: So few days ago, i reported a kid who said i should %%% and made mom jokes.
Stop checking on people you report, it's a waste of time to check on them. As someone who has been banned for everything other than cheating, I can tell you that people do get hit with various penalties and between the people that advocate for a better tone on league and punishments people can be made better. Kids also have less self-control it's not totally fair to judge them as if they were adults, you can just mute them instead of entering a flamewar.
Torkl (EUW)
: I feel like placement on the board is the most crucial component, other then that its alot of luck, if some1 get 3 3star champs, how is any1 supposed to win against that?? Draaaven is extremely strong imo, even for a 5g champ Items meh.. you get so few and if you put all on 1 champ he might get rekt by phantom, glacial or w/e and its rip. More random then aram :D
I posted a game where I had 19 stars to my opponents 22 and I won because I had permastun with 6 glacials. It's pretty tough to get a 2 star 5 gold champion, 3 star is 45 gold and countless re-rolls + he is weak to assasins. That said Draven is insane when he ults.
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: Hey Riot, 1845 just called.
They should have stopped at 9000.
: Everybody should play Yuumi from time to time.
I played a game as MF ADC with a Yuumi support and we played super well together, my Strut allowing me to get more people in range of her Q, her R and my R synergize and it felt like everything I think Yuumi is supposed to be. She's a little weak right now I think, maybe that's because she's a difficult champion to master, but she is so squishy that you never really want to leave a champion and stand on your own, giving you only a relatively weak Q to actually do damage. I played support Annie the other day and when my ADC went home right before my ult came down from CD I decided to just kill Yuumi and her ADC. Right now I think she is just a worse version of Sona which is a little sad.
JuicyJuju (EUW)
: Everything that can poke you. Lux, Velkoz, Zyra etc and also Nami, Sona, even Janna.... You can ban basicly every Support tbh. Everything is better then Volibear Support.
I haven't really found poke to be a huge obstacle, I can all-in most lanes and just beat them up if I can land my flip, I think Janna and Sona have a harder time preventing me from getting into melee than Morgana and Lux. I know Volibear support isn't meta, but he has a lot of the qualities of a support even if he isn't engineered strictly for that role. I found his E to be very strong against Urgot's dash/flip. Looking at my terrible match history with him I should probably just stop playing him support, it was fun though.
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Joell (EUNE)
: So how do I win these and get out of silver again?
Garen is shit at carrying, so get a better champion for carrying. Top is shit for carrying, so play a better role. Jungle is stupidly important, ADC is super important as well because it ends in a landslide so often so if you can minimize your losses as ADC then that's an important role as well. Mid and top are only really important if you're good at projecting your presence through roaming or TP. If you do want to play Garen top: tell your team not to feed and that you're going to carry before the game begins. When they've died twice tell them to hug their tower. Don't die. Roam after you get 3/0 and first tower. Let your ADC get farm whenever you can. End early. Go sorcery secondary (ult CD), take ignite instead of TP and don't build tri-force you troll. You are going to need a KDA of 3,5 at least if you want to climb with Garen. I got placed in gold for some stupid reason and they shit all over me despite me having a 3,5 against silvers/golds in normals. Why you have so many Alistar games when you're clearly shit at him is a mystery to me, try learning champions in normals? Let's say you main top as Garen, as secondary you pick ADC. You only need to play 4 champions, Garen, Teemo (when Garen is picked or banned), Caitlyn and Lulu, so why do you have 19 champions used in ranked games? You're just trolling in ranked and now you're trolling the forums. You'll climb when you start taking things seriously.
: A simple suggestion that everyone will like
League's death recap is the worst in the moba industry, HOTS has the best, although it would have to be repurposed because HOTS only has 1 damage type. We need to be able to see overall damage types taken (physical, magical, true) since respawning and the last 10 secs before dying and then the top three damage dealers in the last 10 secs (towers, monsters, minions, champion A/B/C/D/E). Instead, we get to see what abilities dealt the most damage which as OP mentioned are often riddled with bugs, who cares if it was Veigar's Q or W that killed you? What matters is it was magic damage. Who cares that I was hit by pillar of filth or Veigar E? Not damage so I can't build around it. Maybe we also need a CC amount listed so we can consider whether we need Tenacity. Like slowed x% average since respawn and last 10 secs, stunned/knocked up x seconds since respawn and last 10 secs. Also for the love of god, allow us to see it after respawning.
: +1 but we are wrog here hm?^^
> [{quoted}](name=Mr Nicecall,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=grjrRMEX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-21T12:03:56.471+0000) > > +1 > but we are wrog here hm?^^ x2 very sure no
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: Report jungler!
Why do i hraev to gank? I don't want gank, not my fault you bad huehue. What you mean I take you farm? Is tax huehue. %%%%ing janglers mane.
: When is Conqueror > Press the atack?
You can calculate this in a spreadsheet, go to the wiki and check out the stats of an ADC at levels 1, 6, 11 and 18 and the stats of a bruiser at levels 1, 6, 11 and 18 and the stats of a tank at levels 1, 6, 11 and 18 and then post the results in this thread.
: Vel koz Oppinions and Suggestions
Doesn't seem strong to me, consider playing an assasin character or buy hourglass to get out of his ult, another option is to play a champion with a stun, something like Viktor, Xerath or Kennen. I don't play too much mid-lane (20%) and don't face him regularly enough to recall anything about him other than meh. Consider checking your opponent's mastery before the game when you're playing against a champion that is difficult to master such as Xerath or Vel Koz, you might have to be extra cautious. Regardless of what champion your opponent is playing, if they get two levels behind there is nothing you can do in my estimation.
: Quadra/Penta and lost game?!?!
That's negative confirmation bias showing. You'd be rising in the ranks if you were better than the average player in your division. A penta should lead to a tower and at least one other objective, if you're so far behind that this is not enough for you to swing the game decisively in your favour then I don't even. Maybe learn not to throw, group to end the game and try to ask your team nicely to stop farming? Pick a late game champion or a champion with a high skill cap so you can carry games on your own otherwise champions with lots of healing. Nasus, Warwick, Fizz, Vayne, Brand. Champions like Maokai, Kayn, Malzahar, Sivir, Lulu are less able to take on groups of 2 or 3 people alone and win. You'll find that if get boosted that this problem will only get bigger as you will feed more often and you will get fed less often as you face more skilled opponents. There is no elo hell, except for the one you make for yourself, in short gitgud or stop worrying about how good you are at league and just play normals.
Holymanster (EUNE)
: Summoners
How about making a more descriptive title than "Summoners". How about: "Barrier Underpowered vs Ignite" or something like that? I agree that barrier is in a bad spot right now, I can't really see myself taking it, if I don't need ignite mid or top TP and ghost are better options and the benefits of heal over barrier are too great if you desperately need the survivability. The power of morellonomicon and ignite are okay counterarguements against heal, but then you might as well take ignite yourself.
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: What happened to rune diversity?
If you're just playing normals you can take whatever you want. Glacial Augment Taric, Electrocute Annie, Kleptomancy Vayne. There will always be something that has a 2+% better win-rate given that some runes will fit very well onto some champions.
Asud (EUNE)
: Syndra mains help me! Please?
Don't go voidstaff early, it's a waste. You're better off getting it later. Build Archangels Staff to deal with your mana troubles, then upgraded boots, Stopwatch against assasins, Luden's Echo, Deathcap, Morello's if you need the anti-heal otherwise Zhonya's and then finish off with Voidstaff. Upgrade Zhonya's against assasins as soon as you've used the Stopwatch. The most important thing against Assains is not to get low, unless they are fed they usually can't 0-100 you, keep your wards up and consider going Dark Seal and Refillable Potion with Inspiration secondary with Time Warp Tonic and Perfect Timing against assassins. Try to make your lane a good ganking target for your laner and not for your opponent, that means freezing your lane and zoning the enemy when possible to try to bait their engage/disengage ability and prevent them from farming. The most stupid thing I see when I'm playing an assasin is mid laners who are afraid to abuse me when my abilities are down or when I'm not an actual threat to them, you need to abuse the fact that you are ranged as often as possible. The best way to carry your team is to gank their lanes, get your team to clear wards while you're shoving your lane and then gank, most important thing is never to go 0/3. Lots of assasin players are really skilled at abusing an advantage, if you let them go 3/0 early they can dive you and then it becomes 5/0 and then they start slaughtering your team. Syndra is strongest late game, it's your job to make sure your lanes don't fall too far behind and that you don't start feeding too much.
: New rune "chrysalis"
Conditioning is way stronger if you're a tank in the mid-late game, given the nerfs to phase rush and Duskblade you shouldn't take more damage than Black Cleaver on Garen. Conditioning is insane value on tanks and I have done well with conditioning early game often enough that I don't see a reason to get a better early game at the cost of so much staying power late game. If you're up against someone where early is hard then they're most likely poke champions, in which case you want Second Wind. Who might use it? Off-meta junglers if you're worried about dying during your first clear, Volibear on-hit (troll) builds, level 1-3 all-in strategies (might be really good for Volibear support). It seems really bad. At 20 mins gathering storm becomes better offensively and it only gets better at 30. Super conservative Vayne build against Leona+non-poke ADC, where you are unlikely to take poke damage? Rely on late-game power to carry the game and combine with Fleet Footwork to hopefully have 0/0/0 until 20 and then go crazy. I guess the sheer power might catch people off-guard level 1, but after 20 mins it's useless.
: Which adc do you recommend me to play?
Vayne is my primary ADC and I play Varus and Ashe on the side. Varus has way less kiting and less outplay potential, instead you have the potential to constantly hit your opponent with long ranged poke if you get good at his Q. Ashe has perma slow and a really interesting ult, prepare to get %%%%ed by certain champions though. If you're not playing ranked you could try experimenting with different runes instead of changing champions, try Predator Vayne, it's a ton of fun.
SwaMe23 (EUNE)
Run phase rush and MS items to keep up with enemy champions and/or slow them down with glacial augment and slowing items like Rylai's Crystal Scepter. If you buff one part of a strong champion you will inevitably have to nerf another part of that champion, meanig you would have to lower the damage, maximum duration, CD or something else about the ultimate to keep Swain balanced, it's much easier for you to build around the enemy team so that they are not able to kite you.
: Why you gotta assume it was a boi, maybe it was a wooman =3=
Why you gotta assume I'm a boy instead of a woman assuming I was talking with another woman? I don't know the gender stats for LOL, but I think it's more likely to match with a boy using cute emojis than a girl, but who knows?
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Can Riot stop pretending they made the emote system for anything other then to increase toxicity?
I had a fun game where me and my ADC (or was it sup?) used various vaguely romantic emotes every time we played well together (no homo).
: I got a C on Volibear
I'd further add, I got 5/9/15 as support Fizz and wait for it... I got my god damn B-. I'm not asking for the world here, just a B- and making a joke. Getting S is possible in every role, I've found support to be the easiest role to get S in, all you need to do is get moderately fed, much harder mid and extremely hard on ADC, supports however can go unnoticed the first couple of kills bot and use their ADCs as tanks while they're getting fed and then last-hit while their ADC is respawning. Curiously I got S+ on Vayne this season but it wasn't in my 19/0 game where I got a measly S.
: Easy AD midlaners?
Garen. He is an easy and versatile champion. He's good looking too! Go for phase rush to keep on top of those pesky mid-laners. Some people think Ghostblade is the best early offensive item for Garen, but Duskblade is truly the greatest, it has a memefactor of 7,8 because of Garen hopping out of bushes and doing tons of damage. Talon is fun as well. Yasuo is hard as %%%%, stay away from that shit.
: How do you shut down late game champions?
W{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} in b{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} efore lat{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} e gam{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} e. You'll get better at the game if you stop using the pictures and write the names of things on the boards. Try it for a year and sue me if it doesn't work! Low ranked games usually drag out because people don't know how to group and push as well as the no-lifers do. There is genuinely nothing you can do once these champions get to late-game, except maybe hope to pick them off in a skirmish. Vayne has a hard time with burst, Nasus is countered by kiting.
: your no. 1 job as a support is to not die... So 8 deaths seems like a fair C to me
Primary initiator though? I doubt I'm in the bottom 10% of people who play support smite Volibear.
: I need a good roast
You're bad and your post involved neither games or jokes, it's hardly even a contest to roast someone like you.
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Smerk (EUW)
: This game is no more confusing or complicated than it was in season 1. In fact it is much clearer when it comes to item builds. When full item has certain passive and smaller component has same passive you can be sure that this component is a part of this bigger item. Also you can get those passives much sooner than you would if only full items had them. And your comparisons are one big joke, with few exceptions most of those are completely different and can't even be compared
How can you say a system with more content is less complex? You're forced to choose the final items you want earlier, making your first buy more important. It's problematic that you are forced into taking one or two different items after your first back and picking up an item. Why do you specifically need Bami's Cinder over Giant's Belt? I don't know if it's a more gold efficient item and I think it's kind of crazy how many different items where you need to know which ones are effective, finding out which of the sub-items are better is basically impossible and generally you choose them only based on what final item you want because final items are so much more powerful regardless of exactly how powerful an item is. How do I figure out whether I should buy Chain Vest or Warden's Mail? Which one is more gold efficient and should I even care? I build Chain Vest when I want Dead Man's Plate and Warden's Mail when I want Thornmail, why not just build Chain Vest when I want armor and then choose later in the game whether I want Thornmail or Dead Man's Plate?
iSneez (EUNE)
: The smaller parts are there so if you die or you are force to go to base and have little gold to not waste the trip and at least buy something then return empty to lane. Also you can change your mind late before you finish the main item since from same small parts you can build different final items and as game progress maybe you decide other item its acualt best fit. Other small parts like Bami's Cinder (I always have read it in game Bambi's :D now I see is Bami) is there to have a mini sunfire passive for example junglers have that passive in the jungle item without need to build sunfire, while laners can build sunfires. Like this many examples. Also for the new player is not more confusing than when game was released since you had the small parts back then and the quantity of items it's pretty much similar since some were removed others were added, maybe now are little more but still where many items in beginning also. About players that return, if game stay same for years many old players will become bored of it, the every year big changes make the game feel new and fresh every time and not become old and boring and dusted.
"Also you can change your mind late before you finish the main item since from same small parts you can build different final items and as game progress maybe you decide other item its acualt best fit." Not with Bami's Cinder you can't. How you described the system to work is exactly how I suggested it SHOULD work. So you build giants belt instead of Bami's Cinder, that way you have 8 different items to build into instead of 1 when it comes time to finalize the buy, instead of pre-buying the item in a weaker form and then being locked into buying it.
: Why do we have so many champs ? Let's have 20 champs, and lets play them all the time (10 pick 10 ban), and lets have a single build for each champ. Better we could make items like "standard damage item" or "standard defence item" , one having the icon of a shield, other a sword...we stack those to hit harder or get hit less. Yup, would be a better experience. /not
Strawmanning seems to be a favourite activity of people on the boards, wonder if it's caused by non-idiots being driven away by the cancerous emojis. What I'm suggesting is that it should be the final items that matter, so you make the final choice of your item when you have more information, rather than buying the start of an item, that then turns out to be bad because of how the game unfolds in the next five minutes.
: Why have items at all? It's such a silly idea and it complicates the game needlessly. I need to know what kind of items my champion needs and decide which item to buy when, then there are situational items that sometimes are good but sometimes are useless and counter items that help me against specific enemies. And some champions even have multiple viable ways to itemize?! How is one to understand that all needless complexity? I think Riot should remove the items completly. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Why not have five different build paths for each item, all with different minor abilities that go away when you upgrade? That way we can check out who has done their homework and checked Reddit for the best build paths! Nice job tearing down the strawman you made as well. We're not talking about different builds, we're talking about being locked into one specific item because you bought the first part of the item, like say with Bami's Cinder, where you can either sell it or upgrade it.
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: Enchanter diversity
That seems like a massively bad idea to have items that are very good for shielders and have other items that are very good for healers when you can have both in one item. I don't see the positive change here. Of course items shouldn't be OP, there should be some kind of balance between taking support items and taking either tanky or damage-focussed item first, but I think that has to do with champions like Janna and Raka having bad AP scaling, that would also open up for more lanes that these champions could go in.
TTekkers (EUW)
: If I had to guess, I'd say early-mid twenties. Face & agility is too youthful to be older than that, character is too pragmatic yet optimistic to be younger - there's a sense of _"life goes on"_ about her, and that rarely shows in people younger than 20.
> [{quoted}](name=TTekkers,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uyE3EBdv,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-13T19:22:24.395+0000) > > If I had to guess, I'd say early-mid twenties. Face & agility is too youthful to be older than that, character is too pragmatic yet optimistic to be younger - there's a sense of _"life goes on"_ about her, and that rarely shows in people younger than 20. She grew up in a hell dimension, think of the children in that zombie series, I'm sure they're similarly grim.
: How the hell do I even get better?
You don't really fully develop your motor skills before you hit your early teens, I'd say it's actually very impressive you're able to make a forum post, let alone play LOL when you're only one year old. I'm sure you're getting better, it's just happening so gradually you're not noticing, keep in mind that you will face more and more skilled opponents as your own skill advances. Try to play a bot game and see if you can go without dying at all, if you can then you're better than you were when you started. The true way to become better is to play at least 5 games a day and never have more than 6 champs in your roster, you won't really make any meaningful advances if you play 7-15 games a week with a different champion every day of the month.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Oracle of Pain,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2Z6bAetM,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-03-12T18:33:54.940+0000) > > NO of WAY. Is co{{champion:22}} ol Ashe in school instead hhaalol. {{champion:22}} {{champion:79}} pls > > Those pictures are fu{{summoner:14}} cki{{summoner:14}} ng ca{{champion:63}} ncer. CAN{{champion:245}} CER CA{{champion:268}} NCER CANC{{champion:28}} ER. Please stop. just %%%%{{summoner:14}} in{{summoner:14}} g stop. > > I played quite a lot of Ashe support, but I always went for transcendence builds with 50+ CDR, I rushed rapid fire cannon for extra poke range, then essence reaver for CDR, I'd either go black cleaver or tri-force next. Coin and meteor for poke, ultimate hat for 60% CDR on ult, font of life seemed really bad, you're healing 1000-1500 over the course of a game, but it might just be that my ADCs weren't making good use of it, I prefer cosmic insight and magical footwear for 65% ult CDR and more mobility. It's a lot of fun but it's pretty bad IMO, you're not doing anything better than other supports except for having a permaslow instead of hard CC, the carry potential is strong, but not as strong as with mage supports or fighter supports (Volibear, Darius, Garen). I guess I'll try your way, maybe you could try my way and write with letters instead of using pictures? We're not ancient Egyptians. you're not playing her as a support. you're just a second ADC and that's not some thing I wanna try. the build I'm talking about is all about helping your ADC and the only AD item in it is {{item:3071}} and even that's for the purpose of armor shred and {{item:3044}} passive not for dealing damage. you're talking about building {{item:3508}} on a support and that's when you cross the line. on the other hand I'm building {{item:3085}} to apply my passive to 3 people at a time but you're building {{item:3094}} to.... again : deal more damage. the goal is not to have a 20 - 0 - 5 score in the end it's 2 - 0 - 40 with a healing done more than the enemy {{champion:16}} (JK)
Wh{{champion:136}} y no{{summoner:4}} t w{{champion:1}} rite u{{item:3348}} sing word{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} s inste{{champion:69}} ad o{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} f pictogr{{summoner:7}} ams? Anyways I tried your build and it sucked, but I'm not sure if it sucked more than whatever I've been running previously, certainly not as good as Fizz support.
: Love the idea of the 1st target takes more damage option. Helps me offer him as both a support or a solo laner. Also the RE option you suggested is amazing. Effect time would be really hard to balance though. If it lasts as long as lets say Kindred's ult she seams absolutely useless in comparison. Same with Zillean, and if he has to channel it like Taric's ult then it may be to easy to avoid. As for the Shamman being about spirits, I don't have a great knowledge of roles but I took my basis from the Shamman in Hearthstone. :)
My idea for the ult would involve Umkalm continuously channelling, so something like Janna's ult without the push, but instead of healing it revives people. Once Zilean's ult is cast you have to wait quite a few seconds before you can kill the person, whereas with Umkalm you could just do a hard CC or move the fight, like with Blitz or Thresh. Umkalm would be vastly less mobile than Kindred. Regardless there is no chance that this thing or anything similar gets made, it has too much Hearthstone feel and not enough LOL.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: Ashe support was might be good now
NO of WAY. Is co{{champion:22}} ol Ashe in school instead hhaalol. {{champion:22}} {{champion:79}} pls Those pictures are fu{{summoner:14}} cki{{summoner:14}} ng ca{{champion:63}} ncer. CAN{{champion:245}} CER CA{{champion:268}} NCER CANC{{champion:28}} ER. Please stop. just %%%%{{summoner:14}} in{{summoner:14}} g stop. I played quite a lot of Ashe support, but I always went for transcendence builds with 50+ CDR, I rushed rapid fire cannon for extra poke range, then essence reaver for CDR, I'd either go black cleaver or tri-force next. Coin and meteor for poke, ultimate hat for 60% CDR on ult, font of life seemed really bad, you're healing 1000-1500 over the course of a game, but it might just be that my ADCs weren't making good use of it, I prefer cosmic insight and magical footwear for 65% ult CDR and more mobility. It's a lot of fun but it's pretty bad IMO, you're not doing anything better than other supports except for having a permaslow instead of hard CC, the carry potential is strong, but not as strong as with mage supports or fighter supports (Volibear, Darius, Garen). I guess I'll try your way, maybe you could try my way and write with letters instead of using pictures? We're not ancient Egyptians.
: Shaman Champ Concept
Shamanism is generally about spirits, which are totally lacking from your ideas. So if you wanted a shaman I think you should make it have some kind of connection to spirits. Umkalm the Lost P Spirit Guide - Each time an allied champion takes fatal damage the current cooldowns of Umkalm's abilities are reduced by 20%. Q Summon Totem - Summons a totem (max 2 totems). Totems mimic Umkalm's W, E , RW and RE. (20 sec CD) W Rolling Thunder - Sends a wave of lightning that passes through enemies and slows them, each enemy passed through reduces the damage. E Rejuvenate - Sends out a healing wave that passes through allies, healing each successive ally less. R Shamanistic Dance - Umkalm's next Lightning Oath or Rejuvenate becomes empowered. RW - Umkalm channels making his totems invulnerable, sending tremors through the ground slowing and damaging nearby enemies and making them lose Arm and MR. RE - Umkalm channels making his totems invulnerable, any nearby friendly champions that take fatal damage are put into stasis for 3 seconds, then revived regaining 50/200/350 health. W and E could also be single target abilities and then bounce between allies. By making W deal a much larger amount of damage to the first target, you can make him viable in 1v1s instead of only in team fights.
Ebonmaw (EUNE)
: What support to pick so i can carry games.(i suck at hooks)
Depends on your goals and how good you are. If you've got plat mechanics the fastest way of climbing is playing mage support, getting fed and carrying the game. You can check on champion.gg or various other sites what champions have the highest win-rates in each division, just pick your target division and play the champion with the highest win-rate. I would look into a good premade if I played sup, even more so if I didn't play mage supports. CS is usually a good way to see how good someone is at LOL and no matter what you do, make the enemy leave, kill them etc. etc. Your ADC still has to get that CS and if they can't get more than 50% then you won't even get to gold. I'd one-trick Sion if I was you, but I can see you have a lot of experience with Raka, maybe you should just continue grinding with her? Maybe watch some guides and stuff and get really good at her. If you have less than 50% win-rate with a champion after 10 games you should probably drop that champion, even if you like playing them. If you don't mind getting placed 5-10 divisions where you belong you can play Glacial Augment Fizz.
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: No one loves Sivir
I thinking of going championgg and seeings of her role placement is good {{champion:22}} maybe even more good than many other {{champion:51}} ^^ if you know what I meant. So yeah just really play her. Also Sivir ultimate is good different, not all same would be boring. Maybe school instead of complain on message board yes yes?
Furianu (EUW)
: How to fix Zoe properly
I think an interesting option would be to have her E: Bubble Trouble increase the damage of the next Ability or Basic Attack made by a friendly champion other than Zoe. I also wouldn't add the double damage on her Q against sleepy targets. I find her most problematic in skirmishes where she can be very unfun to play against because you don't have minions to hide behind. On the other hand she often feels weak late game because she's so hard to play and so you'll often land in games with not-so-great Zoe players that cannot bring forth the cancer in her kit. This makes Zoe a stronger support, it makes her stronger while grouping and makes her weaker when alone. Once you've done that you can give her power in other areas, such as mana costs. You could also make it so that Spellthief increased the CDs of any Summoner spells she steals. I'd still switch around her W and her R, her W just feels really random and isn't as much a part of her core gameplay like her ult is.
: Whats the best keystone for udyr?
http://champion.gg/champion/Udyr/Jungle?league= Press the attack according to champion.gg. http://www.probuilds.net/champions/details/udyr Trick2g does whatever he likes it seems, he's an entertainer though so I wouldn't take it to mean too much. He probably doesn't care about the finer details of his win-rate and just relies on skill. Quas runs kleptomancy top. https://www.reddit.com/r/Udyrmains/comments/7uqdl2/biweekly_rudyrmains_discussion_february_02_builds/ https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Udyr/ Not really sure why champion.gg disagrees with lolalytics, but apparently, dark harvest is the best. I would go with dark harvest, I think champion.gg just hasn't been updated or maybe there isn't enough data on dark harvest yet for them to update.
: can i do first win in coop vs ai?
Intermediate bots because anything less is a disgrace, you need to challenge yourself as much as possible, you should be able to win in 25 minutes regardless of leavers, feeders and difficulty level. I wouldn't play 3v3 because you need to learn the main map. Play ADC with fleet footwork and demolish secondary TP/flash as summoner spells. Don't die. Don't die and don't die. Work on your last hitting (check online to see how much farm you can get to find out how much gold you're missing out on) and don't die. Just played two bot games 3v5 (two jungle bots in both games) and won in 18 and 20 mins, died once in the first game so we could've done it a little faster and thrice in the second game so that was a lot of lost time. The most important thing is learning not to die and to farm, it will carry over to your normal games as well. You don't necessarily need insane mechanics to do well against players, just don't die, do all the last hits you can and clear and contest objectives. Kills only matter when they lead to you taking dragon or towers, otherwise they're just making up for all the farm you're missing because you're not trying hard enough. Learning your champions' power spike is also worthwhile, if you know your champion has a 40% win-rate at 35+ mins then it's your job to make sure you end before then. If your champion has a 60% win-rate after 35 mins then you've gotta make sure you don't die and avoid letting your opponent snowball so they can end before you get to the point where your champion is strong.
KaShootMe (EUNE)
: well she isn't meant to be a support and that sounds like a stupidly op ability
Like how Morgana isn't meant to be a jungler? Riot has been trying to diversify the amount of lanes champions can go into, rather than making champions one-trick ponies. I also happen to have 80k mastery primarily as support Annie from a season or two ago. It's basically just WW's E. It would be more powerful than her current E, but nerfing her other abilities is a perfectly good option, her current kit is very stilted. You could switch her passive and her E around so she has a stun ability in her kit and the lame damage reduction and thorn mail active is shuffled into her passive. After Annie casts 4 spells her next spell cast against a champion activates molten shield for Annie and Tibbers. E becomes an immediate explosion centred on Annie and Tibbers that knocks back enemies proportionate to how close they are and stuns them for 0.5 secs. Tibbers gets a 0.75/1/1.25 sec stun duration as well.
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