: What do you think about LOL matchmaking system?
its a joke!u get "rewarded" with teammates that are clearly incapable of understanding the BASIC of this game!i m low elo but for the life of me i dont understand why after a win streak i get into promos with ppl that CLEARLY are toxic and play with their feet and no brain!time to find a new game it seems!Riot does not care!
: Man this matchmaking
THEY DONT GIVE A FLYING %%%% my friend!i feel your pain!i get this apes also that dont know what a freaking WARD is or what grouping or positioning or wave manipulation is!Guess we must find a new game that doesnt think their customer base is some apes with keyboards! And riot IF U SEE THIS:YOUR MATCHMAKING ALGORITHM IS A JOKE AND ANYONE WITH A MATH BACKROUND WILL TELL U SO!FIX YOUR MATCHMAKING CAUSE THIS IS SIMPLY BEYOND LAZY!and before u tell me some form of "get good " or "if u were good u would climb" let me just tell u loud and clear THAT U MADE THE GAME SO THAT NO ONE PERSON CAN CARRY THIS GAME!WHY are we panished after a win streak with teammates that are clearly mongoloid?????????? WHY is my "reward" for giving my best and playing in a team and warding and playing the map and having an all around good performance with ppl that CL:EARLY are handicaped?FIX your matchmaking or im afraid this game is gonna become a meme in the gaming community!Remember WoW??????Remember how they lost 50% of their customer base cause they though whatever they did was the best and didnt listen to their base?Well.............................
like they give a shit!.......... PLZ!they dont care and we know they dont care cause they have a trully bad matchmaking team with NO mathimatical backround it seems! But i guess they dont wanna invest in that area!its ok!there are other games out there that have better ranked systems!either they FIX it or they ll loose a huge player base !just like WoW lost more than 50% of the player base back in the day cause they didnt listen to them!same story here!they will ignore us and at the end we ll find another game that does not think the customer is a monkey with a keyboard!Face it ladies and gents!u want a fair game?find it!this is NOT !sad but a fact!they "reward" u with teammates that have awfull mmr!im no challenger either but i see their middle finger clearly when i get this apes on my promos that clearly dont know how to play the game good enough to even be in my promos!simply cause their matchmaking algorithm is a JOKE!
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