Jaskko (EUW)
: Which runes to buy next?
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Pls tell me what I do wrong. Dont go easy on me
ok newb, listen up because what I'm going to tell you will be important. 1) where the f*ck are your pink wards? Learn to buy them, once you've figured that out, learn to place them. 2) just checked one of your games, 20 minutes for a first turret? Poor. 3) kills mean nothing if you don't convert them into objectives. That's right, this isn't Team death match, it's a team objective based game. 4) just because you're fed doesn't mean you can 1v5 solo carry. You're bronze with no map knowledge and game knowledge, if you're fed and die then all your teams gold advantage has gone. 5) When you have 3 int feeding, mouth breathing, keyboard turning, face smashing dribbling idiots on your team making dumb choices, do something more productive than just pushing a wave, get deep vision with trinket wards and that pink ward that you've finally learned exists in the game. 6) stop being bad at the game and face tanking abilities. you are allowed to dodge abilities, try doing that. 7) learn 3 champions for a role. 8) at 20 minutes into the game, if you have no inventory space, you still have your starting item and no pink ward, you deserve to lose. 9) itemize against the biggest threat. 10) I swear to god if you haven't picked up how important warding is, then stay bronze, I don't want you anywhere near my elo Now I'll explain why I'm going on about the wards, my main account is diamond 1. I play on this to practice new champions/builds. When I see people in the game in their promotion, I play to win. That is until I The following; I read someone typing "It's the supports job to ward" or "Stop going on about buying pinks" I check the stats after most games I play, I check the damage done, taken, wards placed, kill participation, objective participation etc it shows me where I can improve, where we could/did lose the game (an adc with 6k damage after 15 minutes is poor) which means I should have gone bot lane more often to carry this piece of trash. There's so many things you can do to improve, but honestly, learn to play the map. When I'm mid and I have 10 pinks placed in a game (750g) sounds like a lot, but when that 75g converts to 3 kills, avoiding a gank (jungler just wasted his time) clearing vision so I can roam, that 750g was an investment for me to win the game. You get games where you crush your lane but feels useless because you have a jungler trying to stack devourer (hi low Elo master yi mains, the seasons changed, learn to play yi properly) or your bot lane decided to turn around at level 2 and bend over so the enemy bot lane can abuse them all game, we all have games like that, but you can still win those games. I played a game with a 0-15 adc and 0-8 support and won by solo carrying, because of vision and playing the map. Good luck you worthless piece of sh*t, I hope these points showed you that there's far more to the game than you thought, if you put time (like you have by posting here) to learn, then you can and will climb. Edit: learn wave control and how to build up a slow push, I've seen so many people only clear one wave of minions at their T2 to have the wave push straight back because they didn't stop the minion push properly, if you have a wave near your T2, trim a few minions off the NEXT wave so you have more minions, you then gain side lane pressure in about 2 minutes and look at that, 5v4 baron bait comes available
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luliman (EUNE)
: Fix League of Legends pls.
Champions like Zed and Yasuo require no mechanical skill to play anymore, you just have to take the thunderlord keystone, skill a gap closer ( dash/shadow) then just auto attack at level 1, they can't trade back, you don't even have to worry about hitting an ability because of their base damage. Any AD champion has overwhelming scaling due to items and masteries. I hate to even admit this but Riven takes far more mechanical skill than most AD champions nowadays.
mrnm (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Neonchan,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kzzMAK8O,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-11-17T12:26:54.669+0000) > > Yeah lategame champs are so useless with early game monsters like Jax and Mundo dominating Don't forget nasus, nasus is good too because of his insane early game presence, he falls off later though
1-2 items is not late game, that's all they need with the new items and masteries, they're no longer late game scaling champions, they're strong as soon as they have 2 items, why do you think they're banned out more or less every game. Also, yasuo is retarded now, thunderlords mastery is just toxicity on every level, you can miss every Q but you don't need it, you just skill dash first level, dash to them, auto attack twice and that's 75% of their hp gone at level 1. It's just pure retarded
: LF UK players to make a ranked team for new season
Hi, I'm 27, English and I'm a mid laner, my champion pool includes azir, swain, ryze, kassadin, ahri and ori.
jana (EUW)
: atm you are again in a position where your individual skill counts. so i hope this stays. :) €: if you arnt in a position where your impact counts you may need to get better knowlage.
> [{quoted}](name=jana,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9xenfaaI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-11-16T17:23:05.668+0000) > > atm you are again in a position where your individual skill counts. > > so i hope this stays. > > :) > > €: if you arnt in a position where your impact counts you may need to get better knowlage. No, your individual skill means nothing. You can dominate your opponent in lane and in 10 minutes you have 5 people just rushing towers through mid while you can do nothing to stop them because they have a tahm, kayle,yasuo who will just one shot you if you even move to defend the tower. Split push? negative, you lose your base quicker. Engage on them? Lol nah, tahm will just eat and kayle will face fuck you to oblivion, force tahm to eat then engage? Kayle says no, bubbles them and face fucks you again. You manage to survive their counter engage and poke? Say hi to yasuo. This game is completely garbage now, you can't even ward effectively anymore, nice you placed your wards in defensive spots, oh nice enemy put done some pink wards and clear them, you now have no more vision for the next 2-3 minutes because they removed your chance to actually buy them. Some people love this season, that's good for them, but from my perspective, i've been online gaming since 1997 and this is without a doubt now the worst game i have ever played.
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