angelo5678 (EUNE)
: tryndle
Ikr... {{champion:48}} is such a troll pick...
mpatzis1234 (EUNE)
: Skins, Morgana, kayle, nunu and master yikes
Don't you dare mention a rework on Yi DON'T YOU DARE!
Sir Bread (EUW)
: People behaving badly
First of all, you rarely receive feedback when someone you reported gets punished. This doesn't mean they don't get punished - RIOT just doesn't inform you about every single one. Secondly, it's understandable that some players in low elo are toxic. Imagine, here you are in ranked, doing your best, trying to climb, trying to improve. And then there is that 0/6 Draven adc that goes in and dies every chance he gets. He basically ruins your ranked and it's not your fault. Now, you may not flame him, but some people will. It's SO frustrating when you're trying your best, yet people sabotage you every step of the way. Still, flaming is no bueno and should not be done. But it's a part of this community and you have to deal with it. Lastly, looking for a solution on the forum is pointless, since there isn't one. If there was, we wouldn't be having this convo, would we? ;)
: Champion Monstrocities
Here's some potential 1-shot QWE-Combo: P - Deathbringer Stance (Aatrox) Q - Siphoning Strike (Nasus) W - Empower (Jax) E - Reckless Swing (Olaf) R - Demacian Justice (Garen) The idea: You farm your Q early-mid game as you normally would. Once you get around 200-250 stacks you become a beast that can potentially 1-shot squishies. Rotation: Your passive needs to be off CD, then Q->W->E and finally R if the target is still alive.
Pauwelzz (EUW)
: Dear Riot, a collection of frustration from 6 years playing
You guys really rained on his parade, didn't you? Did you, at least, enjoy showcasing your mature nature and/or mental superiority? I, for one, get where he is coming from. I end up losing far more games than I get to win. It's something I'm used to. No biggie, we can't all be winners. I get that. What I don't get is the way losing is portrayed, interpreted and accepted. If you lose, you're bad at the game. Period. Good players don't lose. At least, that is what my losing teammates always tell me - get better or gtfo (not exaggerating). Very rarely have I been in a game, which I lost, but still managed to have fun. In the past 2 years, I can only think of one such game - a ranked game, surprisingly enough, where I played abysmally but never once got flamed by my team. Even the enemy top laner gave me tips on how to improve. Yes, I lost but I felt encouraged to keep playing. Every defeat afterwards was layers upon layers, upon layers, upon layers of insults, threats and death wishes. I've since a long time stopped caring for this game. Whether I win or lose is irrelevant. I don't bother myself with the in-game chat anymore. If I see my teammates are good-natured, mature and kind players, we will talk. If not - x4 mute and go into single-player mode. Sadly, that's how this game works. For those of you, who view the glass as half full, I applaud you. I wish I could have faith in the community as you do. Unfortunately, my once pure heart has been thoroughly stained black. There is nothing left but to keep on playing while hoping for a miracle from the heavens. And to the OP: Good luck in your future endeavors. Sorry that, after dedicating 6 years of your life to this game, you've felt let down and betrayed. EDIT: One thing I've learned in the 5 years I've spent in LoL - most players, at one point in time, have had sexual intercourse with my mother.
: I got banned for somebody else charging back
First of all, RIOT is NOT in any sort of debt whatsoever. RP is not a valid currency - it is a currency in an online game and has no real value outside of it. You cannot buy bread from Kaufland with 10 RP, can you? What happens is RIOT receives a bank transfer notice of aprox. 50 euros worth, then they process that transfer and add the imaginary RP currency to the account, which the transaction is made from. In short, RIOT hands out token money in exchange for real money. So, your claim that RIOT is in debt is just ridiculous, since they never lost anything. The only thing that might be a problem is any repercussions from the cancelled bank transaction, if I recall correctly, which, in the case of a measly 50 euros, is probably something of the sort of 5 euros. What RIOT could and should do is remove the RP and remove any skins involved in the scam. A simple yet effective manner. And, since the currency was exchanged via bank transfer (or credit card is even better), they can easily trace the origin of the purchase and ban that account and that account ONLY. Still, I'm just a player, not a multimillionaire US company with dozens of lawyers and consultants who can actually prove useful in a situation like this one.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >I said I did not honor because I did not see anything particularly honorable about him (never came to gank bot and even at 7/0 he died instantly in a TF). Nothing honorable? Trying his best? Being the only one doing better than his opponent? Not expressing tilt by flaming? Tilt-proof is one reason to honor someone and it's one of the 3 options. Not ganking bot has literally no weight in this matter. You are not the center of the world and he is doing the correct thing if he ignores a feeding lane. The problem i have with the system is the kind of people who do not honor anyone, when they should. Or people who honor a wrong person. Like bot laners tend to honor each other very often when there are actually much better candidates. This ofc comes down to how the system works. You get a small boost to your honor progress if everyone in your team honors someone. This is simply wrong. It should be: give respect - receive respect. Just like in real life. So honor someone and you gain some honor yourself because it is honorable behavior honor someone. If you do not honor anyone, you shouldn't get any progress even if someone honors you. So it's one of those 2 options. Either get honor when you honor, or don't get any honor if you don't honor anyone. This way the selfish people who never honor others (i know a lot of those people) don't get any benefit (maybe get progress of like 3+ people honor you in the same match but not before). When it comes to the old system, it was completely useless and pointless. It served literally no purpose what so ever. If i wanted to honor someone, i could express it with words, which is far more powerful than getting one little point in your profile that you can't do anything with. Not to mention the new honor system is actually used for something. It determines your end of season rewards and if you can access the Tournament mode (Clash). The system only feels like a grind to people who are below honor level 2 because they want to get back to 2 to gain access to Clash. On this account i'm at honor level 2 and i don't care one bit about honor. On my main account though, i'm at honor level 0 and it feels like an eternity to grind myway back to level 2. Riot knows this though and they are reducing the amount of grinding that is needed at honor levels below 2 (thank god). Took me 120+ games to get one checkpoint...
> [{quoted}](name=Hydnoras,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=nrMrLFNZ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-02-26T17:58:42.745+0000) > > Nothing honorable? Trying his best? Being the only one doing better than his opponent? Not expressing tilt by flaming? Tilt-proof is one reason to honor someone and it's one of the 3 options. Not ganking bot has literally no weight in this matter. You are not the center of the world and he is doing the correct thing if he ignores a feeding lane. Well, from my point of view, that Rengar did not accomplish his role as a jungler - he did not gank bot (not even once), ignored our pings, did not communicate with bot, etc. And trying his best is, for me at least, not a good enough reason for an honor. Hey, I tried my best, too, but got flamed instead. Where's my honor? And it's a good thing I didn't honor him, since I got to see his true colors after the game. But that's my opinion.
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Zsafold (EUW)
: [Repost] Riot secretly decrease rewards of the Honor Capsules
I'll hit Honor Level 3 in about 2-3 months time, will let you know what I get (or don't get).
: Uninstalling League of Legends
I've uninstalled league 5 times already but the pesky thing just keeps coming back lol.
: 3 fingers vs 4 fingers
Idk, I am a right clicker Trynda main. I just right click for win. {{champion:23}}
: What do you guys think about trading skins and champions?
From a business standpoint, this suggestion is terrible. Riot needs cash, plain and simple. From a personal viewpoint, I like it. So yea, never going to happen.
: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
This is coming from a guy who got 10 games chat restriction 2 or 3 years ago (yes I was a bad boy). Toxic players are not always toxic just for the sake of toxicity. Sure, there are some real assholes out there that just like to verbally abuse anyone and everyone because... reasons. But not all toxic players are like that. I believe most toxic players are just frustrated that games are not going well. I was like that, I know what it feels to have a 0/15 adc Zoe in a ranked game and have your team utterly pummeled for 35 minutes straight. Stuff like that will drive even a saint a little bit mad. You'd have to be a robot to keep all that anger and frustration in check (yes, there are a lot of bots in LoL, well aware of that). There are always bad players in ranked, always have been, always will be. I once had a suggestion about how Riot could possibly solve this: Suggested that players that consistently lose more ranked games than they win and their scores are abysmal, and on top of that get reported frequently, should be suspended from playing ranked until they win 10/25/50 normal 5v5 games (something along those lines). As you might assume, my post got downvoted to hell (got something like -24) and had my intellect insulted. So yeah... I still stand by my point that _toxic but good_ > _polite but bad_ and this won't change. I'm here to win games, not to make friend. That is what the real world is for.
Dr Sinner (EUW)
: Do you have trouble carrying silvers?
<Renold makes a post about how it's easy to carry silver if you can 1v5 and links 2 champs. <very next post he says even Diamond players struggle to carry silver and silver is actually hard ??
: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
It depends on the game. If it's normal Summoner's Rift/Twisted Treeline/ARAM, then I couldn't care less if my teammate/s is/are bad players. That is where people should go, in order to practice games and improve. I have no issues seeing a 0/15 Zoe bot adc in a normal game. Don't rly care about flamers/toxic players in normal games, since I just mute them (pings an all) and go on with my game. In other words, in any normal game, where nothing is at stake (other than having fun), I don't rly care what I get. If it's a ranked Summoner's Rift/Twisted Treeline, I would much rather have a toxic player that plays good, rather than a friendly player that plays bad. In most cases, the friendly bad players are just players who try too hard to be positive because of the new honor system or w/e. They are not really contributing to the team, and even if they are worth 50g, they still leave you in a 4v5 situation. And if the enemy team is mildly competent, they will 100% crush you. They are bad not because of just this game, they are bad in general. They are still learning the game - and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. But the fact remains that they will be useless to you and your team, and you will most likely forfeit the game because of that. Again, nothing wrong with any of that, people need to learn and start from somewhere. Nobody was born taught. In most cases, the toxic player is just someone who has had a rough few games and is frustrated that he lost. He is not necessarily trolling or flaming just for the sake of it. And if he says something along the lines of "you scrubs suck, learn to play, I am better than all of you combined, etc." and actually has the skills to prove it, I have no problem with that. If he overflames I will just mute everything and carry on with my game, just like in the normal version. The difference here is that, even though the player is toxic, you are still in a 5v5 situation. And even though the overall team morale is lowered, you still have a chance to win, since it is 5v5. Overall, it comes down to whether the bad player is just mildly bad (like 1/4 Ashe that still fights and still does some sort of dmg) or whether the bad player is atrocious (0/15 Zoe that builds full AD and is the first to die in a TF without doing a single point of dmg to the enemy players but is kind enough to apologize to us in the end, which doesn't matter since we just lost a 35 minute game, dropped down 21 LP and we did not have fun at all). The toxic player doesn't even figure into this, you can and should always ignore everything from him. Final decision: toxic player but good > kind and friendly player but bad
: So I was telling my bro (who is in bronze) that Sightstone has been removed.
Never used sightstone, won't miss it. {{champion:266}}
: Volunteer Snowdown - Wrap up & Winners!
Wow! Thanks for selecting my poem! With so many good entries I really didn't think mine would make the cut but it did and I'm so happy! Congratulations to all the other winners, as well!
TheRaluxu (EUW)
: Torpedo, about the poetry contest, are you going to reply to the comments of the winners or will be announced in a different topic?
> [{quoted}](name=TheRaluxu,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=d65KMJ7k,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2017-12-29T18:33:13.245+0000) > > Torpedo, about the poetry contest, are you going to reply to the comments of the winners or will be announced in a different topic? That's what I'd like to know, too. Personally, if I could see who the winners are, I can maybe improve my writing skills for next time, to accommodate. That would be great.
: Poem Contest - ❄️Volunteer Event❄️
It was a calm, December day on Summoner's Rift, the snow was falling and the wind was swift. A flash of light - the champions descended, the game began and it was truly splendid. My team and I went straight for an invade, but we failed and a steep price had to be paid. The first blood was the least of our concern, as in our retreat we took an unfortunate turn. Instead of bot lane, we ended up in the dragon pit, its fire burned, forcing our support to quit. I quickly flashed and used my teleport ability, but was met at top lane with Renekton's hostility. The lizard slashed and dashed, and cut me in half, as I could to nothing but lag and laugh. I tried my luck and went top once again, but was immediately ganked by an off-meta Vayne. We were 4v5 and severely behind, so ff15 was the only option we could find. We bid the enemy a good game, as the screen faded out of frame. In the end, the team was sad but relieved, and each of us a honor received. A small, Christmas gift nonetheless, I smiled and exclaimed "God Bless"!
: The Poros escaped! - ❄️Volunteer Event❄️
: Crit Yi VS. On-Hit Yi with new runes as 1v1
You're not getting my point. You can build Crit Yi with tank items, too. IE + Bloodrazor/BoTRK + Phantom Dancer is core. After that you can build him tank (Dead Man's, Black Cleaver, Randuin's, Frozen Mallet, etc.) Point is, they need to have the same damage output and the same defense/survivability in order to determine which build is better, damage for damage.
: Crit Yi VS. On-Hit Yi with new runes as 1v1
This video is not objective at all. The builds of both Yi's are totally different and the only reason that On-Hit Yi won those 1v1s was because he built tank (Randuin's, Black Cleaver and Dead Man's). if you want to have a fair match-up, both Yi's should have similar builds (either full tank with just runes, or full AD + runes but NO tank items). Although I am guessing you already tried that and Crit Yi curb stomped the On-Hit Yi. Like previously stated, in my opinion, the only reason On-Hit Yi won as many rounds as he did was because he had 1k+ HP advantage. I do believe that Crit Yi will overwhelm any squishy On-Hit Yi with ease simply because 1 crit in full crit build will melt 30-40% of the oponent's HP.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why do we need to pay Blue Essence to achieve higher Champion Mastery?
You don't have to pay BE for mastery level 6 or 7. You can use the champion shard as upgrade.
: Names for main Quinn ?
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
_It's that time of the year, when my body starts to writhe in pain, I try to stand up and move about but it is all in vain. A sickly, disgusting presence is constantly tormenting me, as I scream out loud “Will you just let me be?!”_ _ Alas, my suffering shall undoubtedly go on, until my soul is inevitably gone. For this is a time of great sorrow and damnation, with “Merry Christmas” being its final resting station._ _It is indeed the festival we all know and fear, that comes about once in every sorry year. It is indeed the festival where I become paranoid, as I am prayed upon by the many creatures of the Void. _ _I go outside and stand in disbelief, as everyone around me is having a grand relief. A stranger hugs me and tries to give me a kiss, but I quickly back off and respond with a hiss._ _I then find myself being chased by a crazed mob, and apart from running, I could only sob. I manage to evade them and hide under my bed, but a strong sense quickly fills me with dread._ _ I suddenly fall into a deep chasm, as I exclaim “Perfect” with sarcasm. I fall, and fall and fall even more without knowing what the bottom has in store._ _I wake up in cold sweat, still at home, feeling like a weak, insolent gnome. I look at my phone and see the date, with horror and dismay I resign myself to my fate. _ _It is the beginning of the end - the first of December, that's why I drink as I don't want to remember. In the end all I can do is hope and pray, for it to be over – this terrible, little Christmas holiday._
: Community Champion Concept - Stage 3: Lore!📖
The only gripe I have with this character concept (and it's actually a big one) is the name. There can ever only be one Boros: Hail Lord Boros!
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: Community Champion Concept - Stage 3: Lore!📖
Well, to be honest, Leona's insane CC potential is balanced by her extremely low damage output. Same with Maokai, Naut and Seju. Only exception is maybe Poppy. On the other hand, Boros' kit looks like it would also deal a substantial amount of damage, coupled with CC. I don't think it's too bad but maybe reduce/remove the damage aspect on his E? That would seem fair.
: Community Champion Concept - Stage 3: Lore!📖
_Darkness. Mold. Rats scurrying about. The stench of decay. Water droplets. Tap, tap, tap. Footsteps..._ _Slowly, the door opens and dim light breaches the shadowy domain. A female silhouette approaches. _ [...] No sound. [...] Still no sound... "Did you break him?" _A second figure enters the room, tall and slender. The smell of poison emanating from his body._ "I did not. *cough* My serum served it's purpose, as it's turned him into.." "A useless sack of meat and bones?" "... into a precise killing machine. *cough* This is the culmination of a year long research. All the testing in Ionia, all the subjects we've procured and dismantled. All has led to this." "You're maniacal." [...] Arguing. Bickering. Laughter... sinister. "I need to report to the Grand General." [...] The numbness goes away. Pain. More pain. But also... clarity. [...] The female cuts my chest with a knife, smiling as she does so. She crouches in front of me and whispers, ever so menacingly: "Don't disappoint me." [...] She leaves. The man stays. The numbness returns, my vision.. darkens. My mind... fades. "I've invested a lot in you. If you fail to deliver, death shall be the only thing you will hope to cling onto." [...] Footsteps. Door opens. Man... stops. "Make sure to introduce yourself to the Grand General, Boros..." [...] Door.. shut. Silence. Sleep. _ As the kingdom of darkness once again embraces Boros, he drifts off to a time before. A time, when he knew who he was, what he was. A time, when the bright and gentle rays of the sun still warmed the skin on his body. A time, when the silver moonlight shined his path through the night. A time, forever lost. _ _Time passes by, ever so slowly. Hours, days, weeks, maybe even months? All irrelevant and immeasurable. His damnation be the only thing he truly understands. His body racked with pain, his mind sedated with luminal. No longer a man... no longer... but then what? What is he? _ _Unrecognizable. Undesirable. Unthinkable. Unimaginable. Unkillable! Unstoppable!! UNRELENTING! UNYIELDING! His destiny - undeniable._ _He now sleeps. Still he sleeps. Still sleeps. Pray that he sleeps. For when Boros wakes, we all sleep. Forever._..
Swarmer (EUNE)
: Blue essence gain > more than IP = lie
Ok, let's say that the IP was indeed capped at 145 (which I doubt since I have vivid memories of earning 200ip+ even before this, so called, bug). First win of the day 150IP + and average of 100IP per win = 250 IP the first win + 100 IP for each successive win + 70-80 IP for each loss. Supposing (a lot of supposing here) you win 60% of the games each day, a game lasts 25-30 min on average (none of that 45-60 min bullshit games some ppl say) and an average basement-dwelling gamer would play 18/24h a day, we come to the simple mathematical conclusion that one could play roughly 33-34 games (including minutes lost in champ select and loading screen) a day. Now, multiply the 15 games you lost by 70-80 and the 18-19 games you won by 100 + 150 and you get 3100 IP per day in the old system. Which is already more than triple of what anyone could earn in a single level. Hell, even if you played 15 games a day and you lost all 15 of those, you'd still get 1050 IP, which is already slightly more than what you could earn from capsules... THIS is me SUPPOSING what you said is true. However, I am always skeptical of information on the internet and even more so from a company that, after numerous posts on this thread, in the technical thread, in the bug report, etc. has yet to send even 1 employee to answer even one of the questions I have asked (quite politely, if I might add). So, excuse me if I doubt that 145 IP cap. Also the fact that I cannot check my old games (talking about early 2017) to check how much IP I would earn. Let alone checking games from 2016 and earlier. Hell, if I want to check my games from 2013, that's next to impossible, right? So yeah, my point stands. Maybe no 5 digits but 4 digits per day for sure. Old system was better for no-lifers, new system is better for casuals. EDIT 1: This is taken directly from the IP page on the LoL wiki: "Win: (first win of the day bonus, 55+ mins ranked match, IP boost (timed and per win)) 150 + 168 + 168 + 168 = 654 IP (822 on a double-IP weekend)(1962 with a 5-man party in party reward weekend)" Argue that getting 4 digits - even 5 digits, is impossible. EDIT 2: Username <Skouriasmenos> provided a SS with a game from before 26th October (possibly even before 24th October) where he still got 184 IP per win. So either that "_around_ 26th October bug" is one of the roundest estimations for a date I've ever seen or there's some major cover-up going on here. :))
Swarmer (EUNE)
: Blue essence gain > more than IP = lie
Before you little sheep start attacking a guy, just because he dislikes the new BE system... how about actually turning on yer brains and thinking (I know it's hard but trust me)? Right now, you ONLY get BE when leveling, you don't get BE from playing games. Before, veteran, no-life players would literally "no life" the heck out of the game and would rack-up IP in the 5 digits per day. PER DAY. I myself used to play at least 9-10 games per day (still do occasionally) and that would, considering you get an average of 114 IP per win (which is actually too low) (ignoring the bonus 150 IP first win of the day), make about 1026 - 1140 IP per day. Now, I don't know how fast you guys level up but I doubt you can do more than 1 level a day, and if you do level up faster, it's definitely at the cost of more games (considering an average game of Summoner's Rift at 30min would award 228 XP, you would need 12-13 games to level up at higher levels, even more later on). What I am trying to make clear is that: - a causal player, who only plays 1 game a day (first win of the day) would statistically benefit more from the new system, whereas, - a veteran player, who plays 10+ games a day will benefit more from the old system. Gee, so hard to do simple mathematical calculations?
: Stealth is a GREAT mechanic for solo Q
She is actually NOT that strong in low-mid elo. Sure, she can melt ADCs but against tanks and bruisers, she defo won't be able to 1 shot them, no matter how fed she is. Also, she is pretty squishy herself and has no other escapes other than her kinda teleport ulti (which she uses to deal damage anyway). If she gets caught by ANY form of CC, she's dead. Best thing to do when encountering a good {{champion:28}} jungler is to stick close to your team. If she jumps your ass, your team will cover and at worst case, you will die but so will {{champion:28}}. Of course, this is provided you actually have a team, and not a 0/1/0 Zed jungler after 20 min.
: about time you rework garen
There are other champions in urgent need of rework. *cough* {{champion:266}} *cough*
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Glazebone (EUW)
: No more "First Win of the Day" mission?
That is cool and I would totally have written a ticket... if I could actually log into the support site. Been bugged for me since late 2015.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: The BE gain is not as bad as you think
The OP made a thorough analysis of the BE gain and how to effectively manage it, taking into consideration factors like time. However, the argument most people make is that playing games themselves feel not as rewarding as before, as before you would gain IP for every game, even if little. Right now, the only way to get BE is to level up. And, as you said, you can just do the FWOTD Bonus every day and slowly grind up. But the problem is that some people, like me, no-lifed the game since the launch of pre-season and what we have to show for it is very little. I, for example, got level 31 yesterday and opened a champion capsule with 3x450BE champs and 1x4800 champ shards. Since I already had all 4 champs I had to DE and got around 524 BE. 524 BE from 20+ games and 6 hours spent is really, really, REALLY LOW. In the past, this would have been way over 2k IP (considering an average game would be 100 IP). On the second day (today) I got to level 32 and opened a champion capsule with JUST 1 champion shard (talon), which I upgraded for 2800BE, since I didn't have him. His cost in the shop is 4800 so that was a big discount. But, again, after 20 games played and another 6 hours spend, not only do I have no BE to show for, I have -BE balance, and the talon champ is hardly anything to brag about. Now, don't get this wrong, I fully support the new system. I think it will be beneficial in the long run. But RIOT needs to tweak it a bit, so that it rewards consistency more. As it stands right now, I really have no incentive to play more than 1 game a day, as you pointed out. Which is, I think, BAD for the game. Imagine if everybody suddenly decided to play JUST 1 game per day since it is more rewarding that way.
: Why was Stormraiders Surge turned into a steaming pile of garbage?
{{champion:75}} was a Stormraider... now he's just somebody that I used to play...
: Community Champion Concept - Stage 2: Gameplay! (Closed for voting)
Well, it's no surprise that the person with the best drawing skills got to proceed. But hey, that's life, I guess. Here's hoping the next volunteer's event is more fair towards the casual players. Anyway... **Passive** Mutation: Double - edged sword. (insert name)'s bonus attack damage received from items is increased by 1.5%/3%/4.5%. **Q** Mutation: Devastating Blow (50/60/70/80/80 mana) (10s cooldown) (insert name)'s right arm grows double in size, increasing the range by 150 and damage by 50(+10%/15%/20%/25%/30% of his bonus AD) of his next basic attack for the next 2/3/4/5/6 seconds. This attack cannot be blocked or ignored. **W** Mutation: Resilience (75/100/125 mana) (30s cooldown) (insert name) hardens the skin on his body, gaining 15%/20%/25%/30%/35% damage reduction from all sources for the next 2/3/4 seconds. A 10%/15%/20% of any and all basic attacks against (insert name) during this period of time will be reflected upon the attacker. **E** Mutation: Propulsion Mechanism (50/75/100 mana) (30s/25s/20s cooldown) Passive: (insert name) move faster with the help of his enlarged right arm. When this ability is not on cooldown, his movement speed is increased by 10/15/20/25/30. Active: (insert name) extends his right arm forward. If he grabs onto a unit (friendly or enemy), he will latch onto them. If he grabs terrain, he will propel himself an additional distance in the direction of the mouse cursor. **R** Mutation: Rampage (0 mana) (110s/100s/90s cooldown) Passive: (insert name)'s mutation enhances his abilities, reducing their cooldown by 10%/15%/20% percent. This applies after cooldown reduction from additional sources. When this ability is on cooldown, the cooldown reduction of other abilities is halved. Active: (insert name) taps into the vast energy reserves of his body, empowering his abilities for 10s/12s/15s, decreasing their mana cost by 50%. Additionally, each ability transforms into it's empowered form. Mutation: Devastating Blow's range is increased to 200 and the damage becomes true damage. Mutation: Resilience's damage reduction increases to 50% and the reflected damage to 30%. Mutation: Propulsion Mechanism's passive movement speed is increased to 50, it's active range is also increased. Description: (insert name) is a juggernaut/initiator/diver. He is primarily played in the top lane, although he could also be played in the jungle. His role is that of teamfight initiator, as well as picking up runaways. He is able to absorb damage and then return it to his opponents. He is also very mobile, which compensates his otherwise simplistic playstyle.
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: Fiora or Riven, the best top?
Neither. Go for the +6 cane {{champion:75}}
: Teaching NA how to Flash
THAT is exactly how I flash. Minus the turret takedown.
: You're aware that If your concept is selected for the next stage, that the skillset that will be chosen for this won't necessarily be yours, right? Along with lore, it's not something that you alone will decide, as such is the nature of this "contest".
> [{quoted}](name=Ajimu Najimi,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=J6styyaA,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-10-25T19:19:40.661+0000) > > You&#x27;re aware that If your concept is selected for the next stage, that the skillset that will be chosen for this won&#x27;t necessarily be yours, right? Along with lore, it&#x27;s not something that you alone will decide, as such is the nature of this &quot;contest&quot;. Well, yeah. But the Lore is something that, if the champion makes it to that stage, the author gets to shine light upon. So even if the skillset is out of the hand of the creator, the lore isn't. Or did I misread that part?
: Aatrox the Unfathomable
Yeah, Aatrox is pretty shit. BUT that is precisely why he is getting a rework next year. RIOT stated that it will be their *cough* BIGGEST *cough* rework to date (although I fail to see how that is possible, since Ryze's 50000 reworks overhauled his entire kit). Problem is, this rework is a LONG wait. We'd be lucky if we get a reworked Aatrox by the end of next league season. With that being said, I have confidence in RIOT this time around. I mean, when you have a champion that has hit rock bottom, there should be nowhere to go but up, right? I mean, what much more can they do? He is unplayable atm and regardless of what they do, there is no way he will be worse than he is now, right? RIGHT?
: 🦇👻 Frankenstein's Champions 👻🦇 - Volunteer Contest
Here's my champion concept: I know it may look plain but if I manage to somehow pass to the next stage of the competition, there will be some sweet lore and some even sweeter skillset in store for this champion.
: 🦇 Volunteer Halloween Event! 🦇
It's really good that you guys are throwing events at us like this constantly, which I think the community truly appreciates. But it would be nice if you could make an event that doesn't require extensive IT or computer programing skill, or being a Picasso (obviously exaggerating the picasso part but you get my point). A story competition, a champion concept/idea (written down), a poem contest or even something simple as a trivia competition (see how many of the players actually bother to read the lore behind the game). Of course, you can adjust the rewards based on the difficulty of the contest, that should be of no issue at all. I will try my best to sketch something but knowing how the judging is done, I can pretty much cast that off as a waste of time. just my 2 cents
CJXander (EUNE)
: How reporting a player actually works - Typical scenario
I have a better scenario: Let's say you queue for a random game (doesn't matter the type) and after 30 seconds you join the game, pick your lane and all is gucci. Well, no. You are top lane and are getting harassed by the enemy top laner, you are pushed to your turret and cannot farm but you are smart and have not given first blood. Meanwhile the friendly Master Yi jungle goes to gank bot, but they end up dying and giving away first blood + a double kill to the enemy Ashe. Only the friendly Morgana survives. You observe that but keep your cool and don't open your mouth. Some minutes passed and the enemy top laner is 30 CS ahead of you and you desperately ping Master Yi for a gank for the 10th time. He then tells you to shut up and start being useful (??). You start arguing with him (in a polite manner) and the enemy bot lane join in, insulting you and telling you that you are a useless Nasus that doesn't know how to play. Ok, fair enough, you are Silver, so maybe they are right. By the 25th minute you finally get the upper hand on that pesky Fiora and you get a kill, bringing your overall score to 1/0/0. Your Mid Lane Ahri is also doing good and has 3/1/0 against the enemy Zed. Enemy Rengar seems uninterested in ganking lanes and is only screwing with Yi's jungle, while bot lane continue to feed the Ashe. But seeing as how their team is full AD you have a positive mindset that you can build full Armor and somehow carry. 35th minute and things are not looking good. Ahri has been shut down numerous times, bot lane is 2/8 and Yi doesn't have a kill, nor good CS count. You, on the other hand, due to the enemy team ignoring you, have pushed top lane to the third turret but get killed by 3 guys when they come to stop you. 40th minute and after an unsuccessful team fight, you are aced and the enemy team takes baron + 2 inhibs but feel sorry for you and leave before finishing. You have one last chance to turn this around and, mind you, you are a fed Nasus, with roughly 478 stacks and 5/6 items. So, naturally, you will want to get the other 4 people on boat and somehow win the game. Well, not really. Yi is flaming and blaming you for being too bad of a front liner, the bot lane is crying that nobody is protecting them in TF, Ahri has muted everyone and said they will report everyone, and the enemy Fiora is just typing ":D" in all chat. So after you lose the last TF, where you manage to kill the Rengar but Ashe escapes and kills you, you get blamed for being a useless top laner that cannot kill a 12/2 ADC. So naturally you try to defend and it ends up earning you 5 reports (4 from your intelligent team +1 from Fiora couse that guy just salty as heck). Now, mind you, you did not insult or call names at all. But you did argue with them, saying that they were more useless than you and that they should shut up. Pretty standard. However, RIOT investigates and deems that this is considered "passive-aggressive harassment" and slams you a 10 games chat restriction. This is a more accurate scenario, if you ask me.
: > [{quoted}](name=Glazebone,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wzHJYk7i,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-10-13T19:15:13.198+0000) > > A smart Nasus, who has stacked good the first 15-20 min can beat Fiora easily. And a smart Fiora will push Nasus out of lane at level 1, freezing it near her tower where Nasus' jungler wont be able to assist him, thus netting the entire laning phase in her favour. But that is a matter of player skill.
> [{quoted}](name=Frontline Fury,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wzHJYk7i,comment-id=0001000000000001,timestamp=2017-10-16T02:10:29.360+0000) > > And a smart Fiora will push Nasus out of lane at level 1, freezing it near her tower where Nasus&#x27; jungler wont be able to assist him, thus netting the entire laning phase in her favour. But that is a matter of player skill. The discussion was that no champion can beat a Fiora when _on even ground_. This implies that both Fiora and Nasus have made it to the mid-late game with good scores. Of course, anyone, who manages to freeze the lane and starve Nasus will beat him, even a Leona. This was not the argument at all.
I won't turn this into an argument. Just go watch some professionals who play Nasus vs. Fiora (Dyrus for example). Or even, go watch SoloRenektonOnly outplaying a fiora on every step of the game. Nasus is shit against all champions early game but if you are smart, economical and prioritize objectives, rather than that sweet KDA, then you will have no problem winning against pretty much anyone.
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