Meme King (EUW)
: Diana or Annie.
both are freelo
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: How exactly is Elise god tier jungle suddenly?
> she has close to no damage on enemy champions lol ur a funny guy
Rioter Comments
x3Kimmie (EUW)
: Help me please!
check spam folder
Arsene (EUNE)
: Who should I side with?
is this a trick question?
Shénzhì (EUW)
: New HUD
is this supposed to be a joke
: Why so salty? Is it all the pirate related content in this patch? I mean personally there is nothing better than pirates, each to their own I guess.{{champion:41}}
im not salty im just telling him that no rioters want to play with him. im speaking on their behalf
: Yeah i get an afk like every 5th game or so. Alot of people told me its pure luck you need to be very lucky to climb... I try to focus on objectives dragons/barons know when to engage and when not too, sometimes i make bad decisions too or game is lost beacuse of me it happens but that dosen't happen as often. The thing that bothers me is people engaging even tho they are 0-3 or whatever they still try to figh but just end up feeding more... or people not backing when they shoud
1. You don't have to be lucky to climb. Get that idea out of your head right now. While yes, luck plays a small part, it is PRIMARILY your own skill and knowledge and the way you execute it. 2. > sometimes i make bad decisions too or game is lost beacuse of me it happens but that dosen't happen as often. So focus on these games. Focus on the things you are doing wrong. 3. Focusing on how bad everyone else is what they're doing wrong isn't going to help you win. It's just going to annoy you because your teammates are trash.
: well that's the problem with me I usually get carried away and dont really focus on the game anymore since I get so mad over these ppl
and i feel you, i do exactly the same thing. if people are trash talking me, even if i dont reply, i no longer care about the game and just have endless hate for these idiots however, everyone has to deal with that in their own ways. talk back and risk a ban, or dont reply at all.
Kappasugi (EUNE)
: of course it gets stressing, and it may stress out people, but raging is just childish especially over a game, what kind of spoiled human tells someone they never knew or don't know anything about to "get cancer" and wishing death for him and his whole family? Is that what a game makes someone do? if that's true, then that needs serious therapy and probably needs to be treated in a mental institution, and that is why Riot games ban people like that, because they have problems, I don't know if you're gonna keep making excuses for people like that, but I have stated my opinion, and as I said down voting me isn't gonna get you the therapy you need, just saying.
you've just changed the topic completely. people who wish cancer and whatever else on people have a huge temper and need to calm their shit. you were initially making out that you cant take this game particualrly seriously just because its a game, which i disagreed with ok so we're on the some page, meaning that entire conversation was pointless. great
Cratous79 (EUW)
: i guess u could say that but sometimes it just gets to u ^^ -_-' huh conversations are hard
i mean, i agree. i flame all the time because i cant help but reply to the endless amount of morons in this game the difference is, when i inevitbly get banned, i wont complain. its deserved. either mute them and therefore you cant respond to their bs, or reply and risk a ban.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Not really. more a hefty chat ban not this,. It's too much, not going lie.
you either get a two week ban or you dont there's no inbetween.
: well the problem is you cant see what the others say so I was just responding to them most of the time but whatever I'll just take a break from this game or I'll just quit the game completely since I didnt find much fun in this game anymore because of the teammates being like this a lot of times which makes me want to respond to them and then leads into chat resctrictions and a ban eventually
: ***
i wont and cant tell you exactly whats happening in your games because i wasnt in them so i dont know. however: you claim they keep going afk. the number of afks you get is PROBABLY significantly lower than you're claiming it to be. i'm playing in high bronze/low silver atm and over the course of around 50 games, i've had like ONE afk > "how woud that affect my team not feeding" this seems to be a common misconception people have. your teams are trash. your teams always will be trash. that's just the way it is first of all, if you warded, then maybe they wouldnt blindly walk into traps and stuff. but more importantly OBJECTIVES. how badly your team is doing doesnt mean shit. people think kills mean FAR more than they actually do - focus on objectives towers, try and get a good engage and win a teamfight and take a baron or dragon. kills mean so little if you're ahead on towers and whatever else
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ lee wtf ye lee wtf indeed reported reported idc ur reported anyways x9 report lee please he is a lil mad he said I hope ur mother die to fuckiong cancer wtf are you talking about LOL really wow really never seen someone so toxic before holy moly I didnt say anything I dont blame anybody I dont blame anybody rofl wtf are you talking about u are the most toxic person I've ever seen in the world just report this lee holy sht jayce come tf with us please? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
ok so you spent the entire game whining and asking for reports on someone deserved
Cratous79 (EUW)
: i haven't rly got anything against u and i don't know u at all but right now u seem like u just like to annoy others...(not trying to be rude) There are people online who ruins others day, simple they flame and become toxic you retaliate and then it's ur fault for defending yourself for a bad game. Yet even that shouldn't matter when the game is meant to have fun u get flamed in my opinion people should just learn to be nice even when that person is doing bad. It's just an off game and that happens from time to time. Then after playing 4 bad games over persay half a year you get banned. It's just not right
ok. or just learn to control yourself and not respond to comments from random fucktards who you'll probably never meet again
: Ranked afks/feeders
ok, lets have a quick look at your profile.... you dont buy wards. ever. ur trash teams arent the problem.
Takeoff (EUW)
: Thanks, will try to rush bork. In the Games I have tried him I always rush BT for some reason. Should i go all in at lvl 3 with Ignite, or just poke more off?
i literally never build bt but idk. gives a lot of ad and the shield isnt bad. bork gives a lot more dueling power tho dont try and kill at 3, u wont be able to unless you hit every q beforehand. however, people always seem to massively underestimate your damage, the level 3 combo does more than 1/3 of your health if you do it right then repeat the same thing whenever it's up. just be careful not to waste shadow if jungler is ss
Kappasugi (EUNE)
: It's a game, I never said it's not okay to take it seriously, people like lcs players and streamers took it seriously and now it's their job, but at the end it's still a game, even if you take it seriously, raging because of it is childish.
you just directly contradicted yourself yes it's a video game, it's also a sport that SOME PEOPLE choose to practice. you don't think they should get stressed or rage because it's "a game"? u dont thin people get stressed with traditional sports? i mean, they're just games, right?
Lady Thai (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GloatenFree,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fjYzML9E,comment-id=000000000000000100010001,timestamp=2015-07-27T20:55:17.573+0000) > > ok. someone's salty that they got banned for being toxic. > > keep talking bullshit son ei, u are level 16 with 1 game every week. ur lolking profile say it all. u are a veeery expert player "dad" maybe u spent more time advocating on boards than actually playing in game :)
ye its not like i have a proper account or anything
Takeoff (EUW)
: Starting to main Zed
rush bork you get a considerable powerspike at level 3. try and hit it before your opponent and then try to hit them with a double q and e account for flash and mobility spells before ulting. if you'll burn their flash then ulting is worth but getting your jungler to burn it early is great beware the 1 second delay on ult. bork/youmuus/ionians (or w/e boots you need, they're the best if u dont need defense tho) LW/ and then it depends qss if they have a lot of cc maw if they've got magic damage and stuff or sometimes i take hydra as well as bork. tons of damage and waveclear and shit max qew
: [CHAMPION REWORK] Darius, the Hand of Noxus
did someone get DUNKED? his kit is fine
: Yes but is it really bannable?
yes it is. could you paste the chat logs so we can see for ourselves?
Kappasugi (EUNE)
: and no, downvoting me isn't gonna give you the therapies you need, peace.
not me brah i dont need therapy, i just dont think there's anything wrong with taking this more seriously than a game but ur entitled to ur opinion
Kappasugi (EUNE)
: It's a game, if someone doesn't treat it like a game, then they have problems.
Well, I can't change your ignorance.
Lady Thai (EUW)
: stop to think riot has NASA algoritms for ban peoples. RIOT BANS ARE PURELY BASED ON NUMBERS OF REPORTS. THE BOARD IS FULL OF EVIDENCES. if a 4 premades report u, those are 4 reports for u, not 1, not 2, not 1,5.... but 4! same thing if u take 1 report this game, 2 the next, and another one again.. this is even 4! after tath, a stupid computer will automatic copy/paste ur last game chat, sent it to ur email, and ban you. if u even try to write to the support center, then, ever a computer will write back to you saying: "sorry, f**k. u" gg and enjoy this justice :)
ok. someone's salty that they got banned for being toxic. keep talking bullshit son
Kappasugi (EUNE)
: There's not really any need for studies, if someone is harassing someone else over a game, it means they're frustrated as they get mad over such things, people who rage in this game really need some help, like serious help, if a game is making them do that they need help, I have added alot of people who rage over games after my games and talked to them through it and everything and they felt bad fr what they did after all the talk I did with them and I think anyone else should do that, stay calm, if someone is raging just calm him down, it's not really easy, but it works and I have talked to alot of them and got them through raging, but yeah after all raging about a game is just a no sense matter and should be fixed in alot of players in this community, i could go on more but this post is gonna be so long, so I'll just leave it there.
Ever think that some people don't treat this as a game?
: is vayne still viable in 5.14?
you're in low gold LITERALLY anything works
Cardmant (EUW)
: I know but, do they decay over time like they used to?
I don't know how the system works, but Riot are fully aware that everyone has bad days. I can't imagine it working like "oh, you flamed in one game after having a clean record for months, time to ban!"... they're not THAT stupid.
Artham99 (EUNE)
: Any rioters who want to play with me on my 1000th normal game win?
Lady Thai (EUW)
: none? u can get a perma ban witouth warnings before too. Read the board This is why, i will never never never spent money in this game anymore after this 14 days ban. And i was one with 100+skins and 4 years account. If Riot is happy to ban people like me, and retain 100 others flamers kids who sepnt 0 MONEY in all theyr career of gamers, GG A very smart move Riot! lool
If you flame, you get banned. It's not particularly difficult to understand.


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