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: As long as almost ALL the other words in the english language with the prononciation "oo" ( /uː/ ) are written with double O. Like boom boost boot food fool loop loose loot mood moon noon pool proof root school scoop shoot soon tooth or zoom. Ps : Between lose and loose , why the F.. does single o or double o keep the same prononciation but influe on the "s" pronounciation at the end of the word XD ? Geniously curious, i hate when grammar doesn't make any sense ( yeah i am french, i hate my own language :( )
That's the biggest drawback in english. It isn't phonetically consistent. A lot of the time, if a word is spoken in a different way than one with very similar construction it isn't due to some rules, but just because people decided to spell it differently
: How yoga turned Europe into the most dominant region in League of Legends
: I think you meant indie
Haze97 (EUW)
: If League created a dating site.
IMO you just would be stuck on the login page, with a red Exclamation mark saying: "sorry but the servers are currently down, we are working on a fix"
Itose (EUW)
: So you'll still play? Oh no, whatever will Riot do?
I am sure they won't mind me destroying people's games, considering that the tribunal system is in just as good of a shape as the servers.
kpm0 (EUW)
: Na is also down btw
That would explain things LOL. I was trying to log in, but it said that my credentials weren't right so I went to lol website to try and reset password. jokes on me: "Our account recovery minions have been decimated by the opposition. Please try again shortly." That's literally what it says when you try to reset password
: Here we go again for the 235423 time this week
I have the sam issue and man I must say, that this is getting really annoying. 1 Billion dollar company btw with 6th server crash in 2 weeks. I swear that if I can't play in EUW I ll just go play assasin teemo jungle in NA
Kurotsu (EUW)
: LoL Boards Lurkers
I don't lurk. A great day to you too!
: Why are ORBs Decreasing in Value but Increasing in price?
Assuming that the orbs are in fact losing their value, then the reason is pretty much encouraging you to purchase event passes and more orbs/capsules for RP, as there is much smaller chance for you to get your desired skins without paying up.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: "Whether it takes new personel, or better hardware" Do you honestly think that personnel and hardware magically appear and fix bugs instantly with a magic wand or something? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
You see I never explicitly stated that they would make it magically appear out of thin air, as it wouldn't make sense, thank you very much. No I think that buying better hardware or recruiting more/better personnel might solve a lot of problems EUW is having right now. RIOT does have the funds to do that, as they somehow pull it off in NA or China, but they choose not to do so.
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: Another solution which is the best as i see it . if you have level 3 mastery with the champ then you should not be allowed to use in ranked cuz this will just result in a super defeat . Mostly people play ranked for fun to try new champs with premades etc . I hope Riot consider 1 of those 2 solutions soon as possible as they should be implemented in the game 4~5 seasons ago .
Limiting your pick pool to champions of Lvl 3+ mastery wouild make it hard for people to pick champions for their teammates though. I agree however with disabling the new champ for the first 7 days, as a lot of the time, the champion by itself negatively impacts the ranked game experience
Rioter Comments
: WTF EUW is broken
Waiting the time does nothing BTW. I had 20hrs time, which suddenly went down to 2 minutes and I managed to log in, however when trying to create a lobby the game displays an error "Something unexpected happened while trying to create your lobby", so yeah, It's pretty much impossible to play RN
Etherim (EUW)
Quality shitposting {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Y'know, I'm normally against people being so rude in these posts but, after guarantees that the beta issues wouldn't occur on the live servers, and Riot's complete incompetence in handling this mess, I'm actually gonna give you an upvote.
+1 It's honestly such a level of incompetence, for such a long time. I'd love to be with RIOT and support them, since they created a great game, but because of their terrible customer service practices, one just can't feel anything but disdain towards this company.

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