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Globator (EUW)
: I have the same issue as oc. Have watched live and VOD, when i was logged in. Mission never completed.,lcs,lck
: Let The Games Begin Mission Doesn't Work
I have the same issue as oc. Have watched live and VOD, when i was logged in. Mission never completed.
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Globator (EUW)
: POLL: Did contacting Riot's support ever helped you?
Thank you for your feedback, guys and girls :)
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: Is it sharp ? xD looks dangerous {{champion:11}}
No it isn't. Since it is made out of aluminium (which is a very soft metal), it would get dull after the first cut. Decoration purpose only... and it is so extremly strange shaped, that you would lose a leg or two by trying to cut something ^_^'
: Holy shit. Have you got a Twitter so we can share this?
ok. i created an account for you <3
: For how much did you sell this sword 0.0 I actually have a collection of SLO's and swords and this would be a crownpiece in that collection. It looks amazing! Great job!!!
I dont know, if the buyer wanna let everyone knows, how much it costs him. If you wanna have details, PM me ingame ;)
Dessem (EUW)
: Is it the One Crit Man? Really awesome to see something like this come together on the League forums.
derpystin (EUW)
: does it cute aswell? it seriously look AMAZING great job
I don't think so, since its only made out of aluminium (very soft material) and its dull. This one is made only for decoration purposes. If you wanna have a sharp one, you WILL hurt yourself, couse its almoust impossible to handle... it has a strange shape and isn't well balanced.
Dessem (EUW)
: Haha, nice April Foo-- Holy shit it's real Your album says "ready to ship"... did someone buy this? Was it a commission? ARE YOU ACTUALLY SHIPPING IT?
A lucky guy in england bought this one. Since i was interested in building a sword, i posted a request in the forums 7 months ago. [here - part 1]( and [here - part 2]( So you can say, it was sort of commission.
: Gj m8! How much does that weigh lol?
sorry - i wrote down the wrong value. its only 6 kg.
: Holy!!! How long did it take you to build this? It's absolutely amazing!!!! Are you planning on cosplaying as Yi? I really think you should this is just amazing!!!
I would estimate 30 - 40 h total. I'm not planning to cosplay (now). I am more the one, who wants to build stuff^^
: Holy shit. Have you got a Twitter so we can share this?
~~Sadly, i dont have Twitter. But feel free to grab any of these pictures:~~ _edit: lol i lied._ just credit me ;)
Raph450 (EUW)
: I'm so jealous of your talent... :c Excellent work dude, did you planned to do other weapons? (I would be happy to see Project: Leona's Zenith Blade'n'Shield ^^)
Maybe ;) Keep tuned. If i MAY have some spare time, i might do that.
: Gj m8! How much does that weigh lol?
Thank you :) I made it out of aluminium, so it 'only' weights about ~~12 kg~~ 6 kg. Need to put in on a scale to be sure. :P edit: corrected weight
: How long it took to make it? How much time you worked ( ~~wasted~~ ) daily to make this sword? 1+ You should post this on NA forum too!
I would estimate 30 - 40 h total. Since i am studying and working at the same time i have spend only some few hours a weekend or similar...
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: Scam or no scam
No company puts an "email" in its domain (the text after the "@"), since your ordinary website would be which is stupid.
Voidner (EUNE)
: Mysterious Symbol on teasers
Maybe its just a [brush](, they use in every teaser to create the particle efects?
: Removing the cooldown from Kassadin's Force Pulse
Think this way: If there wouldn't be cooldown on the ability, the only thing preventing him from spamming would be mana and the spells used. Let's ignore mana costs, since you normaly build some mana on him. Usualy all abilities get blown in the first couple seconds in a teamfight, till the second rotation is off cooldown (if someone survives). This means: 5 instant spammed force pulse, WITHOUT COOLDOWN + normal spell rotation for Kassa, while everyone is able to cast only 1 spell rotation. -> 5 times the damage You understand the importance of the CD now?
: It's time to change rankeds system.
I agree. But as said: let's wait what Riot shows us in the Preseason. Just another story: >I duo'ed with a friend. He has a new account, won 8/10 placements, while i fucked up my placements and had to play some games to get gold V >So... we both started Gold V. >roughly 20 Games later: we have the same win/lose streak, since we duo'd. >While i was still Gold V, he ranked up 2 devisions. DAFUQ IS THIS?! Teamskill was equal (same win/loses). Individual skill was superior to his skill, i had a better KDA.
: Were you playing Karthus? ;) Ok bad joke, maybe you died on top of a trap (Nidalee or caitlyn w), or you had guardian's angel and someone ulted you with something that prevents you dying? The latter sometimes create like a bubble of vision when you do finally die for real, though it tends to go away in less than a few seconds.
No - no GA and no champs with traps in this game. I already thought of this ;)
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: Dear, flamers and toxic people, if i have skin it doesn't mean that i'm pro.
I had a similar thing some days ago: Got flamed and reported for beeing gold ?! (didn't write something or did something worth reportable) Just because i was playing with a friend (pre lv30) and everyone in this game hasn't reached lv30 yet, one 'team'mate assumed this will be an auto win. Ofc we lost x'D People have strange reasons to be toxic ?! i don't understand them... :P
Ebola san (EUNE)
: It's just AWESOME!!! But... I think the back blade is a bit longer than the actual... Maybe it's the angle of the pic that makes it look that way tho. But i think the back blade should be smaller than the primary blade :P But it's AWESOME!!!
Thank you mate :) Actually its the angle of the picture; my fault :x The secondary blade (bottom) is about 20cm shorter than the primary one ;)
: I love the concept of mind games in this game tbh. How the enemy team wants to manipulate the other and how the psychology developes inside your own team, it's a fun subject to discuss ^^
Word. Your last statement and your original post ;)
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VDM2002 (EUNE)
: Really?I 1st need to know how much it costs {{champion:32}}
Depends on your preferences like: size, material, shipping, electronics etc. I can't do an estimate without these informations. But you should prepare yourself for the price range of similar custom made blades, knives or fantasy decoration. I'm talking about the single pieces - not the stock ones (300€ to 700€)
VDM2002 (EUNE)
: Can i buy one of those??A green one? :D {{champion:32}}
If you leave me a way to contact you (Summoner name, Skype, etc...) - why not? ;) I can't find you ingame under the summoner name "VDM2002" Q.Q
: oh but of course id like to see some ... previous work? college thing? you know because funding someone iv never met over a game is a pretty huge risk
I send you an ingame friend request. There we can talk about the mentioned things above, without bothering the ppl around here ;)
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Cosmick (EUW)
: Honestly their system is about as horrible as it can possibly get, you can get chat restrictions for not saying anything..., but rather than scrap the system as it currently is and let players moderate their own environment via the mute function, they allow this charade to carry on. The key question in the above, why would you want to foster an environment where people are afraid to speak at all that revolves around team communication?
> [{quoted}](name=Quezar,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UMmwsFTe,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2015-06-16T12:03:55.289+0000) > The key question in the above, why would you want to foster an environment where people are afraid to speak at all that revolves around team communication? Word. After i got some "Warning, your behavior doesn't match the Summoner Code" messages, i stopped to write anything. The funny thing was, i tried to promote positive behavior like "calm down - there is no reason to bother the all chat with problems in our team" or similar. So well done 'system'


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