Kouèn (EUW)
: Good luck playing Overwatch for more than 2 months. That game gets boring pretty quick, unlike League.
bought it on day one played it for months...i stopped for some time just because i didn't have time to play it and if i did i didn't play it on competitive mode...now that i have time i can't stop playing it every free moment seeing how people are there and how fun playing competitive is
: > [{quoted}](name=Ghirix,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=uEoHG1KN,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-04-08T19:59:10.730+0000) > > yep...but riot is also making too many changes in my opinion...like the jungle and plants thingy + dragons and others...i mean to me these changes were too much and i played league 2 years before those came...for someone that started playing not long ago it's too much to learn and remember their importance in games > oh and don't forget the ip price reduction on runes + reduction of the exp needed to reach lvl 30...there were things you NEEDED time to learn and by doing this we just added the number of players who shouldn't be playing rankeds > > long stoy short...riot added too many things that "veterans" could learn someway on the other hand adding more and more will end up having a lot of unexperienced players who will ruin older players experience (90% not their fault obviously) I think Riot just added thing for change sake and not for making the game better. They have made easy for people have just started to be able to get what they want (e.g runes) I think this was a bad idea as most people who join now dont need experience that we need when we started the game and its just making the game unfun and just really boring I use to love the days were you would play a game and both team would be so close and it would come down to a team making a misstake or being out player for a team to win Now its just like, if you get a good jungler and you get a team that work well together you win
things started to go bad after the adc update...they are constantly buffing champ or a class...then if other champs/classes are weaker they make those one stronger...this repeats infinetly...by doing this we get champs that get stronger and stronger and the adcs were left behind because they were the first having the update...to keep things going they should need to do a rotatory update for classes...and this just keeps the game being the least balanced it could be...i remember when i started it was almost a different game...every role and every role could lead to victory if fed....now it0s just a competition to see who shots first the other
: This game is slowly going down the pan, I bearly play anymore because am fed up with being match with toxic players or people who have 0 skill level and just dont take advise
yep...but riot is also making too many changes in my opinion...like the jungle and plants thingy + dragons and others...i mean to me these changes were too much and i played league 2 years before those came...for someone that started playing not long ago it's too much to learn and remember their importance in games oh and don't forget the ip price reduction on runes + reduction of the exp needed to reach lvl 30...there were things you NEEDED time to learn and by doing this we just added the number of players who shouldn't be playing rankeds long stoy short...riot added too many things that "veterans" could learn someway on the other hand adding more and more will end up having a lot of unexperienced players who will ruin older players experience (90% not their fault obviously)
: Hey Ghirix, Sorry to hear about your unlucky streak! It honestly happens to all of us including some of the best at the top, as in the end one of the two sides has to lose to make the others win (it's not just your team getting AFK peopel). I'd love to tell you to play more games with friends and take a break from ranked but it seems you have already tried some of this and you really need a break for now which is totally fine and legit. I'd say take the break, play some other games and get back into the jam later on when there is tons of new content to explore with your friends :) Hope to see you back down the line, Xayah & Rakan look pretty fun! {{summoner:31}}
As anyone i already had some bad matches and loss streaks i already had one of 12 and another of 10 in the 2nd season i played and i already thought abandoning lol after those 2...i know that noone can win all the matches but still someone can't lose THIS MUCH matches in this way with this kind of people...other times i stopped playing and somehow i recovered and games were fun again after a break of 2-3 days...now i got 15 losses and 10 were with atrocious players and people who seemed played for the first time and others who didn't anything except rage and complain all the time...this time i did 2 breaks of 2-3 days and one of a week...still found just people like this in almost every match...and after seeing how kind and polite is the overwatch comunity which never flames and instead congratulates with the opponents even after losing very hard where enemy team also doesn't insult or laugh at us telling us how great and mighty they are i can't see much opportunities of returning back to league...of course i found a lot of kind people and i had a LOT of fun with those...but still i got really too much toxicity and salt and not just now in this period but in general during these 3 years also thx for the kind response...league should have more people like you :)
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: But what kind of comp did you and your enemie have, you have to talk to your allies in the pregame loby to respect enemy and your own early to lategame strenghts and weaknesses. Some champion can go badly at early game but if you cant close up the game by playing with objectives as a team, the enemy team will catch up and destroy you. As i said before, this is a teamwork game and noone cares how well YOU do. Interactions between all of your team matters the most!
enemy team had a shaco mundo cassio ashe and sona...our team had yi jung and i asked for a tank supp and top we got thresh and garen(which went afk)and a twitch...i went syndra for her lategame strenght and cuz enemy had a shaco which is almost useless late, infact i oneshotted everyone except mundo the moment i saw them...i got some magic penetration for mundo and almost shotted him with a full combo...my mistakes were: - i went to top to clear a pair of minion waves(they were at inhib) and lost too much time there since noone else wasgoing top to clear -clicked on mundo instead of cassio and ulted him(they were very close)ending in cassio ulting us and killing 2 of us -tried to keep my lane alone since others were dead and got cought in a 3 man ult in my defense: -garen afk which would be fed 100% by the way he was playing before afking -teammates didn't listen to me diving , dying under turret + wasting summoner's to get 1 kill in lategame(40 mins -.-)and ignoring the top lane full of cs i really tried my best before the match and during it but it still wasn't enough...we had such a huge lead during almost all the match and then we lost one single teamfight and lost the match :(
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: This is a teamwork game, you don't have to carry anyone. Talk to your allies while fighting against the enemy, be friendly with them and for all the actions done in the map use pings. Keep a strong eye on the mini map. Syndra is right now one of the strongest champions and it's obvious that you have a better chance to win a lane than others. Gank your allies lanes as often you can, ward more than just your own lane. --- The moment you show negativity, team moral will fall, if someone else is negative then guide them back to positivity. Just stay positive and communicate well.
well...i was fed again...helped lanes...got drakes...vision through all the map...we were winning...i was 18/6...and then...garen goes afk...we get to inhib almost nexus-baron and final drake+other 3 drakes form before...everyone throws at me the cc(sona + ashe+ cassio ult) i die we lose... :/...it seems a curse...i can't win as syndra...fed or feed i lose with her...i can't do anything...it's a sick joke
Maíko (EUW)
: Your KDA means nothing when you don't get objectives afterwards. When you kill an opponent look what you could get on the map. Vision Dragon Tower Baron Jungle camps from the enemy Scuttler Presure on another lane After each kill you should ask yourself...What can i get now? When you can't get anything....go shopping. When you can get something... take it.
well...i was fed again...helped lanes...got drakes...vision through all the map...we were winning...i was 18/6...and then...garen goes afk...we get to inhib almost nexus-baron and final drake+other 3 drakes form before...everyone throws at me the cc i die we lose... :/...it seems a curse...i can't win as syndra...fed or feed i lose with her...i can't do anything...it's a sick joke
: YOu can't carry in a team game! Please understand that. To win, you have to work as a **TEAM**
well...i was fed again...helped lanes...got drakes...vision through all the map...we were winning...i was 18/6...and then...garen goes afk...we get to inhib almost nexus...everyone throws at me the cc i die we lose... :/
Gojiraw (EUW)
: Ryze top can be a good pick. The thing with Ryze is that he scales greatly in the late game. So, you can go Ryze top, farm early on, you don't need to bother with Dragon or getting ganked too often, wait for your {{item:3027}} {{item:3003}} and then start making plays around the map. His wave clear is great, against a champion that does not really like to sit under his tower, like Malphite, Maokai, Nautilus, Ryze can be very punishing. In Bronze, on the other hand, people don't really think later on. They don't usually farm safety and they don't try to play around power spikes. So yea, a Ryze that can be over aggressive early on, can have a bad time, he can get ganked, die in 1v1 fights, but that's pretty much true for any champion that scales good in late game.
As a syndra main i know that in fact i farm a lot early-mid game and i start getting very aggro only after lvl 7-8...but as someone said me in another post my mistake is that i farm almost only in early-mid game and then i just go for champs
Hansiman (EUNE)
: According to [LeagueofGraphs](http://www.leagueofgraphs.com), Ryze has a 38.4% win-rate when played as top, so needless to say, he can win there. I think the problem is more related to the current rank you're playing in. Ryze is actually a rather technical champion to play that relies on his combos in order to be very strong, and it's a type of champion I wouldn't expect to see people in bronze to be able to pull of well enough to rely on. More technically challenging champions can be more rewarding, but you have to practice a lot more on them in order to excell. Another champion that can be used as an example of this is actually Riven. Riven is easier to pick up and learn, but mastering her means you have to properly mix her Q with AA's to maximize her passive damage, and the best also animation cancel (something I've never been able to learn), for even more control. There's a big difference between an average Riven player and a skilled one, just like there's a big difference between an average Ryze player and a skilled one.
Funny coincidence...it was a riven vs ryze matchup in top XD...he got stomped...every champ when mastered can do a massacre i know...but then someone should practice champ like ryze a lot before entering ranked matches...btw i use syndra as my main...she is called noob champ cuz her ult is one of the strongest in terms of dmg and can oneshot almost everyone with a full combo...but when mastered she can be a nightmare...at the beginning i couldn't win a single match cuz i played her without thinking now i end up being fed almost every game...too bad i can't carry very well and end up losing even when i have a 21/9 score :(
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Is Sej good? I've seen her like... once in a really long time.
i can confirm...in early she may be a little weak but fyou can get to late game she's unkillable and her cc is very strong...every ability is a cc...ult stuns...e slows and q makes enemies fly...so if your team is a littel squishy i think she's the best decision
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: bronze syndra main haha! thats funny
why must every single post have someone like you laughing at others just because of their rank? I'm doing one thing...asking some help and hints...if you don't have anything clever to say then don't make others lose time reading your comment thx
24thDiK (EUW)
: Well, seems like you just simply give up on farming on the later stages of the game. Look, you get fed, you farm well early. That is perfect! And you got to keep up the good farm all game long. That is the key in wining the game. Farm is putting Map Pressure. If it is Ain't happening, then equally strong enemy team goes in in a team fight and bam bam, crazy stuff happens. While farming, the goal is clear, take turrets, keep the gold, get strong, then get good. :D Anyways, 42minute game and 200over farm on sydra is super super low. You got to go for at least a 400 farm ++ at the 42th minute of the game. Them, i am sure, the games will be won so much more frequently. :D Anyways, who ever comes to you to stop you from farming, being a fed syndra, nuke the fk them out and keep on farming LOL.
yep...i farm mostly early mid untill i have a lead and get fed then i start roaming or i try to help other lanes hich ends in shotting enemies and taking too much kills i think + drakes so after 25-30 mins i'm not staying a lot in mid except fror teamfights...i'll try sticking as much as i can to my lane or farm other lanes when my teamate isn't there and help others only when my lane is pushed hard or if they really need help like when they start feeding thx
: Identify threats which you need to kill... if their adc is getting fed unleash you full combo on them to remove them from the fight, if they have a fed assassin wait for him to expose himself then kill him. In most teams they will only have one or two threats you need to worry about, so long as you remove these threats the rest of the enemy team should be much easier to deal with.
now that i think of it...i try often to aim at adc or squishy but if i'm losing i end up throwing my w and e at the first chance i get and i i end up on hitting random champs...after that i die for the cd since it hapens very fast...i'll try playing more carefully thx
Hantusa (EUW)
: The forced losing streek mayhem
I got a 12 losing streak a week ago almost lost 2 divisions in 3 days...sometimes it was for my teamates...got a 12/1 syndra bot premade goes afk(both) i end up 16/15 -.-...afterthe first losses i started tryharding and fed...try taking a break the moment you lose 2 or 3 matches in a row or if you throw the game a pair of times...wait a day or 2 for rankeds and don't play league too much or try taking a pause of 2 days
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Syndra is difficult champion to carry with. Her mechanics are not all about damage. She is also an awesome aoe disturptor(full ult combo+e after= quaranteed stun on someone and thus a disengage or turning around teamfights) as well as tower defender. Her power comes from cdr and animation canceling, just like riven. A mastered syndra is fearsome opponent cause she was designed and can fend off a 1vs5 towerdive against even the most impossible odds. That tho is challenger level animation canceling of spells and autoattacks, as well as spells and moving. Something to learn, is to cast q and w on the move. Another thing to learn is how to properly dodge skillshots and juggle turret range. Her power comes from early-mid game, however, her lategame is highly dependent on her build path. If you have rilay, tear and roa, you are going for the lategame, this also means ludens, lucidity and a tanky cdr item is a must, wince you still need movespeed and 40%(45% with inteligence mastery) cdr to kite the enemies around, especially sticky stealthers like kha, shaco and akali...or sticky enemy carries like vayne.
I have cdr runes my build is usually this... doran + pots --> first back i try to have ALWAYS lost chapter then i go into morello + boots except when i have an AD mid then i try to rush zhonya or try to get just the lost chapter for its passive and then zhonya asap...if i'm vs an ap mid then i build an abyssal as 3rd item or 2nd if i'm behind...lastly i build a luden's eco and finally a rabadon...i do't build roa on syndra and i stopped building the rilay after its nerf...for tear and archangel i think i'm fine with the mana morello gives me and i'm usually fine even without blue buff if you want to take a look at my matches here's the link...i had a terrible losing streak a week ago...50% my fault and 50% afkers but i'm climbing back again now https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Ghirix
24thDiK (EUW)
: What is your farm at the end of each game?
https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Ghirix From 200 to 250...one is 290 and one is 170 from what i've seen here
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DarkG0d (EUNE)
: yes I started that game ill end it. thats the rules. you did not follow you faced the results.
exactly in 2 years i NEVER left a game and played till the end...even if the score was 60-20...i really don't understand...if the only way to have fun is win then this people should just change game instead of just ruining other people's fun or play bots 24/7...and the most annoying thing is that apart from some matches there's always a possibility to come back i too myself lost some games where everyone in my team was fed and then for a single teamfight or mistake lost the game
ChainedUp (EUW)
: Flaming and afking and still not punished?
i feel you...some days ago a soraka started flaming at our adc for dying twice...then she said i don't want to stay with this vayne...goes mid...feds zed...bot can't do anything...im jungler and i try to help bot and mid in order to not fed zed even more...our midlaner and top were good and i was even in deaths and kills but we got stomped...maybe we would lose anyways i think but this is so annoying anyways
: Am I cursed or what?
I had the same exact situation...12 loss streak and almost lost 2 divisions after a 12 winning streak...trolls feeders and afkers happen in all servers and in all divisions(i was silver last 2 seasons now i'm bronze for now).just be patient and you'll recover you can't have those people in EVRY SINGLE match...or at least not forever
: Being brutally honest and only using your op.gg, you have a 45% win rate in bronze 3. You say you main syndra, but your win rate on syndra is 47% over 19 games. So, maybe syndra isn't the right champion for you. If you enjoy playing syndra, then just accept your skill level with syndra is around bronze 4/3 and just enjoy her in your elo. But you do have champions such as sejuani, with a 75% win rate, who you aren't taking into ranked. While I understand that sejuani isn't as flashy, or as fun as syndra. You do win 28% more games with sejuani, than syndra, same for vi. You're spamming champions you have very poor winrates on, you should play champions you can win more games with. Even if they're less flashy, or fun. (Granted you have a 2KDA, but that doesn't matter if you dont know how to carry) Also remember, you are playing in bronze elo. Your teammates are bronze players, which means you can expect them to play at a bronze level. The lowest possible level. (No offence, but it is the lowest elo) but this also means your opponents, are bronze players. Which means they will feed just as hard, make as many mistakes, and also watch carries slaughtered. For example, you won a game, where you went 2/5/1 as vi because their team, had a 3/7 mundo. So go through your op.gg and just look at how many times, the enemy was complete dog shit. And you'll start to realise, these are players you should be able to easily beat. Just by focusing on their mistakes. You can also go through, and compare your builds to pro builds op.gg can use "champion analytics" to look up your champion, and check the best builds, used in plat in higher, and start to use their core items, as your core items. Your runes, and your masteries. You can also watch pro streamers, Vi mains such as supermetroid. Or learn jungle advice, from tarzaned, karasmai etc. Your cs is also sub par, I suggest going into a custom game and practicing to last hit at least 80 minions by 10 minutes, NO RUNES, NO masteries, and NO items. I'd also recommend that you do a drill I used to do, play against a bot, and hit at least 80 cs without ever killing your bot opponent. If you're really dedicated to improving then learn to zone the bot off of the wave, push and freeze it, without killing them. If you ACTUALLY want to climb, you need to ask yourself if you're honestly ready to put in the work, because there isn't a simple way to say play Yi jungle and pentakill your way to diamond, it takes time, patience, practice, you WILL have to work hard, you will have to do boring shit, like practice csing, learning from pro players, watching replays, writing down your mistakes and working to limit the amount of times you make them. If you want someone to tell you there's some secret tip to improve, there isn't. And then you don't deserve to climb. To be totally honest, I wasn't going to reply to this on the grounds there is TOO MUCH information for a person to complain about being in bronze, but the ability to actually have a conversation with someone stuck in bronze, who seriously believes they shouldn't be seemed like a great opportunity to just see how that mindset really works
First of all thx for the comment...i think i wrote this post just for being a little frustrated for the big loss streak i got...and now that i calmed down and played some normal matches with friends i think i got out from my head all the rage and salt i had...before reading your comment i did a ranked match with seju...tried to help all the lanes especially mid which was having hard time and camped till it got better and a little fed...same for bot...tried to help all and was careful during teamfights not suiciding and we won :D...guess i just needed to calm down a little and i need to change champs after some time cuz i think the more i use a champ the worse i get if i play too much matches in a row with the same one...i think i lost almost 2 divisions cuz i was tryharding almost all the time and ended doing stupid mistakes and suiciding for nonsense...i'll see how it goes from here on...thx again :)
Ghirix (EUW)
: I can't win anymore...mostly for flamers afkers and trolls
Little update...went mid with syndra...found normal teamates and carried 10/2 :D
karolmo (EUW)
: -1/10 -16/16 -5/13 -2/10 -Vi with thunderlords -Irelia with thunderlords -Vi with black cleaver and titanic before trinity -Annie w/o zhonyas -Shyvanna w/o boots Sure, the problem is your team and not you. #ImBronzeButIDeserveDiamond
The irelia thunser was a Bot game i never play top...The vi Titanic thunder was to try a differenti build i saw...Tried it 2 or 3 times. ..and i didn't Say i deserve Diamond. ..and i said i lost hard the Last 10 matches which are the one you see now....I was better before this matches
Adama (EUW)
: Are you both bronze? Both confident that you play well? Why not duo?
As i said in the main post...i was silver and now i'm bronze...tried to duo with bronze silver gold and one plat friend...i ouldn't win a single match...and if we wre doing well when a teamfight occured we lost it losing the game...so i decided to not play any duo anymore with anyone...i'm not saying i'm a lcs player and i know made lose my team some matches but if i play really well and try to help others roaming everytime i can and leaving them kills and trying to do my best in teamfights stunning enemies every time i can but my teamates just keep feeding and even flaming me if they can't do nothing i really don't know what else i should do...
HDinis09 (EUW)
: Report and move on, try different champions, if you say that ppl in top mid bot supp or jungle are crap, try to play that role to not give it to a flamer! Best of luck!
mid and jung are my mains...i NEVER supp and if i try i end up feeding very badly...i was main adc a year ago but if i try it now i just get shotted when someone sees me...for top...i can play well be fed and carry sometimes and i have a lot of top champs...but since i play it rarely i don't know how to counter certain champions like tryndamere nasus renekton...and if i go top i don't know when to use tp and i basically end up staying in top during all the match being flamed cuz i don't help others
: If you are Bronze III and cannot get out of it then that is your skill level. When you get better you will get out of bronze no problem. Now, you are probably gonna attack me because I am not much higher rank than you are but who said that I am better ? I am just trying to give you advice. Play normals and get better. Also play champions that are not hard (mechanically).
welll...last season i got placed in bronze 3 too...and thx to syndra which is my main i got to silver 5...now i can't get mid so often and WHEN i get mid i get this kind of matches...i know i'm not the best player and i lose cuz i make some mistakes sometime...but it's so frustrating when you're fed and so near victory...and then someone feds disconnects or the entire enemy team uses every cc and ult they have on you while your teamates are right there eating pop corn and watching how you get massacred waiting to be slayed one by one right after me :(
oEnoMous (EUW)
: u all are cry babies... instead of focus on getting higher... just enjoy the game, become better in it, cause u like it.. and dont feel bad emotie so u know what u doing wrong instead of what other do wrong... u can always improve ALLWAYS.. just dont look to other have fun and do everything what it take's for that.... for example mute the other cry babies..
i WAS having fun during the 10 win streak and even in the win/loss while it was reasonable...but i never got a 12 losing streak even in normals...i fed in 2 or 3 matches because i tryhard too much after the first 2 losses and stopped doing so right after those matches...but if you lose when you were 12/1 because someone feds and their team focuses with all cc they have especially on a champ like syndra there's nothing you can do and of course i'm not happy for that...happens ok but not so much times in a row
Łµx (EUW)
: u think u are the only one that got this prob in ranked games ? i feel u dude i %%%ing feel u , take a look at this , then u will feel me too http://imgur.com/a/yC1oY this is only one of my games that i got a r*tard like this if u want i can upload more =))
yep...whats more annoying is the fact they seem to be a troll pick team...and yours didn't do so bad except that kalista...but seriously i never got THIS much type of people in my games...their number escalated so damn high...first time i post something in this forum...so i really am near mental breakdown :D
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