: Steal
Rofl, that can go so wrong into a throw'd game xD
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: How so? What is your mmr? Had to give up dota years ago (2000hour), since my laptop couldnt handle it prober anymore. So i came to this (now a cluster%%%) game. Only thing keeping me interested and not rushing back to dota is scaling ability power. I'm able to carry games with a mage. Are you sure you want to play support? It can be frustrating until you hit a certain Elo where your adc really knows what his doing.
I'm 3500+ MMR (I was). Well I really want to play support, I like the role and that's where I find my self comfortable. I know that no ADC is perfect but neither supports so everyone need to try to improve a bit :)
: I feel sorry that i didnt invest more time in dota. I played a bit in 2013 then i stopped for some reason xd. Thb its the worst time to invest your time in lol cuz every fkng role is carry oriented, it shift so much from roots and champion design "ethics"
But still I want to invest some of my time to master a role and see what the maximum rank I can get as a non professional player.
: I'm sorry but why on earth would you play LOL instead of dota? This a terrible areade game compared to Dota2
Dota2 is messed up bro... and also I need some changes, I played LOL and I liked it. They are different in many things.
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: Check MadLife, he is a good Thresh player!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} But dont know if he streams, but here is a montage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9wq3cklVbk
: Hellooo Hellooo~~ A new sheriff is in the hood : in bunny fu fuu voice : Hey ! It's me again. It's really good that you played him, definitely one of the most fun supports to play and he have soo much outplay potential. Here are a few videos that covers all his tricks : * [5 Things Every Thresh Main Needs to Know](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Zh6gGt9ZY8) * [Thresh Techniques](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiTDPPf5ua0) * [5 Tricks You Must Know Before Playing Thresh in 2 Minutes](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2lPu0jzLfs) : Most of those except for point 2 were already mentioned in the first 2 videos * [A bunny fu fuu video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26KGaswBYdc) : I couldn't bring myself to not add it in the list hhh Have fun playing {{champion:412}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Yoo bro :D thanks for the reply :333
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: Hey ! If you are a new player, and only started playing 2 months ago, then I would highly recommend to not play ranked at all costs. Ranked is a highly competitive mode and everyone is mad there being scared of losing. So any mistake or death you do will make your team flame you and be soo toxic. It is also full of smurfs so people might crush you without you even knowing what's happening. So you won't learn much or have fun. Plus, it's better to play ranked when you are good enough in order to get the highest possible placement (instead of starting at the very bottom and fighting to climb). I think you'll learn things pretty fast since you already played another moba before and your builds seems pretty correct (I checked your profile). You can add me ingame if you want, I'll answer all your questions and can give you advices {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Gabresol (EUW)
: You do best learn of your mistakes. Draft pick won't show them to you, since a lot of people do not actually play focused there. During off-season, ranked can be crazy, but it will still give your more to think about than draft. If you get some experience now, you will be better once the season actually starts. Stagnating a whole season playing draft will get you nowhere. The games from level 15 to 30 are close to now different at all from any other game you will be playing. Just jump into the cold water. The only set up you should have beforehand are around 3 champions you can play on your first and secondary role with comfort as well as 2 champs for supp in case of autofill. Should you get flamed, mute and report them. If they get matched with a beginner, they can't be expected to be much better anyway, so it would be a lose on a climb that would never happen anyway.
I'm already a support main, so I guess I will be taken the role every time !
: I recommend playing a full season of just normal draft picks before going into ranked, so you really know the game. You might get flamed quite a lot if you're st-ill beginner.
I forgot to say that I have a MOBA experience (Dota2 Player to be precise)
TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
Awesome explanation :) thanks man, I appreciate your help! I think I will wait, until then I will try to be good at several heores in different roles.
: I think the best you can do is learn about macro and the champions in the game before playing ranked. That will most likely increase your success at the beginning :) Also if anyone spreads some negativity just try to ignore it or mute the person ingame, don't let them negatively impact your performance.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: I would suggest avoiding ranked until the next season starts. Preseason is a specific time for LoL, and rankeds are often a nightmare.
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DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Well I am sure you know that the way you deny minions is different, you cant last hit your own minions in league as you can do in Dota 2. you cant manipulate the waves in the same way. and the trees are here to stay yo u cant chop them down. what I would suggest is nto to jump directly in ranked once you hit 30 and the required champions needed to play it. I think you best 1st see what type of lane you preffer in league learn it and then start experimenting with ranked other than that. I am sure you are aware that CS and Objectives are the top Priority. and also dont focus your eyes on the enemy health. and ignore the cs and minimap this will cost your greatly
I appreciate your comment man :)
AngelDun (EUNE)
: don't play champions that rely on others;the community is way more sensitive so be careful;ban yasuo so your team wont pick him or feed him(he is like visage in the means of feeding but can hard carry if fed);be ready for the clown fiesta;there aren't as many hard counters as in dota but games are easier to lose ;use pings for communication but don't spam them(look at 2);gl and don't forget your gas mask ;)
Heheheh, thanks! Toxic players are everywhere in every game so I'm fine with this, I just play for fun and I like this game tbh :) Happy lol day everyone!
Waantyy (EUNE)
: If you play DOTA 2 for years, you will be frustrated with skillshots i guess. You have to know champions in leauge are so differently designed than in DOTA. Much more funny to play. Try to play Zed, Yasuo, Irelia, Azir etc. You will be bad but cuz those are champs you usually play after you know how game works and have to play them for many many hours to be at least decent but you will notice difference between playstyle of lol and dota champs. Another way there are several situations thru year where some champs are little bit unbalanced. In DOTA everything is playable even for begginers and high elo players. There are some champs who are so bad right now and you cant see them in higher elo games.
Roger Sir :) thanks for the reply ^^
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