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: New league server in/near the Middle east ?
Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Turkey a part of the Middle East? And there is a Turkish server, which implies that it should serve as the server for Middle East region as well. Unless ofc there is some IP blocking nonsense going on which Garena does in South-East Asia. As long as the Turkish server does not block you out, then it is your region's server.
: Servers going crazy yet again !
The sad part is unless we make a thread in the NA forums, Rioters might not even notice it. All it shows right now is that there are login issues. But games are not starting at all for those are already logged in.
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: Have a look at this: To bad nobody seems to see the problem...
Ah, yes, exactly the same problem. With Kalista, I could atleast decide where I landed. I'm sure I tried to click with Tahm, but it did not work. My problem was he would Devour me, smite my buffs, then gain movespeed, and run away. By the time I got out, I was nowhere near my red/blue. His regurgitate towards enemy turrets was even more irritating. Luckily for me, this was just a bot game for the first win of the day on an alternate account. But I hope people can see my predicament. Trapped, and losing buffs, kills. :(
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: tahm or the devoured ally can choose where/when to be regurgitated just like the kalista ult
Sorry if I did not mention it in the OP, but this does not work. Or maybe I wasn't clicking fast enough. This happened to me in a bot game, and, I had gotten really pissed, cause this guy was just spamming these abilities on me. So there is a chance I wasn't thinking clearly. But I am pretty sure clicking is of no avail.
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: -_- All champions can troll, anivia can build walls in front of you... Trundle can build Ice... If you almost killed champion KALISTA can use ULT, and KS that enemy, all champions can be used to troll. Just report them
Other than Kalista/Bard/and now Tahm Kench, I don't think there are any champs that suddenly force you in a stasis of some sort. Anivia walls don't make you lose your smite, abilities, movement etc. What I am saying is that Tahm Kench takes it to a whole new level, greater than Bard or Kalista for that matter. While I understand this is incredible from a teamplay-game point of view, but its somewhat annoying in normals, even bot games, when someone keeps doing this to you repeatedly.
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