Ashton (EUW)
: Someone needs to come enlighten the %%%% out of me
You are absolutely delusional if you dont think thats worth a perma ban. Glad i'll never have to play with you
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: “Prefer as an enemy” button after a game
: As always Riot's Report system is flawed
> [{quoted}](name=Chips95300,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dzazZu5J,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-02-17T14:58:57.838+0000) > Chips95300: get a life loser > Chips95300: %%%%% only flees
: Listen, I got the ban because someone reported me, which people tend to do when they get tilted and want to take out their anger, not because I've told someone to go kill themselfs or insulted their mother. This is obvious to every league player, that if you want a player punished for whatever, trolling, griefing, inting, afking, even just losing the gam, you report them for negative attitude and offensive language because thats what gets people banned.
yet you wanted others to report thresh. Ironic and deserved
: No I'm sorry but you are clearly not a Riot member to say that me calling out my support for stealing my jungle camps is a bannable offense. Muteing him at this moment doesn't do anything as he's still following me in the jungle so thats why i type it out so he others can report him. And besides, we won that game somehow, so stop trying to tell me now that being sarcastic is also a bannable offense, Thats just ridiculous.
Yet you got 14-day ban. So you might take that time to think about that.
Gallóws (EUW)
: Racism
I call BS , chat logs or dont talk
iTObdOTi (EUW)
: the irony is strong in this one :D shitting on the forums after being hardstuck gold for last 4 seasons is preety impressive
I Can see you bought a Lot of skins, cant wait till your perma, i Will enjoy another Short Story from you
iTObdOTi (EUW)
: F* your
Wall of whine for nothing! 14 Days of fresh air THX riot
: What should I do when 4 premades threaten to troll me in pre-game lobby?
: I didn't want to get honored anyways :(
Pathetic. You didnt get your validation in game now you crawl to boards to be patted on the black, bet you flamed your team
northellion (EUNE)
: Trolling goes unpunished
Not playing league anymore because of this, they aint getting a cent more of me
ReeZ182 (EUW)
: ranked win/loss streak
You have 3 wins 17 losses in ranked S9, youre clearly the reason
: cheap skin for Sylas
Your post had nothing to do with your title
Ròkkles (EUW)
: So calling people babies is bannable?
> [{quoted}](name=Ròkkles,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=98EPATXf,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-02-07T11:21:27.351+0000) > > So calling people babies is bannable? Thats not why you got banned and you know it. Bye
radetari (EUNE)
: I told yall
Okay i'll bite at this vague attempt for attention, whats the prize?
Ròkkles (EUW)
: Bannable?
You Will Never see your account or skins again, worst part is you Think you are innocent. Disgusting
Hnd69 (EUNE)
: what to %%%% is your problem
If they implemented an IQ test you had nothing to play
Svinjex (EUW)
: How
Because TAHM offers nothing in the mid late stages og game, you cant split push well and racking Up kills on him wont make a difference in team fights
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: But I really do not like to carry a plaer like this :D So I basically feel better for not even trying harder. They should realize that att laners are gamer, there are humans who are playing that champs, and they have right to play bad. What I do when there is really bad player If top or mid is bad: Tell Jg to gank top instead of us at bottom cuz I can compansate If Jg is bad; Tell Jg to focus on JG than lanes so he can level up and build by not feeding enemy; so in late game we can get the enemy in team fights. But this case Everybody has to paly defensive. If adc is bad; I try to zone out the enemy, poke as much as I can, and get minions that adc will not be able to last hit. IF support is bad; well I am not bad XD But when there are abusive players Fİrst I remind that it is game, there are people who are controling that champs. We are in normal mode to practice so practice instead of complaining. And if they still abuse players, than I go passive agressive mode; do nothing extra :D
Glad you dont Play ranked , you have No clue
: You missed the point there, I am not even trying to justify nothing, just wanted to let people know a bit about me. I like the quote tho, imma copy that one,also, my mistakes don't define who I am, I honestly think I am still not a flamer anyways, just got pretty tilted, it happens man.
I get it, but you know its a zero tolerance word
: I am literally apologizing, I'm not the victim or something, I just messed up, Mr. Robocop.
Who you were doesnt justify who you've become
: My first suspension, yikes.
Deserved, your attempt to make yourself the victim is not going to Work.
: ***
Hope you bought a Lot of skins, perma INC
: So just because they are new they are new they are allowed to ruin the game for people levelling up smurfs? The only reason you say this is because you werent forced to play with one of them
God you are ignorant to listen to. New players have the same right as you, just because your starting to get whooped on your "imaginary main" doens't give you more right to play in normals
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Testesteron overdose players on Normal game(Their report effects our honors)
You learned the word testosterone today or what? Nothing to do with it.
CCamp (EUW)
: Perma Banned as 2º punnishment?
Ironic encouraging others getting permanent banned and end Up perma banned yourself :D THX for lifting my day
Nherax (EUW)
: You might want to change Morgana's E to "Blocks all disables until broken EXCEPT for Zoe's W.
: Idiots banning someone's champ on purpose in Ranked(rant)
: I just trolled - An open apology
radetari (EUNE)
: Demoted to g4 from gold 2 again
Stop playing so many different champs, you are where you belong, until you improve further.
: Sort ye leaver buster out m8 tnx
Yep he is lying, thinking they will revert it based on your statement? Naive aswell
HdtvSK (EUW)
: i find all this very amusing, but here we go again. There's no balance, no good and no evil. Good and evil are just fictional concepts used to describe what society finds acceptable or unacceptable at a certain point in it's existence.
You are very lonely and it's okay.
: Perma Banned due to protecting teammates from flame
: [PERMABAN] Just another unjust permban thread
: i got perma banned
Hope you bought loads of skins and you never see you money again :)
: Unfair Permanent ban.
eks dee smiley everywhere, deserved.
karim1983 (EUNE)
You learned a valuable lesson. No unban
NezirHsni (EUW)
: Riot is just unfair with their bans. 14 days ban for NOTHING.
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
: Is Akali a tank or an assassin? Or both?
My wild guess would be that you are a silver 3/4 player who needs to understand the strength of crowd control
Zoom 9x (EUNE)
: I'm very sorry that I was a very toxic player and I apologize to Riot games and the LoL community.
: Permabanned.
No logs, you know this guy deserved it. Bye bye thousand euro
: Im going to wait for the instant feedback report.
: Can you get banned for this?
I would report you with that stupid xd smiley any day kid
: Perma banned player for toxic makes new account gets all 4 honors within 13 levels
Thygesen (EUW)
: Banned
Så kan du lære det
xGunna1 (EUW)
: top 10 useless champs
Garen, really? Which tone of bronze are you?
UnKnowGuy (EUNE)
: they cheat i rage i got banned
You are full of horse.... tell your mother not to download while you play and stop thinking everything that happens in league is a personal attack against you
: flame or troll surr at enemy nexus
I will remember your name, and do the same
pityboy (EUW)
: my freind got me banned pls help me
Ip ban this guy. Dumb and dumber
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