: November/19 and still didn't get my reward !!!
i got a ban for my account for 2 weeks with chat ban before 2 months i think or more maybe 3 but pfff for that im not going to take my rewards ok i dont care i still gold ****
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: You will receive your rewards no later than November 17th. No need to panic right now.
ok thx just because im the only one of my friends who didnt get any thing
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: Cashu purchase RP problem help please !!!!!
i did that and they said they gonna fix it and nothing happen im waiting for 3 days and the sales gone and no one care how long it take to fix a litle problem !!!!!
: Cashu purchase RP problem help please !!!!!
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: buying rp by using cashu wont work
me 2 please riot solve it i wanna buy something on sale !!!!! :( :( :(


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