Lunobi (EUW)
: OG League Mode
They already did an ask riot why they won't do it. Mostly there are technical problems with it. I would love it (Season 1 or 2 all the way), but sometimes there are problems, which can't be solved easily.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Oh... Im quite... old League player and don't play Ezreal... so I thought it still goes down to by every enemy champion hit.
As a support player since season 1, I also did this for a long time, even after they changed it, until my ADC (who stared after the change) asked me why I do it... I felt so dumb afterwards :D
: You got a point but it still needs a nerf or a stronger level of scaling (meaning it needs to take more time to become good).
I don't say that pyke should not be nerfed, I just say that the whole topic is... wrong. The topic starter basically says the same as "I think Morgana Q should snare people." or "I think that brand ulti should damage people" and everyone is like "WOAH! GREAT IDEA", "THEY SHOULD DO IT" and THAT'S really funny for me, as no matter if Pyke should be nerfed or not, just shows that they have no idea what they are talking about. :D
: Tahm kench's grey health doesn't heal for that amount either so it's not like it doesn't make any sense. Ofc, he can use it as a shield.
The onle reason why it doesn't heal for the full amount is because of the shield. As pyke can't use the grey health for anything else, there is no reason why pyke should not heal for the full amount of grey health.^^ Basically what I wanted to show is that most people in this topic have no idea what they are talking about.^^
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Please, read my previous respond a bit lower about my gameplay... about eating Cheetos and not blocking anything, I always jump out when Caitlyn is aiming my ADC, I jump out when Ezreal's R is about to hit my ADC to lower the damage, same with everything that flies toward my ADC. And honestly my Q accuracy in my opinion is like 85%? I only feel abused when facing Kalista.
> I jump out when Ezreal's R is about to hit my ADC to lower the damage You can stop that; with the last mini rework, they deleted this. Ezreal ulti should now always deal full damage and won't get lower, if it goes through other champions.^^
: Why should it not heal the whole grey health? The grey health is not the whole damage, it is already just a percentage. Making it another percentage, would make no sense, you can just lower the grey health, if you want to nerf it. (and this percentage already scales with levels, so it does what you want, just before pyke gets the grey health and not after it)
Just to explain what I mean: If he gets 30%-60% (depending on level) of the damage taken as grey health and heals for 100% of it or if he gets 100% of the damage taken as grey health and heals for 30%-60% (depending on the level) of it, makes no difference at all balancewise.^^ Even saying that 50% of the health is grey health and 60%-80% of it gets healed up is the same... just gets unnecessary more complicated.
: Yeah but they need to make it scale how big portion of the grey health he actually heals. Right now he heals all of it.
Why should it not heal the whole grey health? The grey health is not the whole damage, it is already just a percentage. Making it another percentage, would make no sense, you can just lower the grey health, if you want to nerf it. (and this percentage already scales with levels, so it does what you want, just before pyke gets the grey health and not after it)
SJBaggerX (EUW)
: Pls make Pyke regen scale with champion level
The passive already scales with level.
: TFT or TFL
> In TFT, can anyone give me 1 example of tactics that is not based on luck? Sigh... Just because something is based on luck, doesn't mean that it is not tactic. Let's take the game settlers of catan as an example. You role dices, so there is some kind of luck... But the one with the better strategy wins most of the games. I won 90% of the games against my ex girlfriend and her siblings. Just because I had a better strategy. Even in LoL there is a ton of luck. You don't always know where the enemy jungler is, so it is luck if he ganks you or not... but with game knowledge you can minimize the luck and with wards you can minimize it even further. You can do the same in TFT and settlers of catan. Even in real battles, luck was always a part of it. BUT you also always had a strategy. It was always a combination... and a strategy just helps to make it more likely to win. But that still means that strategy is really important. And the question is always how you played. If you know when to save money and when to spend it, the chance to get high level units is much higher for you. Especially in mid to late game it is way easier to get a high level veigar than a high level garen or vayne. At level 6 and above the chance to a tier 3 unit is higher than it is to get a tier 1 unit. So it is not so difficult to get a high tier veigar. Also in most games a lot of people buy garen, while very few buy veigar... And there is a shared pool for everyon. As an example, there can just be 39 of every tier 1 champion. So if the enemies buy all the garens, your chance to get a garen gets even lower. That's some kind of strategy here: don't buy what everyone buys as your main units. And also perhaps buy some of the units, such that your enemy don't get them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gnominator,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EaBliMOj,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2019-08-12T14:40:56.567+0000) > > Stuns mean you can do nothing Except Gangplank's W, Cleanse and QSS :p
Yeah, I forgot to mention that.^^
: what were the difference again? stuns can't aa, roots can aa ?
Stuns mean you can do nothing, roots mean you can do everything but move or use abilities which moves the champion. (so you can use AA and most abilities)
vipility (EUNE)
: Does Kog'Maw still outscale people?
The last time I ckecked he was more of a midgame carry - in LG he can be killed to easy. But if he survives, he still destroys everything.
Jamrii (EUW)
You can't move your camera normally. You can use shortcuts or click on the minimap to jump directly to the other players.
: It's not easy to outdamage this heal when she can use it twice in a row.
The second heal will heal less, as the champion has more health.
Xerofir (EUW)
: SOME few
Yeah, because there were very few champions. There were a lot of champions, which were able to one shot the enemy in LG (annie, Veigar, TF, Ryze), a lot of brawlers from the toplane or jungle, which could easily 1vs5 (I remember some games, where we won 1vs4 fights as jax, warwick, nasus, mundo, udyr, cho gath, singed, olaf, irelia...), as they tanked/healed more than you could damage them. Oh and stop with ADCs, they could also get completely out of control with the really strong crits they had back then. All but supports had the possibility to get completely out of control and either tank the whole team or one shot someone. (full AP malphite, alistar or gragas were much stronger than they are currently) Now there are around 100 more champions. Obviously there are more champions who can get out of control.^^
: There's to many 3vs3 only players. I have a friend who play LoL only for the 3vs3 gamemode. And he's a big skin buyer as well. Maybe put about 6000£ into LoL. They will miss out on more of guys like him if they remove TT
Let's imagine that there are 100 of those huge skin buyers, who are just here for TT. Let's also assume that we need 5 guys for TT to work and as we need always someone online who knows how to fix the stuff, let's just assume that we have 10 people. 3000$ for a computer science degree are easily possible as salary. So we get 30000$ per month just for those five guys. So those 100 guys just payed the 10 guys for 20 months (one and a half years... while the others played 10 years TT) And I didn't even count in all the stuff like servers. So I don't think that they will miss those few guys.^^ Also those guys already paid. The question is: Will those guys pay the same amount of money again in the next few years? Or will there be some new players, who will just play TT and will pay so much money? If the answers on those questions are no, then it doesn't matter what happened in the past. Also I don't think that Riot Games gets most of their money from single players who paid a lot. I think most money comes from a ton of guys who paid a little bit. And I am quite sure that Riot looked very deep in the statistics and that they can compare the amount of money they got from TT and the money they spent.^^ (I personally don't have anything against TT, I played it sometimes, but I don't mind if it is there or not)
Muuaahh (EUNE)
: So 20B+ isn't multi billion dollars? Alrighty
Companies are generally valued on a multiple of earnings, of 4x is common, afaik less than 4x is more common than more. So a "20 billion dollar company" should have earnings(!) of 5 billion or more. And that's completely wrong. You might be right that it can be named a multi billion dollar company, as riot games last figures (at least for what I find) are about 1.4 billion REVENUE in 2019 (so it would be maximal 5.6 billion company, which is still FAR less than 20 billion) - NOT earnings. Earnings would actually be far less, as they have to pay all their employees, the servers and so on. If we look at the average salary of an employee, they will probably spent around 200,000,000 $ only on salaries, so we have 1.2 billion earnings after salaries are spent. Now they also have to pay for the servers all around the world, ressources spent by the company, all the different pro leagues and a ton of other stuff. So we get easily below 1 billion earnings a year and probably at a maximum of 2-3 billion company value for riot games. And multi is not really used for less than 3. Perhaps it is 3-4, we don't know. But even then it's right on the gap to being a multi billion dollar company.^^ Just to compare numbers: Tencent (the owner of riot games) has a 20 billion revenue in 2016 and they have.
: Snowballing is way of the roof to be honest. I came back after 4 years break and it's insane. Some champions are deleting others in less than a second (0.4 sec kill on my as Soraka from Rengar in teamfight). Some, are unstopable when they start snowballing (Nasus, Yasuo, Jax, Lee, etc). And some are just blantly underperforming, no matter if they get the advantage or not. Dunno if it's itemization, new runes or legend design or mix of them all. But it's becoming ridiculous, as most games are decided at 10 minute mark already. If that's the case, why waste rest of the time? Just make a lane queues where you either 1v1/2v2 on specific lane with AI junglers, or bring back the glory days where you weren't limited by your pick 100 %.
Actually it was always like that. Even in S1 some champions snowballed really hard and were unstoppable in LG and champions like Annie always oneshotted squishies like Soraka.^^ Currently you can play nearly all champions and have way more different possibilities than in many prior seasons.
: i'm sure a multi billion dollar company with thousands of staff members needs help from people that play their game to fix a visual bug
Actually Riot Games has neither thousands of staff members, nor are they a multi billion dollar company.^^
: Can i demote?
NegativeA (EUW)
: ''IP bans don't work at all. Basically if you restart your router, you get a new IP and another person in your area can get your IP'' i had no idea it worked like this. thanks though. imagine that. my neighbour knocking on my door trying to gank me in real life for having his IP banned xD. damn would be a good prank actually. i also know the next ban is permanent. so im just gonna follow the advice from the previous posts. just mute all. they ''screw up'' idc. ( i dont know if im allowed to post this ( not trying to advertise a different game by any means ) ) but on our Left 4 Dead 2 server ( Efreak ) We used to have rule. if your VAC / Sourceban is less than 3 months old you get a permaban. if you would play on a different account. ( we used to permaban alts ( known as smurfers in LoL ) because it ruins the fun when you have high tier people pubstomping others. anyway thanks for explaining the IP ban i thought everyone had like a static IP. yea and i dont want this account to be gone either haha finally for the first time i hit Gold. i had my previous account removed because i screwed up the MMR
In league, you can also climb down the punishment ladder. There are 4 steps and if you behave, you can get a "clean" account again. Basically, you can brake it down to: If you don't behave, you will get the next punishment. (or if you behave really bad, you can also take two steps or more at once) If you just ignore everyone and therefore be neutral, nothing will happen for a long time, but veeery slowly, your punishment level will get lower. If you are positive and proof that you can talk to others without flaming, the punishment level will get lower quickly. (but as you had the highest punishment below a perma ban, quickly means it still takes a few months) Oh and some people to have static IPs - but static IPs cost a lot, therefore they are mostly used by big companies. Private persons always have varying IPs.^^
: Where did you get 860 to 1200? I saw it on wiki too, but this is not truth. I get 500-750 from capsules.
810 to 1250 are the normal numbers. If you get a shard of a 6300 champion, it will give you 1250 BE. And if you get champion shards which are worth less than 810, you will gain some additional blue essence, such that you get at least 810 BE.
NegativeA (EUW)
: 14 Days suspension not a real punishment?
IP bans don't work at all. Basically if you restart your router, you get a new IP and another person in your area can get your IP. (there are also possibilities to get a new IP without restarting the router) So it might happen that you can't play LoL, as your neighbour got an IP ban and changed his IP. Does that sound fair? No. But that's how IP bans work.^^ Obviously they can save something on your computer to identify it (similar to cookies for your browser)... but then people would also be able to change that, as it is something on their computers. There is no real way to ban someone completely from a free game. (only possibility would be your identity card) Banning your main account for 14 days means: The next ban is permanent. All skins, all champs, everything you unlocked there is gone. Of course you can play on your other accounts... But you don't have skins there and also not all champions. I am playing since S1 on this account. I have payed about 200€ (isn't that much for 9 years of playing...) and I don't want to loose it. Also I have nearly all rune pages, a ton of skins, ward skins, chromas and all champions. I don't want to loose that. Playing on another account is not the same. But as I never got any kind of punishment, I don't fear that I will loose it any time soon.^^
: I sum you nonsense up, much quicker :- PP - Priveleged Player
What I wrote is no nonsense, it's the math behind the game. If you understand it, you will see that 70% of the luck is gone, as you just did not understand the game before. Also... tell me why I should be a priveleged player?
: question.... please hunor me what is faster? 6 games or 1 game?
Obviously 1 game. But that has nothing to do with BE and IP gain... Okay, let's take facts on SR. Let's just assume that you play two games a day, you win one and you loose one, you get first win of the day and every game lasts 30 minute. So let's look at IP gain: IP gain was 18+(2.312 IP per minute) for a win. IP gain was 18+(1.405 IP per minute) for a loose. Additionally there are limits. You can't get less than 76 IP for a 25 minute win and you can't get more than 145 IP for a 55 minute win. First Win of the day were 150 IP. The lose gets you 60.15 IP. The win gives you 87.36 IP. So we have 147,51+150 (first win of the day) as IP gain per day. Let's just round it up to 300 IP per day. Let's look at BE gain after lvl 30: If you disenchant ALL champion shards, you will get at least 810 and at most 1260 BE per capsule. First Win of the day grants you 50 BE and 400 XP. On average you get 6.6+(0.11 per second) XP for a win on SR and 5,4+(0.09 XP per second) for a lose on SR. So we have on our g30 minute game about 216 + 180 + 400 = 800 XP and 50 BE. If we ignore the 50 BE and 50 IP, we have on the one side 250 IP and on the other side 800 XP. After Level 50, we have the same XP needed every 25 Levels. For those 25 levels you need 76.704 XP, on average you need 3068 XP. So you need 3.8 days on average for a level up, which also means 950 IP. So the question is: Are the capsules worth 950 IP? That's a bit tricky, as they are random and there are even better capsules than the normal capsules I have named above. Capsule: Between 810 and 1250 BE. Glorious champion capsule every 10th level and also every 25th level. I don't find anything in particular about the efficiency of a glorious champion capsule, but as far as I know they give at least 1000 BE worth of skins (I believe it is mostly 1500 or more, but I take a low border) So in a 25 circle we get 3 glorious champion capsules and therefore 22 normal. That means that we get at least 22*810+3*1000=20820 BE in 25 levels, hence 832 for one level up. So even in the worst case of those standard BE gains, we are nearly as high as the old IP gain. As it is not very likely to have those champion shards, let's just assume that you also don't a 1250 champion shard, but something in the middle, like a 4800 champion. This is worth 960 and suddenly BE is worth way more than IP. Also in addition you get gemstones, which you can use for chests (or other stuff) Also you have to take a lot more into consideration: You can get champions way easier, as you can use your shards and save tons of IP. You don't need to buy runes, which saves you tons of IP. (there were runes costing more than 2000 IP!) In addition to that you get missions (which can grant you champion shards), you get chests, which also sometimes grant you champion shards (and therefore even more BE) If you take all of this in consideration, you can get champions really easy and way quicker than before. (especially on low level accounts)
: Is there a single thread without white knights on a payroll? I've just described with numbers that getting champions is slower, you still defend BE..
It has been proven multiple times that be is faster than be. It is not about white knights, it is just about facts. You did not proof anything here, you just said some numbers without any correct conclusion...
ARC 1813 (EUW)
: agreem items are worth way more than gold in this rng shit hell...and since i mentioned that: Whats up with those rng numbers in the shop? I go for glacial team, almost no glacials follow up after the fitrst ones, but shitload of garens I go for garen, no garen, but like 11 ashes or so...... This mode is NO fun, just a huge waste of time
Do you even know the maths?^^ It just sounds like you tried to get a Garen in MG-LG. 1.) There is a pool of champions for all players. So if you (or another player buys Garens, there are obviously less Garens available for everyone and less Garens appear. You can change that by buying all tier 1 units you see - then the chance for a Garen is higher as the units you bought, can't be in the shop. Afterwards you can sell them again. As an example there are only 10 of each Tier 5 unit. So if you get Miss Fortune on 5, you also know that there can only be one additional lvl 1 miss fortune somewhere. On the other hand, you can get each tier 1 unit 39 times. 2.) An Ashe is a Tier 3 unit and Garen is a Tier 1 unit. It depends from your level what tiers you get. The higher your Level is, the more likely you get high tier units and you will less likely get low tier units. At lvl 4, 50% of your champions are still Tier 1, while 15% are Tier 3. At lvl 7 only 20% of your champions are Tier 1. There are currently 12 Tier 1 units. Let's just assume that two players want Garen (and nothing else) and every other player also buys the same amount of other Tier 1 units. Let's assume that every player has 6 Tier 1 units. Therefore 48 units are taken, 12 of them are Garens. We remain with 12*39-48=420 tier 1 champions. 27 of them are Garens. So you have a change of 6.4% that a Tier 1 champion you get is a Garen. If you are still low level, the change to get at least one gets really high, as most of your champions are actually Tier 1 - later on (if you just have 2-3 Tier 1 units because of your level), you will have less Garens. Also you might hope that the other player gets killed, such that his Garens are back in the pool. So if you want Garen, you need to get him early on. If you look at the maths, then TFT is not as luck based as many people say. (only items are mostly luck based here)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gnominator,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=bo5KmnKh,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2019-07-23T11:19:16.735+0000) > > They already answered it: > > > > Tl;dr: People stopped playing league because of urf and it gets boring really quickly, as you see even less champs than on normal SR. Also people got toxic really quickly in this game mode too. noone forces you to play the gamemode, it is out for ppl that feel like having fun once in this game
You didn't read it, did you? Psychology is a bit more difficult. People play it, because they want to play it (not because they are forced to do it), but then they stop playing league. It is similar to having chocolate (or whatever you like). If you just a little bit of chocolate, you always want more. But if you get too much chocolate at once (event though you ate it, because you wanted to eat it), then you will stop eating chocolate for some time, as you are overfed. The same happened with urf.
: Dont know why they wont make Urf permanently, I mean the majority of the Community is enjoying it.
They already answered it: Tl;dr: People stopped playing league because of urf and it gets boring really quickly, as you see even less champs than on normal SR. Also people got toxic really quickly in this game mode too.
pikalov3r (EUW)
: can we talk about attitude towards junglers
Can we talk of both sides? You as a jungler see your side quite often and I agree that many people have wrong ideas of the jungler. But while there are many laners who have the intellience of a stone, there are also many junglers who are not more intelligent - and here we have a problem. If you are dumb, but have good skills, you can outplay your enemy in lane and still win lane. As a jungler this is not so easy and you have to use your brain more than a laner. Therefore dumb laners can still be good for the team, while a dumb jungler mostly is not good for the team. I personally love to be able to talk to my jungler (discord/TS/whatever), because most problems with my random junglers are because of communication. Need some examples? Obviously I will just look at the worst junglers here and exaggerate "a little bit" and not every jungler is the same. The jungler never looks at positioning, health, mana, minions. If we are Soraka and Cassio bot without any mana left and the jungler comes for a gank, then we can obviously do nothing. Sometimes we ping for help , then have one or two fights in lane, drop low on mana or health and then (5 minutes later) the jungler comes for a gank and flames us, why we ping for help, if we don't follow. We pinged, because we needed help 5 minutes earlier, not now. Now we can't help you. But instead of attacking the enemies, you can just come on the lane, force the enemy botlane away and help us push such that we can get base. Other scenario: There are 3 waves of minions on our own turret, while the enemies try to go back to base... The jungler runs on the lane, attacks the enemies and blames us for not following. Even if we had followed, the enemies would have gotten a turret plating, we'ld loose at least 1-2 waves of minions and the chance to get a kill is mediocre at best. Of course we don't ignore the minions. (minion aggro is a thing btw... many junglers forget that) Oh, as we are talking about minions... we can't always change the position of a wave as we want. If the enemy is also pushing, we can't just push them under the tower. Also when they are freezing the wave, we can't just make it magically push. Best thing here would be to show yourself as a jungler and push the wave under the tower. That's also why I LOVE to play with premade junglers. They go to the golems and say "Hey botlane. I make a full clear and try to gank bot then. Do you know where the enemy has vision?" Then we know 1-2 minions in advance: Don't use mana. Don't loose too much HP, prepare minion wave such that the jungler can come through the lane/river and so on. Most solo junglers don't do that, even though they could. They suddenly appear on your lane and are angry, if you haven't prepared anything perfectly. (just as a small reminder: I still exaggerate to show the problems and of course there are junglers who can do it really well :D ) Let's continue with kills/farm... Oh boy, some junglers seem to ignore basic logic. If the enemy jungler ganks us and both of us die in botlane, while all three enemies are really low. Of course it is great that you come on our lane and kill two of the three low live members (better late than never), but if you never come bot afterwards or use your kills to bring ahead another lane, it is useless. Many junglers think that trading kills is everything they need and if they have good stats (because of situations above) they did everything correct and the laners did something wrong. Let's take an example: Our jungler is a Sejuani and the enemy ADC is a Vayne. Everything is even. The enemy jungler ganks, Vayne gets two kills and you as a Sejuani get two kills. If we just look at botlane, then the enemy team has two kills more and Vayne will destroy us. That's fine, if our jungler as Sejuani uses her lead to kill the enemy jungler, bring mid/top ahead, such that they can kill the vayne later. We will just try to loose in grace botlane. Most junglers ignore that and just continue playing as if nothing happened and don't use the lead they have over the enemy jungler. What happens after a succesful gank? Most junglers just run back into their jungle. Quite often we as a botlane need also to get back, but because of the fight we are low HP and sometimes low mana. So we can't push the wave and the enemy mostly gets a slow push. That will negate all the advantages we had from the gank. Quite often, if we have a slow push towards ourselves (which is really good, as the enemy looses even more!), the jungler kills some minions aaaaaaand we have a slowpush to the other side. Let's go back a bit... you aren't ganking, but fighting in the river... You can't expect us to be there all the time. If there are tons of minions on our tower, we don't want to fight in the river, that's why we ping you back. (many junglers still just engage) Also quite often the enemy has lane priority and we have to take a longer route to the fight, so the enemies will always be there first (and we can't do aynthing about it) Those are just a few things I noticed in the past. Some junglers are great, some are dumb as %%%%. Best thing is if a jungler actually talks to the team and tells them what he wants before everything happens (like: "Can you prepare a lane gank to get drake afterwards?")
Askarth (EUW)
: [POLL-Revert Reworks] I have the feeling that balance = too similar champions
Actually I think that good balance needs differences.^^ Just look at the old irelia and Aatrox. They were basically the same, which meant that it was always a number game. If one champion has minimal more stats, they will always be stronger. But if they have differences, it is less a simple number game and both units can be playable without one being strictly better. Also I have the feeling that champions are more different to each other. Yes, they always do somewhat the same, but in a different way. It has never been different to this. > Basically the meta is tunneled in this sense, and barely no-one is picking to counter certain ultimates / unique features of champions. Well, we always do.^^
: Watch & Earn
Do you watch over the league watch-page and NOT twitch/youtube directly? If you do so... did you get the message that everything works correctly? (at the bottom of the screen should apear a message that everything is correct)
: so riot want build a league of legends world?
The comics are not like marvel comics... they ARE from marvel
Hananim (EUW)
: Find me 5 ppl who got banned for flaming in korea since the server was introduced back in season 3. Like i said, if you dont play there dont comment. Koreans have been dominating for 5 years, its about time china caught up. Also lol at thinking MSI matters.
Do you play there? Also just because noone gets banned, does not mean that theoretically there are no bans. Perhaps the boarder is just higher in Korea, such that it doesn't get reached? And even if... allowing to be toxic has nothing to do with being good in a game. There is a difference between correlation and causality. Also I'm not just talking about MSI, but also about last worlds. Even NA was stronger than Korea.
5tr1f3 (EUW)
: ok cheers, this is sort of what I'm after. So for example, when I jungle, I can trigger the lens and come down the river. If the river bush is warded they WILL NOT see me, but if they are observant they will see the ward deactivating. So it is a valuable tool for ganking, not just removing wards. And further if that is the case, I shouldn't destroy the ward, just go past it.
Actually they WILL see you. A ward will grant vision over 900 units, while the oracle just has a 750 detection radius. You can use this, if you walk around in the jungle, if you come around a corner. But if you just run along the river, the enemy will see you for a very short amount of time.
: BAN in Iran and Syria
Your accounts are not banned and an own server for iran or syria won't help. Riot Games can't do anything about it, it is all about the politics. Be angry with all the politicians, not with Riot Games.
: Can we put an end to botlane meta allready
Quite often both bot laners get instakilled by a midlaner and the fed toplaner doesn't matter how many items my ADC has. The ADC can carry a whole game, but he is also very fragile and can easily be punished by the other lanes.
Hananim (EUW)
: No its not, if you dont play there dont comment. IFS is intentionally turned off in korea, only hacking/cheating(which is punishable by law in korea) and eloboosting gets you banned.
Any proof? Last time I checked (I must admit that it is some time ago) riot said nothing about it being disabled. But the other statement still holds true. They aren't at the top anymore.
: Q because it does more damage .
Q does 80-260 + 80% AP E does 10-50 +30% AP onhit and 24-170 + 40% AP (10% per second), so if you use it once, it is 34-170 + 70% AP, so you are correct here. BUT you probably attack more than once in the time in which you can use one Q. Let's just assume that you attack 2 times within 2 seconds. Then you will deal 10-100 + 60% AP on hit and 36-180 + 60% AP dot. That's 46+280 + 120% AP, which is clearly stronger on lvl 9 than Q. The damage increase from leveling up is much better for E than Q, while lvl 1 Q is better quite often. Tl;dr: Q does more damage on lvl 1, E oes easily more damage on higher levels, if you can use more than one AA on the enemies every 8 seconds. (obviously I ignored everything else, like mana costs, blinding effects, easier last hitting and so one, as you were just talking about damage)
Pathalen (EUNE)
: How to Incorporate Skins Into Teamfight Tactics the Right Way
Riot Games already said some time ago that different skins will come and that they will affect the class. As an example while the star guardian event, they will add the star guardian skins for the champions and add a new class called "star guardian" with new boni.
: disco nunu 5% winrate in 200 games, some fcker actually hard carried once... #feelsbadman
Actually there seemed to be 10 teams, not just one, who carried you :D
: How would cursing someone would ruin a game? Grow up! In korea that's not even a bannable reason, no doubt they're still the best at this game
> no doubt they're still the best at this game That's why they get currently completely crushed at all international tournaments? Currently EU and China are the best regions and in china it is also very strict. Also cursing is a bannable reason in korea, you just need to curse more than here in europe.
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: TFT Assasins
In my last games, assassin players mostly died without reaching top 2. I won't say that assassin comps are bad, but they are not unstoppable. Especially Pyke is extremly powerful, even on his own. It's basically the same as in league: If you manage to play front to back, then assassins are bad. Also if assassin's aren't ahead, they are bad. If an assassin player manage to get a good eco and can jump into your backline and the other players don't get a good comp, they are unstoppable. If you put all your units together, such that the assassins can't jump on your carries and use your tanks in the front, you should be able to win. Shen, Cho'Gath or something like full glacial can kill an assassin comp, if you have another damage dealer. If you manage to defend an Aurelion with Spear of Shojin, Rageblade and a third item, he will also kill all of your assassins or a Draven or high level Lucian, it will be an easy game. I have seen glacial comps, completely destroying them. Tl;dr: Same as in normal LoL: Assassins are strong, if the can kill you fast. Otherwise Tanks with stuns and some backline damage dealers will destroy them. For me it is a snowball comb, which either looks really strong or has no chance at the end of the game. My current main problems are: - The item combination of Shojin and Rageblade - Glacial Compositions They seem much easier to play and way more effective over many games.
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: Am I the Only One Who Doesn't Like TFT?
Not everyone has to like every game. :) It's a completely different genre, therefore it is not surprising that some people don't like that game. I think it's interesting, but I will probably not play it as much as other games on the long run.
: I'm sure there's hidden skill system in mmr riot keeps quiet about...
Of course it's not just win/loose. It also depends against whom you win and against whom you loose. If you win against a team, which is stronger than your team, you gain more elo, if you loose against a stronger team, you loose less elo. Probably there are also some additional things like winning streak/loosing streak/how your win ratio is after you loose/win a game and so on. We don't know the exact formula, but Riot never said that it is just win/lose ratio. There are tons of different stats you can use for matchmaking, which are not kda or other ingame stats.
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: nur montags? dachte das wechselt zwei mal die woche
Meines Wissens nur einmal pro Woche, aber ich kann mich auch irren.
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: shop angebote
: i was in bush
Then they either had a ward before you entered the bush or they saw you walking in the bush or they just threw a skillshot to check if someone is in the bush or they used other abilities to see you like the vision plant, red trinket over the ward, ashe's or quinn's vision abilities...
There is a good reason for IFS. Real people will never be able to do it so quickly. Let's just assume that world wide there is one game per second in LoL. (probably there is way more) Let'S also assume that in every third game we get a report. (as people quite often just report everyone they don't like, I assume that it should actually be more) So we have 20 games per minute. Let's also assume that you need 10 minutes per game and people have an 8 hour work day. Then you need 600 people just for that. There are about 1500 people in Riot games right now. Increasing the size of your staff by about 50% is not something, anyone would do just for that. Also it would cause other big problems: People are different, so some of the staff would ban you, some wouldn't. Also at the start of the day, most will probably be more happy and just be more relaxed, while at the end (after 8 hours of reading flaming) they will hit the ban hammer way more often. Is that fair? No. So we have: - real people are way more expensive - real people are way slower - real people are way more inaccurate Also it is important how YOU react, not what the others do. We are not in kindergarden anymore. Everyone is punished because of what he did. If others try to provoke you... just push the ignore button and report them after the game.
: are stealth wards visible the 1st second u place it to enemy close to it or always invisible
If you place a ward, the enemy can see it for a short period of time. That's also why enemies can destroy the ward, if you place it right in their faces. Also it is not just if it is close to a champion - if you ward dragon, you can see if the enemy wards there after you.
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