: No champion capsule on level up?
Did the support help you? This happened to me for the third time now... and as someone who's relatively new it's really frustrating.
: Hey there ! You don't need to change your account or anything. You just need to stop playing with your friends and win. If you start from scratch, the same is gonna happen again. Matchmaking is based on MMR (it's a hidden number that represents your skill). So if you have an iron 4 mmr (it's just a skill indication, not your real rank), you'll just keep playing against people who just got level 30 and don't know anything about the game. Not everybody watch youtube videos or have friends that explains things to him. So it's very normal that a lot of them don't know anything about warding or pings. So what you need to do is play alone and win consistently so the system will see that you're beating people at those levels and will raise your MMR. Keep in mind that people who will be with you will always be bad (since you're still a newbie yourself) compared to your friends, but at least they will be of the same level at you. Playing with your friends who have a very high rank will just make the matchmaking try to compensate every time. But if you get close to them, even a little bit, then you would have much better games. I'd also like to note that only winning or losing affect MMR. Because the game is about a lot of stuff other than your score. So just sitting there and letting your team die will just lower your MMR and make you lose more. If you need to die so your team can win, you should do it. PS : Don't take Event like ARURF as a reference, it's like playing a completely different game) Try to learn how to win (focusing on objectives, when to splitpush alone, when to group with your team, etc) and always do your best to reach that. Forget about your scores please. It's the biggest advice I can give you. If you're playing with people who have a much lower skill level than you. Then it means that your enemies are the same, so you should abuse their weaknesses and use that to your advantage. I've went to your profile and found a few things : * You only place 2/3 normal wards each game which is extremely low. Seeing enemies means that you can avoid dying, or go to kill them if you are stronger. It is a key point in league. * You farm is very bad. Try to set 80 farm at 10min as your objective. Strength in league comes from levels and gold (so you can get more items). 1 kill is equal to 15 minions approximatively. So if your enemy laner have 50 farm and you have 80, it's like if you have 2more kills than him and you are technically very fed and can easily beat him (yes, it makes such a big difference). Simply put, having more gold equal more items equal more wins. * Your KDA is always 0.xx which means that you die much more than you kill or assist. You're basically feeding in all your games and you can't put all the blame on your teammates alone. Your KDA should be at least 2 each game * Your Kill participation (how much kills you participate into either by killing or assisting) is very low. Which means that you aren't helping your teammates and let them fight alone. They will die and enemies will get fed. So it's normal that you lose your games. This is a team game and you can't play it solo Those are just a few things that I noticed from your match history and there are probably much more. So I would advice you to play alone (or with premades of your level) on the normal draft mode only (I'm not talking about event like ARURF that you can play for fun) while focusing on improving those 4 points. They will change your games quite a lot and help you win much more. The matchmaking puts people on the same skill in the same game. If you keep losing against a skill level, then it's clearly above your skill and you'll start to get matched into the lower skill level. And it will continue like that. A skill level is based on a lot of things, maybe you are better on the item skill than people who play with you, but you die much more than them. Maybe they can get more kills than you, but they never buy control wards. So you can't really say you're better than them since you also have some things that are lacking and making you lose. The first step to getting better is to understand that losing is always your own mistake ;) Since everybody is on the same skill level, then if you can't win consistently, it means that you're not better than them since you can't make a difference. So focus on your own weaknesses and try getting better. When you lose, try to see what you could have done better and focus on that in the next games, you'll notice the difference much faster. If there is anything you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask me ;) You can also add me ingame if you want. I'm always open to helping new players and answering their questions. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} On a side note, I have a server for new players so they can play together and seek advice. You might be interested to join it.
With all respect, getting to Lv30 needs more time than you'd think and it should definitely be enough to know the basics! A friend told me I once played with a bot, even through I don't know if that's true. Using this too my advantage is not that as easy, as there are other players doing the same. A feed enemy Yasuo with 19/2/6 will probably always win against my Soraka. Maybe I could win if I knew how to use my abilities to their full potential, but I'm far away from that... would it make sense to switch to a more active role? To be honest, I don't care how I support my team, as a bait or whatever as long as I'm useful, so I feel much more comfortable playing a support. Thank you very much for this analysis! This is really helpful! I tend to use a lot of control wards so I tend to forget about the normal wards. I'll definitely keep this in mind! I got told to feed my ADC as much as possible and not to kill the minions. Instead I should just buy an Ancient Coin if I know my ADC is a better player than me. Is that wrong? However, when playing other roles I'll try to farm more. Yes my KDA is pretty bad, I noticed that I usually can't get it back up after dying more than twice. But I've heard that it depends on your role and champion what a good KDA is (especially for Karthus who dies quite a lot) Are my ARURF games included in this statistics? It's kinda bad there is no such thing as saves in this game because that's what I'm trying to do most of the time, but you are right that I should try to get more assists. I'll keep in mind what you said and try to apply it to my gameplay. No matter if I actually get matter, I'm really thankful for the time you put into this answer! I heavily disagree with you saying everyone is on the same skill level! I've seen too many players walk straight into the turrets and too many smurfs (also including a friend of mine) who destroy everything on their lane and than fool around because they don't want to end the game yet. When two of those players meet each other in game it's almost always 1v1 again and again with one of them being slightly better so they don't necessary climb either. Other than that I think you are right, it would be stupid to think that it's not my fault too. Since I'm reading a lot of guides and watch videos I do know some theory but I don't know how to do those things in practice. Actually the matching has gotten a _little_ better right now, but I don't know how long that will last.
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