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Nubkachu (EUW)
: THRESH IS LIFE, THRESH IS LOVE - By Sophie (Nubkachu) ♥ :DDDDD Painting huehue!
I'm literally crying right now cause I've lost sight of my reason for drawing.You lady just made my day!!! {{champion:4}} : Lady lucky smilling.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Nerfed O.o Rito is never satisfied...
BUT.It is also true that some champions can never be nerfed .......... ( in the distance you hear sommeone scream Kha'Zix ) ........Pandora might also be another one....Fear the void though!!! T-T
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: [Champion Suggestion] Pandora, The Spacial Arbiter
More girlish look the rest can and will be nerfed by riot one week after her release XD.Op champ nice work.
Driveskull (EUNE)
: Tahm Kench goes fishing
You wrote that we can give our ideas on that facebook page but i don't quite understand it ( how it works ) so i'll post it here.How about Ekko as Megaman Zero?
: Who are you and what are you doing ?
Im ruining my life by playing teemo and getting 9/0 top lane :) In other words i don't have anything to do so i post nonsense on off-topic :)
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: Geralt of Rivia the Grey Wolf
Already thought of dat mate. :)
: Nidalee Portrait
One hell of a portrait!!!!!
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Nubkachu (EUW)
: there you go <3
My ex-english teacher from scotland had studied arts so when i started drawing too she was so happy that she taught me how to draw using squares the way you do some of your drawings but never got the hang of it so I'm pretty much used to drawing in different scales from the originals.I've also drawn Majestic Stardust Dragon from a real card to an A4 paper still needed more space for the wings T-T.Btw im self-taught too.Keep drawing keep impressing me be my muse!
: Is AD Kayle worth?
I've played her a coupl of times ad and even got pentakill once in a normal game (had to chase teemo at fountain to kill him 2 hits after the blind dart :3 ) you just build her {{item:3006}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3172}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3031}} and you are ready to go.Note that because she is used as an adc the w heals nothing so you engage with ult either when full hp or half hp ONLY.If you think you can escape or win a fight when low hp then use your ult otherwise don't.
: Making LoL Backgrounds for ALL, for FREE!
My name is RockmanZXA I main top (sub main bot adc) I love Varus ( Arctic Ops ),Darius ( Dunk Master ) and Twisted Fate ( !ADC! ) ( High Noon) colours: Blue( velvet ) ,Yellow (gold),Red (crimson) seperated by a thin white line if possible and the name placed bellow the champs. I can wait as long as it takes pls take your time.
Nubkachu (EUW)
: KALISTA DOODLE THING - by Sophie huehue :D ...
SOPHIE YOU ARE LITERALLY KILLING ME I'VE BECOME OATHSWORN TO BLOODMOON KALISTA NOW.That spear went right through my heart and it hurts...a lot T-T
Kurzy (EUW)
: Im sooooo bored someone help!
Use the boards come up with some ideas about the league like new champs or skins post them start a discussion.Have fun. :)
: another one
Diarmuid from Fate/Stay Zero is my fave:
: I can;t add more than one for some reason :P
: I won't give up someday i'll manage to draw anything i want the way i want it ( even with a pen T-T ).I've gotten this far by myselft.I'll do my best!!!
I can;t add more than one for some reason :P
Nubkachu (EUW)
: I didnt want to make you cry :C
I won't give up someday i'll manage to draw anything i want the way i want it ( even with a pen T-T ).I've gotten this far by myselft.I'll do my best!!!
Nubkachu (EUW)
: KALISTA DOODLE THING - by Sophie huehue :D ...
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!??THIS IS A DOODLE?! T-T and its done using a pen............I still draw using a pencil....Nice doodle I'm going to cry at my corner now.
SkyFor (EUW)
: nice) but it would be cooler if it sounds like commando jax or headhunter jax
He is supposed to be an ex-soldier or ex-commando if you like that works solo for money and always achieves his goal whether it is an assassination or an escort.That is why i call him Specialist his damn good at what he does.
SkyFor (EUW)
: a new champ or a skin for zed ?
No lantern thresh omg reported XD.Nice idea by the way.I know it is impolite but check out my skin idea too :) if you want to of cource
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: Looking for help to get out of Bronze to Silver
i can give you tips on how to get out of bronze.But thats it because i wont be playing League for a long time(studying).All you have to do is get IP buy runepages and runes of cource,have at least 2 to 3 champions per lane including support along with the suitable rune pages that you will make.Then you just have to communicat with your team never forget to say ss or ping when the enemy is missing from your lane and most importantly you have to have map-awareness.Good luck reaching S1 see ya there. P.S.:For those that do not understand he is asking for a temporary friend to rank up :) not elo boost plus elo is old school stuff we earn League Points which is completly different and more efficient.You know yourselves that from times to times you have asked for help from a friend that is either a different division from you (most propably higher than you) or the same but a higher rank than you are in order for you to reach your destination may it be s4,3,2,1 or gold ,platinum,diamond give this man/woman a break.
: [ Skin Suggestion ] Specialist Jax
I added a coloured picture of him and i hope these military trousers suit him.Most of the colours are custom.
MrFenrich (EUW)
: New Shen Skin Suggestions
There are so many ideas to make skins but so little money.........
: I can only give opinions, I dont want your work to be mine or part of mine. Somethings you have to do alone.
True,but I just can't help it I am who I am.I like cooperating with others.If that is your choice then fine by me.I look forward to reading your opinions.
: Ok, cool. But if you want him to be a soldier... dont give him cowboy pants. You would end up putting two themes. Imagine Vandal Vlad with top half being biker and the bottom half being starguardian Lux.
Ok I'm gonna have nightmares from now and on but I do get your point.I would also appreciate it if you would like to work with me on this project.I think I'll update another sketch of him at 1800 today.
: [ Skin Suggestion ] Specialist Jax
If you happen to up vote or down vote at least post the reason.The board of community creations exists so that the creator's can have a discussion with the rest of the summoners, point out their mistakes and aid their creations become better.
: No, just because it fits the name. I dont know... Especialist fits best for champions that can fulfill the army theme, Gangplank, MissFortune, Zed (G.I.JOE), Lucian, etc. The name doesnt matter really, just preference.
Because you got close enough to the idea I have in mind about the skin I'll tell you what inspired me.Dead Space.Fate/Stay Zero.Splinter Cell.Plus the lower body will have High-noon Yasuo's trouser.The colours will be ciel dark blue and black.I'll leave the rest to your imagination (what part which colour, which inspiration what body part.The name specialist suits him as an arm's master and as the name suggests he is a soldier and an expertise.
: That or a Misytpe of Project Jax, as it seems inspired by Project Yasuo.
how exactly is it inspired by Project Yasuo pls enlighten me
: Proyect Jax?
let me guess pro[Y]ect Jax because he looks like Yi?
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MCDakata (EUNE)
: [Champion Suggestion] : Aatu, The Wolfpack
even if a champion isnt balanced riot will try its best to nerf the hell out of them(i say only nerf because no new champ has ever needed a buff)BTW op champ good job
: [Champion Suggestion] Silvia - The Bounty Hunter
we already have a bounty hunter so maybe just change that.(Miss fortune)
: champion concept Kor'zan the void pysker
i have one question is she a ranged champion or melee?And the ap ratio is too much to handle....hmmm since her nature is a wraith maybe adding a small ad ratio in to one of her abilitities such as her ult hysteria and might want to remove the buff of enslaving champions when they get caught by the blast it is a bit strange to be enslaving them and during that time to deal damage to them either you or their team mates.i bet making them enter a state of confusion that lasts 0.8 seconds with the interval of 1 sec for each subsequent blast and deal the same damage but in a wide area just like galio but in way more expanded area and to all direction like a since as shown in the picture she has no eyes and the last chanp withought eyes rek shai could sence the enemies steps so maybe turning hysteria into a sound wave and with sound waves returning back at her only from enemy champions. Overall it is a good champion suggestion but you should post her base stats and leveling up stats too you dont have to mention each level seperatly. If you got the time check out my champion suggestion.
: Champion Idea
XD I posted Lancer from Fate/Stay Zero.
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: haha, i was the age of just playing no lore xD
Yes his name is Zero.Megaman is a title used other than reploid.Because he resembles a human and has great powers they named the game Megaman Zero.Or even better Rockman Zero
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