: As far as bronze is concerned, most of the players does no write a single thing in the chat, even if they are losing it badly or someone could be "easily" blamed. In one of my last games we had a Galio top and a Kha that fed the enemy Garen and Eve horribly, yet none flamed them. For me, the game is no more no less in the same state as always, "flame" wise. There's nothing to do because there's no clear pattern to try and anticipate, and possibly prevent, flaming and trolling. It still depends only by the fact that the player X is inclined to flame, and will do it, while player Y is not. It should be noted, in this context, that i NEVER report someone for feeding, because, even tho some people can't still deal with it and would really like otherwise, playing bad is not punishable. And only flamers try to justify their flame by arguing that "the guy is only pretending to play bad while actually he is int feeding".
I wish I had a game where people would just shut up and play. I can deal with the flame and chat distraction (mute buttons exist you know?), the thing is just that people are typing more than they are playing, which usually is what happens in the end then. As for reporting for feeding... I've only rarely done that and only when players actually do it intentionally (read: buy mobi boots and full tear to then run it down mid / flash into five people to dance). Bad games happen. There's no reason to flame for that. (there rarely ever is a reason to flame. Actually the best answer to anything is usually mute and ignore) Int feeding is something that's easily recognisable. Just playing bad has nothing to do with that and shouldn't get punished. We're all trying to get better, right? And when you try at something, yuo are bound to fail more times than you can count. That's just the nature of things and practise. :)
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: > They will then go on about "not wanting to waste time" and proceed to sit afk in the fountain for the next ten minutes, while repeatedly calling for "open mid" and / or spamming surrender votes. Man you must've been very lucky. I got 3 games this season already, where they went base, did nothing, and REFUSED to surrender. Isn't it awesome to play a 4v5, not able to surrender because some %%%%head holds the game hostage?
Had that too -.- Feels really shit when that happens. I don't understand why people enjoy doing that honestly. People are just not nice. ...
: It's true, it feels like that the amount of toxic players/players who gave up too early/AFKers didn't decrease. Maybe it's because they leveled up a new Account or even bought a new one and continued beeing a negative player ingame. If they're acting like this in every game tho, the report system will trigger sometime. You just don't get the msg from the report system everytime. And yeah, I realised the amount of these players at the beginning of the season in my games and in the games of my friend, even today where a enemy Jhin gave up and inted just because a Master Yi (Botlane btw) got 2 kills. I don't know how it looks like in D3+, but I hope it's not as bad as plat to low diamond. I want to get there and escape this crap. There are a lot of reasons why they do stuff like this: - They don't really want to play the game anymore, but do it nevertheless. - They think one to a few kills is the end and they can't change the game and give up even tho there's always a way. - They're getting tilted way too fast, which shouldn't happen expecially in Plat+. - They didn't get their lane - They're just trolling and more reasons which just don't come to my mind right now.
I'm keeping my hopes up that the report system works. I'll surely keep reporting people that act like total sh*theads. Maybe it'll spare someone else the despair -.- Don't know about D3+ either, I barely reached D5 last league (and it got a bit better there compared to plat, but not a lot). There's so many reasons people do this. It just feels dumb to have your games ruined, because a single person decided to say "%%%% it". Maybe it'll get better once the season progresses a bit. Hopefully. ...
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