GLurch (EUW)
: When was the last time you played League? Not that it really matters, but I'm guessing it has been a few years at the very least. 1. There are no longer any "runes", the new system is called "runes reforged". All runes you used to own were partially "refunded", you can only purchase rune pages now. I suggest you read up on it here: 2. If you were inactive for a long time and someone else wants the name you used to have, you get a new name instead, so that people can't keep names for themselves forever, even if they don't use their account anymore. About you not being able to contact the Riot Support... I don't know what's the reason for that, I'm guessing the database and everything still needs to synchronize your account properly or something. You can try deleting your cookies and everything. Maybe posting something here fixed it. Waiting and trying again at a later time may also work. You should also install the new League of Legends client if you didn't do that yet: The new client should look something like this:
Also, in addition: if he wasn't online during 2017-2018 when Runes Reforged was launched, he didn't get his RR rewards/"refunds" yet. So he should consider writing to Player Support to get his missing stuff :) He can find the support page here:
DiKut (EUW)
: Ty for your response, now i saw i needed to login again
DiKut (EUW)
: Ty for the response, but i am logged on, seeing the Mission "Raise your Banners", but i cant chooose a team anywhere
Try it with a different Browser (Chroma/Firefox) and make sure your adblocker and other browser extensions are disabled in case they are causing problems ^^
Adron D22 (EUNE)
: What if I do not own Braum? Do I get Braum and his skin?
Nope, you would have to buy the Skin as usual ^^
: just because it gives you a more worth doesnt make it better, honestly the single thing I like from that is the teemo icon, so im not gonna waste ~1000 RP for that since i have no interest in any other rewards.
Afaik the Teemo-Icon is not part of the part, but will be available for everyone - regardless of if they bought the pass or not. But I am not 100% sure on this.
darnar360 (EUW)
: all in all waste of money it seems thank you good bye see you next year
Why a waste of money? I get that it's not something for everyone, but you get a decent amount out of those 980 RP. If we go by normal RP pricing: * 3 Summoner Icons -> 3 x 250 RP = 750 RP * 1 Ward Skin -> 640 RP * 1 Chroma Skin -> 290 RP * 1 Emote -> 350 RP And just with that we are already at a total value of 2,030 RP. And then you still have: * 7 Key Fragments -> 2,33 x 125 RP (the price of a hextech key) = ~292 RP * 2 Masterwork Chests -> 2 x 225 RP = 450 RP * 2400 BE That you get "for free" on top. So you get a total of 2,772 RP + 2400 BE for 980 RP, which is a decent amount of value. If you don't like the icons, chromas or don't care about the whole esports-scene that's absolutely fine. But if we just go by numbers, it's 100% worth it.
DiKut (EUW)
: Asking me the same thing :D
Same as above: > You select it on after you purchased the pass - and are logged in on the website in your league of legends account :)
: how do i vote for my favourite team for the lec / lcs pass
You select it on after you purchased the pass - and are logged in on the website in your league of legends account :)
: Riot, What do LEC/LCS Passes actually give us?
Summing up all the stuff: * 3 Summoner Icons - 2 for your team, 1 for the region you are supporting (LEC/LCS) * 1 Ward skin for the team you are supporting * 1 Emote for the team you are supporting * 1 Chroma skin for the region you are supporting (LEC/LCS) And when it comes to fragments and all that other stuff: * 2400 BE * 7 Key Fragments * 2 Masterwork Chests Source:
: Riot response = 1 to 7 days. What you can do = Nothing more. You may need to know when your account as been created and what was the first skin you bought and when.
Myles (EUW)
: Name change but old profile
Should be fixed? :P
: New patch - new bugs
If you are using programs, like Skype for example, that have notifications or other layouts that are pushing themselfs into the foreground, try disabling them and check if the problem still exists.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=sziRAkuZa,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=EvWFWpT0,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-26T08:52:25.587+0000) > > Thank you, I feel like an idiot, I forgot that i changed my username, and it was so confusing that I could log in with the old one.. > Well 4 years is 4 years :D. > > Really, really thank you for your help. No problem ^_^ It's easily done! You'd be surprised how many people have variations of the same username or summoner name or just tons of accounts and...forget... :-) I'm not sure if you have already, but if you submitted a ticket feel free to mark it as resolved. In the future, a support ticket can probably help best, I just happened to stumble across this one! ^_^
Santirande (EUNE)
: you get exp only for 2 hrs or so doing bot games, you shouldn't get exp if game is shorter than 7 mins tho
I think you are mixing up custom games and bot games.
: Not receiving e-mail to change my password!
Have you tried to contact the [Riot Games-Support](
: New patch won't open, 'we have restored this installation to an older version of LOLs. now we'll try
You can try to run the [Hextech Repair Tool]( Make sure to check "Force Repatch". Besides that, have you tried to run the client as administrator?
Spearki (EUW)
: Am i the only one who can't submit tickets?
You can try to contact the support via email if you are not able to contact them on their official site. The address should be:
Kryptonzz (EUW)
: Spectating isnt working
Are you able to play games on EUW? (I recommend to try it in a custom game to avoid receiving a penalty.)
: Tried also that same thing man...
Does the problem also persist if League of Legends is in "Windowed"-Mode? As far as I know, the problem is connected to the lastest windows creator update, but don't quote me on that :p
: I hate the new beta
The game reached its acutal state just because of **change**. You like the game the way it is, and that is totally fine. But it could become even better. Riot is experimenting a lot currently, and that is totally fine. I am really happy to see change, no madder if good or bad. You could also post WHY you hate/dislike it. Even if Riot isn't answering every question, they are reading most of the posts. Especially in "Client Discussion" because its a hot and important topic for them. The game will change either way, but you can be part of that change and alter it the way you prefer it. **[You can give Riot feedback, I did.](**
Rioter Comments
: the custom mode
Riot already noted it, and it is planned for Patch 7.1. If you look [here](, and scroll down, you see a list of planned features and when to expect them. Note: We are currently on patch 6.24, and the next patch is 7.1. So you are getting your bots in 3-4 weeks as soon as the patch is live.


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