idea how to play something he's not familliar. I don't know how common it is on EUW, but on EUNE, otps are pretty common. Secondly, you are implying that someone can't have knowledge or skills comparable to those that play rankeds, just because i can't be bothered with them. That's simply not true, not everyone wants to experience the toxic nature of ranked community. And thirdly, while i agree with your point on expert opinions, it's not really comparable to understanding of gameplay mechanics. They are much less complex than, for example, surgery, and they don't need years of specialised education. Someone who has played since Season 1 but doesn't care about ranked matches, has a very good chance of knowing more than someone who started recently but was determined enough to climb his way out of lower elos. I just think people take MMR and gaming rank too seriously, and judge others by that factor way too much than it's reasonable. Anyway, thanks for that response, i really appreciate you taking time to write it, it was very interesting to read!
****This is, once again, incredibly long.**** I already mentioned OTPs and included them. As for the chances you mention, those would be included in the exceptions i mentioned towards the end. The second paragraph. If you are of average skill and/or intelligence, you can safely assume you are of average ranking in League. You could however, be a skill level of gold while only playing normals. Thus, you are not wrong. However, the chances of you being at a skill level of master- Or possibly even just diamond only by playing normals is an incredible exception because you are never exposing yourself to tougher opponents that challenge and adapt you. The skill-cap of the enemy enables you to continue doing things you would not do towards tougher opponents. The overall point here would be that an average person is always an average person (and will stay average if not exposesing themselves to better people), but one may be more passionate about certain intricacies or aspects of the game over one another. I will not imply, but say as a fact that somebody who is master will **always** know more than somebody who is unranked. I'm not saying a master can never be wrong, but the scope of what they'll know with always be greater. If you disagree, this is known as believing in the soul- The religious idea that everybody have a hidden potential they can unlock if guided or put enough effort in. Even if you do find proof of somebody who is unranked that is more knowledgable- Or straight up better at the game than a master, what are the chances? The chances are enough to conclude it is an exception, which then does not conflict with my point. Third point is debatable. I'm not a surgeon, so i wouldn't know, but becoming a surgeon has about three time-gates to it that is completely unpassable, whereas another profession such as programming (Let's say specifically AI learning development) can be learned by yourself, at a rate usually depending on your intelligence, which would be a more accurate representation of how people learn League and how their knowledge expands (Both in League and Programming). There is no program for League or academic studies that follows a doctrine you have to go through a couple years (Actually there are schools for it, i lied, even in my country we have a couple seats for it). Someone who has played since season but doesn't care about ranked matches, does NOT have a good chance of knowing more than somebody who became a master in their first season. They won't know what the game was like in past seasons, but the past is the past and they would definetely know what current League is like more than you, and that matters more when it comes to becoming good at something. Somebody who has played previous seasons could spot certain patterns through patch updates or other things, but strictly talking about performance that master guy will adapt easier than you and is more likely to stay in a higher ranking whereas the person playing normals is playing against the same skill level consecutively and never _was_ master. But somebody who got gold in his first season is unlikely to more than this person who has played norms since season 1, because they are not far inbetween. I also think you underestimate gameplay mechanics. You can't know what you can't know, so you can't say for sure how precisely you or masters are able to min-max mechanics and gameplay to then compare it to another profession. I would say a grandmaster Chess match is far harder than Surgery considering most people have over a century of game knowledge in their head that they've been learning ever since they were a teen if not younger. Being a surgeon just carries more responsibility than a sport does, but being a surgeon is also not as much about pushing the limits of humanity as much as sports is (That would instead be a research field). People are actively, and constantly working on how to absolutely perfect their plays in sports to the maximum degree their biology allows them to. Surgeons do not do this, they are concerned with saving lives- Not becoming champions of the world, or in their case the best surgeon to have ever lived. There are exceptions to this, but again- Exceptions are exceptions and do not refute my OP. To conclude that, my point would be that somebody who is truly good at the game is always going to know more. Sure, i know how surgery works. It's simple right? You put your patient on the bed, grab the tools you need, and then perform the surgery in the manner that is instructed based upon what surgery it is. Just like League mechanics, it's simple. You start up the game, you grab your tools you want to use in the match (champion runes items etc), and then perform the match in the manner that is most likely to lead you to victory based upon the tools you chose to engage the match in. You can make everything reductive. Sure League of Legends has a lower entry level than Surgery (Because this is a game meant for fun after all, it should be available to everyone. Surgery is NOT for everyone because the consequences are catastrophic.), but it doesn't mean the skill ceiling itself is any lower- It can be higher in fact (Like in my case where i think Chess can be harder). This is a strawman because you never said anything about the skill ceiling, but i am telling you just because i want you to understand. Because your third point is not an accurate comparison i can't really make a constructive argument against it because it almost nullifies itself. The burden of proof is on you on this one. I dont think people take MMR and game-rank too seriously, i think people just use it as a confirmation bias that allow them to demean you, or they simply use it as a derogatory term. I mean let's face it, even if i everything i said was correct, what truly was the point? Nobody is going to think about anything like this when they ask about a League rank. They will instead say ''hahahaha noob i knew it'', or ''tryharder get a life''. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Having that said, i hope it was at least some food for thought.
Yraco (EUW)
: Damage over time and things that do high damage with single abilities seem to use it pretty well. I'm talking about oneshotting an adc on a single {{champion:17}} shroom here.
You have to be insanely fed to 100-0 an ADC on one single shroom. Accidentally proccing DH without getting a kill is also bad cuz the cooldown is almost 50 seconds. You could definetely half-life an ADC on a shroom though. If it works well on DoT i wouldn't know, i haven't personally seen DoT champs use it successfully but it's still probably better than most runes- only up until the next patch.
: Dark Harvest is a very well designed rune
They should remove it at this point to be honest. They just don't know what they want with it, and balancing it just doesn't work because you either perma-pick electro or perma-pick harvest depending on buffs/nerfs. Only reset champs abuse harvest but even now next patch when they hard-nerf it they'll probably skip harvest unless its a laner like kata, that's the only thing i can think of atm.
: -reported How dare you call people with lower IQ than you stupid :@@@@@ . Its nearly 2019 everybody is equal nowadays
I have an IQ of 82 (This is not a joke) and i'm diamond, sit down! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: except league isnt anywhere close to high tier chess. like you said league is a lot more simple. anyone could have a great understanding about the game technically just look at the commentators in ESL, worlds, etc etc they aint pro's but they can explain and understand in great detail. chess is planning 8 moves ahead at the least. aka league is closer to football, and is also a teams sport. having a higher rank then someone doesnt mean he knows more or is better by definition. its a small indicator which depends on how far the 2 parties differ in ranks if a gold player and a silver player argue they could both be right. but if a master player and a plat player argue the chance is much more likely the master player is right.
That's not what i said. I said it was as easy to grasp, not that the very game itself is easier than Chess. I also don't think anybody can explain in great detail just from watching worlds commentary. They don't know what name belongs to what character, they don't know what name belongs to what item, among many other things. You can however understand that one team managed to beat the other, and you can see the movements and make out what happens- Just not necessarily why. This isn't how football works at all, nor Chess. If you can, it is safe to assume you're already a League player, in which case watching youtube Chess commentaries such as Agadmator would give you great understanding of Chess if you're already a Chess player. In fact, you don't even need to be a Chess player to understand those things considering the rules of the game are always static throughout the entire game, so i'm not sure what your point was here. You also said high-tier Chess but then not High-tier League which... I don't know, just why wouldn't you mention it? But point being, i dont see why you brought this up in the first place. Chess plans 10-15 moves ahead on a normal play field (Just for fun trivia, it wouldn't count for Blitz though hence normal). League is nowhere near close to that because League is not entirely made up of strategy, it is one of three components: Precision, reflex, and thinking (Strategy). You can plan ahead as a jungler by checking CS to know what camps they have done to then plan ahead what their next 3-5 moves is, say 2 camps and a gank, another camp and then gank. League is closer to football, yes, but in the context you put it in, comparing to Chess would've been better. League is closer to football because football includes precision and reflex, whereas you cannot do anything with ''aim'' in Chess to outplay your opponent: only outsmart them. Reflexes have nothing to do with Chess either. With that out of the way, i completely agree with the last two sentences.
: No, I don't say that "vast majority of people who enter ranked que, enter with a destructive mindset on the sole purpose of ruining other peoples' time", but rather "vast majority of people who play with a destructive mindset on the sole purpose of ruining other peoples games play ranked queues" The Vayne example stopped trying at 2:00 game time. Literally as the first wave of creeps was fighting. It was my promo match BTW. Perfect example of what I had the "luck" to experience every other game in ranked. Don't tell me that trying for 2 minutes is enough and "trying to go next" is justifiable that early. The business example is a really bad one, because the outcome of game is binary (Win/loss = +X/-Y LP), running an enterprise is far more complex when it comes to "outcome" (Company value, patents, EBIT, brand value etc.), so stop pulling out strawmen.
I don't find it to be that big of a strawman, there is a connection you could make but, it was reductive for sure. I won't be using that as an example again. Although since you pointed out the fallacy, take note in your previous comment you made an appeal to mass by saying _if it was true, it would have tons of upvotes_. The vast majority of people who play with a destructive mindset are more likely to play ranked, i agree with that for sure. However you mixed up my two paragraphs together as the same group of people (and that's probably my fault for not making the distinction). When i was talking about inters and FF15s i wasn't talking about people who entered the ranked queue with the intention to destroy the game from start. I also never justified these behaviours or actions; I gave a theory on how these people think. However, we're not talking about the same group of people to begin with, so both of our statements are correct because we're not even arguing against each other. I was referring to the original comment that speaks in general for the majority, whereas you're talking about those who intentionally seek to destroy games- Which is not the majority.
: Well, he said this: Ranked is literally where people try their best at the game with the shared goal to win the game. If it was true, he'd probably had many likes. But ranked is nothing but a flamefest a toxic lagoon full of INTers. Seriously, I have played like 10x more normal games than ranked, yet the amount of toxic people in total is still higher in ranked. Which is sad... Cuz you know, if you run it down mid as Vayne with mobi boots and 3 tears, getting score of 2-14, then I don't believe you are trying to win. And this type of behavior is bread and butter in ranked unfortunately.
What you're telling me is that the vast majority of people who enter ranked que, enter with a destructive mindset on the sole purpose of ruining other peoples' time? Ofcourse people will be toxic in ranked, everybody is trying to climb and it's a much more serious environment. There are actual consequences to losing. People who int or go afk or FF15 are tilted and gave up and wanna go next. That doesn't mean at some point during that game they were **not** trying to win, because that's what most people want to when they enter ranked. If you run a business to the ground, you would rather stop it as soon as possible and cash out and file bankruptcy instead of drying it out and then ending up with tens of thousands of debts. That's how you could imagine somebody trying to FF or somebody who gave up. You are not looking at those people. You are looking at yourself and your own experience with them which makes flawed epistemology. There are people who enter ranked with the only purpose to feed and int, but that's not an argument. That doesn't refute anything i said. I'm not talking about them. Edit: About the ''trying their best'' part. I think this does not mean trying their hardest in each and every single game. Some try their hardest to climb and sometimes it means FFing 15 is an easier way to go to next game to make back the LP you got instead of spending another 20 minutes in the same game when the chances of winning are so low. However, there is a decent amount of people who aren't trying their best and just ''play another'' or roll a dice. It still doesn't mean they aren't trying to win though. I can say this: If they aren't putting out their best in ranked, just imagine how little they would put out for a normal.
: but that isnt the point. read the thread title. i dont have to be a pro football player to know everything about football for example. my knowledge about football doesnt have to be worse than an actual football player, aka my rank doesnt matter. yes someone might be better at killing than me, or have better micro but that doesnt translate in him knowing tactics better or allround knowledge.
Actually yes it does. Instead of comparing League to football, compare it to Chess and your entire comment is null. Just like football the rules are simple enough to grasp, but anyone with a higher ranking than you is just going to scholar's mate you, and they're going to do so consistently. And it will in fact mean that they are better than you at Chess in almost all aspects.
Solji (EUNE)
: Can I ask why you dont like playing ranked? Ranked is literally where people try their best at the game with the shared goal to win the game. Ranked is a direct representation of your skill, so if you are questioning a gold/plat player, cant you see that you are the one that is probably wrong?
Can't believe you got downvoted to oblivion for that.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Why does rank matter in interactions with players?
**VERY LONG POST GRAB A CUP OF TEA** I know this is kind of a meme but i could add real reasoning behind this. The bellcurve that distributes among the rankings in League is very similar to the bellcurve of IQ (Although to be fair that's just how a bellcurve looks naturally). The farther down you go, the harder it is to find players (Bronze 5 que time supposedly has 3x the que time of challenger). The closer to the middle you get, the more people you find. All these become ever more drastic the farther you move from the middle. According to LS and a few other coaches he knows, all of them who tried coaching a bronze player who had more than 2-300 games in his ranking seemed to suffer some sort of mental problem that was stopping them from climbing- Depression or BPD for example. Along with myself as testimony i've met very disturbing people who are long-time hardstuck bronzies, but also some very kind-hearted passionate souls that just play the game for fun. The point here is that if you are below an IQ of 80, you are labeled mentally impaired with a learning disability because your intelligence hinders you from being successfull. Almost seemingly familiar to that of people who are at the skill level of bronze (Note i did not say people who _are_ bronze, only those of that skill level. Many people end up bronze because they're beginners to the game and get out sooner or later). Something else interesting about the lower end population (of both reality and League) is that the personality is typically a close-minded one which focuses on justifying and defending the actions of said person to disconnect themselves from the responsibility which then hinders their ability to climb or succeed in life (Because with power comes responsibility, but you can't have the power to change anything if you never claim responsibility for it). When coaching it creates a huge barrier where you are fighting a destructive mentality rather than being able to proceed with the teachings. This didn't always apply though, only more so recently when League became more defined and grew large because previous seasons bronze were much more populated and common. Okay but what if this is a coincidence then, i mean this doesn't prove somebody who is hardstuck bronze actually is mentally impaired or is limited by a low IQ. Well, you're right. That's why LS specified people who have upwards of 200 games or have played multiple seasons that're still stuck in bronze while actively trying to get better. There is an observable pattern Now let's talk about higher elo instead. The higher elo you go, the more consistency in your skill you require, as well as on-demand adaptation to be able to respond apropriately to not suffer bigger consequences. The higher the intelligence, the more likely you are to be good at adapting to your environment because you have an increased consistency in all aspects of life due to higher understanding, as well as being able to cope better with your emotions and have larger patience. Point being, you make the right decision to suffer because you know you'll be rewarded. In League this translates through being able to adapt using different champions while having more consistent micro and macro play while being able to disconnect yourself from your feelings such as greed to avoid making misplays and focus on what it actually takes to win the game without being distracted by all the things that happen in a League match. With higher intelligence, or higher elo, you'll go against your own nature to increase your odds of success- Kind of like a scientist who has to disconnect himself from his biases to make an objective report. You can also specialize in just one champion and become incredibly precise and innovative with it. To conclude, bronze is the lowest end of the bellcurve where unfortunate people typically reside in. Silver is the average human person, whereas master-tier and up are highly adaptive people who are overperforming an insane majority of people **consistently.** That is a very similar curve and behaviour to that of the IQ bellcurve. However, this is a game. Most people play games for fun, rather than compete and climb. Having that said you could expect more exceptions than should be, but regardless of that there still remains and observable and familiar pattern. I'm not an expert on intelligence but i do have a passion for psychology. This is very poorly articulated because this isn't a science report, just a comment so i hope you can still grasp the bigger picture and fill in the blanks as to what truly differs between all these types of people. This is why a lot of people judge by your rank. You still might be a very smart individual, but if you only play for fun and have no intentions of grasping a higher understanding of the game, your opinions from those who use ranking as a criteria is seen as inferior when somebody from the top has made a comment that conflicts with you. Even if they don't play your role, they are still more consistent in most areas of the game. It's actually an expert fallacy of sorts. You trust the one who has a degree in engineering instead of the opinion of some random guy down the street.
OrgasmDonor (EUNE)
: Nerf new champions
They used to be pretty problematic on release, all 6 that you mentioned. However i don't currently have a problem with them, and i think instead of releaseing champions with 500 quadrillion IQ and outplay mechanics they should just release a simpler one. Something similar to Renekton or Nasus or Garen.
Pyin (EUW)
: Skin like blue or gold dress
No. Keep memes as memes.
: What do you think about this community ?
I don't mind it, although i'm in a good spot. There's the occasional flamer or troller but it's relatively uncommon. If i play with my lower elo friends it's absolutely unplayable though.
: From 0 to 100 real quick
The new bounty system has way too much snowballing and gold-flipping between the teams. The new bounty system is meant to reward people for making a comeback, but what it actually does is punishing you for being ahead. You can literally accumulate bounty on yourserf by just CSing. This rubberbanding effect can flip the entire lead from just 2 kills, and you can keep this going back and forth until one team wins because their champs outscale. Also this bounty system technically brought back KSing as a real thing- It is now more important than ever to give the gold to the right person, if the support gets the 750g shutdown it's all over. That's just one of my problems but probably the biggest one besides the MMR reset that completely made it unplayable with how RNG the players you are matched against are. Games are very onesided. Either hardstomp and win, or flip the gold around until one team wins. I liked the changes when i first saw it and i was pretty hype about it despite the guinsoo nerf which hit my main, but after playing i have next to no interest until season 9 hits and things become stable.
Kimmaz (EUW)
: Intentional feeding too loosely used
Inting is just a social code. It is relative. What it says is that the person perceives you to either be playing badly, feeding, or indeed intentionally wrongplaying. Or whatever else the person defines it as. It's a derogatory term, and when i say that i want you to look at what the person who is using the word wants you to understand or feel, rather than what this word itself means. The word itself is only a transmission. It's not a dictionary term and only works within contexts such as League of Legends where nobody outside would grasp what it's actually used for, which is why it is used seemingly so loosely. You can probably think of a real-world example in your own language if you think about it for a while, i can't personally come up with one at the top of my head at the moment.
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