Silent Note (EUNE)
: Just want to give credit to Riot Support
I too have had positive experiences with riot support, for some reason my boards level went down to 0, I sent a ticket in and it was sorted out within a day. Many thanks again ZERO5!
NegativeA (EUW)
Should be a TEAmo skin, instead of shrooms he drops teabags, dead from being teabaged.
timmy1691 (EUW)
: post game chat
What about if this was someone you really cared about do you think it's still better for them to die in real life rather than a game? Why are you even joking about this kind of stuff?
Dansak (EUW)
: Can't post on main account
All fixed now thanks to ZERO5, player support specialist! "The bird is the word"
: Sevrin, The Homicidal Maniac (New Champion Concept)
I like that you have gone to the trouble to make all the stats and tried to make a detailed list of the abilities, but this is NOT a good idea with the theme you've chosen. Maybe if you change the underlying theme and focus on a different subject it would be a good idea. **Mental health is a serious issue and not something that should be taken lightly.**
: It doesnt punish you for logging in first. Everyone with the same login name has that "change your name" thing, until everyone except one did. If you wait and are the last one to change, you can just keep it. They cant give the first one the account, because how could the others know how to login if they dont have a login name anymore? That being said, did you make sure its not yourself on different servers who has the same name as your main?
But the point is IF someone isn't playing their account YOU have to change your name otherwise you can't play unless you change your name or wait for the inactive account to start playing again!
: What other games ban people for use of chat?
Honest question here, do you think that swearing at people will actually help them improve or is it just that you get mad and want to express yourself?
: Wow it sounds fun! will it return?
No idea to be honest, if it did I'd imagine that there would be a lot of "This is so unfair" posts lol.
: What is the doom Bots? Yeah something like Odyssey event but with evil Poros
Doom bots was a mode where the enemy team made up of bots had crazy ulti's ( eg. lux ulti but it had 5 lasers instead of one ) and very little cd's. It was a kind of fun **HARD** mode. Edit: If I remember correctly there were varying degrees of hardness, from relatively easy to nope not going to happen.
: Exchange all tokens to BE
This would be a great QOL addition! Having to click click click ect gets a little tiresome.
Hansiman (EUW)
: I quit WoW back in Cataclysm due to the community. LoL hasn't made me feel the same way.
I quit blizzard recently due to their stance on certain recent events.
Lavenora (EUW)
: When you use a skin though, the splash art changes to that of the skin ^^
Yeah sorry mate I ment that why bother buying a skin when you can get one for free. Don't get me wrong I'd actually like to buy some of the fan art murals as I think they are amazing,
Lavenora (EUW)
: Anniversary fan splash art
I too really like the fan art murals, I saw malphites the other day and LOL'd hard! Sadly I doubt that Riot would implement this as they make money from skins..
ˉˆºˇˉ (EUNE)
: Did you try to uninstall the game and install it again? If that didn't help either submit a ticket [here](
Yeah when I tried to unistall it gave me the last image I posted. I'm more frustrated that my ARAM team mates had to finish with only 4 players, looking at my match history it looks like we lost, I feel bad even though it's not my fault.
Rioter Comments
: ***
A simple google search will prove you wrong! Gaming addiction IS a thing, educate yourself instead of making yourself look stupid.
: What did you get as your legendary skin?
: your Ranked in SR means something in ARAM. while TFT border means nothing in SR and ARAM. i want make a petition for TFT mode get is own client and leave REAL League of Legends client. thank you all.
ARAM has it's own MMR.
Quàck (EUW)
: Can you link me it? Just scroll down :)
Apati (EUW)
: Got stuck with the "accept queue" popup
I had the same a week or two ago but haven't had it since. [img][/img]
Photo (EUW)
: MOUSE-4-5 Button Alt tab (How to fix) ???
I'm also experiencing this, I never changed any keybinds and all of a sudden it's happening.
: i need an off topic advices about drinking XD
I spent 17 years working in the pub trade and would like to think that I know a fair amount alcohol. There are many different types of beer with varying tastes, the only way you will find out what you like is to try different brands. Most importantly **DRINK RESPONSIBLY!!**, I can not express this enough I've seen too many people lose everything because of alcohol.
: But i get 14 day bans for saying to someone he plays bad and is trash . :) Game 1 Pre-Game Mind Is Blown: ban pyke .. Mind Is Blown: odd no pyke In-Game Mind Is Blown: ashe ? Mind Is Blown: omg so bad Mind Is Blown: so bad this ashe Mind Is Blown: fcking noob Mind Is Blown: bronzil Mind Is Blown: my fault for sure? Mind Is Blown: god ASHGE Mind Is Blown: u guys are bad Mind Is Blown: see ashe Mind Is Blown: look at this fizz ahahaha Mind Is Blown: u are Mind Is Blown: u are fcking bad Mind Is Blown: cause u suck so hard Mind Is Blown: bronzil Mind Is Blown: u already had -30 farm Mind Is Blown: report me for fake ? .. she is playing bad and i am reported :D Mind Is Blown: idiot ashe Mind Is Blown: yo are Mind Is Blown: you are Mind Is Blown: very very bad Mind Is Blown: easy double kills at bot Mind Is Blown: but u played as a pus Mind Is Blown: if zed Mind Is Blown: has the option Mind Is Blown: to ult me and ignite me Mind Is Blown: it means u suck Mind Is Blown: so bad Mind Is Blown: so so so bad Mind Is Blown: even in my hook they cant get em Mind Is Blown: u losing to a blue kayn with conquorer Mind Is Blown: hopeless ashe Mind Is Blown: ashe died? Mind Is Blown: 80 farm ashe 20 min Mind Is Blown: bg Mind Is Blown: kayn ncie runes :D Mind Is Blown: me ? Mind Is Blown: u did 0 ganks too Post-Game Mind Is Blown: ahw so cute .. lets report support for us playing bad :) Mind Is Blown: i got more gold then ashe Mind Is Blown: nough said Mind Is Blown: same damage as ashe Mind Is Blown: nough said Mind Is Blown: they blame me for losing ? :) i got more gold then 2 players and i am support tresh, i even got more damage then our ad c ashe. Mind Is Blown: enemy bot was premade too lol Mind Is Blown: and i nearly fcked it Mind Is Blown: if ashe was a bit better .. gg ( ? this is typical i got more gold and damage dealt as tresh, vs my ad c ashe . ) thats sad super sad. but i get reported ok lets read next . ) Game 2 In-Game Mind Is Blown: si Mind Is Blown: hence wukong Mind Is Blown: i was looking at my options Mind Is Blown: malzahar would have been good too for me Mind Is Blown: ofc merc Mind Is Blown: did u smite ?:/ Mind Is Blown: noww Mind Is Blown: for a plat player u sure suck Mind Is Blown: yes in flex it says platinum mmr Mind Is Blown: and u are unranked here so ... 10 games to go Mind Is Blown: he only push push like a silver 5 Mind Is Blown: wow lucking shit Mind Is Blown: \right Mind Is Blown: and my name is santa clause Mind Is Blown: bronze Mind Is Blown: bronze dive Mind Is Blown: bg Mind Is Blown: me ? Mind Is Blown: or u Mind Is Blown: u sir Mind Is Blown: lost ut Mind Is Blown: no Mind Is Blown: no u dumb Mind Is Blown: only vlad is dead Mind Is Blown: fcking trash silver Mind Is Blown: \i had no ult up Mind Is Blown: u blind fck Mind Is Blown: muted reported Mind Is Blown: u throw Mind Is Blown: me ye Mind Is Blown: amumu no Mind Is Blown: right Mind Is Blown: bg Mind Is Blown: bg Post-Game Mind Is Blown: fcking dog mumu Mind Is Blown: goes baron in a pincered area vs a veigar brand Mind Is Blown: ahahahahahaa Mind Is Blown: ye that was my nxt item Mind Is Blown: u inbred Mind Is Blown: Inbred dog Mind Is Blown: nice baron call amumu Mind Is Blown: very good Mind Is Blown: while 4 members are alive Mind Is Blown: with 3 of them being very strong at a pincered side Mind Is Blown: dont play ranked amumu Mind Is Blown: its bad for u Mind Is Blown: ps u just screwed my winrate with wukong more , 56 % it was not probs 55 % Mind Is Blown: keep grinding those good calls Mind Is Blown: 2.64 KDA 4.6 / 5 / 8.6 Mind Is Blown: nice kda kid Mind Is Blown: much wow Mind Is Blown: carry me sensai Mind Is Blown: 0 Mind Is Blown: this is just a hangover acc ? bad calls ? Mind Is Blown: it wasent my call Mind Is Blown: to do baron Mind Is Blown: i just farmed top a bit more ... while u can help me take tower Mind Is Blown: u go baron Mind Is Blown: oh he left to ruin another game Mind Is Blown: sad Mind Is Blown: How can u do baron vs a veigar khazix brand and karthus being alive . they took 4 kills pushed mid with baron buff and took 2 inhabs, then they ended the game.. fun time with this ammumu shotcalled o Mind Is Blown: shotcaller of the year ( so yeah the game wasent going that bad, but then suddenly our jungler amumu decided to do baron at 20th minute.. with only enemy vladamir being dead, me being at half hp and used my ult.. to kill vlad obviously ) then i farm top a bit so that the lane is pushed out, i ping them not to do baron , they still do it, all 4 die ... the take 2 mid towers + inhab + bot 2 towers and inhab with the baron pressure ) eventually we lose .. yes i am reported no surprise there ) Game 3 ah yeah i remember this one we had a DRAVEN MID ! enough said ? no a squishy jungler and a squishy top and us bot ... so yeah gg ? i should have dodged this one tho ... but ofcourse i am reported in game 3 too . Game 3 Pre-Game Mind Is Blown: ban pyke Mind Is Blown: ty Mind Is Blown: draven mid Mind Is Blown: letz goo Mind Is Blown: in my promos Mind Is Blown: les goo In-Game Mind Is Blown: kanker troll Mind Is Blown: ebay kindje Mind Is Blown: if draven goes 0-3 in lane im leaving to my other acc Mind Is Blown: got no time to waste Mind Is Blown: adios then Mind Is Blown: u dont care anyways Mind Is Blown: kanker miet Mind Is Blown: no i see u die so ill do the same Mind Is Blown: every time u die ill die Mind Is Blown: ok Mind Is Blown: fiora come kill me Mind Is Blown: every time draven dies ill die too Mind Is Blown: \wow Mind Is Blown: just healed all back in 2 hits riot nice Mind Is Blown: who put this Mind Is Blown: ofc Mind Is Blown: riot fck u Mind Is Blown: .,.,,,\\ Mind Is Blown: hoiw when im dead Mind Is Blown: maybe gank 1 x Mind Is Blown: maybe gank when i got r Mind Is Blown: no ? Mind Is Blown: lets just let fiora pounce on me Mind Is Blown: \350 gold nice Mind Is Blown: ? Mind Is Blown: i didnt change my masteries Mind Is Blown: it was on summon aery anyways Mind Is Blown: sej fioora duo Mind Is Blown: and fiora is .. g2 Mind Is Blown: nop Mind Is Blown: why ping me ? Mind Is Blown: draven went top :D Mind Is Blown: poof Mind Is Blown: poof Mind Is Blown: wtf Mind Is Blown: no scope ? :O Mind Is Blown: ... no wards Mind Is Blown: at baron Mind Is Blown: ... Mind Is Blown: ... Mind Is Blown: wp smurf kiddo Mind Is Blown: how can u duo with a silver 2 thoi ? Mind Is Blown: gold 2 this game is so bad Mind Is Blown: u dont see fiora pushing ? Mind Is Blown: its my promos ofc its draven mid Mind Is Blown: what u do in tf? Mind Is Blown: throw some axes? Mind Is Blown: poof Mind Is Blown: bg Post-Game Mind Is Blown: i am vs a elo boosting scum .. and get 0 ganks Mind Is Blown: 0 Mind Is Blown: what does karthus do btw ? Mind Is Blown: 0 ganks Mind Is Blown: and a draven mid Mind Is Blown: ofc this shit game is lost in promos And poof 14 days ban ? this is riot .
Ragnaarök (EUNE)
Yup I'm getting the same, at the bottom of the screen it says the message about being setup for my account. Just finished 2 games with window maximized but it doesn't seem to register as the games being watched. Edit: I can only watch the games on twitch due to the fact that youtube keeps buffering forever even on 144p.
: >I'd like to play SR again but I can't be dealing with all the negativity it brings. It seems like everyone expects everyone else to play perfect, when in actual fact even pro's can make mistakes. Your'e either trolling/noob/insert various swear word, low life scum/etc... I feel it becomes a bit more hyper-critical, definitely. It's a matter of learning to tune those people out and just making sure you played your best. As long as you did that, nothing else really matters. >(1) I feel it's important to say that I've bought a fair amount of RP over the years I've played and I don't regret it, I don't play SR anymore but love ARAM. Money doesn't change too much - I've spent an obscene amount on this game (not too far off my 600th skin actually), but I've had fun doing it, so that's all that matters to me. If your fun is in ARAM, then that's also fantastic :) Maybe we can play one together one day.
Sorry mate I didn't mean that because I've spent money I'm more entitled or something I just find that now there seems to be less game focus whilst the skins keep rolling out :) ARAM is great I'm always up for a game when I've got time!
: It sucks and the system definitely needs improvement - I've experienced it at a high volume as well the last few days (did receive IFS notifications a couple of times which was nice though). >Honestly I don't see a purpose of playing Ranked anymore if these people roam around ruining games. I guess I'm better off with Normals then if I have to play with them. Just walk into the mentality that a ranked game is the same as a normal. Because at the end of the day, it is - the only difference is there's a score attached to one. When you start adapting that mentality and just playing your best, I found that I got phased by this a lot less.
I'd like to play SR again but I can't be dealing with all the negativity it brings. It seems like everyone expects everyone else to play perfect, when in actual fact even pro's can make mistakes. Your'e either trolling/noob/insert various swear word, low life scum/etc... It's a real shame as this is a great game but the more vocal players tend to voice their "opinions" quite voraciously even though thoughts aren't facts! - I'm aware that certain people just want to "run it down" but until RIOT applies more attention to this we will just end up "banging our heads against walls". The game has definitely changed for me since the beginning and I don't just mean in patch sense, it used to be a lot more "game focused" instead of "$ focused". Now I want to get something straight here, business need to make money in order to run(1), but in the last few years in seems the game focus has fallen by the wayside. (1) I feel it's important to say that I've bought a fair amount of RP over the years I've played and I don't regret it, I don't play SR anymore but love ARAM.
: True. Messing with the seriousness of ARAM might ruin the entire thing.
I'm still a proponent of ranked ARAM but am just a tad weary of the negativity that may become a byproduct of itself. We can always hope I suppose :)
: ARAM Ranked? All characters unlocked?
I'd like this because you'd get rid of ARAM only accounts and this would be true ALL RANDOM as opposed to, all random with champs you own plus rotation champs. I personally would not have a problem swapping champs or taking something "better" for the team if it was ranked ARAM, I'm not too sure if this would apply to others as I can only speak for myself. I also understand that sometimes I, or others get champs that I can't play as well as others and I think this is where the whole ranked thing may get a little frustrating for people, due to the fact that it's no longer just ARAM its now ranked. I really like ARAM and I often wonder where I'd fit on a ranked system, my biggest fear would be that the toxicity of ranked SR would then come to a game mode that I rarely encounter any negativity in.
: sooo... what's your age?
I'm in my 40's been gaming since the 80's and still love playing games now.
: Yea it was a silly move, but i swear i said nothing bad or told it to someone!
Err you did say something bad hence the reason you were banned in the first place, you then proceeded to do the same thing by typing it in chat again now you are banned again! When will people learn...
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MusicaroN (EUW)
: I stopped buying anything from your greedy butt long time ago
Your just mad they didn't release a skin for this!! /s
: There are different teams in riot. The people in charge of the skins cant do anything about your issue.
Boss: People are complaining! Skin guys: We got new skins coming out. Boss: Good job skin guy$!
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Bombard1r (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ziffolo,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=O2p2f1sz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-17T16:11:14.777+0000) > > Most of these advices, if followed, would result in a ban. you will find it hard to prove that those are intentional.
Apart from the fact you posted on the boards that you are "done following the rules after those trolls did the same manage to get me permanent banned after 2 years of playing".
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: Who is your favorite streamer and why?
Sirchez is the most chill person I've watched stream he just doesn't get mad, it would be nice if more people were like him!
MSF Akito (EUW)
: See, thats something I never understood. Everyone knows how ARAM works. So people who wouldnt want to play ranked dont even have to play ranked. If you were able to reroll 2 Champions before EVERY game, then you could still build a somewhat decent Teamcomp. Sure, it might still be worse than what your enemies got, but maybe you know your champs better than the enemy. What I'm saying is: Yes, it is still RNG, but its not purely based on RNG. Its pretty much the same as TFT in terms of RNG.
This is it pretty much, don't want to risk the RNG for ranked then don't play ranked mode stick with normal. I think the main reason I want to see ranked in ARAM is that it's taken ages to learn the champs and play them and I'd like to see where I rate amongst others that play ARAM. I understand the RNG can completely suck but it does for the enemy also and come on lets face it, look at Ranked now and it's just a flip if you get decent team mates or flamers and trolls! SO whats the difference? Kappa
Schaq (EUW)
: ranked aram
I can't really see the problem ( I'm for ranked queues ) apart from ARAM accounts which are slightly nullified with the extra champs now included. 1 queue for normal ARAM 1 queue for ranked. Put a warning up for ranked saying it's random carry on at your own risk, it's not like anyone forces you to play ranked. I've most probably got a one sided view so sorry!
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: I would like everyone to stop saying EZ
You forgot about these also: mEze fEz jeEz
Dreugan (EUW)
: If you mean in the loading screen, then you can still see the mastery score. But if you're talking about something else, I don't know what you mean.
Ah sorry I ment their total mastery skills.
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Hansiman (EUW)
: Upcoming experimental ARAM changes (and Butcher's Bridge)
Not too sure I'm looking forward to the proposed changes but maybe it's because I don't really like change. Bans: I can see why some might like this but at the end of the day you get equal chance to get the "more OP champs". Minion change: Yeah sure sounds good. Poke reduction: But it's soo FUN popping people!! New spells: Cool. Items: Fine. Runes: Fair enough.
Trefzz (EUW)
: Is this how we want the game to be like?
You can get free skins from riot in a few ways: Get gold and be above honor 2 at the end of the season. Mission rewards. Forum based events. Orange essence.
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Happy Birthday
Hope you have a good day today and many more in the future!
: i get perma ban on my acount
Too late for that the account is gone but on the plus side you now get to be non toxic on your brand new account!
Sefi (EUNE)
: My heart goes to FNC!
No matter what happens we are proud of you, lets go lads bring it home!
: I have "Watch & Earn V" that rewards 400 BE. Dont get any progression from watching vods. Dont know if its because i have already watched all games live. Lucky 34 cant be completed untill groupstage is done.
Yup same here, I've watched 3-4 Vod's now and it still isn't doing anything. EDIT: I found that it works on this link:
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