: Shaco lacks alot of damage (otp shaco in d5 currently) and the only point in the game he's strong is when he picks up the duskblade. without it he's trash and can't do anything. If they won't buff him after duskblade nerf, then all of the mains are probably going to force trinity rush with steraks gage, which probably will bring back bruiser shaco into the game and he's going to get nerfed because it's not the role he's intended to be played as.
Absulutely right, his situation is similar to Wukongs :D!
: Bronze 1, 51% winrate... hmm - I don't know Should I say it out loud?
Guys chill out, this thread is for if duskblade should be nerf, not if bronzes should die LOL
: that moment {{champion:55}} starts throwing blades like: {{champion:55}} //// {{item:3147}} ==== {{item:3153}} \\\\\\\ {{item:3142}}
: LL Stylish , number 1 zed in NA...disagrees with you https://youtu.be/o96i6XN5na4?t=4m38s
Nope, he is exactly saying the same thing as I am, riot has made champions build duskblade cuz otherwise they are useless, he is exactly saying the same thing as me, also he said that they are not gonna nerf duskblade which is the correct thing to happen like i said as well, and it is gonna happen, wait let me link you the post:[](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/YdirowFc-quick-gameplay-thoughts-february-16) I dont want to blame you or anything but you misunderstood my post, and/or LLs opinion. Maybe you didn't read the whole post, which makes your comment pretty garbage:D.
: And here you go, title says it all: https://youtu.be/yJDZsmei0TQ Added 10 hours ago.
Yes maybe on zed, but I don't think that shaco full crit would be viable :D
: And here you go, title says it all: https://youtu.be/yJDZsmei0TQ Added 10 hours ago.
: Well, being plat 3 means you have some good game knowledge, but mostly about micro plays and not whole understanding of all aspects of the game. If they nerf duskblade, nothing is going to happen. You will eventually struggle more at early game, but eventually at late it wont affect you. If they would plan to make AD assassins useless they would had to remove duskblade completely as well as Edge of night. You will eventually grow to late game or you do not even have to build with duskblade. Duskblade nerf, I would not worry about that at your place... Edge of night and yomus are enough with combination of black cleaver and ga, you can build into that IE for high burst. Activate EdgeofNight and when you (zed as example) W + W and instant R adc, they cannot stunt you. Check best korean zed and his ad builds for ad assassins, or go for llstylish. Ive seen and even tried by myself builds with IE, PhantomDancer, Trinity, Sterak and a lot more combinations, it works against some teams. Duskblade can be replaced with IE (pure scaling damage) or Deaths Dance etc. When some AD assassins item will get nerf, give it 2-3 days for bronze/silver players to explore and find new build meta for AD assassins, which you will see using at high elo imidiately when they will see, what works. Adapt to meta ;)
You got some good points, but there are 2 things I want to point out, duskblade is a REALLY snowbally item that gives the assassins the ability to close up games during mid game, at late they become useless, also a thing you didn't talk about is that, some champs like wukong and shaco are viable only cuz they can prock duskblade easialy and 2 times in a fight, nerfing it, would completely delete them since its the only thing making them viable.
Mreeshai (EUW)
: Nerfing Duskblade would hurt Garen support, the unique playstyle that involves sitting in a bush with a Duskblade and a bunch of control wards and not moving.
that would be pretty sad, please riot dont nerf garen sup.
: This may be a stupid idea but what if they change it in a way like ravenous hydra and make it unavailable to ranged champions?
Also please like the thread so more people can see it, thanks :D
: I dont understand the people who disagree with this... Low IQ
Chill, but yeah I think it shouldnt be nerfed.
: This may be a stupid idea but what if they change it in a way like ravenous hydra and make it unavailable to ranged champions?
Don't be insecure, thats a smart idea so adcs stop abusing this, range things shouldn't attack with blades xD, but I'm a bit worried with quinn if that happens, thanks for the heads up!
Agidyne (EUW)
: It obviously needs nerfs but assassins need to get buffs to the reliability of their spells. For instance, Talons returning Rake, W, is really really easy to dodge and you can do it by just walking backwards. This is something that I believe should be changed. It should be dodgeable, but opponents should have to work hard to dodge it. Either by saving a dash/blink for it, or by trying to partially juke which would then allow you dodge it by walking to one of the two sides. The only thing that makes Talon work atm is his ability to proc his Duskblade at least twice during a fight. He is actually in an horrible state.
Master Scar (EUNE)
: Im a support main so idk much about this subject but it never rly felt like duskblade was to powerfull
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