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: I have a question. You find it okay to say the 'k' acronym to a person with severe depression, whose parents tell him that his life is mistake? What if he, driven into a corner, commit suicide? Will you also be partially fault? You should never joke about some things without knowing the history of person in consideration.
again i am not trying to farm sympathy points on a forum for league as i am not a 12 year old emo but i know the matter well i was joking with a teammate in an online game with a chat function after a won game where everyone wrote gg telling him to k INGAME read the post again pls
: Account suspended for 14 days by automated System (first offence in 8 years!?)
Well i see now that coming to the forums for questions and discussions is just wrong since the community hates itself too much... First and last post here probably since a discussion without hurting feelings is impossible
: JOKE?? saying that word is not a joke. You dont know the life value that why you say is a joke. You probably never lost someone who you liked to suicide, thats why you "joke" about it. Imagine if the other played followed your sugestion and ended his life, just imagine that, imagine what your joke would make. There is a limit on jokes and humor and you break that limit. I doubt any person on forum will defend you, the post downvotes tells all about how much community agrees with you
i do know the matter too well and it is a good coping mechanism (black humor is very common) i am not trying to grab smpathy points on a forum for league though but you really need to read the main post again i do not mean harm to anyone...
: For me it's a taboo. Lost some close people, never got over it. Joking about it doesn't help me cope with it, on the contrary, seeing it being talked about hurts me. The system was made to protect the people like me from it. I do understand that you meant no harm, still this is how things are, you'll have to accept it.
Dont understand me wrong here pls i am not trying to flame Why are you playing online games if you are too scared of these words? It can't be good for your mental at all if you are really that sensitive not flaming right now just asking how you manage to play then
: Logic i dont no matter the reason you shoun't use 0 tolerance words on chat. If you assault my house (with not weapon), you think I'm free shoot/kill you? and go out with no punishment, just cause you started it by assaulting my house? logic no. There are limits.
nice comparing me breaking into your house vs me sying to a player as a joke "k y s ingame" BTW did you just make fun of you killing me in real life??? reporting you to police right now >:(
: No context required on "ky$". It's distasteful, and shouldn't be a used in any circumstance. Most of the youngsters who use it, never even experienced what life is, and how painful it is to lose someone to suicide. If they would have, they wouldn't have been typing it. Then there are the lost cases, adults who have mental/anger issues. Who would legitimately like for someone who failed at a game to die in agony, in real life. Lastly, joking ? Seriously ? Do you realise what suicide is ? How is it the topic of a joke ? In what way is suicide funny ? The system was made for well-functioning social beings, that humans were supposed to be. If someone doesn't fit in that category, it doesn't mean that the system is bad.
I myself kid around becasue i know the matter just too well (working for the red cross for a few years now black humor is very common) It can be a good mechanism to cope with it. Still Pls read the main post again for context :) i do not mean harm ("IN GAME")
: and you think used a 0 tolerance word cause a penta steal is fine? Think on possible consequences of your actions before write on chat. You literaly said to a person end the most valuable thing, his life, you think context matter on that kind of offense?
See you don't take context into consideration either. Read the original post again pls :)
: Ban system dont take context on punish decision, and for what you said you can be guilty and Jailed.
So you people all think that a no context policy system is ok to ban people even though it is their first offence? Really suprised by that honestly.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Have i said that saying that in german is ok? Hm? Oh yeah, i haven't Both of them are not ok Just because someone else is breaking the rules, doesn't mean you are allowed to break the rules
you are answering to my question about the automated system... not to my original post so the answer made no sense to me
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I mean, you DID use an 0 tolerance word, the worst one out of them all. So it's understandable that they don't want to lighten your ban Joking about someone ending their life etc is not ok And the automated system is pretty damn good and there really isn't a better system to replace the one we have right now
So saying "i am going to kill your whole family" in german or spanish is ok but that one word is not????????????
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Wishing someone death (mostly by acronym, more elaborated and tricky ways of saying this, goes unnoticed by system) or using homophobic/racial slur is a straight 14-days ban for everyone. It is impossible to machine to guess if you were joking, if you said it to your friend or whatever. It considers, that if someone reported you for it, then this means, not everyone treated it as a joke (no matter the real reason for report). It is done this way to make rules the same for everyone, and not make people feel that some players are treated specially. The only way for you to discuss a restriction is by support ticket. Even if there will be Rioter checking your topic, chances for him being a support specialists are low. Boards are good if you want someone to forward your ticket if you wait long for response or when your ticket is closed for an unknown reasons (if I remember correctly, even boards volunteers can do that though).
Already sent in a ticket but so far i only got an automated response saying they wont lift or lighten the ban even though this is my first offence... Do you think such an automated System is good for the game in any way? Specificaly since alot of people flamed me in other languages before and they dont get banned by an automated system nor by manual review.
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