vipility (EUNE)
: Man, Kog'Maw is broken
Where is your support?
Zangetsue (EUNE)
: CPU Usage
You are welcome: Selv tak
: This is the last time trying to adress the problem for support summoner spells
Adc picks Varus, you pick clarity. Watch him cry of happiness.
: Handsome young male looking for low diamond team
Wolferk (EUNE)
: AATROX is an unplayble garbage (fix him finally)
I guess his r is what makes him a pick. Run it with zil, ekko, ga adc and a kayle or whatever. Wait for the 20min team fight and watch the other team rage.
Paracord (EUW)
: Ranked summed up for the casual player - Fix your got damn matchmaking system!
Styros (EUNE)
: yes, when you lose vs bots, next mission is play 5 premade with champs singed/voli/poppy/blitz last one can't remember . People spam 1 mission because they doing both
Ok is the other mission worth anything?
Rioter Comments
Sumpp1 (EUNE)
: Has riot finally perfected balancing?
A good rule is. Do the champ use mana - no? Then it's a sick riot lovechild abomination.
: Is it my fault I never win in PVP?
Well it's at least 20% your fault.
: Hacker hacks into EUW accounts and gets them banned.
Sounds like you the one who did it. Now trying to hide it by showing fake emphatic behavior. You maniac.
: Client lag (Nevertheless the internet quality is 100 % good) [with Solution]
Great now fix my in game studders and random lagspikes.
xTigax3 (EUW)
: Thank you for destroying my build on other champs, when the real problem was Ezreal :)
: just remove aram , arurf and everything thats not ranked
The worst thing about premades in arurf is the time before minions spawn. Never seen players ping so much when they think you will take the precious toplane. Even if you write and say you will go for fb cause you have stun lvl 1. I don't really complain though, played a lot of different champs mid that ended up with their lane being carried by ganks. It's just sad to see great lanes being ruined cause they have to be in the same lane because they are premade
: > [{quoted}](name=GivMigDitLivSo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=n6EpKnak,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-03-05T14:55:16.467+0000) > > Saying that to plane is for melee only kinda ruin what this game is all about. > > Picking 5 champs which will carry you to victory. When did I say top lane is for melee only or should be? My point is that higher you climb the more you see ranged, ALOT more. You have bot which is obviously ranged, mid also is predominantly range and now top is also heading that road. Why does everything has to be ranged? Maybe now you will get my point.
You called yourself true toplaner because you play melee champs. So well you did.
Rekkon (EUNE)
: I am losing 10 LP for dodging a ranked game after the last dodge occured more than 10 hours ago
Raymaxe (EUW)
: Damage in League of Legends
That's why prober supports are important. I can promise you that you will never get one Shotted if I play baum with knights wow.
: Sorry for reaching Promos Riot.
My last promo went fine. Then 2 afk in a row. Time to do the same promo again.
: Lets talk about Vayne
Saying that to plane is for melee only kinda ruin what this game is all about. Picking 5 champs which will carry you to victory.
: [EUW] Client won't start
I'm sitting with the exact same problem on windows 8 right now. Did you solve it?
Wutroslaw (EUNE)
: About PD passive
Now you build it on riven and frustrate even more people.
: riven buff
Lol stop yourself.
: YASUO BUGS PATCH 9.4 (E double dash, Tornado bug, W literally useless, EQ knockup glitch)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Every champion should have a secondary resource bar that is required for ability use
Thepital (EUW)
: Buff Rek'Sai unburrow knock-up range
Sorry range buff is unavailable - zed took it all.
Ðemise (EUW)
: Akali retouches is immoral
Yes yes more and click.....
: I wasnt toxic(sarcasm)
We had a trynd trying to lose us a game yesterday, feeding their ezreal while talking bs. He got so mad when we 4v5 3 times and won all 3 team fights.
: Yasuo mid |Informative gameplay |
Doesn't matter. His banned.
: Nerf Zed plz ffs
His lvl 3 with electrocute is just plain nasty. Real problem i have with him is that I can't really trade with him early on, since I run out of mana and doesn't. Ever since they reworked liss passive, I've had to give up the harass trade since :( Luckily I hadn't seen him in a long time. Today I had 2..
: Can we all agree that better bot wins?
But daymn 9 banned accounts. You should proberly just disable chat
: Ye ik the meme was better jgl win but this really isn't true anymore, honestly even better bot isnt a thing, it should be whoever doesn't int wins at this point.
It is since better jungler wins often means destroying the enemy bothane.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: How do you solo carry as ADC?
Nídhøgg (EUW)
: Riot's Anti-Toxicity Policy
Cause it's not a sport to report people in high elo. Feels like that half of the game I'm lower elo.
: HOW TO PLAY JHIN | 805 AD | Build & Runes | 59k DMG | Diamond Commentary...
KhaIid (EUW)
: Permanent Banned For Negative Attitude
Prove to me you don't speak arabic
: Wrestler Veigar
Why would an evil little mage ever want to be a wrestler.. Rather give him a high noon
You need to accept the game.
: Correction: You get everything for free in dota 2 EXCEPT a game that's actually fun to play and not a cluttered up, insanely tedious abomination where everything feels so laggy it's like you're playing on 200 ping.
Dota2 is fun asfak. Their esport scene is the best there is. Every pro lol game is the same, every pro dota game is different. Try going to dota digest and find a game with [epic] in it. The possibilities in that game is amazing.
Svinjex (EUW)
: Dota 2
I was a dots 2 player, but the majority of new people I met and quite of few of my friends played lol. So after crying for 48 hours I installed LoL and spammed veigar for a whole season. Here are my thoughts about it. I still go back once in a while, since the custom game section of the game is beyond epic. The rift feels like a cheap arcade game compared to the map in dota (which have tons of skins, weather effects and what not) the rift just feels so generic and uninspired. Voice chat was great! If you had 2 Russians on your team you could just mute them. If this team play game is ever going to be a enjoyable we first of all need to: 1. Not assume everyone on your team is an idiot, who's main purpose is to ruin your game. 2. Stop blaming people for dying! 3. Stand up for the guys getting bullied. 4. Implement ffa voicechat (I do believe a lot of keyboard warriors, ain't such tuff guys when they actually talk to a real person) 5. Do your own part to create a friendly atmosphere in game. I might be wrong but I think voice chat is a must. As a mid player there's nothing more scary then seeing a mid/jng duo cause you know they probably talking together. The main problem I guess is that a large part of the community is young and since everyone always talking about how toxic people are, it becomes a norm. As an experienced older guy I'm quite sure my voice input would help shape the game, and help people not dying over and over again, if they lose their cool.
Shamose (EUW)
: Then should we just remove damage as a whole then? It's not healthy to the enemy.
That would be an interesting gameplay change.
: It's a bit weak unless the Grivious wounds are really good. Which is probably where the item should be
My problem with it is, that I'm forced to buy it in some matches. I really don't want to spend 1600 for 20 ap and 15% magic pen. That's almost a half deathcap. I've been playing around with some ideas around it. I'm always going ludens first. If I'm forced by the enemy lineup to get morel - Im thinking of getting free magic boots from rune and dont upgrade them, there by saving 1100 gold. Then I'm only 500 short of my normal first power spike.
Masantha (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] Never One, Without the Other…
No violence? I'm killing 100''s of people every day.
: Glad I clicked on the post right as you ulted your own liss with kayn r on her. Hahaha hilarious.
BTW it wasn't really your fault. They had no busiNess fighting there. U had just picked of velkoz, yorick it looks like was fighting in jungle with kennen, then liss and someone goes 2v2 mid vs a missing tf.
: GRIND for platinum marathon
Glad I clicked on the post right as you ulted your own liss with kayn r on her. Hahaha hilarious.
Shamose (EUW)
: It's healthy.
: After almost 6 years I quit league of legends
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Main support playing Yasuo
Rioter Comments
: Synergies on Botlane
Yauso should gain extra % crit dmg if if his team picks more than 3 champs.
: [Gameplay] Conqueror grants incorrect healing when attacking Illaoi's E
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