: Sure, the chances of anything above Silver are zero, but that doesn't matter to me. Learning matchups and all champs is something I could learn while playing the game, and People whining about every thing you do ingame is something everyone experiences in every Rank or gamemode. I mean I won't die if I try.
As a new player i will give you some advice, open up your settings go to your apps , remove this game completely. You will find and i repeat you will find 0.0000 joy excitement and happiness while playing this game. This is what you can expect if you still want to play: Non stop rage and verbal abuse, people going afk in half your games making you waste tons of time learning nothing. Trolling, inting, more verbal abuse, more afk + an occasional borderline patient wishing you and your entire family to die. This game is dominated by smurfs @ every lower lvl, you will most likely get flamed non stop in game so turn of every single persons chat and pings. Also dont say anything in game or you will get banned regardless if you were right or wrong. Report system is a complete joke that only works 1 way. These were and still are my experiences playing this game, league of toxicity.
: Stuck in loading screen
Same problem here im now in my 2nd afk queue thnx to the game not loading, but hey @ least the bans still work. Quality system..
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: Comical
Report system is a joke only people that talk in game get banned you dont even have to type naughty words to get banned. Just type sufficient amount of text and you will get auto banned either way.
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: This game is impossible to play without a therapist
Its not the game that has the biggest problems imo. A lot of players especially in lower elo are completely bad shit crazy. I have played so many online games in my life but in league the community in game is very very special. It brings out the worst in people with weak mental capacity like someone wounded their pride because they got outplayed.

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