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coolruah (EUW)
: I main yasuo just because i like his it and his animations but i cant play him everytime because of bad matchups , he is the only champion that i could play for like 5 games straight but no other champion. You just ahve top play and find the right champion for you
As I said before, I tried EVERY champion.
: You have commitment issues. If you have a girlfriend there is an 85% chance you will cheat on her. 87% chance you will never get married, and 92% chance you will get divorced if you do. 67.76% chance you will have a child out of wedlock (not saying that's bad or anything).
But I don't have a gf... {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
GLurch (EUW)
: Everyone has bad games,so do your teammates and so do you. Insulting your teammates will rarely make them play better,in most cases it will only make them tilt.Would you play better after making a mistake,if someone called you a f*cking piece of shit? Write this or maybe something else that you think helps you on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere you can see it.Maybe at the corner of the monitor.
Good idea, thanks bruh.
: Riven is awesome because there's no other kit with infinite dueling potential {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}}
Lol I would rather die than main riven
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