: Justicar Aatrox 2.0 as ranked rewards!!!
the skin is lazy and hideous, and many other champs deserved it in place of a champ no one wants to play anymore
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: G4-S1 clash team looking for a main jungle and top.
Silver 1 top laner here. IGN: GobNoblin
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: LF clash team
: Clash mates needed
i can play support+top? :)
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: Looking For Top Laner
> [{quoted}](name=Using Keyboard,realm=EUW,application-id=XkTi8002,discussion-id=a3cOLgZa,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-01T21:55:15.112+0000) > > Finding tier 3 top lane player whats a tier 3 top laner out of curiosity?
MrFaker (EUW)
: Team LFP (Serious Team) (With Coach)
i mean, i like to think im around gold-elo. currently S1. you guys do tryouts? :P
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Hansiman (EUW)
: And you can't provide proof to your statement either, so there's that. It's impossible to measure value of personal performance ingame.
or, ya know. i can look at my own statistics and actually SEE that i'm improving/ doing worse/ better? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Hansiman (EUW)
: Personal performance doesn't influence MMR.
absolutely disagree. And because they wont talk about MMR in it's actuality. Theres nothing you can really say to prove me otherwise?
: Need advice! Win= +18LP Lose= -20LP
Because riots strange system of "You play good, have more. But do remotely bad in game and we give less" is BS MMR is an absolute TRANWRECK of a system
Cypherous (EUW)
: > And this is what I find unfair as there was literally nothing I could do to prevent it. Its also unfair to the other 4 people on your team who had to suffer 4v5 with literally nothing they could do to prevent it See where i'm going with this? > And is there anything to be done about the loss? No, you were classed as a leaver for being gone from the match for over a certain percentage of the match > Or is that inreversable as it actually sux for me but if there isnt a way I'm fine with it as long as I dont encounter it again in the future. Well if you don't leave you won't encounter it in the future, if you do leave again then you could encounter it
To be fair, it's a bullshit system. "gone for 5 minutes? nah son, that's a loss"
Lari (EUNE)
: How do you feel about support with no sup items?
probably because if my adc loses lane, those items are absolutely worthless unless used with someone who isn't braindead. as an adc, i would prefer my sup builds items that help us kill the opposing laners.
Br0nnie (EUW)
: {{champion:55}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:13}} I think these are good at 1v1's and team fights with preety good mobility. People usually go with assassins in low rank because you don't really rely on your team much. Out of these I think ekko is the best for his high mobility good teamfight potential.
problem with assassins is though if you get smashed in lane your never coming back into the game, if an assassin cant get kills they fall behind so far that it's laughable
: Another thread where someone (that's me) is annoyed over free stuff.
i know EXACTLY where your coming from! The game is more than happy to dish out chests but not so much for fragments! whereas a friend of mine, she has like 30 keys and no chests. tbh ive been using all the free tokens from the current event to open my chests. so far from the 17 chests i've opened, i've gotten: Dreadnova gangplank and star guardian jinx, a few misc emotes and ward skins and the equivelent of around 15k blue essence worth of shards
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: Missions rewards get fewer every new event
its cause they want you to spend that sweet sweet money on a event pass
: Already failed 3 promotion series becouse of ragequiters
im currently back in silver 1 for the 5th time this season, i get a good streak going of a few wins, couple losses. Then apparently this horrid matchmaking system decides to pair me with people who are just awful, AFK, insta-DC'ing etc etc and sometimes people who are on like 10+ game losing streaks. I've lost so many games to people thinking they should chase enemy team into the jungle with zero vision, stupid baron+dragon attempts, solo pushes etc. It's a lot harder these days to attempt and carry people, and just muting people does not help most the time.
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cocomilkman (EUNE)
: Hey looking for 2 teammates to play clash at 20:05CET
Bokstav (EUW)
: Yeti academy V2 looking for bottomlane
ADC - Ashe, cait, xayah, lucian Support - Bard (my main support choice), ali, nautilus, zyra, karma, "lux" i can play every position, but i'd definitely say support and mid are my strongest. i'm scottish, 26 in a few days, have discord bla bla bla :)
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: Add me in-game and we can talk.
: Looking for jungler & ADC
IGN(In-game name): SeenEnoughHentai Age: 23 From: Scotland, UK Main Roles: Jungle& mid (but can play anything at around an average level) How long have you been playing LOL: 2 years+ give or take Your main champ(s): going by role - i generally pick 2 to fit every lane jungle - nautilus and vi Mid - lux and zed/veigar Adc - Ashe + either cait, graves or sivir support - Leona, thresh janna Top (my weakest lane) - malphite, heimerdinger, jax and xin (but i know how to play others) Skype(optional): will give in-game :)
: Share your noob moments here,,,
back in season 1 i used to think building gold-per-second items were the shit. So i'd build multiple of them. first champ i tried was heimerdinger, and i bought a shit tonne of {{item:1043}} thinking attack speed heimer was the best thing ever :P funny part is, i played so many games like this. but i still got judgement kayle :D
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: My game server went down
I was in the middle of a ranked game playing morganna support. - We were winning by a significant gold difference. - just pushing their last outer tower. - us 5 vs the 2 of them. - Suddenly DC for EVERYONE - no match recorded. im getting seriously p****d as stuff like this. That was an easily won ranked game, and we got nothing for it because of this bs.
Jonxx (EUNE)
: Server crash
I sent a ticket in, telling them to get their finger out and help some brothers. Cause i, for one. Do NOT want to get a leaverbuster ban for their issues. i didnt even load in 20% in the loading screen. BOOM bug splat, and now cant recconnect like everyone else. yet i know people who are in games and everything is going fine.

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